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First time writer here, inspired by several Harry/Fleur fics (of which their aren't enough). I wanted to write an AU, where the Delacours were close friends with the Potters such that Mr. Delacour ("Sebastian" in this fic) and Appoline were named Harry's Godparents. Sirius is Harry's second Godfather, worry not. The first sentence is straight from the book, and is where the story diverges.


Dumbledore took Harry in his arms and turned towards the Dursley's house.

Just then a loud 'crack' sounded, and Dumbledore and McGonagall tensed for battle. Before any spells were fired, an accented voice called out, "Dumbledore? What are you doing with 'arry?".

Dumbledore, who was now preparing for a different kind of battle, turned towards the newcomer and spoke heavily. "Sebastian. I'm afraid James and Lily are gone. I'm taking Harry to his last remaining relatives."

Sebastian Delacour approached Dumbledore, his face a mix of grief and defiance. "No, you are not. You are not 'arry's guardian, and you know full well James and Lily would not want 'im placed here. We are 'is Godparents, we will take 'im in."

Dumbledore shook his head sadly, wishing things were different. "I can't allow that, Sebastian. Harry needs to be with his family".

Sebastian nearly growled his reply, "WE are 'is family! That poor excuse of a sister 'as never even met 'arry! You would dump 'im with strangers after 'e 'as just lost 'is parents? 'ave you gone mad with grief, Albus?!"

Dumbledore sighed again, saddened by what he needed to do, but resolved that it was the right choice to protect Harry. Realising that he could not convince Sebastian otherwise, Dumbledore began to explain his reasoning in a subdued tone. "Sebastian, I have reason to believe that Lily's death has conveyed an ancient form of blood protection on young Harry, and that is why Voldemort could not kill him. I plan to establish blood wards around this house, but in order for the wards to remain active, he must live with blood relatives.

"Think about it, Sebastian – Voldemort may not truly be dead, and even if he is, his followers will seek vengeance. It may be today, it may be in five years time, but they will try to kill Harry. I strongly believe Harry will be safest living here, protected by Lily's love. I only wish to see Harry survive, Sebastian."

Sebastian pulled out his wand, pointing it at Harry. A few diagnostic charms later, and Sebastian had confirmed the presence of a magical protection he did not recognise; it was not complete proof of Dumbledore's theory, but it certainly was corroborating evidence.

Now Sebastian looked defeated. "Merde" was followed by a few moments of silence. "'ow will you explain it to them?"

Dumbledore, still holding Harry, replied, "I will leave him on the doorstep with a note. I would explain the situation to them in person, but I fear they would not react well to a witch or wizard at their door." Dumbledore then indicated McGonagall. "Minerva will remain in disguise, to ensure he is taken in."

Surprising Dumbledore, Sebastian began to disagree again. "No, you cannot do that. It will not work."

"Sebastian, there isn't another choice. We must keep Harry...", began Dumbledore.

"That's not what I mean, Albus. We cannot leave 'im with just a letter. The Dursleys will not understand, and you risk 'arry being abused. I will explain it to them, and convince them to take 'arry in", Sebastian reasoned.

For a moment, Dumbledore's grandfatherly visage returned. "Compulsion charms or similar spells will not last, and you risk causing even more resentment in the end". He had, of course, considered that himself.

A look of distate flittered across Sebastian's face. "Obviously. But I believe I can convince them without magic. Lily didn't often speak of her sister, but she told me enough about her and Vernon for me to know how to convince them."

Dumbledore considered Sebastian's words, and concluding that such a small compromise would not impact Harry's safety, he carefully handed Harry over to Sebastian.

Sebastian gently held Harry, a tear falling down his cheek as he gazed at his Godson. "Oh Harry, your mama and papa may be gone, but their love for you remains. And you still have Appoline and I, and Fleur. We will watch over you."

His steps heavy, Sebastian walked towards No. 4 Privet Drive, a sleeping Harry in his arms and grief in his heart.


