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Chapter 1: The Multiverse

The screen dims until it fades to white. The cast had finally finished watching arc 4. Happy that the boy, from another world. Who struggled, and die in so many horrendous, ways. Finally reached on outcome, where he saved everyone.

After the viewer's finishing the viewing of arc 4. The cast were overwhelmed with so many emotions of the tragic story, of Natuski Subaru.

An ordinary boy, who didn't asked to come to this world, nor for the power's he possessed. And ordinary boy, who have has continue to save other. Rather that to spare himself from the pain, and horrors. That came with saving others.

He could have walk away, any sane man would. Any one who experience that, won't persist, knowing the pain, and misery that awaited them.

Yet this ordinary other worldly boy. Who possess no strength, nor skills. Stilll presses on, marching head long to death.

Their were moments, were all hope was lost. Abandoned, and betrayed, rejected even killed by those he claim to be his friends. And it took the power of simple lap pillow. The love of Oni. And the punch from a merchant friend, to bring him out of the darkness.

Those moments gave him the power, to go against impossible odds. Many in the theater grow to admire the half knight. After witnessing his adventures from the moment of his arrival to the sanctuary.

But their were moments, for those in theater who felt heavy guilt. Especially those of the Emilia camp, Subaru suffer become of their incompetence, and immature leader. They hold themselves personally responsible for the boy's torment, than any other camp.

They were truly grateful for everything he did for them. They don't think they can ever repay him for him for the many great deeds, that has done for them. No amount of gold, or lap pillows, or holy coins. Can ever majore up to, dying time, and time again to save everyone.

But they know that Subaru wont see it that way. He did what he because, he truly love, and care for everyone. He had a big heart, none the less they all wish to make amends.

After finishing viewing Subaru's knighting many cried, and cheer. Many were high spirit after Subaru pick himself up from the ground, and accomplish the impossible once again.

When the scream die down in the ending. Many wanted a good long rest, after finishing arc 4. But not before giving the scheming clown, and good and proper beating. Each of the camps, knights, took their time, with the jester mage. The pain they delivered to the clown wasn't comparison to the pain he received in the sanctuary.

The whole cast line up, and gave the clown a good pounding. Ram beg her little sister, to relief Roswaal of the pain, he was receiving. Since the healer Felix didn't bother healing the poor clown.

After Rem saw her master true colors, she no longer saw him as the caring man. Who save both her, and her sister from the witch cult. But still, she still couldn't resist her sister pleaded for help.

When she asked her to heal Roswaal, but that didn't stop the blue Oni from giving the Margrave. The beating of his life when it was her turn. When all of this was over, and everyone was safely returned home, the candidates swoar that the clown. Will never see the light of day ever again.

The cast went to their room, some were already asleep. Other were still contemplating about Subaru journey to their world.

Laying in her bed the silver hair half elf. Along with the blue hair Oni, were both laying in a bed. The one sleeping in the center, is their favorite nasty eye boy hero Subaru.

Their were both playing with his hair, thinking of the things they were going to say to him, when they finally returned. And asked for forgiveness for all the death, that were cost by them.

"Hey Rem?" The half elf said, while still stroking his knight hair. Looking at his sleeping form, it relaxes her.

"Yes Emilia-sama?" Said Rem she was doing the same.

"Do you really think he can ever forgive us.. after everything we did?" The half elf questioned with a sorrowful expression.

Rem frowned knowing exactly, what her camp leader was referring. "I don't know Emilia-sama... I still can't forgive myself for the pain, and torture, that I have cost to my hero. In the mansion, it still hunts me..."

The maid's words brought back memories, she still hated Rem for that pain and torture she inflected to Subaru. In arc 2, right under her nose she was truly Incapatent. But she forgive her, after seeing her hardship as a child. And the pain she suffered under the witch cult.

And she brought Subaru back to the light, when all he wanted to do is give up and run away in arc 3. She could have had Subaru all to himself, but she chosen to encourage him, to stay and fight for the ones he love.

Someone think she was unable to do. And she hated herself for it, she was always a burden especial as the sanctuary. It was her fault her knight die so many times, she promise herself. She will let her knight experience that type of suffering ever again.

"But." Her thoughts we're brought back when Rem began to speak again. She look at Rem, who gave a her a little smile.

"Rem knows that Rem's hero will never hold anything the me, in that loop did, against Rem. But still.. Some part of me wants, for him to punish me, for all that I did. Leaving me will probably that greatest punishment of all, I can't never imagine living with out Rem's hero anymore." Emilia continue to listen to the Rem who's tears were already running down her face. She gently caressed it Subaru sleeping form.

"Rem loves Subaru kind and gentle forgiving heart. Rem's will spent ever minute of her life, making up for what she has done for her hero." Rem said.

"I don't think he would have wanted that Rem." Emilia responded. "Subaru would have wanted you to forgive yourself. And love yourself more." It hypocritical she was on the same boat. Subaru also suffer many deaths become of her, only because she didn't want to be alone anymore. She was selfish, but she wanted to help the self hating Oni. It's what Subaru would have wanted, she owes her for saving her knight, when she couldn't.

"You help save him, when I couldn't, you're a very precious person to Subaru. And to me, he loves you, and I don't want to see you think less of yourself, please Ram." Emilia said with big smile, aimed towards the tearing maid.

"Thank you Emilia-sama." Even if she's unworthy of her hero's love, she still wants to hold onto his kindness. Subaru actually caring for her despite the hardships she has put him through, he really is amazing.

The half elf was happy that he was able to cheer up, the maid. The both of them were still playing around with Subaru, that they didn't notice a certain loli was bagging at it the door, calling out for them.

knock! Knock!*

"Are you two foolish girls finished fooling around with my contractor! I suppose?" Beatrice s*houted outside of the door.

"Beako w-weren't fooling around with Subaru!!" Said the red face Emilia.

"Yes Emilia-sama is correct, Beatrice-sama. Were just admiring Subaru-kun great looks, and talking about his amazing qualities." Rem said wanting to ease the anger, of the shouting spirit outside of the door.

"Hmph of course you two would be mesmorize by Betty's Subaru amazing looks. But you two have suffocated him long enough, and it's Betty turn to care for her contractor." The great spirit huff. She has been sleeping in Petra room along with the head maid, since the ending of arc 4.

Her mentality felt like was being rip apart, watching arc 4. But not just that, but what she discovered about her mother. She was always waiting for that person her mother promise would come and take her away from the library. Only to discover that no one was ever truly coming to save her, she was just another experiment to her mother. She loved her mother, supported her in everything, back in the sanctuary, but after seeing her mother's true, colors on the big screen. She discover her mother was rotten to the core.

She thank the odd that there was truly someone out there waiting to come to her rescue. That person came at the form of Natsuki Subaru, the person who save her from loneliness, she will never abandoned him again. Like she did, many times in the sanctuary loops.

She had enough waiting to she blow the door down with a powerful wind.


"Beako did you really have to do that? I was just about to open the door." Emilia ask.

"Betty has rest long enough, and wishes to be reunited with her beloved contractor." The loli jumps in the bed and gave the sleeping Subaru a hug. Plus a few sniff she really misses him. "Betty misses you in fact." She whisper.

Both half-elf and maid, gave on understanding smile.

"It's seem the other are awakening as well. And already headed towards their sits Emilia-sama." Rem look outside of the room, already seeing the some of the cast. Leaving their rooms and heading towards the theater. "We should join them as well"

"Yes let's." She didn't know what else their was to see. After they liberated the sanctuary, there's any big events over the years.

Meanwhile in another room, the beating down Roswaal lay awake. In his bed, along with his most loyal maid.

"How are you feeling Roswaal-sama?"

"Likeee I just receiveddddd the most savage ee beating off my life my dearrr Ram~" the badly beaten up clown said, with his annoying accent. Ram didn't respond merely looking at his master, with great pity.

"Don't look at me like that." Roswaal said with out his clown accents. It surprise the maid a little but didn't show it. "I don't need your pity."

"You saw it with your eyes, my actions in those loops. How can you still stand the sight of me?" He angry question, the pink hair maid. She has seen all of his crime up close in the screen, yet she still care for him.

Rem stared at her master right in the eyes. She was fine with being used as a tool to advance Roswaal's goal, that's something she made peace with a long time ago. But seeing the events in the sanctuary.

She didn't condone the sheer amount of pain her lord had caused the boy. The boy that continue to search for a cure, to saved her beloved sister. Rem has been forgotten by the world herself included, part of her felt guilt that one point in the battle in mansion. She would choose to abandoned her sister sleeping form, she was disgusted with herself.

"I cannot deny that what you did was far worse than what is considered forgivable. Like the others I cannot forgive you for the things you've done, especially towards Barusu." Ram felt guilt for some of her treatment towards Subaru. And anger for not being helpful enough during trials. "however I still cannot ignore the feelings, I have towards you and will continue to pursue my feelings them."

"Despite everything? You still claim to love me…" Anger and surprise can be heard in his voice.

"I do not claim anything Roswaal-sama. I know In my heart that I truly love you. But that doesn't mean I have forgiven the actions I have I seen on the screen. You will need to work hard from now on, to atone for everyone you have wrong Roswaal-sama."

"I see." Was all he could say at the moment.

He really wish that she would just hate him. but a part of him still glad to have her by his side.

At the theater went back to their sits, and having conver amongs their fellow camp members,

"Man he really was amazing." Otto said with a smile, looking up the screen. Remember all the amazing things his brother went through to get his happy ending.

"Course nothing is more awesome than my Cap'n except my amazing self of course." Garfield said with a big grim. Happy to see him kicking that gut loving bitch ass, on the big screen.

"Haha yeah Garf you really lay Elsa down. Also gave us enough time to save everybody else." Otto praise his brother.

"Yeah you were really cool! The way to beat that nasty lady to the ground." Mini join in the fun she really, love the big fight between Garfield and the bowel hunter. It got her heart racing, and blushed, while watching his Amaziness first hand. "I wish I was their to, I wanted to beat that mean lady to a pulp to!"

"Ha ya kid that was one hell of a fight. Kinda makes me wanna take you on sometimes." The big dogman said with a grim.

"Anytime any where Oldman!" Garfield responded with excitement while bumping his two fists together.

"Hey!! Am not that old! I still got my good looks." Ricardo said honestly hurt by the tiger boy's commmet. While both of the demini humans on his lap, were laughing at him. Having friendly banter with one another.

"They seem to enjoying themselves." Crusch Karsten comment with a smile.

"Indeed Crusch-sama a friendly banter among friends." The cat boy said, while the sword just gave a nod with a little smile.

"That boy achieved a great feat defeating the bowel hunter in battle." Wilhelm said, with a proud small smile.

"Not just him but Subaru-nyu, finally putting down the great hare." Felix felt great respect for the boy, who had put down. Those blood thirty rabbits who have consumed the lives of thousands over the centuries. On the other hand, he still felt great shame for how he treated the boy and at how much he doubted him in past.

"Our respect for Subaru-dono has grown, the more we see his journey." Crusch's remarks, thinking every the boys has went through. Their respect for the boy has grown since the whole hunt. The boy truly deserves a break after everything he has been through.

"Man am really happy for big bro, finally Becoming a knight. And getting a kiss from big sis." Felt was happy for his goofball of a big brother. Beating the clown at his own game, taking down one of great mabeast. And finally kissing the girl of his dreams, Felt laugh her ass off, when she heard her big sis thoughts on were baby might come from. The whole theater love their butts of, Emilia was steaming like crazy from the embarrassment.

