Note: Harry Potter was created by J. K. Rowling and is a film series owned by Warner Bros.

Hermione Granger was in one of her better moods. She usually read about a dozen or two books a month. She had read an entire book, every day of the month, and there were a few days where she read two. Some people made fun of her, but Hermione was proud of herself.

Hermione stepped out of her bedroom and started heading to her first class of the day. She was infamous for being the most careful student, when it came to walking. However, during this day, her find was focused on her reading and she wasn't paying much attention to anything else. One of Hogwarts' janitors spilt two gallons of water, across the hallway. Because of that, there were several signs that warned the teachers and students. However, Hermione was unaware of what had happened, and she didn't notice any of the signs.

Ronald Weasley's most immature brothers, Fred and George, heard about what happened. Fred giggled at George and said, "The teachers are always warning us about how dangerous it is, to run around the hallway. If we do it while the floor's wet, it'll be more dangerous than ever."

George replied, "Then we should start running." Fred and George started running around the hallways. They quickly slipped, because of water, and crash landed into a bookcase that had been left in the hallway. The two brothers fell to the ground and the bookcase fell on them.

Hermione walked by with a nervous look on her face. She asked, "What happened to this wonderful bookcase? Whoever left it in the hallway should be ashamed of themselves, for wasting a fine piece of art, not to mention all of the case's books."

Fred and George got up. Hermione was surprised to see them, while asking, "What were you doing?"

Fred smiled and said, "Playing in the hallway."

Hermione asked, "What made you guys fall?"

The brothers realized that Hermione didn't know about the water. They decided not to tell her, because they thought that would be the funny thing to do. Fred said, "We don't know how we fell."

George replied, "I don't even know how many siblings I have."

Hermione continued her hallway walk. During the walk, she heard some water drips and she seemed to notice some spilt water. However, her distracted mind hadn't pieced together what was going on. While walking by Harry Potter, she tripped over the water and was about to fall to the ground. She had a panicked look on her face. Harry saw her and tried to help her. He managed to grab her and stop her from falling to the ground.

Meanwhile, Lucius Malfoy walked by his son, Draco Malfoy, who was paying the janitor. Lucius had a judgmental look on his face, while asking, "Son, what kind of nonsense are you working on?"

Draco had a mischievous smile on his face, while saying, "I bribed the janitor and had him spill water across the hallways."

Lucius said, "Draco, you're the son of one of the most charmingly magical citizens, that Hogwarts has ever seen. How could you disgrace my reputation, with these petty pranks of yours?"

Draco replied, "Dad, this is about more than pranks. It's about getting revenge on my enemy, Harry Potter. I had the janitor spills tons of water, around where Harry usually walks at."

Lucius responded, "If you want to seek vengeance of an opponent, a watery prank is hardly a threat."

Draco asked, "Well, what am I supposed to do? I can't be much of a threat to Harry, without getting in trouble."

Lucius had a sneaky look on his face, while saying, "Then be secretive, find some dirt. If you do that, you're bound to find something useful."

Draco replied, "I'm going to do that. By the way, why are you at Hogwarts?"

Lucius angrily sighed and said, "You forgot to bring your textbooks." He put the textbooks into Draco's arms.

Draco started walking closer to Harry, while whispering, "I've got to find some dirt, about that silly Harry guy. He must have some kind of secret."

Harry looked at Hermione and was checking up on her, since she almost slipped. He seemed concerned, while asking, "Are you okay?"

Hermione tried to retain her dignity, while saying, "Yeah, I'm afraid this is my fault."

Harry replied, "You shouldn't be mad at yourself, for accidentally falling. It was an understandable mistake."

Hermione sighed and responded, "I was busy being proud of my fast reading that, I didn't notice the signs. I probably sound like a clueless egotist."

Harry shook his head and said, "No, you're cool."

Hermione couldn't help thinking more about how cool her reading was. She got distracted and slipped on more water. Harry tried to help her get up. While trying to pull her up, he accidentally pulled her so close that their lips were touching. Hermione accidentally kissed Harry!

Draco didn't see who had kissed Harry, but he knew it was a fellow Hogwarts' student. He overheard Harry saying, "We can't let anybody know about that mistake." Draco started walking away, with a sinister smile on his face.

During class, Ron was crumbling up old assignments and throwing them out the window. Draco walked up to him and asked, "Did you hear the news?"

Ron asked, "What's going on?"

Draco said, "Harry got a kiss from some girl."

Draco predicated that Ron couldn't keep his mouth shut and he guessed correctly. Ron blurted out, "Harry got kissed by a girl!"