The conversation had been difficult, but ultimately successful. Sebastian had played on Vernon's sense of honour and Petunia's love of her sister – deeply buried though it had been. The £30,000 pounds he had offered, "to enable you to move or to extend the 'ouse", had no doubt helped too; it would also mean that the Dursleys were less likely to subconsciously perceive Harry as a burden.

The Delacours were not rich, and would normally never have been able to afford such a sum... but muggle banks were unaware of Voldemort and his reign of terror, so were more than willing to offer life insurance to Lily. And Sebastian was now very grateful that he had convinced Lily to take out such a policy, with himself and Appoline as the beneficiaries.

Putting aside thoughts of money, Sebastian again considered the agreement he had reached with the Dursleys. Petunia and Vernon had agreed to take care of Harry, but it was clear they were only doing it out of duty. Sebastian was sure the boy would not be abused, but neither would he be loved. And so Sebastian had pushed for monthly visits, as well as time initially to help Harry settle in. The Dursleys had agreed without too much persuading, and so Sebastian sent a patronus messanger to Appoline – Harry would need as much of his real family as he could get.


Harry awoke in the way all babies do – with tearful eyes and loud cries. Sebastian was currently sat in the Dursleys' lounge holding Harry, so was quick to speak in a soothing tone. "It's ok, 'arry. Uncle Sebastian is 'ere. I've got you, you're safe."

Harry looked up at Sebastian, and after a few more moments of Sebastian's voice, Harry had calmed down. Sebastian continued his reassurances regardless. "It's ok, 'arry, I've got you. And soon, Aunt Appoline and Fleur will be 'ere too".

At that, Harry blinked, then began looking around the room. "Lur! Lur!". Sebastian chuckled at the reaction, glad to have a moment of levity. "Yes, Fleur will be 'ere soon."

Just then, the doorbell rang. After a few moments Petunia's resigned voice floated through from the hallway. "Yes, come on in, both of you. Your husband has Harry in the living room." The sound of small yet rapid footsteps approached, as Fleur sought out her target.

"'ARRY!" "Lur!"

Fleur launched at Harry, wrapping her three year old arms around him and kissing his cheek several times. Harry giggled, his face all smiles.

Sebastian looked closer at Fleur, and noted the tear marks down her cheeks – clearly Appoline had broken the news. And sure enough... "Papa, Mama said... She said... We can't see Uncle James and Auntie Lily again?"

Sebastian nodded, sadly. Fleur, arms still wrapped around Harry, lowered her head and whispered, "Does that mean we won't see 'arry anymore?".

Sebastian replied softly, "Fleur, look at me". When she had did, Sebastian gave a small smile. "Fleur, 'arry is like family, isn't he?". When Fleur nodded, eyes looking hopeful, Sebastian continued, "and we would not abandon our family, would we?". Fleur smiled and shook her head. "We will help him settle in, then we will visit him often".

Fleur gave another hopeful look to her papa, and asked, "Couldn't 'arry come live with us?". By this time Appoline had joined her family in the living room, and added her voice to Fleur's. "That's a good question. He would be happier with us, would he not, Sebastian?".

Sebastian explained Dumbledore's reasoning to Appoline, and informed her of the diagnostic charms he had performed, careful to describe the situation in terms that would not worry Fleur. After he had finished, Appoline mirrored the defeated look Sebastian had wore earlier. After nodding her reluctant agreement, Appoline brushed a lock of messy hair out of Harry's eyes. "We will be here for you, my Godson. Always."

Appoline turned to Sebastian; she didn't want to put this off too long, as the Dursleys were already being far more accommodating than she had expected. "My love, how do we plan to get 'arry settled in here?"

"Well, my darling, I was thinking...".


Author notes:

Italics are used for French. And Harry is still pronounced "'arry" by the Delacours, regardless of what language they use.

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