"Indeed Felt-sama not only did he bested the great hared, but also manage to rid the kingdom of a naturist killer. This truly a great accomplishment worthy of a legendary hero." The sword saint was truly impressive, for someone like Subaru to achieve so much. He was a better hero that Reinhard ever was, but he knows that his accomplishments didn't came with a price.

And that price came in the form of pain of death. The boy had endure painful deaths to reach an ending were everyone was saved. Anger, was forming deep inside the sword saint, hate for him for not being there for his friends. The least he could do for Subaru, is to bring the Mandcrave clown to justice, and to deliver his friend to his lady camp. Were he can guard and protect his friend, so he will never suffer another tragic end.

Felt was glad that the bitch who gave her nightmares was finally put down. Ever since she learned about return by death, and the failed loops. How she, and her grandfather were murdered twice, by the same deranged gut loving killer, gave her nightmares.

And seeing the bitch burn to death finally allowed her to sleep peaceful at night. Reinhard like the other knights were happy for their friend being official knightingon the big screen. They weren't able to attend the real event, but seeing on the big screen felt like the next big thing.

"I wonder what's next for big bro? Did he do more amazing stuff, we haven't heard about?" Felt asked her knight.

"Not as far as I know Felt-sama. We must be patience and see what the warden will show us next." The sword saint eyes aimed at the screen. Waiting for what's to come next for his friend.

"Mmhh I wonder what we will see next?" Anastasia was in her sit, along with her knight by her side. She was still planning in ways to get the half elf knight to their camp.

She seen the boys resolve and determination, for the ones he loves, she fit right in, in her camp. The merchant queen felt like the boys brilliance, was being wasted in the Emilia camp, with his other worldy knowledge. He maybe be able to better the life's of the citizens for a hundred years.

"I am curious to know as well Anastasia-sama. But the Warden could be gathered use here, perhaps to finally send us back home" Julius spoke in his usually calm and elegant manner.

"Perhaps, if we do prepared the necessary arrangements for the clowns arrested. if we do leave here. Arresting that clown is the first step in getting Natsuki to our camp." Anastasia said.

"As you wish Anastasia-sama." Julias said on one hand he didn't like the idea of taking his friend away from his love ones. But he wishes to better his friend, with the help of Felix and the rest of the knights.

Helping his self esteem, and along with bettering his skills as a knight. And with the help of his mistress, teach him to have more ambitious.

Priscilla and her servant were sitting calmly while staring into the screen, waiting for what's to come. While the sun princess was fanning herself, her servant was in deep thought.

Unlike the other, Al wasn't please with his other worldy brother. Choosing to remain with this damage idiots, who keep getting him kill. He serious could have been better off, if he run away with the little maid, his a smart kid with their world ideas making money would have been child's play. Buy a house settled down with a good family somewhere.

"Honestly you deserved better than, to keep dying for this idiots bro." Al thought.

Priscilla was fanning herself waiting for the next form of entertainment that will be shown to her. After seeing the boy long journey, she can honestly say that she has changed her view on him since the first arc.

She thought him as nothing but a pathetic pig, with a disgusting, and dangerous power.

Witnessing more of his story, the sun princess did find some good qualities here, and there.

His undying loyalty for his friends, and mistress (even if it is misguided sense of loyalty) his tacticianal mind, his unyielding tenacity to achieve the impossible.

But most importantly his good heart, never before in her life, has she seen a person who posesses a noble and humble heart. To thing that someone who possesse the power to bend time to his will, will waste away so many opportunities for the sake of some half elf devil, this angers her.

"You better off serving my devine self than that witch, and the world will deliver you to me." Priscilla thought, He was an entertaining boy, that she would soon be to her own personal jester.

Ricardo watch the entrance of the theater, and seeing who coming in next. "Looks like our guess of honor is finally here.. And still asleep." The dog man said, seeing the spikey hair boy being carry bridial style, by the half elf.

"Emilia-sama please let me be the one who carrys Subaru-kun to his sit." Said the pouting oni, wanted to carry her hero Briadial style, and make also smell his hair a little.

"Noo! Subaru always complain when I carry him, something about hurting his manly pride. I not gonna waste this opportunity." Emilia said, making the blue oni pout more.

"Hurry and put Betty's contractor in his sit. So that I may be able to sit on lap I suppose." Beatrice said.

They went to their sit, lay Subaru down his spirit sit on his lap. As always, the blue hair maid sit on his left, while Emilia on his right. Both of them were hugging his arms.

Petra pouted seeing how close they were to their hero. "How come their the ones who always have to be close to Subaru-sama. When will it be my turned." The jealous little maid pointed out, the head maid demi-human thought of it as cute. And petted her head.

"Now now be patient my little apprentice I am sure your time will come. To be able to sit in your hero's lap." Frederica cheered her favorite little maid.

As everone was getting settled down. Then their unfavorable clown entered the theater. His face was still badly beaten, Ram helping his Lord guiding him to his sit. None in the theater wanted to look at the clown face and see his stupid clown smirk, that's asking for another beat down.

"~Ohhh! tough crowd todayyy~" Roswaal thought.

"Soooo what's supposed to be happening now?" Otto said looking around already seeing everyone in their sits.

"What you mean brotto?" Garfield asked.

"I mean were already finished with the sanctuary, and Natsuki-san hasn't done anything eventful since then. Other than training to become a knight." Otto responded.

"Perhaps this mark the end of Subaru-dono tale. And the warden, is prepared to send us back to the Water Gate City." Wilhelm announced

"You mean we finally gonna get out of here yay!" Said Mini, it was fun watching boss bro adventures but she misses her little brother.

Many with excited from the thought of finally going back to their world. Sure watching their nasty eye friend, was quite the amazing experience. When he wasn't dying, they were traumatized from watching their friend die and die again for them. And they fully intend to help him anyway they can, when he wakes up.

"You hear that Subaru, were probably ready to be heading home it's that great." Emilia smile at the sleeping Subaru, while hugging his sleeve.

"Ho? The half devil is so eager to put her dog back on his leach."

The insult rang through the theater, Emilia balled her fists violently. Glared to one who aimed the hards insult at her.

"Ohh boy here we go." Ricardo said tirely.

"What crowl up your ass now lady?!" The piss of tiger boy said.

"My Devine self is enrages, that this dog continue to follow the source of his misery, if your dog had a shred of intelligence. He would have served a more competent master." Priscilla while pointing her fan to the sleeping Subaru. She received glares from the Emilia camp.

"Your just saying that because you want big bro powers for yourself." Felt shouted.

The sun goddess Huff at that statement. "Hardly! The world already works at my favor. I don't need that buffons parlor trick to win what's rightfully mine." She declare with a smug expression.

"I hate to say this but I am with the red head on this one." Anastasia said, many gave her surprise looks but she was unfazed.

"And why would made you want to side with Barielle. Candidate Hoshin?" The Dutchess Crusch Karsten asked narrowi her eyes at the queen merchant.

"We already know that she's not doing Natsuki-kun, any favors. By being with her, if she had any ounc of maturity, or leadership in her body. Than she could have spare the boy from dying so many times." Anastasia heartlessly spat,unface by the glares she is receiving from the Emilia camp. While caressed her scarf.

Emilia looked at the ground shamefully, remember how all she did in the sanctuary was wallow, and cry like a child. While her knight was talking care of all her problem, that was her to handle, as the leader of her camp. "Am well aware of my lack many traits of a future ruler for the throne, but I swear by the od, and the great sprites. That I will never allow my knight to experience death ever again. Even if it kills me." The snow White half-elf proclaim with determination in her voice. while putting her hand on her heart.

"News flash elf, if you die the boy will just reset. Even if you die you will still kill the boy, you already saw what he did, when he found out what happened to the maid." Anastasia explained the reality of the situation. She already knows from what she has seen so far. That the boy will never allow any of his close one to meet death doors. And how meaningless the half-elf words truly are.

"!?" Rem felt her guilt returns to her by the merchant queen statement. Because of her selfishness Subaru took his own life once again for her. "Why am I so useless! Forgive me Subaru-kun." Rem silently whisperd.

Emilia biting her lip, her expression change into one of shock and horrified realization. She wanted to show her knight her love, and to tell him that she remembers all those past loops. Where they happy bounded together, but was taken away of that disgusting curse of the witch. Can she truly keep her knight away from deaths doors, she was having her doubts she has already failed so many times, now that she knew about returned by death. Can she made a difference? "No! No more doubts I will not fail my Knight again." She though.

"I don't know what fate has in store for us in the future. But it wont stop me from trying. I will save Subaru no matter what!" Some of her camp members were move, but the Queen merchant was outraged but her persistents.

"Hah! Still a selfish, and rottento the end."

Anastasia words hailed hate with in them.

Al has to give it to the greedy merchant Queen. She was giving some good points, he really hated his other worldly brother being stock with this idiots. To the point that he have to save them in every crisis they stumble upon.

"We both know the reason in why you wish to have Natsuki-san in your camp. Anastasia -sama." Otto said coming in Emilia defence.

"yes I have already made it very clear that I am a greedy gal, everyone here is already well aware of that. But I, unlike your candidate I want to bring out Natsuki-kun full potential. There's more to the boy than just his time ability. His other worldly knowledge can truly change the lives of the people in the capital for the better.Maybe even the whole world, While she would rather let it go to waste." Anastasia pointed out her distaste for the boys role in the elf camp. If he was in her camp she can better use of him, rather than him being a sacrificial lamp for this idiots.

"Cap' wouldn't wanna be with you anyways! After the shit you've pulled when cap' tried to ask you for help!" Garfield growledfrom his seat. "Besides cap' already loves the Princess."

Anastasia stop rubbing her scarf, and look down on the floor. No one was able to see her face, since it's been covered by her hair.

The Anastasia camp members had a worried expression.

"My Lady?"


"Yeah it's true I trick the kid, out of information, and abandoned him. But who among us here hasn't kill, scand abused or left Natuski-kun for dead." Anastasia muttered.

Many of the cast look down, remember the many crimes they have inflicted on the sleeping boy. Otto still had some flashbacks of him throwing his friend, leaving him to die by the White whale.

And Garfield still had nightmares, after seeing him going out of control in the sanctuary. Killing innocent villagers that his captain help saved, specially killing his brother Otto. He kept having Flash backs nightmares of those terrible moments, that he almost transform, in his room. It took the Otto, and his sister Frederica to calmdown the traumatized the boy. Same with some of the others specially Roswaal. Seeing his many sin upon close in the big screen, his guilt increase for the suffering he has inflicted on the boy.

"That's what I though." Anastasia said. "And from what we all have seen. you and your camp is the biggest root in Natsuki-kun's suffering. I make sure his better compensated, I give him more than just a lap pillows." The Queen merchant continue to berate the half elf for her failures.

Felt and Crusch were both conflicted. Despite their desire to help the man that save their live countless times. They know deep down, that Subaru will always choose Emilia over them. His strong sense of loyalty, it's both a admiral, and a curse. But a part of them would rather have the boy stay in their camp. Than to keep him around, the clown who is the soul reason for his suffering.

"It matters not who the dog loves, I have already made my claim to the boy, he will be better of serving my divine self. Rather than to waste away, and lose what sanity he has left on a filthy half-elf, whence and her circus of buffons." Priscilla arrogantly voice

Brought everyone's depressing, thoughts back to reality, she stop fanning herself.

