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Black & White
by Lunatic

Chapter 4 – Dreams can come true

"PETTIGREW!" a voice hissed "Come here… now!"

A shivering figure slowly moved towards a person who was hiding himself in shadows. "Y-yes, my Lord?"

"I've got a very important task for you, Rat… don't ruin it this time. I hope you do realise that it's a very rare privilege that I give second changes…"

"Yes, my Lord" Pettigrew looked desperately at the ground, not wanting to catch the glance of his Lord.

"The task is easy, but still important. I want you to terror a small village for me. The village is called Enton in the South of England. She will understand it and she will now that they are in danger. And that is exactly what I want!"

"Who my Lord?" as soon as Pettigrew said this he knew he made a mistake. A big mistake.

The Dark Lord turned his piercing red eyes to his shivering servant and forced his servant to look him in the eye. The man started to shiver even more and small drops of sweat tinkled down his face.

"No!" he moaned. "NO!"

Pettigrew rolled over the ground, clenching his head in his hands and pulling violently at his hair, still not able to look away from his Lords glance.

"Please no…'' his words where now nothing louder than a whisper.

"Rat… she will know. And that is all you need to know."

"Y-yes, my L-Lord."


With the shrieking voice of Pettigrew still in his head the Boy who Lived woke up in his save dorm in Hogwarts. A shiver went through his body at the thought of what he had just 'witnessed' and a moment he was completely dazed; not knowing what to do.

Absentmindedly his left hand went to his famous scar as if it wanted to be sure that it still was there and then he snapped out of his daze. Without a second thought he stepped out of his bed and after a glance at the sleeping form of his best friend Ron he left his dorm to head for the office of the Headmaster.

Until this dream school and live were going fine for Harry, which absolutely seemed to be something new. No new terror or mystery had showed up to have him worrying the entire day and lessons went fine… except of the normal 'terror of Snape' also known as Potions Class. Professor Elvira's lessons made up for that, although she certainly had proved that she could be just as sarcastic and evil as her brother could.

Harry only needed to recall a DADA lesson from a couple of weeks ago. Draco had decided that he wanted to test this second Snape's 'loyalty' towards Slytherin and Elvira had made sure to punish him. Besides the fact that Draco had been called 'blond ferret' for weeks afterwards he also had had detention, which meant he had to go with Elvira into the Dark Forest to get some ingredients and special creatures for interesting DADA lessons. Harry smiled at the memory of the shocked face of Draco, until he remembered his dream. Live had been good, but now it seemed that his happy live was over again for a while.


The voice who spoke his name was not one Harry looked forward to hear. Especially not when he was outside his dorm in the middle of the night. Why had he forgotten his invisibility cloak???

"May I ask why our famous mister Potter is outside his dorm in the middle of the night?"

'Why is he out of his bed in the middle of the night? Does he ever sleep?' wondered Harry while he looked at his much hated Potions Professor.


"I…erh… I had a dream, professor… about… Volde---"

"DON'T say that name too often, Potter! A dream… so you haven't practised your occlumency anymore?"

To be honest Harry didn't even thought about it anymore, or at least he tried. He didn't want to remember what he had seen in Snape's pensive.

"N-no, Professor."

"Great!" muttered Snape. "Follow me, Potter!"

Without a word Harry followed Snape to the office of the Headmaster. Snape muttered the password (jelly bombs) to the gargoyles and they both entered Dumbledore's office. The headmaster himself was sitting behind his desk as if he was in the middle of a work day.

'Great! Another insomniac!' thought Harry.

"Hello Severus… hello Harry, why this visit?"

"Potter has dreamed again, Albus."

Immediately all the attention is on Harry, who suddenly feels quiet uncomfortable. He sits down in the large chair in front of Dumbledore's desk and after some hesitations he tells the headmaster about his dream. He completely forgets that Snape is still in the same room and therefore he doesn't notice how his Potions Master starts to pale during his telling. After Harry's story is finished he feels relieved. It feels like a large concern is lifted from him and he's grateful for the listening ear and encouraging words from the Headmaster. The normal spark has disappeared from the Headmasters eyes during his story and silence starts to fill the room.

"I got to go," on that moment Harry realises that Snape is still with him. He turns around to see Snape like he had never seen him before. He looks paler than usual and it looks like he's having a hard time of not to shiver.

"Severus,'' that is the calming voice of Albus. "This has no use. It's save in Hogwarts, you will probably know that better than anyone. Go back to your rooms and let it go for now."

Snape stares at the headmaster and a moment Harry thinks that he is just going to ignore Dumbledore's remark, but then Snape slowly nods.

Dumbledore smiles and the spark is starting to creep back into his eyes. "And Severus… before you go… I must ask you to start again with the Occlumency lessons."

The moment the word 'Occlumency' leaves Dumbledore's lips Harry pales and Snape gives him a hating glance.

"I understand that Albus."

"Good child… then go now. I have to talk to Harry."

With a small nod Snape leaves the room and Dumbledore turns his attention back to Harry.

"Harry, first I need to thank you for two things. First of telling me about this nightmare. I'm aware that I might have hurted your trust last year and I'm very grateful that you trust me again enough to tell me this. " a sad smile appears on Dumbledore's face. "Second I need to thank you for something else. Thank you for not telling your friends about what you saw in Severus's pensive."

Harry stares in shock at the headmaster and he feels how a blush is colouring his face. "I-I didn't want to see it, Headmaster… honestly!"

"I know dear boy… but I think you know Severus well enough to conclude that he doesn't know… or doesn't want to know.


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