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Fleur had disappeared from their bed at the Delacour home by the time Harry woke up on his wedding day, with Appoline explaining that it was tradition that Harry didn't see Fleur until she walked down the isle.

Shrugging, Harry offered to get ready at his new home in Northern France, but that was vetoed – Appoline explained that Fleur was currently there, arranging something, and he was not allowed to visit until after the wedding. Harry had several interesting and not at all innocent ideas about what that might entail, but he would later find out his thoughts were entirely wrong.

Harry was a little lost about what to do and when, until Katie arrived a minute later.

"Right, I've spoken to Fleur and know about where you can and can't go. Grab your suit, and follow me", Katie ordered, taking great pleasure in her best friend's half relieved, half meek expression.


Fleur wasn't quite at their new home. Not yet. She was in a familiar location, having just drank a potion, planning something akin to a jailbreak.

"Fleur! Is it today? It's today, isn't it? Geoff said it was today!" cried an excitable Barry.

Fleur grinned and nodded. "That's right. Now, what did Katie explain after the stag do?" Fleur asked, knowing full well the answer.

"We're going to your wedding!" declared Barry, his head bouncing up and down. Geoff nodded enthusiastically.

"Did Katie mention anything else?" Fleur asked, a glimmer in her eye.

"Erm..." replied Geoff, helpfully.

"Maybe?" answered Barry, unsure.

"Well, Harry and I have our own house now, ready for us to move into. And Papa – Vole Wizard – is just finishing up some permanent warming charms on one of the larger rooms at the back of the house", Fleur hinted.

"You mean...?" asked Geoff, getting an excited nod from Fleur.

"You bought a cold house?" guessed Barry.

"No, you field snake!" insulted Geoff.

"What I mean, Barry, is that Harry and I are ready to break you out of here permanently, if you'd like. After the wedding, you can come live with us on the coast" explained Fleur, excited.

"YES! No more Idiot Simon!" exclaimed Barry, somehow even more delighted than he had been a few minutes ago.

"No more horrible rats!" agreed Geoff.

"Seeing our Harry EVERY DAY!" squealed Barry in delight.

"Well, come on", Fleur interrupted with a beaming smile and a wand drawn. "After all, once we've got you out of here there's a wedding to get to... and neither of you are dressed in the outfits I've got you yet!"

Fleur guessed that, at those last few words, Geoff and Barry were at risk of spontaneously combusting with excitement.


Whilst Katie would normally have spent a good age getting ready for a wedding, at this wedding she was Best Woman, and so her job was to support the groom... which meant foregoing most of her usual time getting ready, and instead shepherding Harry around.

"Ok, we'll get some breakfast, make sure the venue's all sorted, check that Celeste's are running to plan, grab an early lunch, then get us both ready, before we get you married", Katie listed cheerfully.

Harry, a little overwhelmed, just nodded. He was glad he could rely on Katie.

A light breakfast later, which Katie had insisted on, Harry had confirmed the venue was set up according to plan, and Harry's Groomsmen – Neville and Ron – had things under control. Or, at least, Neville did, and was ordering Ron around efficiently.

Harry was starting to feel a little hungry when he and Katie went to check on Celeste's. The patisserie was closed when they arrived, as expected, but upon their arrival the door was opened and they were welcomed inside.

"Welcome, Katie, 'arry! We're very excited for you on your special day, 'arry", greeted Celeste herself.

Harry smiled broadly. "Thank you. And thank you for agreeing to cater for us today; both Fleur and I, and several of our family and friends, are greatly looking forward to enjoying your pastries again", Harry complimented.

Celeste laughed. "Oh 'arry, it's our pleasure! Why, it feels like you and Fleur keep us in business when you're not away for school or university", she joked, repeating a half-truth Fleur had shared one visit.

Harry smiled, then looked embarrassed as his stomach rumbled a little; why had Katie insisted on a small breakfast.

"Why, Harry, you sound hungry!" Katie stated with a grin.

"Well, we can't have that! We don't usually do savoury food, so perhaps you'd both like to help test that today's savoury pastries are as expected?" offered Celeste, winking at Katie.


Katie had to stop them both from sampling too much, though in her defence this was the planned early lunch that she had mentioned to Harry.

After getting a taster of many of the pastries they would experience later, a much more content pair apparated next to... a hotel, near to the wedding venue.