"Get off your high horse, your crazy if you think big bro would ever pick you." Felt growled in fury. She remember how the spoiled Princess thrown her big bro away. Like yesterday trash when he went to her for help.

"Myself is the only one who can offer absolute security. He will no longer will feel the dreadful pain of dying as long as he is in my, divine presents." Priscilla face contorted in fury, for those incompetent below. Sure of the words that she spoke.

Everyone in the room stared at her with mixed feelings, frustration and guilt expressions.

Reinhard held his hand to his heart filled with agony for his friend. He couldn't help but to blame himself, for all those fail opportunities to save his friend from death.

"If we really wanna blame someone we should blame that witch. For giving big bro that FUCK UP POWER!" Felt was really frustrated right now, and want someone blame. And the witch if envy came to mind, she was shocked when the monster. That nearly destroyed half of the world look just like her big sis, but more importantly. That said monster claim to love her big bro, while giving a him a fuck up power like returned by death.

"F-Felt-sama please don't say that witch's name like that."

"Oh shut up! And grow a pair Rein!" Some of the mercenaries in Anastasia camp couldn't hold back their laughs. The sworn Saint was embarrassed by his mistress comment.

The blond candidate did made a point, the endless cycle of death and suffering. Was due the twisted, power that the witch of envy has bestowed upon their favorite nasy eye boy. Still... As much as everyone in the theater hated the boy's power, they couldn't deny that a lot of them would be dead without it.

Rem was shaking, so angry and upset she was gripping her chair very tightly. She hated thinking about the 'being' that was the source of all her suffering. The monster that took her family and clan, her sister horn, but that wasn't enough, she also wants her hero.

Some of the cast still didn't fully understand the nature of relationship. Between their scary eye friend, and the witch of envy. After finishing arc 4 seeing half-elf knight facing the witch of envy for the first time, and ending with Subaru declaration of wanting to save her.

Everyone wanted to question his sanity, for wanting to save their world greatest evil. But they once again, forgot this is Subaru they were talking about l, a man who went above and beyond to save everyone. Even those who belittle him, and kill him.

Their were still many questions that have yet to be answered.

How does Satella know Subaru?

When did they met?

Why did she give Subaru return by death?

And why does the Witch of Envy, the monster that swallowed half of the world. Love Subaru? There's still many unknown factors that remain a mystery.

"As much as i would like to agree, with Felt-sama. We can't deny that Natsuki-san has done a lot of good because of return by death" Otto pointed out, he didn't want to be on team Satella. But he can't deny that his otherworldly brother saved their ass, because of that power.

"Great we should throw the witch a parade." The dog demi-human said sarcastically. But still, some of audience couldn't deny the truth in the former, merchant words.

"Hmph! If that wretched creature, truly love this mongrel as she claimed. Then she should have bestowed him a better ability." Priscilla spat while she pointed her fan, at the sleeping boy.

None of the cast argue with the Volachia crimson Princess there. They didn't know how the ancient witch was able to grant, this unknown power of Return by death to Subaru, even the kingdom greatest mage Roswaal found this magic to be impossible. But this is Satella they were talking about, a powerful witch who was powerful enough to consume half of the workd, which is no small feat.

But if she was powerful as the old legends said she was. Why couldn't she have granted their favorite tracksuit wearing friend, a better power?

"Yeah!! That bimbo witch should have given boss bro a cooler power." Mini exclaimed clearly angered, she didn't like when her boss bro got kill, if had a better ability one that doesn't involve dying she would have been happy with that.

"Calm down Mini." Her brother tivey was trying to calm her enrage sister.

"Yeah she should made big bro as tough as my Knight over here." The blonde candidate was gesturing to her red head knight.

"Your flatter me Felt-sama but I assure yo-"

"Ohh shut up! For once lose the humble attitude." Felt complained.

"If he did get an amazing power. Would he be like one those isekaid people Subaru-sama talk to you about Beatrice-sama?" The little maid Petra asked the loli spirit.

"Yes in fact, Betty Subaru describe isekaid as normal average humans. Much like Betty's Subaru who are transferred to a magical land, much like ours. To be a type of savior and are granted great powers, that matches a sword saint in fact." The great spirit said, recalling her and her contractor story time. Talking the great tales from his land about isekaid's.

Alsnorted "What utter horse shit." The helmet, man though he look at his missing arm. Remembering the horrors he experienced when he arrived here. "You could have had it way easier bro, if you have just walk away and stop playing make believe. This is the real world, it its like those manga's we read back home."

The cast couldn't denied the depiction of an isekaid, did sound something close to their silly nasty eye friend. The difference being the type of power Subaru was bless with, was more than a curse, than a great op ability.

"Kinda makes you wonder what would have happened if the witch had given Natsuki-san. A different power rather than the one he has now." Otto wondered with curious.

The cast did wonder, what if Subaru receive another power rather that RBD. Would he still be able save, Felt, Emilia and Rom, from Elsa.

Could he still have save, the villagers, from the mabeast invasion. Or the White whales, and the witch cult. This are questions than they can never be answered.

Roswaal was sitting in the back by his lonesome his face was still badly damaged.

But his face didn't have his usual smirked. He was in deep though. "What would happen if you came here with a different ability?" The clown man thought with out return by death, his plans would be dead in the water. "But if you had a more powerful blessing, you would no longer have to suffer because of me."

"Hhmmm! This is quite an interesting topic,

You guys are discussing today."

The cast jumped by the warden's finally announcing his presents to the theater.

"Well it's about time you showed your ass up!" blonde tiger boy loudly muttered.

"Your voice, who are you? Your not the Warden." Crusch said hearing the difference in this new voice, this new voice is soft-spoken in mannerism. Different form the warden she knows.

"Yeah what's the big deal where's the other guy?" Mini complained with a cute pout.

"Mmmm its to be expected, being able to deduce the difference in my voice. Your quite perceptive miss Karsten."

"I asked again, who are you? And where's our Warden?" The Duchess narrowed her eyes.Ignored flattery of the new voice, wanting to go straight to the point.

"Very well, am your temporary replacement Warden. Since your pervious one has his hands tied with some trouble."

"Replacement? But why what happened to the other Warden-sama." Petra worried asked, (using sama for the Warden since it was thanks to him. That she was able to find out about her hero secrets)

"Let's just say that his still having a ruff time. Trying to hold off the entity's that are trying to get in here."

That cast haven't forgotten about the outside power beings. That were trying to prevent the cast from discovering, the mystery that is Natsuki Subaru. They were grateful for it, if weren't for the warden. They could have never discovered, what their little mean eye friend has been throw.

"So what happens now, are you gonna sent us back to Pristella?" Al question.

The rest of theater heard the helmet men question. And all heads turn to the screen waiting for the answers. If their finally gonna returned to the water gate city.

"No not yet"

The audience were disappointed with the new wardens answer, others became agitated and was so they vocalize their outrage.

"Why the heck not!? You can't keep us lock up in here!!" Felt growled heatedly, glaring at the screen, was having none of it.

"I agree agree with the little thief, we're already seen the mayor events. In Natsuki-kun journeys that have already come to pass." Anastasia concluded, her sources hasn't provided any more big achievements the half-elf knight did rather than finally ending the great hared. But if being here taught her anything, that their always a new adventure for the nasty eye boy.

"Yes my Knight has been a good boy lately, and has been staying out of trouble." Emilia of course she voiced her concern as well.

"Ah! Are you sure about Emilia-sama? How would you know, perhaps an a event happened in the new Margrave estate. You were staying in, before you went to the water gate city, that you didn't know about. After all, many things could happen when you can rewire time." (Descent Into MadnessbyMamzz. Someone should definitely make a reaction fiction about it)

A chill swept throughout the theater, an effect made a power impactful to the cast. More importantly to the Emilia camp.

W-what, what are you Saying n-nothing h-happen in the mansion!" Emilia mumbled while stuttering. The black in her eyes look of fear and her eyes, we're replace with a mad look.

"Preposterous, in fact! Betty won't have failed her Subaru, now that he has contracted to Betty in fact!" The emotional trauma of failing her contractor was to much for the scared little spirit. She was supposed to protect him ,now that they are together, she didn't want her Subaru to die.

She doesn't want her contractor to leave her. The proud little spirit is now replace with a crying little girl, hugging the boy tightly afraid that he will disappear if she lets go.

The half-elf and the little spirits weren't the only ones who were having an emotional breakdown. They swore they felt her entire world crasharoud them.

"T-there's...There's no fucking way!" The shield of the suntuary shrieked.

"Garf!" Frederica voice out. The head maid held the little maid who is cry in her arms from the revelation. She to is saddened by this news.

"This is bullshit!" Garfield cursed out loud, his fist slam into his sit. "We still couldn't protect him, why does Capn' keep dying Fuck!!!" Otto patted his back.

The Emilia ministers wasn't doing any better, after seeing the events of the sanctuary. He desperately believe that he other worly brother won't die again, now that he had strong friends to watch his back.

It was a sad reality, another situation we're the boy they cherished has once again had to die again for them. Even after gathering strong friends and allies, to face any future danger. Has proven fruitless.

"Why…" Otto whisper

Roswaal was having a mixture of shock, and sadness. Shock to thing another event happened in his new manor, that required the boy to die, and save everyone once again. What could have cost it he asked himself, the witch cult? Perhaps or could be something else. Sadnend because the boy's journey with death is not over yet, he just hope he will assist the boy in anyway he can.

Ram face remaind emotionaless from the revelation, but no one saw how she clenched the helm of her skirt. She considered Subaru a friend even if she berated him to no end, it was a the way she showed her love.

Like Roswaal she hoped that she was able to help the spikey hair boy in anyway she could. (Wouldn't count on it if you have seen

Descent Into MadnessbyMamzz.)

Her sister was furious with herself and the position she's in. Of being unable to save her hero, giving the state she is in the real world.

The other camps started the half-elf members with pity, and many other emotions. The other were enrage of yet another disaster, the boy had to face.

"Can't this fuck up world give you a break bro, it's serious out to punished guys like us." Al though

The Emilia camp members were numb. Something in the universe, was just not right.

"So a-are you gonna show us what's gonna happened in the mansion?" Emilia gathered her courage to asked. The members of their camp hear her question. And stared back at the screen.


"Huh! But why not?" Emilia asked with tears in her eyes.

"I demand to know this threat, that took place in the mansion. Under Betty's watchful eyes in fact!" Beatrice demand, wanting to know what has cost her contractor further suffering.

"I agree with Emilia-sama we all wish to know." Crusch said with authority in a her voice. She wasn't the only the other camps also wanted to know what took place. In the new Margrave estate.

"It won't be me, that will be showing you this event. It will probably be your original Warden." (Or some other writer)

The theater were disappointed, they deeply wanted to know what could have happened in the mansion. Right under their noses with out them knowing about it, but it seems today it's not the day they will be shown.

Then if you're not here to witness in to what happens to Subaru-kun in the mansion. Then why are you here? Rem asked nervously. If they we're gonna watch the events of the mansion, the what are they gonna watch?

"Well you guys were talking how amazing it would have been if you're boy Subaru. Was mayor op strong, so I was thinking why not shown you guys a version of your Subaru. That was the strongest."

The cost were all confuse by this "version of Subaru" that was the strongest what did he mean by that.

"I can see that all of youf are confused so let me put it this way."

"Any of you ever hear of alternate reality, or multiverse theory?"

"Alternate what?" Mini mused while scratching her head, clearly confuse.