Harry had a humiliated look on his face, while several curious students stared at him. Several girls were jealous, while the guys were confused about why anyone would kiss him. Ron looked at Harry and asked, "Who kissed you?"

Harry had a panicked look on his face. Hermione used a book to cover up her nervous expression. Harry shook his arms in the air and replied, "The girl didn't kiss me on purpose. It was an accident."

Professor Severus Snape replied, "That sounds realistic, considering that you're the opposite of charm."

Ron said, "Harry, you need to tell us the girl's name."

Harry replied, "No I don't. I want to respect my friend's privacy."

Ron smirked and asked, "It was a friend of yours? That narrows it down."

Harry figured the best thing to do, was make up a girl's name. He took a long pause, before saying, "It was Emmy Walken."

The students hadn't heard of any Hogwarts students, who had that name. Draco looked confused, while asking, "Did you make that up?"

Harry gulped and replied, "She's one of the newer students."

Ron stood up, feeling like the smartest student in Hogwarts, while saying, "I know what Harry's trying to say." Harry nervously bit his tongue. Ron said, "Harry got kissed by Christopher Walken's daughter."

Harry replied, "Ron, Emmy's not related to that guy from Batman Returns."

Luna Lovegood had an intrigued look on her face, while asking, "He was in a Batman film?" In order to distract his fellow students, Harry told Luna all about Batman Returns. After all, talking about Batman is more exciting than schoolwork.

After Harry said a bunch of fanboyish nonsense, Ron shook his hands around and said, "Hold on there, Harry. What does Emmy look like?"

Harry replied, "Um, she has nice hair, is really smart, and is a delight to have around."

Ron responded, "Doesn't sound like any girls I know." Several girls angrily stared at Ron.

After class was over, Hermione wanted to talk to Harry. After a few minutes of searching, Hermione found him. Lucius waked into Hogwarts, so he could checkup on his son. He looked around and saw Harry. He whispered, "That's the silly Harry guy, that my son can't stand. I wonder why he's so interested in them."

Hermione said, "Harry, we need to talk about the kiss."

Harry replied, "Yeah, but not in the hallway. If anybody heard us, I'd be toast."

Hermione sighed and said, "Follow me. We'll talk in my room."

Harry replied, "Okay."

Lucius overheard them, so he whispered, "Mr. Potter seems to be quite the secretive boy. My son seems to think making him slip on water is impressive. I can put Harry through far more." He walked around the hallway and used his cane to hit Ron's shoulder. He said, "Greetings, Mr. Weasley. You're Harry Potter's friend, aren't you?"

Ron answered, "You could say that."

Lucius had a sinister smile on his face, while asking, "Are you aware, that he had a secret kiss?"

Ron answered, "Yeah, but I don't know the girl's name."

Lucius said, "I know the answer. Since I'm a responsible authority figure, it's my duty to inform you of this gossip."

Ron replied, "I appreciate that, Ra's al Ghul."

Lucius looked confused, while saying, "That's not my name."

Ron replied, "Well, you guys sound similar."

Lucius was getting annoyed, while asking, "Can we stay on topic?"

Ron replied, "I'm not known for doing that, but okay."

Lucius asked, "Have you heard of Hermione Granger?"

Ron answered, "Of course."

Lucius replied, "That's who kissed Harry Potter."

Ron nervously responded, "That's impossible."

Lucius smile and said, "It's incredibly possible, Mr. Weasley. Don't let denial cloud you from the facts. Those two kissed. In fact, they're going on a secret date, right now."

Ron asked, "What?!"

Lucius smiled and said, "If you'd like to talk to these secret lovebirds, they're in Hermione's room."

Ron angrily replied, "Harry's in trouble."

After Ron walked away, Lucius whispered, "Farewell, Mr. Potter."

Meanwhile, Harry and Hermione were talking about what happened. Hermione said, "Harry, why would you make-up a fake girl?"

Harry replied, "I didn't know what to do. Somehow, Ron found out that somebody kissed me. I figured you wouldn't want anybody to know it was you, so I created a character."

Hermione stubbornly responded, "It wasn't a kiss. It was an accidental touching of lips." She sighed and said, "This is my fault. Instead of paying attention to the world around me, I let my books be my primary focus. Books are wonderful and all, but it's important to focus on what's around you. What are we supposed to do?"

Harry answered, "I don't know."

Ron burst into Hermione's room. Hermione looked confused and upset, about Ron not knocking. Ron grabbed Harry and kicked him across the room. Harry asked, "Ron, what's your problem?"

Ron pointed to him and said, "You and Hermione have been secretly dating each other."

Hermione replied, "That's not what happened."