"Ok, we've got a room each to get dressed and ready. It seemed a bit expensive, but then I'm taking the room tonight so I don't have to apparate home later, and I think Dudley might be getting your room", Katie explained as she got the keys from reception and handed one to Harry.

After walking to the rooms, which were fortunately next to each other, Katie unshrunk a collection of packages which she handed to Harry. "Wear those, and knock on my door when you're dressed", she instructed.


An hour later, Harry and Katie were ready. Harry's view was that they had taken far too long, Katie's view was that they should have had much more time. Regardless, their best friendship had survived and potentially even strengthened, and both were ready to go to the wedding venue.

A short walk into the venue, and Harry was being mobbed.

"Harry!" cried Dudley, throwing his arms around his cousin. "You're getting married today!"

Harry grinned, and hugged his cousin tightly. "That's right! How was the journey over?" Harry asked.

"Really cool! The airplane hit some turbulence and one man even threw up!" Dudley exclaimed.

"Thankfully they were in a different row, and the air hostess cleaned it up quickly", Petunia added from behind Harry. "Congratulations, Harry. We're glad we could share today with you", simpered Petunia, genuinely.

Vernon nodded from next to her, and grunted, "Congratulations, Harry."

"Thanks Aunt Petunia, Uncle Vernon. I'm glad you could be here today", Harry replied earnestly.

Cheveu approached then, holding two cups and winking at Harry.

"Oh! Aunt Petunia, Uncle Vernon, you've met Cheveu before", Harry stated, as Cheveu smiled and nodded.

"I thought you might like a nice cup of tea", Cheveu said, offering a cup to Vernon and Petunia.

"Thank you" "Yes, thank you", came the replies.

Petunia sniffed the cup, then drank a few sips. Her eyes widened. "I didn't realise you could get good tea on the continent!" Petunia announced.

Vernon took a sip of his, then grunted in appreciation, a rare half-smile gracing his lips.

Harry then excused himself, noting several guests he needed to greet. Next in line was his big sister. Pulling her into a tight hug, Harry had two thoughts which he vocalised: "I've really missed you, sis", then, "what was in that tea?"

Cheveu grinned. "I missed you too, little bro. Once you're back from your honeymoon, you and Fleur need to visit for the weekend.

"As for the tea? It's like a notice-me-not effect, except it changes what the drinker can see; essentially, your Aunt and Uncle won't be able to register anything magical going on", Cheveu explained.

"So anything magical will be invisible to them?" Harry asked.

"Not quite", Cheveu replied with a smile.


It was five minutes before the start of the wedding, and Harry had greeted everyone. The turn out was as expected – Joan from over the road in Privet Drive didn't attend, but everyone else invited did: Appoline (of course), Sirius and Amelia, Remus, the Twins, Hermione, Daphne, Susan, Ginny, Professors Jones and Dumbledore, Jean from Beauxbatons, Angelina, Alicia and Oliver, Lee, Seamus, Dean, Parvati, Lavender... the only people missing, Harry incorrectly thought, were part of the bridal party.

Then the doors opened once more, and two gentlemen in classy, modified suits entered, and Harry realised he'd forgotten about two very important friends.

"Is that a snake?" cried one of the French guests from Fleur's part of the guest list.

"Two snakes?!" cried another.

"Harry! Are we in time?" asked an excited Geoff.

"We beat Fleur, so we must be!" exclaimed Barry.

Geoff and Barry slithered into the room, and Harry had the impression they would have been bouncing up and down had they legs. But that wasn't the most unusual thing.

The snakes were dressed in something that might have passed for a full dinner suit, except tailored to remove the sleeves, and with only one... leg hole? Tail hole? Trouser leg?

Then, there were the black top hats. Barry, in particular, was very proud of his top hat.

Geoff was less fussed. Oh, he liked the top hat, he really did! But Geoff's pride and joy was his gold monocle.

The twins were the first to cave, bursting out laughing at the sight. Several others followed suit. Some of the guests started looking a little less nervous, and then when Katie, Cheveu and Harry and rushed to greet the snakes with great enthusiasm, the rest of the guests settled down.

Ten minutes later, Harry was standing with Katie at the front of the venue, with Harry fidgeting in excitement. Katie was about to tell him to relax – again – when an age-old stillness settled on those gathered, and a voice called out, "Would all guests please stand".