"multiverse theory, what's that?" The innocent Petra question.

Some of the cast the blank, and confuse faces. That said what the hell are you talking about. Except for the two experts in the theater.

"Holy shit! So the multiverse theory was for real." The helmet was clearly surprise by this, even if his helmet, hides his expression. He shouldn't be that surprised he did travel to another world.

"Hmm I have heard of this multiverse theory, from my contractor I suppose." Even if her face didn't show it, Beatrice had a smug aura about knowing something the other didn't. And they could feel it, and didn't like it.

"Please share to us your knowledge great spirit-sama." The sword saints inquiry as humble as he can, with eagerness to learn behind his voice.

Beatrice huffed with pride in her chest. "Very well then Betty shall educate you I suppose." The Great spirit has the audience full attention.

"A Smart human named Steven Hokies, one of the greatest minds in my contractors world. Believe that their are infinite number of Universes. It's call multiverse theory in fact." Beatrice put her close her eyes finger up in a teacher like manner. Utilized her exclusive knowledge ofSubaru's that she learned during their story time together.

"Hold on you said universe's!? As in plural, as in more than one?" Otto exclaimed shot up from his seat.

Infinite number of universe's the cast were shocked. They knew there were other worlds when they found out their mean eyes friend was from another world. But to think there would be more universe, the cast were shocked, not really knowing what to say.

"Yes now be quite and let Betty finished in fact!" Beatrice, clear her throat and continue.

"The theory suggests that there are infinite number of university, where we made different choices in life in fact. For example, Say our timeline right now, we were all heading towards Pristella but instead well end up here In this place yes?" The cast all nodded. "Now image an alternative outcome, one that our captur here choice not to bring a version of all of us in this theater. Creating a separate timeline in which the other events didn't happen."

At this revelation, the entire cast widened their eyes. To think their are other realities out their, where they made different choose. They didn't wanna think about the possible reality, the blonde little spirit just indicated.

Based on what they've known so far, coming in here was an essential part.

To learning everything about the enigma boy that is Natsuki Subaru. It was unsettling, they didn't want to know what would it be like. Not knowing the sacrifices the boy had to make to keep everyone in this theatre alive, and remain ignorant to the boys suffering.

"So such a thing, is true, I heard theory from old books. Written by philosopher that people thought they were wack jobs. I guess it they got it right." Tivey tipped his one eye glasses.

"You see with every choice we make, we literally create a world. History branches in two, creating one Earth where you made the choice, and a second where we didn't. That's the secret of the universe, you know. Billions of people, making billions of choices, creating infinite Earths."

The screen light up, and showed the cast an vast numbers of their world each had a number labeled below it.

The cast mouth gaped open in pure shock.At the number of versions of their planet their we're seeing. Completely different worlds, with different sets of timelines?This is... Unbelievable! they definitely going to readjust their worldview again." They all though.

Priscilla silently hummed, it was a decent surprise. Some of kids in theater kept staring at the pretty planets that was being shown to them.

"So many!" Mini said her eyes glittering with awe.

"To many to count!" Tivey said with his jaw drop, doing the math of the number of version of his planets, he was seeing. His head hurts!!!

Ricardo himself couldn't believe it. The large demi human man shocked beyond belief.

Al shot up from his seat. Staring at the number of planets. "Woah…well I'II be damn"

The cast were extremely curiosity. They truly wondered the differents in this worlds would look like compared to theirs.

"It's hard to believe, that merely making a difference choice in one's life. Has the power to create countless worlds." Crusch uttered, in pure wonders.

"Indeed the IF routes being a good example of them."

"if routes?" Julius said with a puzzled and confused look on his face.

"Ifff routes? Ohhhh~ I wonder what that issss? ~" Rosswal said with a tone of curiosity and interest.

"The IF routes are basically different set of timelines in which Subaru takes very sinful path"

Subaru closest friends couldn't help but feel helpless for this reality where their kind hearted friend would choose a sinful road. They couldn't help but wonder, was it their fluth he became like this.

"Subaru-sama taking a sinful path!" Disablelive can be heard in the little maids voice. While the head maid Fredrica, was trying to comfort Petra.

"It's ok Petra this are just Subaru-sama from different worlds. Your hero is still over their sleeping peacefully. Fredrica was stroking her hand behind the little maid back. Trying the image of the little girls hero in her mind.

"PRIDE IF: What would have happened if Subaru was too prideful to call for Reinhard's help. And decided to do save Emilia on his own.

Many in the theater felt an many mix of emotions. A prideful Subaru doing everything on his own, without the aid of his friends, is he to arrogant to ask for help.

"Y-you didn't yell for my help? The sword saint whispered grimly.

"Rein?" Felt said was looking at her knight, who had a devastated expression.

Reinhard didn't know what what to think. He had a sad expression mix with dismay. He his friend, Subaru never have call upon on that day for his aide.

Than he could have never have met the greatest friend, he had ever known, but he won't get a chance to meet his mistress. It depressed Reinhard greatly to think in a different timeline he would never get the chance in meeting his friend ,or his mistress.

"It's ok Rein, am right here." Reinhard looked into his mystress eyes, her eyes looked back at him. As if she knows what's his thinking. Reinhard just gave a honest small smiled.

Priscilla was curious about this one. What would the boy would look like if he never gave away his Pride, if the boy had any to begin with.

"WRATH IF: What would have happened if Subaru never jumped off the cliff. When was the oni was trying to murder him, and escape."

"Subaru's a run away, and gave up us?! B-But…" Emilia stuttered, it hurt her deeply that her knight would abandoned them all.

She know the reason why he run, but she couldn't live with the thought of her Subaru leaving her.

She hates herself if only she wasn't such a coward. Maybe she could have saved her Knight in that first loop in the mansion if she was more vigilant.

Rem release her hands from holding her beloved hero. The guilt of her sins returned,

Her eyes had already started to tear. Subaru left, but she deserved to die after what she did to an innocent boy. That had committed no crime, is she always destined to kill her hero in every possible world?

Is their no outcome when she just confronted, the boy she loved and talk things, throw. But knowing herself, her hatred for the cult has no limits. And those who poses that horrid stench will always be a target to her. She truly a monster to is curse into killing the ones she loves again, and again.

"I don't blame you I suppose... Betty only regret is that she didn't protect you." The Little spirit eyes were covered in darkness. As she whispered in guilt. Clenching her fists as she blamed her long burned book for from keeping her from her protecting the one she been waiting for.

The other of the Emilia camp didn't blame, this Subaru for running away either. Why would they, when you were being killed by the people he though as friends.

Al was nodding for this version of his brother "You did good on this one bro, you just dodge some painful bullets."

"I guess some of you already know what terrible wrong. Was done to him to set him on this path."

Ram flinched suddenly but kep her mask on from showing it. She knew that painful comment was directed at her, and it felt like a knife in the gut.

"Nee-sama...?" Rem silently whisper, her guilt her sister shouldn't be suffering for her sin.

The pink oni sucked in a painful breath, tormented eyes locked on the sleeping Knight that her mistress was hugging. "Forgive me, Barusu." The pink hair oni whispered, with a little tear dropping down her cheek.

The clown near was doing his best to not show any sign of emotion… Holding his smile at check, but his fists trembling, his legs quivering, teeth gritted…

"Y-you you run away! But how would I accomplish my long time goal without you! How will I meet my teacher again?!" He dreadfully though, but though to himself that this was not his world. He still has a shot to meet his teacher, as long as the Subaru he has. Remains diligent.

"SLOTH IF: What would have happened if Rem took Subaru's hand. And run away together.

Everyone eye in the theater turn to the blue hair maid in pure shock.

Ram eyes widened her hand was grip her in her chees tightly, hearing about a world we're she choose to run away with Subaru. She always though about that day. What would that world would look like, she always picture it on her mind.

Her head turn to the screen a question in her mind, she deeply wanted to know. "Umm… Warden-sama may I ask you something?"

"Yes you may ask."

"Is the me and the Subaru-kun in this world happy... Did we built a good life together?"

The theater went Silence

Waiting for the warden's answer. Some of the cast don't know if they would like the answer...

"Yes you two are happy, truly happy."

"You especially, as well as him. You two build a nice little life in kararagi."

"And build a nice happy family together, with a son and a daughter."

And from the wardens answer a nice warm happy smile spreads in tearing maid face. "I see.. Am glad." The look she gave out was the same happy smile, she gave Subaru when he melted the blue oni cold heart.

Rem felt nothing but bliss, to know there is a world out there. Where she, and her hero are together, and to share the simple joy. Of warm embrace of family.

Ram was also sharing in her Little sisters happiness. But of all the people in the world, why does have to be Barusu. Ram tirely sight to took good look at her little sister joyful smile. "As long as you continue to bring out that beautiful smile, from my sister Barusu. I suppose I can give you a shot, but you better works you butt off for it scum." Than Ram expression turned to shocks, realizing that by marrying her sister. Barusu will become her brother, in law. Guh… she is having second thoughs now.

The cast were happy for the maid, to know that there was a world out there were she found true happiness. They pity the little maid after seeing her childhood, the self hate and feeling of inferiority for her big sister. And it felt as she will never find true joy after that dreadful day.

After Subaru broke that cycle of self hate, and doubt. And got a shot of a happy ending, in another world.

Some of the other cast weren't so happy, the didn't know what to feel.

Emilia looked so defeated and depressed hugging Subaru tightly.

She wanted to dismiss this reality. Knowing that her Subaru has a chance of a better life without her, hurt her so much.

The reality were she abandon her Subaru, and choose Rem instead of her. She tried to discard, the truth she didn't want to picture such a world were they aren't together.

"Are you alright Crusch-sama?"

"Am fine Felix... Just got a little lost in my own thoughts."

"I see." Was all Felix could say at the moment, she knows why his mistress is in deep though.

That with out the aid of the half-elf knife, in this world. Than their camp won't stand a chance against the White whale. They weren't treating this Subaru any very better, either they get why he left. But still, couldn't help but to feel disappointment specially Wilhelm, who see the boy as a grandson.

"GREED IF: What would have happened if Subaru accepted Echidna's contract deal in the sanctuary."

This timeline made everyone shiver of the thought, of their friend forming a contract with that manipulating witch. Specially the little blond spirit who was holding, then nasty eye boy very tightly scare that he will disappear if she let go.

Beatrice hurt horror struck appeared. The little spirit was feeling conflicted. She love her mother she truly did, she was her creator, she was eternally grateful for bringing her to the world. But she saw for the first time just how insane, and heartless

her mother was.

When she saw her manipulating Subaru to form a contract with her. And she purposely left her to guard the forbidden library, and wait for a person that was never going to show up, she was disgusted by her mother's actions.

Roswaal was in his own thoughts. He wondered, what would have been like if his Subaru did accept her teacher contract. Was her better off with his teacher's but, he remembered that warning from the other witches, that her previous contract didn't turn out so well. In some way he was glad that the boy bested him in his own game, he didn't want to break the boy more that he already has.

"As for Gluttony... Well greed takes place in a timeline in the future, so I won't be giving you any details."

"What about lust?" Felt curiosity asked.

All the women in the theater were curious to know as well. what the lust if route Subaru was like.

"well... I rather not say"

"Come on man, this only makes us more curious." Recardo persist, he has a good feeling about version of the kid.

"Ya man give us the deeds." Al join in.

"Let's just say his a little bit of player."

