Chapter 2

Yvette left the nurses station at noon and headed for the rec room. "Good afternoon everyone! Time for meds, and then lunch." She yelled as everyone lined up in front of her. Gil Grissom was first in line. "Here you go Gil."

"Thanks, do you think maybe I could borrow your brain after lunch? I'd like to see how it all fits together first hand." Grissom asked as he swallowed his pills.

"Gil, what has Dr. Sanders told you about trying to disect peoples brains?"

"Don't do it unless I'm a certified doctor." He mocked and walked away. Next in line was Warrick Brown.

"Hey Yvette, what do ya say me and you get outta here and you know have some fun?!" He raised his eyebrows and kissed her hand. She pulled it away.

"Here's your meds, now go eat lunch." She looked to the next person in line. Oh boy! Catherine Willows "Good afternoon Catherine." She handed Catherine a cup of meds and a cup of water.

"Whoa?! What is that?" Catherine looked at the water.

"It's water Ms. Willows."

"I see that but why are you giving it to me? Do you have any idea how many fish could have touched that water?!? I COULD DIE! YOU PSYCHO WOMAN! HELP ME!! SOMEONE! SHE'S TRYING TO KILL ME!!" Catherine was screaming and backing into a corner. Gil ran over to her.

"Someone get me some sterile knives and I need some gloves. Catherine you're going to be OK, but we need to perform immediate surgery right now! You're losing a lot of blood!"


"Morphine! We need morphine!! Hurry people we're going to lose her!" Some nurses ran over to where Catherine was lying on the ground and picked her up.

"Give me a straight jacket. Come on Catherine time for the cushy room!" Yvette said as she injected Catherine with a sedative.

"Mmm the cushy room! I like the cushy room!" Catherine mumbled. She had an extremely dopey grin on her face.

"Hey! That was my patient!" Gil exclaimed.

"As for you Mr. Grissom back to your room! Dr. Sanders will be with you to talk to you about your surgeries." Another nurse took him by the arm and led him down the hall to his room.

"Glad we're not psycho Nicky!" Sara said as she watched the nurse drag Grissom down the hall. She hadn't noticed that he was drooling. "Oh Nick control yourself!"

"Huh? Oh sorry, yea I'm glad we're not psycho to!"

"Nick will you help my feed my kitty?"

"Sure, let's eat first." Nick took Sara's hand and they walked to the cafeteria. Yvette came running into the room!

"Nick and Sara! Where are you going?! You haven't had your meds." She handed them cups. "You both have a group session after lunch."

"OK" they said in unison. AS they walked through the lunch line, every now and then Sara would put food in her pockets. They ate their lunch and headed for their group session.


A/N: Just so you know they are all crazy except for Greg! I have plans for him! And yes Catherine is afraid of Fish, don't ask, but it works for her! So hope you enjoyed this chap! Please review.