Anticipation filled the room, most of all in Harry. A sweet piano piece filled the room, and then Gabrielle entered first, rose petals in hand. Gabrielle looked like an angel, Harry thought, smiling affectionately at his sister. Harry meant that literally, too. Not only was Gabrielle wearing an adorable white dress, but she had clearly eaten an angel drop, and had gorgeous, white wings sprouting from her back. She used them to quite literally glide up the aisle and then around the room, sprinkling petals as she went.

Marjorie and Amelie came next, both wearing deep blue dresses that turned many heads in the room. Lee wore a smug look on his face.

Then Fleur entered, and Harry would not even remember seeing Sebastian next to her. Fleur stole Harry's breath away. She was wearing an elegant, figure-hugging white wedding dress, which moved like liquid as Fleur walked up the aisle. Her face was hidden by a veil, but Harry could still sense her excited, eager smile underneath it. Fleur was also holding a bouquet of rich red flowers, which Harry struggled to notice – his eyes lost as they were, staring at his bride.

Finally, Fleur was standing next to Harry, and Sebastian, a happy tear in his eye, placed Fleur's hand in Harry's. Marjorie lifted Fleur's veil, and Harry and Fleur stared enraptured into each other's eyes.

"I love you so much" "I love you more than I can say" they murmured to each other.

"We are gathered here today..." began the Officiator.

Harry wasn't paying much attention. He was lost in Fleur's loving, sweet, caring, gorgeous eyes, and it was all Harry could handle not to just kiss her there and then. Eventually, the Officiator had reached the important part.

"Do you, Harry James Potter, take Fleur Isabelle Delacour to be your lawfully wedded wife? To love, hold and cherish, in good times and bad, in pain and joy, sickness and health, and all life passes your way?" came the question.

"I do, gladly and without reservation", Harry replied sincerely, holding Fleur's gaze.

"Do you, Fleur Isabelle Delacour, take Harry James Potter to be your lawfully wedded husband? To love, hold and cherish, in good times and bad, in pain and joy, sickness and health, and all life passes your way?" Fleur was asked.

"I do, eagerly and joyfully", Fleur responded, adoration in her eyes.

"Harry, repeat after me:" instructed the Officiator, stating the vow.

Harry gladly did: " I, Harry James Potter, take you, Fleur Isabelle Delacour, to be my lawfully wedded wife. I share all that I have with you, most of all my eternal, unshakable love. With my thoughts, words and deeds I will honour you, and strive to put you first in my life. I will cherish you above all others, all the days of our lives, until death parts us – and even beyond that."

Harry willed meaning into his words, desperate for Fleur and all those gathered to understand that he meant those vows – truly, deeply, meant them, and would live by then for all his days.

"Fleur, repeat after me:" instructed the Officiator, stating her vow.

Fleur eagerly did, rushing the words a little in her desire to be married to the wonderful man in front of her: "I, Fleur Isabelle Delacour, take you, Harry James Potter, to be my lawfully wedded husband. I share all that I have with you, most of all my eternal, undeniable love. With my thoughts, words and deeds I will honour you, and strive to put you first in my life. I will treasure you above all others, all the days of our lives, until death parts us – and even beyond that."

Next came the rings, with Katie handing them to Harry.

"Fleur, my cherished, please accept this ring as a symbol of my eternal love for you. May you always wear it and know you are first in my heart, now and always", declared Harry, before slipping the ring onto Fleur's finger.

"Harry, my heart, please accept this ring as a symbol of my eternal love for you. May you always wear it and know you are first in my heart, as you always have been, now and always", declared Fleur, before slipping the ring onto Harry's finger, caressing his hand as she did so.

Finally, at long last, the words Harry and Fleur were waiting for were spoken. "By the power vested in me, and because of the love witnessed and vows shared, I now pronounce you Husband and Wife. You may kiss the... yes, quite" finished the Officiator will a wry smile, as Fleur, one step ahead, threaded her fingers in Harry's hair and pulled him into a soft, loving, promise-filled kiss.

"I can barely wait to make love to you tonight, slowly and adoringly" Fleur whispered quite unfairly, as the guests cheered loudly.


