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Chapter 1

" Sara, time for your meds. Come on wake up." Sara Sidle woke up to a calm soothing voice telling her what she already knew. Yup 7 a.m. time for my meds time to feed the cat She stretched and opened her eyes. "Morning Ms. Sidle"

"Morning Yvette." Sara said to the nurse as she sat up in her bed. The nurse handed her two pills and a small cup of water.

"Drink up, Dr. Sanders will be in to see you in about 5 minutes. So get dressed and then we'll go for a walk today." Sara took her meds and nodded.

"Oh wait Yvette, can you make sure that my cat gets fed again? I hate leaving her for so long." Yvette smiled and nodded.

"Of course Sara." Yvette turned and left and said nothing about Sara's cat. She turned and headed down the hall and stopped at the nurses station to log in that patient in room 203 had received meds.

"So Yvette are you going to 'feed the cat'?" One of the nurses asked in a sarcastic tone.

"Of course! I said I would and I would. I can't let a poor aniaml go hungry now can I?" She answered back in the same sarcastic tone the other nurse had given her. They both laighed and went about their daily rounds.


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