"Hahaha! I knew our boy had in him." The dog mercenary burst out of laughter along side the two demi-humans. Even their mistress were giggling a little of the though of a playboy Natsuki.

Julius was just shaking his head in a disapproving manners, saying something about a personality not be fitting a knight. The other Knight thought the same.

"Natsuki you dog, am so jealous." Otto said while bite ting down a piece of handkerchief with his teeth. His jealousy was in his all time high, for his friend always getting the ladies.

"Man! my capt'n is awesome! A man amongs man, I serous want to him to teach me!" Garfield shouted in delight

"Garfield!!" Her sister shouted, in a disapproving manner.

Petra didn't know what to think about this version of her crush. Her mother did always say, that the union of love should always be between two people.

Rem was pouting at the, and turn her head the the sleeping Subaru. "Subaru why must you look at other women while you already have Rem... B-but as long as Rem is included Rem doesn'ts mind, sharing." Rem said blushing while holding her skirt tight.

"Tsk Baruru you licherouse scum. I will kill you if you dare look upon another women that's not my sister." Ram thought in disgust.

"Hmph! Betty doesn't understand why this version of my contractor needs to surround himself. With other women, when he already has Betty in fact." The jealous, spirit pouted.

"But perhaps, Betty Subaru in this world is looking to make many children so Betty will never be lonely again I suppose." She deeply thought, and close her eyes and nodded her head. As if she was approving on something.

"Filthy dog, I will teach you to only look upon my divine eyes."

Al was just trying hard not to burt out of laughter.

The half-elf was fuming in fury. "This Subaru sounds like a really, really, bad boy that should be punished."

"Does it really matter? There are alternate versions of Subaru that most of you would find quite charming."

The blue hair oni maid blush, of the though of so many different versions of her hero Subaru. Petra, Crusch, all though the same as well.

For Emilia she was pouting, she didn't know what to think of the idea of many different Subaru's. She was already in love with the Subaru that she's holding right now.

While Ram look like she wanted to vomit of the possibilities, of the many Thousands version of Baruso. Her worst nightmare come true.

"Okay I guess I already mentioned, all of the sin if routes."

"Hey wait a minute what about envy? You haven't mentioned the if route of envy?" The small demi-human tivey asked, the Warden.

This got the attention of the whole cast. The very sin that represented the witch who destroyed half of the world, Sattela. The whole cast wonder of what kind of path the envious Subaru took.

"The if route of envy is sleeping soundly before you

"Wait you mean Rem Subaru-kun is the envy if route?" Rem asked in pure shock.

Same with the rest of the audience they were surprised by the revelation.

"So Envy route is just everything we had watched since the beginning of this viewing?" Otto asked.

"Indeed every choice your Subaru had made, till the day he arrived in your world. We're the correct ones. That prevented all those other outcomes not to pass."

Many smiled at that, knowing the Subaru that is sleeping in the theater before them. Is the one that had made the hard choices, the let to the salvation of many in the theater. Their glad that he didn't choose to run away, make the deal with the devil, or choosing to stick to his pride. Than accept the help from others.

"Hmph! As expected from Betty's Subaru in fact." Beatrice puff her chess with pride for her contractor. Never missing a chance to show off her contractors greatness.

"Yeah! Our cap's the best."

"Rem's Subaru is truly amazing, Rem is impress."

"Huff! Our Barusu just got lucky." Ram harsly commented, with a hidden proud smirk.

"Am so proud of you my Knight. Thank you for coming this far, I should reward you when you wake up." The proud Silver hair candidate, patted the sleeping raven hair boy.

"We are forever be in your det, Natsuki Subaru." The honored Knight gave a low bow. In respect to the sleeping Knight. So did the rest of the Knights.

The duchess smiled as she looked down upon the sleeping boy she feel in love. "So many of your other alternates, choose to run. While you still choose to stand by us."

"Thank you for not abandoning us, Subaru-sama. We promise you, that we will do everything in our power. To keep you safe." Frederica said with had high respect for the elf Knight. Is the least she could do for saving her people, and setting her brother free from depression of the outside world.

"Warden-sama, are this other Subaru-sama. Really that different from the our Subaru?" The little maid question.

"Yes some are so similar to each other that you could spend a lifetime searching for and distinction. Others so radically different, they defy comprehension."

Then cast were taking in the information, to make one difference choose in life would change ones character completely. The merchant queen was deep was still processing the information.

Most of the time, Anastasia was a calm and always have is happy go lucky individual. She often look at the side of things with pragmatic view and assessed its worth for her ambitions, while at the same time she hold herself back from treating those she held dear as mere tools.

She also boasted vast amount of knowledge, believing that as long as she possesses knowledge, she could overcome any obstruction that she would encounter in her life.

That's the sole driving force to her relentless pursuit for knowledge. As the result, there was little in this world that would surprise her. But she just discovered that their are things outside of this world, that are just full of surprises, she stared back at the warden.

"You said you wanted to show us, a version of our Natsuki-kun, that is the stronger. That's why your giving us, a run down, of this multiverse theory correct?" Anastasia concluded, her voice felt a glint of excitement.

She picture the boy to be many things, clever, yes, great determination, yes, and on idioti definitely yes. But the strongest no, it took the help of from other, to get him back up into the fight, she is curious in what the strongest version of the boy would look like. (Definitely not what you would be expecting)

The cast came back from their stupor, from the queen merchants comment. Their were still contemplating the idea of numbers versions of their world exited.

"You are correct, Anastasia Hoshin. Think of this as something to watch while you await the return of your previous Warden."

"The strongest version of his friend!?" Richard though, he is curiously to know, in how the strongest version of his friend would look like. Other questions were popping up his head. "I wonder how trong he is." Reinhard asked himself, he was the strongest in his world. He wondered how strong this Subaru is.

Also the sword, Saint wonder if he was a better than him. He already seen how amazing his friend is, as a hero many admire him, himself included. And he wonderful if this version of him is just as amazing.

"Wow a powerful others worldly Subaru-sama. I wonder how that would look." Petra commented, she was picturing a strong power Subaru on top of her head. The pictures she painted in her mind was, a dashing Subaru wearing a shining knight armor. While wearing having a charming smile on his face. The Little maid eyes sparked at her Little dreamy, imagination.

"Man my amazing self already knows that cap's the toughest. Since he did manage to hold off my amazing self in a fight. But I really wanna how strong this other cap' is." Garfield said while pushing his fist together. The Warden mentioned, about seeing the stronger parallel world of his captain. Really got his blood pumping, wanting to see how powerful he is.

The Vollachian princess smirked behind her fan. "A new form of entertainment, how interesting." she has grown tired of watching, the helpless boy, continue to suffer and die for this commaners. She is satisfied to know that she will no longer be viewing the helpless child, continuing to die for this ignorant fools on screen. But a strong dominate powerful counterpart of the boy.

"I am just glad that I am probably won't be seeing you die this time bro. Al thought he was really getting sick and tired. Of his bro keep dying for this people. But now that he heard, that will be watching the powerful counterpart of his brother. He won't have to worry about him dying this time around.

Roswaal found himself interested in the "Strongest Subaru" part it would be good to see, something else beside watching his greatest sins unfold on the screen, for all to watch.

"Hmph! I fail to see any world where barusu will be considered the stronger. He can't barely lift our food supplies when we pick up supplies at the village." Ram scoffed never tired of her criticism, for nasty eye boy. Even if it's another version of him.

The cast were nervous at the fact that they were going to be seeing a different other work counterpart of their Subaru.

But also excited about this new viewing, they are just happy. That they wont be seeing their Subaru dying anymore. Since this Subaru that they will be watching, is the most powerful. Meaning he will be able to handle himself in any form of danger. Others like Anastasia were looking curious to gain any new information about this new occurrence

"I wonder how this boss bro gonna be like?" The curios tivey inquir.

"Ha probably is gonna be like our golden boy, sword saint over there." The dogan mercenary was pointing his thumb as the red hair knight. "To humble for his own good, but more Goofy hahaha!" Ricardo let out a laugh. Making some of the audience laugh as well, while making the sword, Saint embarrassly blush. While rubbing the back of his head.

"I wanna know what kinda powers he has. That make him the strongest boss bro!?" Mini excitingly asked, while jumping up and down.

Many of the audience though the same. The Golden question everyone had one their minds. Just what power this Subaru has that makes him stronger from the one they know.

Return by death is a terrifying power, that can change destiny itself. Something even the all powerful sword, Saint cannot obtained despite his many divine protections. What other frightening power can top that?

"Unfortunately I wouldn't be revealing his power. You have to see it for yourself, however I will be explaining the concept of his power. Once it's been revealed to you on the screen."

The audience nodden and understand. The Warden not wanting give them a spoiler alert, of the powers the strongest Subaru wield.

"Hey! I got a question big guy." The Vollachian knight raises his good hand. To ask someone that he had in his mind.

"Yes what's your question, Al?"

"I know I can't ask what kind power, my brother here has. But could you at least tell us how he got it?" Al asked.

The helmet man did raise an interesting question, but some of the audience just think the witch of envy just bless him with a different power that wasn't RBD.

"Actually, to answered that question, I must first inform you that the world in which this Subaru came from. Is more advanced than the one you're hails from Al."

"More advanced, how advanced are we talking here" The helmet man question, he hasn't remembered much about his word. Being stuck in nightmari fantasy world will do that to you, but he knew his world was pretty advance since new technology was being made everyday.

"So advanced that some of the inhabitants gained special abilities, similar to divine protections."

The cast were blow away by this news. To think that this version of Subaru home, where the people living in it. Obtain powers similar to a divine protection, but how can that be?

Everyone's collective jaw dropped, by what the Warden just said.

"Impossible in fact Betty Subaru stated that his world didn't hold magic user in fact." Great Spirit stated.

"Yes but this it's exactly your Subaru world is it?"

The great spirit was taken aback by the warden's comeback. So she set down knowing the Warden was right. Her Subaru couldn't provide her with any stories about this since this is not his world.

"S-subaru people gained abilities similar to divine protections?" Julius voice out in shock.

They all thought it impossible, Devine protections were gifts from Od Laguna. They know Subaru world, has no magic witch means no Od Laguna right?

"Yes this power wielder's called themselves Esper's."

'Esper that's a weird name' tivey said.

The viewers, we're taking in the title of the power wielders in this world, but they are still pondering.

How did the people of this world create power wielders if have no Od Laguna? They all asks themselves that to.

"H-how nya! How did Subaru kyun people obtain divine protections, with out Od Laguna?!" Felix questionably cried out, Warden was prepared to answer this question.

"You see this Subaru lives in Academy City, a city filled with various scientific advancements in almost all technological field. It's located in Japan and Its roughly one third-the size of Tokyo. and was the primary authority of the scientific world in terms of making advancements in their studies of the field, as was evidenced by the technology within the city which was estimated to be around 30 years more advanced."

The audience were flabbergasted by this, from what little they have seen of the young hero's world and from what little blonde spirit has said. Subaru's world seem year's more advanced than there's.

Subaru's World inhabitants didn't possess magic, unlike their world l, were mana flows all around them. Instead the people in his world uses their own brand of magic, called science it's what they use to create the many wonders in there world.

"So it's like a futuristic city you'll see in sci-fi movies?" Al asked.

"In a way but there's still no flying cars or super big skyscrapers just yet. But there are automated bus, and self-patrol robots.