After signing the register and some more words from the Officiator that Harry barely registered, Fleur and Harry were walking down the aisle together, to cheers of celebration from their friends and family. Then, facing away from the guests, she threw the bouquet of roses behind her, and heard a gasp; turning to look, she saw Amelia with the flowers in her hand, and Sirius leaning to whisper in her ear. From the look of joy on her face, Fleur suspected she would soon be planning a wedding of her own.

Harry and Fleur then had far too many photos they had to pose for, and quite unfairly the rest of the guests had Celeste's pastries to enjoy whilst they waited. Harry commented on the unfairness of this to Katie, who rolled her eyes with fondness, walked off, and returned a minute later with delicious treats to keep the happy couple satisfied.

Eventually though, about two hours after the ceremony had ended, the photos had finished, Harry and Fleur had walked around and spoken to everyone for at least a quick 'hello', and it was nearly time for Fleur and Harry to eat their first proper meal together as husband and wife.


The Dursleys were having a lovely time. Vernon and Petunia had been afraid that the wedding might have been freakish, but they hadn't seen anything like that. Of course, that was due to the potion they had drunk on their tea. Dudley, on the other hand, was amazed to see how the potion influenced his parents:

Vernon and Petunia had met a small man affected by dwarfism, but who had a successful career in banking; Dudley met Smashface.

Vernon and Petunia were impressed by the acrobatics of the flower girl going down the aisle; Dudley had watched Gabrielle soar and glide with angel wings.

Vernon and Petunia had shaken their head and rolled their eyes when two cats came up to them for attention; Dudley met Geoff and Barry.

Vernon and Petunia saw a very talented waitress carrying an impressively large stack of empty plates and glasses through to the kitchen; Dudley saw Marjorie levitating the stack to the kitchen.

Vernon and Petunia were pleased no one was speaking French during the wedding ceremony or afterwards; Dudley enjoyed being able to easily speak another language.

So it was that all three Dursleys were having a delightful time.


The time for the Celeste's feast was achingly close. Harry and Fleur waited outside the ballroom until everyone was sat and ready, then entered together to huge applause from their friends and family.

Sitting at the head table, with all eyes on them, Harry was about to say something to his wife when Amelie tapped her glass; then after a second, a few other people were tapping their glass expectantly.

Harry looked confused at Fleur, until she whispered, "it means they want us to kiss, my cherished", then softly kissed her husband lovingly.

Harry smiled into the kiss, brief though it was; this was one tradition he particularly enjoyed.

After that short pause, it was time for the speeches, as Harry and Fleur wanted the speeches out the way before the meal. Sebastian was due to go first, so he stood up, and once everyone was silent he began.

"Hello everyone, and can I say what a pleasure it is to see you all here for Fleur and 'arry. Appoline and I truly appreciate your presence here today, and the support you have shown Fleur and 'arry over their lives so far", Sebastian began with a large smile.

"Now, it's tradition for the father of the bride to give a speech that embarrasses the bride and welcomes the groom into the family, however this will be different", Sebastian promised, "for 'arry was a part of our family since the day he was born, and so I will be able to embarrass both of them this evening."

Harry and Fleur shared a brief look of resignation, then held hands for moral support.

"The day Fleur was born was one of the happiest of my life – I'm meant to say that – and she was adorable and joyous – I'm meant to say that too.

"But in reality, Fleur found herself when 'arry was born. We were named his Godparents, alongside Sirius, and so we saw 'arry often. Fleur loved baby 'arry - sometimes more than us – and by the time 'arry was one she was already devoted to him."

There were cries of "awww!" from a few around the room.

"Soon after 'arry turned one, he was orphaned." Sebastian took a deep breath before he continued. "Petunia and Vernon took him in, and cared for him well, for which we are so thankful. But as his Godparents, we wanted to be there for him too."

"And thus began what were called 'Delacour visits' or 'Harry visits', depending on which child was asked. And after a year or so, the visits lasted a whole weekend and became 'Delacour weekends' or 'Harry weekends', and were Fleur and Harry's favourite times of each month", Sebastian explained, to more 'awww!'s from the guests.

"They were best friends before Fleur started school. Now, Appoline and I are delighted that Harry and Fleur are married, but did you know they've been planning something like it for over ten years? When they were both little, they promised to live together when they were older – a sleepover every day, they agreed... though I expect your planned activities for a 'sleepover' have changed quite a lot over the years, my little flies", Sebastian continued, grinning, whilst the room filled with chuckles.

