This is a follow-up to 'The Wicca and a whitelighter' I wrote in September 2021. There were questions whether I would write a follow-up or something and I did consider it and now I'm finally taking the time to write it. I've already written a fic with the same premise before but after a conversation with Aragorn II Elessar and inspiration by fics with similar premise from another fandom, I decided to write this, it won't be a long story, though, just a few chapters, so I hope fans of Buffyverse and Charmed will enjoy this, I'd been considering writing this for a time, but there were some details I needed to work on before I'd get to it.

For those not in the known, Melinda Halliwell is Piper's and Leo's daughter they later had in comics and this is an adult version of Melinda, since there are other fics where people played with the timeline to make sisters' children aside from Wyatt and Chris an adult and she would be played by Katie McGrath, thank you to Stand with Ward and Queen for the suggestion and Willow is Melinda's charge here.

And also, 400th fic, so, how else would I celebrate the milestone than by having Tara survive?

This is also partly inspired by when one of my closest friends ended up in the hospital after a car accident few years ago, she wasn't driving and everyone luckily made it out alive but she ended up with broken ribs and on a wheelchair for a time and a fic from Assassin master ezio 91 called 'Life is Strange: Overcoming the Trial'.

Also, this is addressed directly to Joss Whedon, about who we all know what a piece of shit he is. Fuck you, Joss.

Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy: The Vampire Slayer and Charmed.

Buffy and Xander stood in her garden, talking.

"I thought I hit bottom, but… it hurt. That you didn't trust me enough to tell me about Spike. It hurt." Xander admitted.

"I'm sorry. I should have told you." Buffy said apologetically as Xander smiled.

"Maybe you would have, if I hadn't given you so many reasons to think I'd be an ass about it." Xander acknowledged.

"Guess we've all done a lot of things lately we're not proud of." Buffy noted.

Xander gave a slightly larger smile. "I think I've got you beat."

"Wanna compare?" Buffy asked.

"Not so much. I don't know what I'd do… without you and Will." Xander smiled as Buffy tried to hold back tears.

"Let's not find out." Buffy said as they hugged. "I love you. You know that, right?"

Xander spotted something over Buffy's shoulder and his eyes widened in alarm. "Buffy!"

They turned to see Warren enter the garden, still wearing the black outfit from the previous night.

"You think you can just do that to me? You think I'd let you get away with that?" Warren scoffed and laughed crazily. "Think again." He pulled out his gun and fired but Xander jumped to the ground, while Buffy dodged to avoid the bullets and Warren turned to run off as he fired few more shots blindly, one of them hitting the upper window, while taking a turn around the corner.

Willow and Tara were in their bedroom, talking, when they heard 'crack' and Tara suddenly saw some blood spatter on Willow's face, while her expression turned into one of shock and horror before Tara suddenly felt numb and her body seemed to freeze in shock.

"Your shirt…" Tara trailed off before she started to tremble and felt wet on her chest as she looked down to see red blooming on the wool of her sweater, blood soaking into the wool, a gunshot wound appearing on her chest as her legs suddenly gave out and she collapsed to the floor.

"Tara?" Willow cried out in horror as she knelt towards Tara. "Baby?"

Buffy and Xander had gotten up to their feet as they looked at each other.

"You OK?" Buffy asked.

"Yeah. I think so." Xander said as he checked himself for bullet wounds. "I'm good."

"We're not gonna let him get away with…" Buffy trailed off, when she looked up to the upper window that Warren had shattered, realizing it was Willow's and Tara's bedroom.

"Sweet fancy Moses…" Xander whispered as his and Buffy's blood ran cold.

In the bedroom, Willow had fallen on her knees, cradling Tara in her arms, the blood seeping from the wound. "Tara?"

"W-Willow…" Tara whispered, her eyes unfocused and face going pale from the blood loss, which was already making things worse.

"Tara, please, no!" Willow exclaimed as she immediately pressed her hand down onto the wound to reduce the bleeding as she looked up into the ceiling. "Melinda! Please! Help me!"

A shimmering swarm of blue orbs appeared in front of Willow as Melinda materialized. "What is going—" Her eyes widened upon seeing bleeding Tara in her arms. "Oh, my God…"

"Help her, please…" Willow begged.

Melinda nodded as she rushed to Tara and fell on her knees, raising the palms of her hands above Tara's wound. She tried to focus her Whitelighter powers but nothing happened.