Ron said, "My best friends are the best of liars." He grabbed some of Hermione's books and started throwing them at Harry.

Hermione said, "Don't hurt Harry, especially not with my books."

Ron replied, "Then I'll use something you don't need." Ron broke Hermione's bed and started throwing the broken pieces at Harry.

Harry said, "Ron, cut it out. I'll explain what happened, if you stop acting so weird."

Ron replied, "I'm not going to hear you out, Harry. You're the biggest liar I know. Hermione pretended to be interested in me and you pretended to be my loyal friend. I don't have the heart to punish Hermione, but you are going to face my wrath." He picked Harry up and started walking closer to the window.

Hermione folded her arms and asked, "What are you planning?"

Ron answered, "I was going to throw Harry out the window?"

Hermione said, "Ron, stop acting like a jerk. Harry and I haven't been dating."

Ron asked, "But you two kissed, didn't you?"

Hermione answered, "That was an accident."

Ron replied, "Yeah right."

Hermione said, "The floor was slippery and because I was so distracted by my reading, I didn't notice the wet floor signs. I tripped and Harry pulled me up, which accidentally made our lips touch."

Harry said, "Hermione's telling the truth, Ron. We're your most loyal of friends."

Ron replied, "But Draco's dad told me you were dating."

Hermione looked at him and asked, "Who are you going to believe?"

Ron thought about the situation and felt bad for being so thoughtless and gullible. He put Harry down and said, "I'm sorry. I thought you guys were keeping secrets from me, but you're the most trustworthy friends I know."

Hermione replied, "That's nice and all, but you owe me money."

Ron nervously asked, "What for?"

Hermione answered, "For breaking my bed."

Ron nudged Harry and said, "Start writing a check."

Harry asked, "Are you kidding me?"

Ron sighed and said, "I'll go get a part-time job."

Harry replied, "That's the spirit." Ron angrily growled and walked out.

Harry looked back at Hermione and said, "I'm glad that's over. I'm sorry about that."

Hermione replied, "It was my fault, not yours. I'm sorry about not paying attention and for accidentally kissing you."

Harry responded, "It's okay."

Hermione said, "Thank you for saving me. If it wasn't for you, I would of fallen and gotten caught."

Harry replied, "No problem."

After Harry walked out, Hermione said, "That's enough getting distracted, for one day. I need to stop daydreaming about books and start thinking about something else." She put her hand on her chin, while deep in thought.

Meanwhile, Draco walked into the hallway and was surprised to see Lucius. He asked, "What are you doing here?"

Lucius answered, "Checking up on your lack of progress. Your attempt to humiliate Mr. Potter had such little effect, that I had to step in and use a trick of my own."

Draco asked, "What did you do?"

Lucius answered, "Don't worry about it. After all, your simplistic brain probably wouldn't understand my brilliant scheme."

Harry walked by Lucius and said, "Greetings, Mr. Malfoy. I know about your little trick and it failed. Ron's no longer mad at me and I'm in trouble."

Lucius asked, "Oh, really? You got kissed by your female friend and you feel no emotional stress about it?"

Harry answered, "Not at all."

Lucius had a smug smile on his face, while saying, "I doubt that. Let me ask you a question: Did you mind being kissed?"

Harry said, "No, I-" He suddenly stopped talking.

Lucius replied, "You like Ms. Granger, don't you? The drama continues. I believe you're doomed, Mr. Potter." Lucius walked away, while grinning.

Hermione walked by Harry. Harry said, "Hermione, what are you doing in the hallway?"

Hermione replied, "I stopped thinking about my obsessive reading and tried to think about something else. I thought about what happened and I realized that I liked kissing you."

Harry asked, "What?"

Hermione smiled and said, "I was joking."

Harry looked relieved, while saying, "Thank goodness. We don't need the drama to continue."

Hermione said, "Don't worry, Harry. I'll never kiss you again."

Harry replied, "Drat, drat, and double drat."

Hermione raised an eyebrow and said, "Excuse me?"

Harry replied, "I was joking."

Hermione responded, "You almost tricked me. Well, that's enough antics for one day. I better go to my room and study."

Harry said, "Okay." He paused and asked, "Are you sure you were kidding about enjoying the kiss?"

Hermione smiled and replied, "I may of or may not have. A good wizard has to keep a few tricks up her sleeve. You didn't like the kiss, did you?"

Harry smiled back and responded, "I have my secrets, too."

Hermione said, "Okay, Mr. Potter." She blushed and waved goodbye, while heading back to her room.

Harry was so distracted by what had happened that he forgot about the slippery floor. He slipped, just like Hermione. He said, "Great minds usually think alike, but in this case, great minds get distracted alike."