From the Desk of Sharper

Hey, everyone. Things have been going slow for me over the last month. But now that I am writing again, I've decided to create a little humorous K/R fluff short story. It's about Kim misplacing her engagement ring in a similar way when Shego did with Drakken in "Proposal from the Inside" but with different circumstances.

The fanfic takes place two years and seven months after the events of Graduation, which would put the timeline at February 2010. Kim and Ron had been engaged for about four weeks at the time of this incident.

The fanfic is rated T for some action violence, some suggestive themes/dialogue, and brief language.

This short story is based on an actual true story.

Kim Possible, characters and settings, is created by Schooley and McCorkle and (c) by Disney. Any OC I create is my own.

"The Engagement Ring Mystery"

Chapter 1 – The Diamond Heist

(February 2010)

Kim and Ron rappeled down onto a high-speed train in Nevada. At this point in their lives, the couple were now engaged after a tumultous freshman year in which they (briefly) broke up before reuniting back in July of 2009. They were both juniors at Upperton University, Ann Possible's alma mater, at the time.

But now, they were on a mission to retrieve a rare jewel that was stolen recently.

Kim was in the mission outfit that she wore during her senior year in high school and Ron was in his normal mission outfit. Rufus was, of course, still residing in Ron's pocket. The two also had jet packs on their back. Kim also had her engagement ring as well.

"Okay, we're here!" Kim exclaimed

"KP, can you ask Wade to try to repair my jet pack? I think there are a few glitches in it" Ron asked.

Rufus came out of his owner's pocket to nod his head.

"We'll do that after this mission.

"Wade, are you sure the jewel is aboard this train?" she asked on her Kimmunicator wrist model version 2.0.

Wade, now 17, was typing furiously on his computer at his house.

"According to my analysis of the train, the jewel should be on here!" the tech genius replied. "It was stolen from the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History five days ago by Professor Dementor!"

"Then we should be on the right path." Kim replied, "Dementor is so going to jail for a long time!"

Kim and Ron moved forward on the train.

"KP, do you know where our wedding venue should be?" Ron asked.

"I do not know yet, Ron..." came Kim's reply "...but, hello? We're in mission mode!"

"Oh, right, Kim! Eyes on the prize!" Ron exclaimed, now with a determined look on his face. But it didn't last long as he questioned.

"Um, what are we looking for again?"

"The Hope Diamond." Kim explained what they were trying to get back from Dementor. "It is the rarest and most expensive diamond in the world."

"How expensive are we talking about, KP?" Ron asked.

"Just south of a quarter of a billion dollars." Kim replied, "It would definitely not be within your budget."

"Even with the Naco royalties I still get in the mail?" Ron wondered.

"Yep." Kim said before turning her attention to the Kimmunicator. "According to the readings, the diamond should be in one of Dementor's safes."

Then a familiar villainous voice came from behind them.

"Ahh...vell, if it isn't Fraulein Possible und...uhhh...ze buffonish sidekick vhose name continues to elude me."

"Dementor!" Kim exclaimed.

"I have a feeling that he's not alone, KP..." Ron whimpered as he saw Dementor's henchpeople entering in the train.

"The Hope Diamond does not belong to you!" Kim exclaimed as she got in a fighting stance, "It belongs to the Smithsonian Institute!"

"That iz und for mein ultimate laser of doom!" Dementor exclaimed.

"The only thing that you would look ultimate in is an orange prison uniform, Dementor!" Kim shouted.

"Henchpeople! Get Fraulein Possible! And...uhhh...ze young man sidekick...vatever his name is..." Dementor exclaimed, pointing to Team Possible.

Kim removed her gloves.

"KP, I would suggest to you to protect your engagement ring at all costs." Ron suggested.

"Good thinking, Ron!"

Kim then took off her engagement ring as per Ron's suggestion. She took a nearby glass of water and swallowed the ring.

She cracked her knuckles.

"And now...time for Dementor!" Kim exclaimed as she began to charge. Dementor and his henchpeople also began to charge at Kim.

They were about to land punches.