"They even agreed to save their pocket money so they could buy a house", he elaborated, causing the couple to blush, and the room to coo again.

"And then, when Fleur was ten and Harry eight, Fleur discovered her hormones and realised she was attracted to her best friend. Harry, the observant best friend he was, didn't notice. For five years." The room was now filled again with laughter, and a blushing Harry and Fleur.

"And he only realised that when he woke up to his own hormones... and when Cheveu, his honorary big sister, explained it to him like he was a toddler" Sebastian described, with relish.

Harry blushed again, and Cheveu, the traitor nodded emphatically.

"Then began an entertaining period where Fleur and Harry decided they didn't want a long distance relationship, and would try to ignore their attraction to each other. A task they were truly awful at", Sebastian merrily shared.

"Anyway, not two hours after Fleur transferred to Harry's school for her seventh year – no guesses as to her motivation - the two were a couple. And honestly, neither have ever been happier.

"Fleur and Harry have found joy in each other, the likes of which most only dream of. I've seen the relationship of my daughter and now-son grow from strength to strength, seen them love each other more and more, and I couldn't be more proud as a father as I am today, for two of my children now have their happy ever afters." Sebastian was now valiantly fighting off the happy tear that threatened to trickle down his face.

"And now, can I raise a toast: the Bride and Groom!" commanded Sebastian.

"The Bride and Groom!" came the chorus of replies, and then the applause.

Harry's speech was next, and he stood up a little nervously. Unfolding a pre-prepared speech, Harry looked at it, shook his head, and threw it behind him.

"Sorry – I had written a speech but it was rubbish, so I'll wing it. My wife and I..." Harry got a loud applause at the phrase "...are so thankful you're all here. Our family, and our friends, are our rock. You all mean so much to us, and we're so glad you're here to celebrate with us", Harry began.

"I'll first thank all the people who made today possible, as I'll forget once I get to the 'complimenting the love of my life' part of the speech", Harry shamelessly admitted, to laughter from the room.

After he had thanked the people he needed to, he got to the things he really wanted to say.

"Fleur, I love you. I love you so much, I don't have the words to describe it. You're my heart, my love, my life, and you make me complete. You were my best friend since I was born, my very first crush, my only true love. That I get to spend the rest of my life with you is a dream, almost too good to be true, and I know I'll never, ever stop cherishing and adoring you. I love you with all of my heart, deeply and passionately, and I am honoured and humbled to be your husband." Harry gushed, lavishly.

Fleur had happy tears in her eyes, as did a few guests – such as Sebastian and Appoline.

"Oh, right, a toast! To the most wonderful, caring, supportive, beautiful woman in the whole world – to Fleur Isabelle Potter!" Harry declared.

The rest of the room joined the roast, then applauded. Harry sat down, and was immediately attacked by Fleur's lips; the room then applauded, with a few whistles being heard.

Katie stood up, and took her turn. "Harry can be a right pain", she began, smiling affectionately at her friend as a few chuckles were heard around the room. "As Harry's best friend – an honour that was only officially bestowed upon me when Fleur was promoted to fiancée – I now have to follow that! He spills his heart out, and I'm meant to make fun of him! Well, I'll give it a go", Katie promised, smiling cheerfully.

"Harry is clueless. Fleur had been almost throwing herself at him for five years, and he had no idea she was attracted to him. Harry genuinely believed that a girl who wanted nothing more than to cuddle, hold hands, kiss the very corner of his mouth, save up for a house together, share a bank account and, as a Veela bonus, positively drown him in allure... Harry believed that those were just the actions of a good friend" Katie stated, the feelings of disbelief still strong.

Harry, for his part, just groaned. Fleur blushed, but guiltily nodded her agreement of the facts.

"Then, he realises she likes him, and he likes her, and... well, I was going to pause longer for dramatic effect, but thanks Sebastian for spoiling that one for me", Katie groused good-naturedly. Sebastian snorted into his drink.

"Oh, and did Harry pine after Fleur! You knew if it had been more than five minutes since they'd last spoke to each other, as Harry had this 'lost puppy' look that would come over him", Katie shared with glee.

Harry was shaking his head in denial, but his traitorous friends – especially Neville, Ron and Hermione – were nodding their agreement.

