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Book 5 spoilers

Black & White
by Lunatic

Chapter 1 – Starting of a New Year

All students had done eating and chatting and laughter filled the air. For Harry, Ron and Hermoine it was their sixth year and they were used to the ceremony. In the beginning all the first years enter the Great Hall after Hagrid had sat down at the staff table. Nervous as always they had stood there while the Sorting Hat sang his song. Again with a warning and with the comment that everybody should work together. (Ron snorted when he had heard that. 'I'm not going to work together with that Malfoy and his two dumb slaves!) After that the Sorting had begun and the new students were welcomed by the old ones. The feast had started and now they were all full Dumbledore got to his feet. All students turned their attention to their headmaster while he cleared his throat with a, in Harry's ears, teasing Hem, hem.

"Before everybody can go to their own house I wanted to beg your attention for the normal start-of-term notices," spoke Dumbledore. "First years should be aware that the Forbidden Forest is like the names says forbidden for all students… including the older." Some students laughed at this remark. "No magic is permitted between classes in corridors... I think even the first years should know by now that it is every year very hard to find a new Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher, although it's very needed these days. I can tell you that again this year we have succeed in finding a new teacher. I must say I'm pleased to let her join my staff. She has not yet joined us at the table, because she is, just when she was a student here, too late. I'm sure you will notice her as soon as she arrives, so may I introduce Professor Elvira Snape to the school."

After the name 'Elvira Snape' the entire school excluding the staff gasped for air. Even the first years had heard stories about the reputation of the Potions Master and to hear now that a new Snape would join the school was for most students a little bit too much to take. The noise level in the Great Hall was rising again.

"I can't believe that I just heard what I heard!" grumbles Ron, "not another greasy git to deal with! I thought that the arising of you know who was bad… this seems to be even worse!''

"Ron!'' said Hermoine disapproving, ''don't make jokes about Voldemort!'' After the fifth year and the summer holidays she finally had been able to say the dreaded name without flinching or stuttering.

"What would she be? His wife? Or sister?" Harry looked from Ron to Hermoine. "Thought of that already?"

On that moment the trio turned their attention to their dreaded Potions Professor. Snape was sitting on his usual place next to Professor McGonagall and didn't look pleased. That was an under-statement. He actually looked with the same look he normally only seemed to have reserved for Harry.

"It doesn't look like he likes her very much, is it?'' whispers Hermoine after a couple of seconds.

"Don't like her?" snarls Ron, "It looks like he could hex her in no time!''

It was absolutely true. Snape desperately was avoiding looking at any student; not even those of his own house. Clearly it was that he wasn't really enjoying the fact that a family member would join the staff. Still the noise didn't die out, although Dumbledore was trying to silence everyone. Then the doors of the Great Hall opened and a woman entered. Immediately everybody was silent. A moment the woman seemed to be disturbed by the silence, but then she spotted Dumbledore and she smiled. Slowly she started to walk to the staff table, ignoring all the gaping glances of the students. The woman had long hair, the whitest colour they had ever seen. She had clearly the same skin as the Potions Professor. She had two twinkling dark eyes and a skinny figure. She wore black robes with dark purple and silver accents.

"I can't believe that greasy git has got such a sister!" whispers Ron.

Elvira Snape stops her little walk towards the staff table and approaches the famous trio.

"Hello… mister Weasley I assume?" she says with a small smile.

Ron nods.

"10 points from Gryffindor."

Ron gasps for air, while he hears the Slytherin table starting to cheer at the other side of the Hall.

"Wh- where is th- that for?" he manages to stutter.

"Nobody is allowed to call my brother a greasy git… except of me." With that she continues her walk to the staff table, ignoring the cheering Slytherins.

"She's worse than Snape!" manages Ron to whisper, still not sure how to react on this.

In the mean time Elvira has sat down next to her brother after a small nod to the Headmaster.

"Alright. Everybody has seen our new DADA teacher by now,'' continues Albus his speech as if nothing extra ordinary has happened, although the two twinkling eyes behind his half moon spectacles tell another story. "I can speak for the rest of the staff when I say that we hope that she stays a little bit longer than the other teachers before her. Enjoy this new Hogwarts year!" with that he sits down and starts a deep conversation with Professor McGonagall. Slowly the students start to move towards their own common rooms and dormitories. Hermoine, Ron and Harry stay a bit behind, still shocked by the fact that their most hated teacher has got a teacher that might even be worse than him.

"I can't believe this!" mutters Ron unhappy, "and I was hoping that I would actually learn something this year at DADA!"

"Who says she can't teach?"

"Listen Moine… she's a sister of Snape! A sister! And she has already taken 10 points from our House… with two Snape's on this school we can forget about the House Cup."

"Don't be silly! Who says she's the same as Snape?"

"MOINE! She has taken 10 points from our House!!! Are you even listening?"

"Yes I am… but look at her?"

Carefully the three of them glances towards the staff table. Dumbledore is still talking with McGonagall. They see how Elvira Snape has got a conversation with Professor Flitwick. Her brother seems to have left the table already. On that same moment they could her the clear laughter of Snape's sister and Hermoine looked at her two friends. 'I don't think they are that much alike…'


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