"Yup that still sounds totally like a sci-fic to me." Al said in shock. He remembered his world was in the process on making robot dogs or druins machines when left. He never thought another alternate world would have done it much sooner. He knows how technology continues to grow, with each passing time, one minute you have the radio next you get a tv. Next you get a computer, and next you get the Internet.

"I have heard of this from Betty's Subaru in fact. He predicted that in the future, his home world, would have flying cars for more easier traveled I suppose. Beatrice pondered a hand on her chin

Many were awe at this, there technology just keeps on improving and evolving. Their were truly impress.

"Hmm so they didn't just stop at machine cars, that can run fastest than the dragons. But they want to make it so it can fly, they keep upgrading their technology. To make it bigger, and better." Anastasia muse, she truly envys this world for their creative minds.

"Boss boss you should totally, make flying cariggie then. Since our World is doesn't have flying car, You should make flying carriage."

"Good idea Mini, it won't be easy but I never been one to give up." Anastasia said with a smile while patting her cute little Mini head. And gave the raven hair boy a look. "Maybe with your help we can make it possible."

"Wait hold on! Cars can fly to? That's awesome I definitely gonna ask cap'n to make me one of those." Garfield exclaimed excitedly.

"Umm.. Garf Am pretty sure that the warden said they haven't gotten to flying cars yet."

"Ha! Well am pretty sure cap'n can figure it out. His the brains in the group remember." Garfield, said with a shrug, believing in his every word that, Subaru might be able to built a flying car.

Otto sighed with smile while shaking his head. Garfield always did have absolute confident that their raven hair brother is capable of doing anything. And he felt the same way.

"Barusu possess many things Garfield. But a brain is not one of them." Ram said not missing an opportunity to taunt the nasty eye boy.

They ignored the mainds taunting antis. The dutchess wanted to get back on topic. Of the possibility of this worlds inhabitants having powers.

"Hmmm teacher would have feel right at home here." Roswaal though, remember her teacher endless hunger for knowledge is none ending. She enjoy the prospect of living in a world like this.

"While it is amazing to hear that this world, scientific knowledge continue to grow, more and more. You have yet to answer, in how could this 'Esper' achieve power akin to a divine protection. With a world that lacks magic." The Duchess eagerly ask. With a world with no magic, she is having a hard time understanding the possibility of them obtaining any form of powers.

"Well you see roughly 80% of the city's population is comprised of students-all of whom participated in the esper development programs, which had the purpose of developing supernatural powers within the students."

"80%? Just how many people living in this academy city. If I may asked Warden-kun?" The little queen merchant curious about the number of inhabitants living on this city.

"Around 23 million people"

"What that many people!? Lugunica's population is around 5 million!" Tivey said both amazed and flabbergasted by the large number of in inhabitant living in the city. Same could be said from the rest, if the audience.

"So people willing volunteered to this programs, to gain their super powers?" Vollachian Princessknight asked.

"Yes the program is a serious of Expirements, to help develop individual supernatural abilities. And turned the subjects into esper's."

"So this program it's like an experiment trial" Al though to himself. He was beyond shocked and Prideful, at the advancement technology in this version of his homeworld. Enough for people gain supernatural super powers.

But skeptical, are the government science really just helping people unlock people's powers out of the goodness of their heart.

"Esper's are people who had undergone Power Development Program from Academy City. Basically, you have this thing called "Personal Reality", which would allow them to conjure a specific power."

A certain greedy merchant eyes flashed with interest as a smile formed at the corners of her lips. knowing that she would enjoy whatever information she gets out of this.

"Even if it its in Barusu's world, this is too much." Ram spoke, confused her confidant demeanor gone she was shock like the rest of the cast.

"Hooowww curiousss~". Roswaal said with interest and fascination, with an air of curiosity.

"Unbelievable this world surpassed us in every category." Julius said it in astonishment, not only has this world created great advanced technology. To make the lives convenient, for the people living in it. But it also manage to bestow powers akin to a divine protections, to its people. The Knight of knight beyond bewildered.

"Your world is truly is field with wonders Subaru!" Reinhard eyes sparkling with stars. He is looking forward to inviting his friends to the Astrea manor to discuss his world History to bond together, as friend.

"I wonders if there technology is so advanced. The how about there medicine, are there healing method better than my magic." The greatest healer wonder. He wondered if they had a cure for the disease that plagued the royal family years ago.

"That's certainly fascinating. With this knowledge, one can revolutionize the entire world. Our world, at the very least. And the possibilities are endless." said the Duchess with amazement, her two loyal Knight nodden in agreement.

"Warden-sama, what is exactly the Power Development Program entails?" Crusch Karsten askedIf this "Personal Reality" could be used by our military it could aid them greatly in the field.

"Looks like the Duchess beat me to it." Anastasia though, she turned to face the screen ready to ready to take notes.

Even Beatrice and Roswaal perk up by this.

They were Fourt hundred years old, and enjoy partaking in knowledge.

"Unfortunately not candidate Crusch. Frankly, this stuff is beyond you, I think, even the witch of greed will have a hard time rapping her head around this." (I don't get the whole thing either, science wasn't my strong suit in high school)

"I...see." Crusch only nodded in" disappointment.

"Awww." Anastasia said she really wanted to cry, how come this boy's world get all the revolutionary technology. She slumped back down into her chair with nothing but clear envy disappointment and depression in her eyes.

"Disappointing in fact." The great spirit huff, in not being able to obtain the secrets of this 'Power Development program'. She would have use to to help her contractor perhaps to developed a new skill for him to protect himself with. Since he always has a hobbit of running into danger.

She also surprise that possibility of her mother having a hard time. Trying to figure out the formula of esper. Since she considers her mother to be the smartest mother, in her world.

She remember whenever her Subaru, told her the great tales. Of his world fictional heroes she senses a little bit of envy, whenever he discusses about the heroes mighty ability.

She wishes she had the capability to bestowed on powers, she would have granted her suba any power she wish. Any power is better of than that disgusti return by death.

Roswaal was disappointed as well, he also he could have made use of this "Personal Reality" probably to present to his teacher when they reunited.

Since according to the Warden, even her teacher will have completions with this. And she is the smartest person he has ever known.

Lugnica was not that advanced in technological levels, There were magicians, who contributed to the daily well-being in the different internal areas in Lugnica. The magic user who special in magic in water to produce water to help crops grow vegetables, or healing the sick. But they did not go further as it was in the world of Subaru technological or the scientific powers that those Esper had.

"Man this world of strong big bro sounds cool, if only I could visited, and check the place out." The former thief pouted, than she turn to her Knight. "Her Rein... Any chance any chance, you got a divine protection of dimensional travel?"

Reinhard's eyes to his mistress and apologizing. "Am afraid such magic are beyond even for someone like me Felt-sama i deeply apologize."

"Would you quite it with that jeez! Don't make everything out to be a big deal, I was just joking."

The redhead simply dropped his head in shame. "I apo-."

"Put a sock in it!"

"I still don't get it, how are they able to do this. It just doesn't make sense." Emilia was still having a hard time swallowing the information.

"Betty has already said it before I suppose. The answer is science I suppose."

"Science that's the answer to everything in Subaru world. It's how they made cars, and everything else?" Emilia followed up Beatrice who nodded. Emilia was glaring and pouting at the sleeping knight near her, upset that he didn't share this knowledge with her.

"All espers are rank by levels to determine how powerful their ability is."

"Levels? So there's a classification amongst the espers I suppose"The great spirit Know a little bit about level powers, when her contractor shared his knowledge about the many RPG's he's played.

"What you mean betty, what are levels?" The half elf asked, the great spirit.

"As ignorant as ever, very well Betty will enlightened you I suppose. Betty contractors explained that Levels are a way in to determine how powerful an individual is in his world metia games, I suppose."

Many remember when the great spirit, told the cast what video games are. it is a form game entertainment, like chess was to them. Only video games were far more fascinated, many were amazing when the great spirit describe it. The most fascinated was by the concept of video games, was the merchant candidate, her mind scream big time money when Beatrice told them about video games.

The blonde spirit continue. "For example the sword saint, is the strongest amongst us all, he should be at the level 100 if one would describe his power level I suppose."

"Well Rein is the strongest it's obvious he would be at top level." Felt said with a cheeky smile. Reinhard was smile, when her mistress praise him. He wanted refute, but he knows it will only anger he mistress.

"Level zeros are rank the lowest in the city. All level zeros are unable to manifest any esper power."

"Clearly with anything that's below, will naturally mean the weakest." Priscilla mused with arrogants. Gaining the ire of everyone around her.

"Level one's esper has a small degree of power. Similarly level two has small powers that are little useful in every day life."

"Useful like what?" Mini asked

"The best example would be Subaru earth Dragons such asPatrasche."

The Emilia Perk up by this, reminding them of their hero's favorite dragoness.

"Her Divine Protection of Wind Evasion

"Can be very useful when ever your in a windy arena. Her ability can be considered a level 2 power in academy city standards."

"Hear that brotto Patrasche is a level 2"

"It is a useful skill, when ever we were on the road. Otto said, remembering when he was a merchant on the road. Delivery precious cargo sometimes could be a tat difficult in strong windy areas. A Devine protection like Patrasche could be useful.

Level three's are espers average abilities in comparison to level fours. Not weak or overwhelming strong either.

"Could you please provide us with on example. Warden-sama" Julius politely asked, wanting to make a comparison. To what Devine protection could be classified as a level 3.

"Felt Devine protection over the wind. Is strong for speed, but not powerful, or weak."

"Ha! I much expected the gutter rat's puny wind protection, to be that of a level 2." Priscilla said with a mock smirk expression.

Felt glare has never been so cold towards the red head. So far she has mock her in every aspect, and now she insulting her Devine wind protection.

"You wanna see just how low level my wind is! When am done mopping the floor with you?!"

"Ha! A mere rat of the street, thinks she can best my devine reflexes. Just try it rat!" The

"That's it!"

"My lady please wait!"

The little blond candidate was just about ready to pouns on the red head candidate. Aldebaran stood up rushing down to his princess's side.

"I don't think so."

All of a sudden their bodies were automatically going back to their sits. As if someone was using a remote control to move them around.

"That's enough out off the both of you. No fighting in my theater."

"You got to be kidding.. I'll ley out that bitch one day, l swear it."

"Tsks this warn dare move her, devine self like a puppet with strings" The princess though as she slowly sat back down. She truly wanted to teach the little rat a lesson, but people just keep getting in the way. But in time they will all be under her foot. The sun princess stared turned to the sleeping knight. "Especially you."

"Back to it topics then."

"Level four's are describe as having powers to an extent that their wielder. Acquired tactical value of a military force.

"Leve fours have great potential to be In the military for their skills." the sword demon remember his time enrolling the Lugnica Royal Guard.. Recalling many who we're blessed with devine gifts, willing sign up to the Royal guard to protect their lands, and families.

"That sounds like a lot of our boys. Back in the iron fang organization."

The big wolfman offered his comparison, to his fellow mercenaries. Who many has special devine protection for the battle field

Anastasia nodded as she holds on to her. scarf. She has requeeted many talent Devine protection wielder over the years. Many of them were demi-beast, and many had their own unique devine protection.

"Yay! That means were like level 4 Tivey." The little Mini screamed out cheerfulat being included in the level powers.

"Yes it is an exciting though, to be in a strong level sister." Tivey with smile beaming across his face.

"Ha! Guess my amazing self is also level 4. Since my protection on the Earth it's awesome to use in figts." The golden proclaim proudly in also being included in the comparison of levels. Remember the times he use it on the big screen, and little mercenary being awe by his power.