"I remember when Harry heard that Fleur might be transferring to our school for the year, but she wanted to keep it a secret so 'forgot' her mirror, and in the two weeks of waiting Harry was utterly, utterly useless! At everything!" Katie declared with relish.

This time Harry couldn't deny it, and buried his head in his hands.

"But honestly, aside from dedicating almost all of his brain power towards thinking about Fleur, Harry's a good friend. In fact, he's the best of friends, though I hardly need to tell Fleur that! I'm meant to reassure Fleur at this point that she hasn't made some terrible decision, but honestly she knows that better than I do. I'm so glad that Harry is getting married to the woman of his happiest dreams, and I know, Fleur, that you'll utterly treasure him, as he will treasure you." Katie professed, smiling at the newlyweds.

"Now, I'm starving and I know the food is obscenely good, so let's quickly raise a toast so we can eat: to the Bride and Groom!" Katie declared, as the room followed suit, before applauding.

Katie say down with relief. She'd had help writing the speech, and had worried it hadn't gone well, but as Harry pulled her into a side-hug and whispered a quiet but emotional "thank you", she felt much better.


Celeste's had outdone themselves, and Fleur was half surprised her stomach hadn't burst out if her dress yet.

The meal had started with small savoury pastries, filled with ham and melted cheese, and they were divine. Then, there were pie options, and Fleur had chosen a steak pie, whilst Harry had chosen a chicken, honey and mustard pie; they were forced to share, as each of their pies were so good that the other needed to try it.

Then, after the mains were eaten, Celeste herself opened up a small patisserie area that had been set up, with every one of their options available, and that was where things had gotten silly. Fleur had eaten a slice of Frasier, obviously, followed by a selection of delicious profiteroles. Harry had opted for tarte tropezienne and Frasier, and would have gone back for more had Fleur not advised him to pace himself. Both were wallowing in their bliss.

Around the room, other guests were similarly experiencing culinary nirvana: Dudley seemed hypnotised by the taste of the hot chocolate; Sirius was staring at the Frasier in disbelief; Cheveu had a look of utter serenity on her face, who knows what she had just eaten; Fred was desperately trying to barter for recipes, whilst George prodded the filling of the profiteroles, daring it to reveal its secrets; Hermione was torn between discouraging Ron from eating even more, and wanting to try just one more profiterole; Professor Jones looked like she had fallen in love with the two éclairs she had eaten; Daphne looked betrayed that Harry had never told her about this before... and those were just a few of the reactions he had witnessed.


The tables were cleared away, and the ballroom had been set up as... well... an actual ballroom, or at least for dancing.

Celeste's continued to provide refreshments throughout the evening, so those less inclined to dance – or those needing additional calories – could continue to eat to their stomachs' content.

Harry and Fleur, for their part, danced. They started with a slow dance, just holding each other and swaying, sharing adoring looks. There were then some faster songs, though Harry and Fleur mostly ignored the tempo.

However, there were then queues of people waiting their turn, and so Harry and Fleur separated for a few songs. Gabrielle had demanded a dance with her brother, as had Cheveu, so Fleur danced twice with her father. Then Appoline had wanted to dance with her son, so Fleur danced with Remus. Sirius declared he was left out, which coincided with Katie dancing with Harry. Then, after Harry and Fleur danced a few more times together, Harry danced with Jones, Hermione, Daphne, Susan, Amelia and even Celeste, whilst Fleur danced with Dumbledore, Ron, Neville, Lee, Jean and Jones.

And that was only the beginning of the evening.


It was getting late, and Harry was convinced he'd danced with almost everyone at least once, and with Fleur countless times. A brief conversation with Fleur, and the pair decided to call it a night.

They spent another half hour saying goodbye to every guest, planning visits with some, before Fleur made a quiet request of Sebastian. Smiling, he nodded and then gave his eldest two children a tight hug, and wished then a happy honeymoon.

"Just asking Papa to look after Geoff and Barry for the night", Fleur explained, before showing off by dual-apparating them home.

Hurrying to the bedroom, Fleur hugged her husband tightly, then made her request. "I mean what I said, my cherished. Tonight, I want to make love to my husband slowly and adoringly. I want to take our time consummating our marriage. I want this time, our first as a married couple, to show you how much I cherish you. I want to savour you" Fleur pleaded.

And what was Harry to do, but to gladly, eagerly, and adoringly share his love with Fleur – that night, and forever.


The End


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