"Do something!" Willow pleaded.

"I can't." Melinda said.

"Willow…" Tara whispered.

"What do you mean, 'can't'? She's dying!" Willow exploded, tears pouring down her eyes.

"Something's stopping me from accessing my power, I can't heal her!" Melinda snapped, wondering what the hell were the Elders playing at this time. But she couldn't just let Tara die. "God damn it." She whispered as she took off her wool jacket, revealing her tank top and rolled the jacket into a ball, putting it on the wound. "Here. Put pressure on it and try to keep her awake and talking."

Willow nodded as she pressed the jacket onto Tara's wound while Tara let out a weak scream of pain, whimpering. "I'm so sorry, I know it hurts but it'll help."

"I'm… I'm scared…" Tara whimpered, her breathing shakier and more uneven with each moment.

"I know, I'm scared too but I'm not going to leave you." Willow assured as she met Tara's eyes, both girls crying.

Melinda had gotten down, looking for a medical kit. Luckily, given Leo's former medical training, she had learned about this from him as she began searching in the kitchen, when Buffy entered.

"Melinda?" Buffy demanded, surprised to see her.

"Where do you keep bandages?" Melinda asked, looking around.

Buffy opened a nearby drawer and pulled out the medical kit. "What happened?"

"It's Tara, she's been shot." Melinda said and Buffy fumed, vowing to make him pay, if Tara dies.

"Tara, please, stay with me, please…" Willow begged, losing it, while Tara's eyes began looking away and fluttering, losing focus, going into shock.

"I'm here." Melinda said as she rushed in with the medical kit and opened it to reveal bandages, disinfectant, pliers and needle and a thread. Melinda poured the disinfectant onto a cloth and ripped the shirt on Tara's shoulder as Willow pulled her hand, while Melinda rubbed the disinfectant on the wound and pulled the bullet out carefully with the plier and dropped it on the floor before she began stitching up the wound.

"Please, tell me she's going to be alright." Willow begged, sobbing.

Melinda took a breath as she closed up the rip and the wound with the stitches. "The bullet ripped an artery. I managed to stop the bleeding but she needs to the hospital."

"You're lucky that we're here."

They turned to see Xander and the paramedics enter as one of them examined Tara's wound and turned to Melinda. "You did a good work, kid, but you need to leave this to the professionals now."

One of the medics put a self-inflating bags attached to a mask onto Tara's face, squeezing it every five seconds before they put Tara onto a stretcher and carried her away.

"We'll take her to the hospital and do our best." The medic said.

"Please, let us come with her." Willow begged.

"She won't leave her." Melinda said and after a moment the medic nodded.

Buffy and Xander were downstairs, giving their statements to the police, when they saw Tara getting carried away on a stretcher and accompanied by Willow and Melinda.

"Tara!" Buffy exclaimed but one of the officers held her.

"Miss Summers, I understand that you're worried but there's nothing you can do for her right now." The officer said as Buffy and Xander turned to Melinda, who shook her head as she stopped at the doorstep.

"I tried… I swear that I tried…" Melinda said apologetically and Buffy and Xander sighed. They knew that if Melinda could have healed Tara, she would have and given what they had been told about the Elders, they had to wonder what the hell happened.

"Are we done here?" Xander demanded impatiently as the officer sighed.

"We put out a BOLO on Mr. Mears and we've got patrols at every bus and train station, airport and the docks, if he tries to leave town, we're not gonna make it easy for him." The officer promised and Buffy and Xander nodded, though they doubted that Warren was going to try to escape.

Buffy clenched her fists and growled angrily. Trying to kill her was one thing but almost killing Tara of all people? When she found Warren, she was going to make him pay.

When you think about it, Tara dying the way it happened didn't make any sense at all, since she and Willow would've heard the first gunshot and had enough sense to take cover, then again, Whedon is an asshole. So, hope you will enjoy this I know that the trajectory of the gunshot, considering that Tara's wound in the show, wouldn't fit, but, please, just go with it, let's just say that she and Willow stood in a little different positions in the bedroom but Tara still gets shot.

The reason why Melinda couldn't heal Tara will be revealed the next chapter, though I think you can already guess. Short answer, the Elders are, to quote Dean Winchester, a bunch of dicks. And Willow isn't going to go Dark Willow but Buffy is going to be pissed as Hell. Warren better watch his back.

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