"That did came in handy when you were battling Elsa." Otto pointed out, remember his brother can freely manipulate the sediment under earth, shape at will. Also accelerate the recovery of wounds and stamina good for battle.

"Thanks for reminding brotto I know my amazing self is bad ass."

Otto sweat drop, sometimes he feeds his brother ego to much. He wondered what level would his Devine protection be rank as, he would probably level 2 or 3.

To the former merchant, was kinda funny talking about his Devine protection. He considered a burden during his children brought him lots of misfortunes, to his family. But he made please with it.

He was alarmed when his childhood story was showed on the screen. But it brought him closer to his camp, special Garfield specialty his sister. She was so lovely and caring.

Otto started to shake those thoughts away, he was begging to blush.

"Level five's have powers of an extent, that their wielder can fight alone against a military force."

"The power to take on army alone, now who does that remind you off." The wolf man said sarcastically while giving a playing grim to the sword saint."

Many in theater stared at the sword saint. He was a little embarrassed, being at the spot light.

"Guess your level 5 Rain. You are a one man army." The little blonde congrat his knight for his power level.

"Am level 5?" Reinhard was surprised. If he was in this world he would be rank as a level 5. But does that also mean that those who are rank as level 5 are monsters like him?

"I assume those of who are at the rank of level 5. Are those who possessed the strongest powers?" Crush already knowing the answer, but still wanted to asked.

"Yes candidate Karsten they are also stated to have the powers. Equal to that of a nuclear bomb.

It would seem the comparison was completely alien to cast. Except for two in the audience who had flabbergasted expression.


"HOLY SHIT YOUR KIDDING?! They got that much power that is equal to a freaking nuke! What kind monster is this city making ow!" Al shout earned him a furious kick from her mistress.

Many clutched their ears, at loud from the helmet knight screech.

The sword saint head turn as he heard the word monster, from the helmet shouting.

"I here I thought Garfield, was a loud mouth." Otto thought, Ram had the same thought.

"Cease your ridiculous shouting Aldebaran! it pains my devine ears." Priscilla said with an annoyed expression, from her servant screeching like an idiot.

"Sorry princess." His servant apologies, while his head still remains on the floor.

"Beatrice what's wrong? What's a nuclear bomb?." The half elf candidate saw that the little spirit. Had an unthinkable expression.

"Speak, I command you!" Priscilla inquired with pressuring tone.

Al sighed under his helmet and stood up, from the floor. And went back to his sit.

"A nuclear bomb is a genocide weapon that capable to destroy city at the size of the capital with one single strike and even blow mountain." Al answered darkly, remembering the most fearsome weapon in his word.

The cast were shocked, and horrified by the description. And destructive power the genocidal weapon is capable off.

"That sounds horrible!" Preta sounded so terrified at the idea of the weapon, same with the Emilia camp.

"W-what k-kind of weapon is that?!" Otto stuttered with fear.

"It's created so people won't try to invade your country." Al snorted darkly. "Only those high up the ladder may be able to use it."

"So it's only kept and used as a warning. When other kingdoms, are trying invaded your territory. Can't say I don't agreed with that, it's good to have an ace up your sleeve." Anastasia though in an analyze perception.

"That is correct, I suppose. This weapons are heavily restricted by the government. It has only been used in Subaru world twice in fact." Beatrice said, she had the same expression the cast had, when contractor told of her about this dreadful weapon.

"A weapon that's capable, wiping out the whole kingdom in one blow?" The Dutchess disapproves of that kind of weapon ever existing.

Felix shared in her mistress fear of the though of such weapon. Ever going off in their world. "Would there be anyone left alive, if such weapon would hit the capital." The cat healer dreadfully though.

"Truly... A fearsome weapon." The old butler though, he thank the od that such weapon like this. Didn't exist in his world, it's better off without one.

"And those who rank at the top, have the power that matches this weapon." Julius spoke aloud with nervous tone.

Reinhard quickly shut his lips and looked down, devastated because he to wield such power. Felt was silently looking at him with worry.

"This world is scary." Tivey saint nervously.

"It trulyyyyy issss~." Roswaal, agreed with the little feline demi human. To think this world is capable of creating such destructive beings. Who's powers rival that of a sword saint, or on archbishop. Teacher would be intrigued by this.

"I think it's super cool!" The ever so optimistic Mini jump in exclaimed in joy.

"Interesting…" Pricilla whispered was somehow intrigued with this information, which surprised her servant knight. "What did she seem so intrigued?'he thought.

"The superpowered Level 5's were few and far between. There were only seven of them in total out of the entirety of the 2.3 million students that lived in Academy City."

Some of the cast gulped, the number was not high. But still quite a number of strong individual existed in this world.

"So only seven espers that have managed to reach the rank of level 5." Crusch said taking in the information, with a stern look. It's something similar back home, only hand full of people managed to acquire strong protection.

The ratio of Divine Protection holders back in Lugnica we're 1:100 for useless ones, 1:1,000 for useful ones, 1:10,000 for somewhat rare ones, 1:100,000 for really useful ones, 1:1,000,000 for unique ones, 1:10,000,000 for more than one.

She would put hers blessing as that of a level 2 power, since it's more useful in reading people. The Dutchess thought.

"So it's like having seven swords saints in one kingdom." Tivey voice out his thoughts.

So there are not many like him in this world. But the red hair knight is curious, into type of character this individualize possess. "We're they like him.. Or they better than him... Do they live have happier life's, while carrying such monstrous power around their shoulder." The sword saints thoughts were full with questions.

"Do not try to compare yourself, to this individual grandson."

Reinhard glanced with eyes wide at his grandfather.

The whole viewing had help the old sword demon in just how baldy he had treated his grandson. He truly wished he could take it all back, so much time has been loss between the both of them.

His wife would have been disappointed, would he spent many year hating, and blaming his grandson for his wife death. He would had spent it, loving him, and cherishing him.

He vow to change, his relationship with his grandson. Once this viewing is finished. He envy the relationship Subaru had with his father, he hope to be a better man like him.

"That's awesome, my amazing self wanna take them on!" The golden lion boy proclaim, while having a battle hungry grinned.

"Are you serious Garf?!" Didn't you hear what Warden-san just said. They have the power of a nuclear bomb." The ex merchant Reminding his idiot brother. Just what exactly the scale of power his trying to challenge."

"Ha! My amazing can take them." His stubborn brother persist.

Otto sighed "I give up!" He thought,

Frederica just shook her head at her brother stupidity.

"Am guessing Barusu is one among them." Ram said in a none believing manner. She still not buying the thought of a weakling like Barusu in being the strongest.

"Yes your Subaru is rank as a level 5, but his not just any level 5."

This got everyone's attention.

"What you do mean nya?" Felix spoke aloud with questioning tone.

"Subaru is one on the top espers of this city, one of the only seven Level 5 espers in the 2.3 million people this place can provide, he is the first rank strongest esper among the seven…"

That declaration make everyone breath stopped for a second.




Ram had a blank stare.

To the majority of them were shocked is understanding. Some of them still have there doubts, since they haven't seen what this Subaru is capable of yet. But they are now looking forward to seeing the viewing just as more now.

"N-natuski-san is... Is the highest rank from all t-those other.. S-six?" Otto silenty stuttered, that among the seven stronger. His other world brother is at the top.

One lion roar broke everyone from their thoughts.

"HELL YEAH, THA'S MA CAP'N! His the toughest of the tough." Garfiel shouted with his fist out. Emilia and Rem looked worried but a little excited of their favorite knight being the first rank.

"It's always something new, and unexpected with you it's it Subaru." Julius sighed from his seat, smiling at this sight with his sleeping friend. To even more popular in another world, he hopes that his is worthy to call him a friend one day.

"Hmph! It's only natural for him to be at the first rank, I suppose. Betty Subaru is amazing in any world, infact." The blonde loli smugly leaned into the sleeping boy's chest some more and comfortable sat on his lap. Looking forward to seeing this new viewing.

"Even in a different world, you are still remarkable subaru-dono." Wilhelm said fondly.

"Subaru-kun…" Rem muttered with a bewildered expression.

"His is one of the top esper in his world…" Emilia said with sheer disbelief. Her knight was way more than he could have ever been in another multiverse.

Many were shocked at the mere differences, between their silly raven hair friend. And this other worldly counterpart. They all turned their gazes to a certain sleeping boy at the center of the theater.

"Did you hear that Federica nee-sama! Subaru-sama is amazing in his world. His probably a great hero to!" Petra said cheerfully jumping up and down in the lap Frederica.

Frederica patted the young maid and giggle.

She adored the little one, like one would have a daughter or a little sister, it's good to see her happy again. The arc 4 viewing has been very tough for Petra, her specialty.

The aftermath seeing the failed loops imagine of the raven hair boy, holding one the severd hand of her Pre-. "Stop don't think about!" Frederica thought to herself, her brother wasn't the only one who was suffering nightmare.

After what he saw him do to the village, she sometime hold her little apprentice tight while they sleep fearing she would disappeared if she let go. Seeing her little smile helps remind her that she still here with her.

"Hmph Barusu must've found a way to cheat his way to this rank." Ram scoffed.

"Man I wish that pink one would just shut up already." Al thought, not wanting to voice it out. Less he would ricks an oni wraith, Still. "In this world your major op bro, ha! Kinda like those shounen mangas."

"I can't wait to see how strong he is, I bet so do yo, right to Rein?"

Reinhard nodded his mistress the screen watched Subaru's efforts with excitement coating his blue shinning eyes. The red knight is eager to learn a lot from this Subaru. Since he holds the title of the strong in his world.

"I truly wonder what would have been like. If I met have this version of you Subaru-kun? Would you have no need to die. Giving you already possess power beyond imaginable." A certain clown thought with a sad expression.

Many were excited that they couldn't stop their legs from shaking.

"Hey hey captain, what you think boss bro power are gonna be." Asked the little boy feline, with an eye glass.

The dog man shrugged. "No idea it's probably something that can take down anyone with one blow." The kids little spirit did say the little man wanted a power like that."

"So a power that makes everything go boom!! Kinda like Mini screem." The little Mini hand gesture explosion with her hand.

"Hahaha! Yeah kinda like that." The dog man smile at the little ones white caressed their hairs.

"What about you boss? What so you think boss bro power are gonna be?" Mini asked her camp leader with a puppy dog eyes.

"Mhh I don't know Mini." admitted Anastasia. "It could be anything that can best any enemy easily, since he the strongest among the six other top level fives."

"It's seem like everyone is looking forward to this new viewing." Crusch statet seeing the eager looks in the audience.

"It's not every day you seen another version of Subaru-kyun. And ones that has the power that rivals a sword saint Crusch-sama."The cat healer mused.

"It is good to view something else, to take our minds of my lady." The old butler remarked with a serious expression.

The Dutchess and the cat healer, frowned. They knew what the old butler meant. They were still unsettle after the last viewing, and the many horrors they seen.

Beating up the one responsible gave momentarily satisfaction. But it doesn't erase the trauma, the death the raven hair boy faced. Now the warden is presenting to them this new viewing. This time there won't be anymore suffering right?

The Dutchess just nodded in agreement with the old sword demon.

"To think even in different worlds, you be just as amazing my knight." Emilia thought in amazement, at her knight Grant title of the strongest.

Emilia turned to her sleeping knight touching his cheek, while smiling. She saw the Rem holding her own hand in her chest with a fond and excited expression.

