"Listen kid," All Might spoke, "without a quirk you can't be a hero. While they are looked down upon by society police officers are just as heroic as us heroes. Without them the villains would just quickly return to society and wreak havoc. Us heroes can't make arrests after all. Now go knock on that door and get down from here. I've got to get this guy to the police." With his piece spoken All Might returned to his buff form and jumped away only to realize mid flight that he no longer had the bottles in his possession.

Izuku took a tentative step towards the door All Might told him to knock on, then he took another, and then another. All Might was right. Without a quirk he could never be a hero. He was just about to start banging on the door when he suddenly remembered Bakugo's words from earlier. Turning around he sprinted towards the edge of the roof. This was his one and only chance at becoming a hero. Sure he wouldn't be Izuku anymore but at least he would be normal.

Kami shivered as a chill ran down Her spine. He was here in this world and once again He was trying to foul up the work She was doing. Thousands of millenniums had passed since He had messed with one of Her worlds or even one of Her champions. How dare He do something like this! The world needed Izuku Midoriya not some explosion god or intangible stripper! She would have thought he had learned His lesson the last time he tried to meddle in Her world but apparently not! Fine! If He wanted to play hard ball She would play hard ball! Let's see how He likes having His champion face off against someone with God level abilities! With a snap of Her fingers Kami opened a door between Her bar and the world of Izuku Midoriya.

Izuku planted his right foot on the buildings ledge and pushed off spreading out his arms and legs while closing his eyes. This was it! He was finally going to do something right! Soon he would fall against the hard cement below and be put into the reincarnation cycle. He would be reborn into a life where he had a quirk and he would become the number one hero just like he always dreamed of! Any second now… any second now… any second now?

Opening one eye Izuku dared a peek at how much farther he had to fall. Why wasn't the ground getting any closer? By his calculations he should have already hit the ground by now! Letting out a frustrated shout at his inability to even die properly he became surprised when somebody spoke. "That was a close one kid. I almost wasn't able to grab you in time."

Turning his head Izuku saw a man with spiky blond hair who was dressed in an orange jumpsuit. While the jumpsuit pants had black strips on the outside of the legs that ran from the bottom of the pants to the waist the jacket was open, hiding any details on it, reveling a black undershirt. Upon the blonds forehead was a strip of dark blue cloth which had some kind of metal plate on it with some strange symbol that kind of looked like a leaf. The blonds choice of shoe was some kind of sandal made out of what appeared to be midnight blue material.

Who was this guy? Was he a new hero? Izuku had never seen or even heard of any heroes who used a full ninja set up? Sure there was edge shot but he was more traditional. This man looked like he just stepped out of a thrift shop. No sane person would wear so much orange! "Who are you," Izuku asked the man, "and why did you stop me?"

The man sighed as he looked at Izuku. He pulled him back onto the roof and dropped him. "I used to think about doing the same thing kid," the man began. "I used to go to the top of a cliff that overlooked my entire village. Once there I would think to myself, is it really worth living? No one would miss me if I just disappeared. Everyone here hates me and attacks me any chance they get. Why don't I just save them all the trouble and jump? However, every tine I would start to think like that I would remember my precious people. The Ichiraku shop owner Teuchi and his daughter Ayame, my teacher Iruka, and Old Man Third Hokage. I knew that if I disappeared they would miss me. They would blame themselves for my no longer being part of the world. So think kid, if there's even one person who would miss you then stand up and open that door. Leave here and honor their importance in your life by keeping on, and if nobody comes then jump again. I won't stop you this time, but think before you act. There's always more in the balance then a single person can ever hope to think of."

Pondering upon the strangers words Izuku began to stand up, walk towards the door, and cry. What was he thinking! He had almost left his wonderful mother alone! While she may not have supported his dream to become a hero she practically gave him everything else. He almost left her without anything! His dirtbag father left her for some floozy in America and she fought tooth and nail for the child support that the courts didn't want to give her because he was quirkless. She got that job working for that pig Marasabi who always made passes at her and sexually harassed her just to make ends meet.

Opening the door he stepped inside the stairwell and walked down all twenty flights of stairs. He exited the building on the ground floor and ran straight home. He needed to see his mom. Needed to apologize for what he almost did. She needed to know just how important she was to him.

Naruto watched the kid run home. So this was the champion he and the others were supposed to train. Kami had walked into her bar and announced that He was active again and that they would need to act immediately to save the world that they were currently residing in. He was the fastest so he got to the scene before anyone else had. The kid had spirit to simply pull himself back from the edge like that. It had taken the love of his life Hinata to pull him back from that dark place.

Following the kid home he watched as the mother and son hugged and cried together. Watched as the boy explained the soul crushing he had gone through via the number one hero All Might, and he laughed at the righteous fury the mother gained when the boy was finished retelling his tale. He even continued to watch as the two made dinner and just simply enjoyed being with one another.

As the two began to wind down for the day Naruto decided that it was time to act. Approaching the door to the apartment the small family shared he knocked gently. This would be the boys new beginning. This would be the start of the boys Hero Academia.