"Are you excited for the viewing Rem?"

"Yes Emilia-sama! Rem is never tired of seeing subaru-kun being brave and courageous. Rem is even more joyful that her hero is not only a hero in our own world. But also probly in this one as well." Rem smiled proudly.

"Yeah me to, I can't wait to see how amazing he is in this other world. "the half-elf agreeing with the maid, mostly because she tired of all the death, and would good to watch something positive.

But then mood of the room dropped, a dark cloud settling over the room. When the laugh of Warden was heart throughout the theater.


The laugh sounded like someone just told them the funniest joke alive. And cast didn't like it."

"Oi! What ya laughing about!" The young tired question not liking the sound of the laugh.

"Is there something you find funny, mongrel." The crimson princess growled.

"Oh! Am sorry to shattered your little illusion guys. But you didn't all version of the kid would be pure of heart now did you?"

There silence as everyone stare at screen, loss of words from front the wardens word's.



"W-what do you mean?" The sword saint managed asked. Not liking where this is going.

"I mean exactly what I mean, you didn't expect every Subaru in every multiverse to have a hero complex now didn't you?"

Many in the theatre paled dramatically at that.

"B-But you said, that Subaru-sama would powerful in this world. Won't that mean he be like a sword saint? A hero?" Otto asked her sounded in cconfusion, and scared.

Reinhart wanted to dispute the notion of him being a hero. Because now was not the time for it.

"Now your just guessing, this a different Subaru. So don't let this Subaru actions change your perception of your Subaru."

The girls' and everyone around them widened their shock eyes from the Warden's words. But the ones who shocked most of all was the red hair knight, who the stare of the screen with a horrified expression. As if something he dredded just came true.

The horror of the dark implications that the Warden had given them. Clear on everyone but the more morbidly curious in the crowd were thinking of 'how' is this Subaru actions would change their perception of their hero Subaru.

"What the hell are you trying to say!?" The former thief shouted angrily.

Reinhart broke out of his deep though trance and stode up. "I would like to know as well, just what are you implying Warden-san." Reinhard spoke wanting to get answers, his candidate felt a little proud that he was a little greedy for information.

"Your no position to make demands, we have waste enough time."

"Now hold on just a damned minute!! Were not done tal-." All of a sudden the blond candidate mouth fell shut. And her body drop down to her seat and same with her knight.

"I think you are now let's star the viewing."

The little blonde theif face was turning red from anger. She glaring in pure hatred at the screen, from her question being shut down.

A certain red hair baroness's had a satisfied smirks that she was hidding under her fan. Please that the little blonde candidate was put in her place.

"I don't don't feel like watching this anymore. " the half-elf said having a bad feeling about this viewing now.

"Me as well Emilia-sama." Rem was hugging Subaru right arm tighty.

"I dont think we have much of a choice Emilia-sama." The Dutchess darkly said remember their kidnapper has power to bend down, the strongest knight in their world. And holding the big bad witch from entering the theater.

Many In in the theater now have a bad feeling about this viewing now. Afraid if they watch it, it will damage the good imagine of their favorite nasty eye boy. They all built in their heads, specialty Rem in her mind, Subaru will always be the kind gentle boy who saved her from her drepssion. It the same from the many other in the Emilia Camp.

"Before we start just wanted to let you all know. Your nasty eyes won't be know as Natuski Subaru, but another name."

many of the cast's expressions looked a bit surprise.

"Boss bro has a different name here why?" The little Mini confuse about his big bro. Having another name.

"Is it because his from an alternate world?" Tivey could only assume.

"Something happen in his childhood that cost to forgot his name."

"Forgot his, name how could Barusu possibly forgot his own name? Was he drop as a child."

"Ohh come on maid, thats just low." Ricardo said. Al was mentally thanking the dog man, it's about time someone, said something.

The Ram merely huff.

"What happened to Subaru that has cost him. To forgot it him name."Emilia couldn't help but asked. She had memories spuress due to disaster in elfen forest, hundreds of years ago. A half-elf had a bad gut feeling that something might had happened to this Subaru in past. But did not wish to express it hoping that she may be wrong.

"It's not for me to say, you will learn it in the viewing."

Some of the audience were once again dispointed, yet again not having their questions answer.

"If Subaru-sama, doesn't go by Subaru-sama here. Then what should we called him by?" Petra asked the warden.

The rest of audience were curious to know as well. They know this won't be their Subaru, so it was understandable. If they should called this new one at the viewing by a different name.

"Due to the fact that the boy had limited memory of his past, and could barely remember his old name, he decided to be referred by his title name."

"Big bro has a title name, like a sword saint."

"Subaru is considered to be the strongest, Felt-sama. It's only fitting that he would have a title to go with it." Reinhart said understanly since he was the same. He is curious to know what that title might be.

The knight of knight was the same. He won't admit it but he was a little envious of Subaru title as the little girl user in Lugnica. So he is curious to know in what his alternate self goes by in this world.

"He goes by Accelerator."

"Accelerator." The audience murmured title name for the Subaru in the new viewing, rolling it in theirs tongue.

"Cap'n's has an AWESOME NAME!" Garf screamed both he and Otto look of pure awe and admiration on their friend alternate world title.

"The coolest ones always get the awesome names. Just like my amazing self." Garfield proudly bust about his title as the shield of the sanctuary.

"Ha! I admit, the name is kinda cool." The dog man give his praises.

"Indeed impressive title." The knight of knights offered his compliment for the title. but what does it indicate the knight wonders.

"Trash is more fitting name for him." Ram commented uninteresting in this world subaru title.

"Could Subaru-sama esper power be something that involves speed." The Dutchess voice her thoughts to the audience. "Since his titles does imply fast movement."

"It could be." Al voice his opinion. "The name accelerator. Does sound good for someone who moves fast."

"Ha! Kinda like my wind blessing ha? Guess my Devine protection wasn't so low level after all." Felt gave a cocky smirk to to the crimso princess, who had an annoyed expression. The former thief knight couldn't help but give his cocky smirk as well. Being very proud of his mistress blessing being not below in terms of power.

"Alright get ready, am about the start the viewing."

click sounded from the screen standing above them and activating the flashing background of the screen once more.

The audience were getting comfortable in theirs sits. While some in the Emilia camp were a little tensed, remember the dark implication from the warden. About Subaru who may not be as kind nature as their own.

"I really don't wish to watch this." Emilia muttered in displeasure.

"It's already staring Emilia-sama, it's not much we can do now." Rem asked, while holding Subaru's arm tighter.

"Quit your foolish complaining I suppose." Both of them stared at the the little spirit. Who leaning in her contractor's chest, seemingly disinterested in the half-elf, and the Oni maid presents.

"What do you mean Beatrice-sama?"

"Betty means why does this lasted viewing, concerned you two so much I suppose."

"Why aren't you? Aren't you worried about this new viewing Beatrice? Aren't you worried about what it might show us!?" The half-elf inquired, in disbelief at the spirit easy attitude regarding the screen's new show.

"It's not our world in fact. Betty doesn't care so much about. If It was it would only give Betty a headache I suppose."

The two girl's worries seems to lessen by the little spirit worlds. As she continue to point out.

"Besides." Beatrice voice wavered a little. "Betty's subaru is right here." The little spirit hand touch the spot where her contractor heart liles. It gave her comfort knowing it's still beating. "Betty won't ask for anything else in fact."...

"I suppose you are righ Beatrice-sama." Rem was reassured by great spirit words, Rem went back to holding her hand more Gentelir.

"Yes am sorry Betty-chat it's just we get very emotional when comes to Subaru."

"I understand I suppose, Betty feels that way to. When it comes to her troublesome contractor I suppose." The little spirit was pooking her contractor on the cheek, of she was a playing with a toy.

That two could only feel embarrassed or a bit disgruntled with how easily their emotions are getting the best of them lately.

It seemed that the both of them were split between either caring too much and not caring at all what the screen shows. The same can be said for the other camps.

The creepy clown watch their little argument from his sit. Roswaal couldn't help to be a little amused. His nasty habits were mostly gone after arc 4, and everyone's… beatings. But he couldn't help being amused at what he might see in this new viewing. The possibility of seeing a another Subaru, that is slitely different from the one he know.

Garfield was leaning forward as his leg bounced rapidly from excitement. Same for the dog man, the two little cute felines.

The greedy little merchant has already prepared her notes, for anything she might take advantage on the screen.

The knights look tense, the sword saint more so than the others. For this is a viewing he and his could relate to. Both of them being the strongest in their world, he desperately wanted to know, the kind of person his friend is in this world.

Julius, Felix and Wilhelm showed mainly a neutral look, but they were preparing them self's for what they're about to see.

Roswaal eagerly to see the advancement of this world, and the monsters it holds.

The screen finally flickers back to life.

And it showed the most aamazing ccity they have ever seen.

"By the dragon!" Tivey squealed. He was not the only one staring in awe at Academy City. The rest of the camps and the candidates were doing the same thing a tidal wave of wonder and admiration at the enormous city.

Solar panels and wind generators are abundant. Various electronic billboards advertising male students vests. Energy drinks, and a children's television show featuring a young, female wizard. We're showed on the screen. And various robots can be seen cleaning the trash all around the city.

"Wow." Mini breathed out from beside Julius and he couldn't help but to agree with her sentiments.

"My thoughts exactly."Julius turned to his mistress, to see on Unladly like expression. Her mouth was wise open, field with hungry drool. But not for food, but for knowledge.

Anastasia was practically drooling by

everything she was seeing on the screen. Taking note by note, and sketching. The shape, and designs of the buildings and robots, any interesting she set her eyes on.

The mere thought of what type of inventions and ideas she could get from this. And by how much money she could get, the be richest women in all the land. Maybe even the whole world.

"Holy crap!! this is some futuristic stuff, I would see in the movies." Al jump at the advance technology he was seeing on the screen. Some of the architecture of the big city still the same but the cleaning robots got him by surprise. "I guess he wasn't kidding about the cleaning robots."

"Robots? is that those moving boxes?!" The little cute Mini childessly pointed out. With an awestruck expression.

"Yup their machine kinda like cars, but it functions on its own, to perform any task. It was made to do, so this moving boxes case, would be cleaning the city." The helmet man explains.

"Is that why this city looks so clean?" The former thief was impressed, this city was all shiny and glowing Utopia. She imagine this what a perfect world would look like, do poor people even exite here. She wonders to herself, if she ever becomes Queen, can she turned the slums to a place like this.

"Is this what the heavens might look like.." Reinhard couldn't help but to voice out. His eyes were sparkling, from vast wonders his seeing.

"Quite ingeniousss~." Roswaal expression was as he was gazing upon a rare diamond. Same with his maid.

The cast looked around and made note of the particularly clean and brimming environment. Seeing many wonders In the city

The view changed to a particular individual walking in the street. It's was night but you barely see his face, but his spikey hair could be seen.

"So you finally show yourself." The crimson princess thought, while having her fan near her mouth.

"It's him it's cap'n!" The tiger was jumping like a little child, that was about meet his favorite hero.

"Already settled down Garf." His sister scold her brother.

The little Petra was jumping up, and down. Prepared to see what the strongest alternate Subaru would look like, she would picture him muscler.

Well when the screen showed his appearance. It wasn't what they were expecting.



The screen showed an young odd looking teen boy. The boy had a pale white skin that's almost as white as paper.

White spiky hair, ruby red rose eyes instead of orange. He wears a gray hodded jacket, and black jeans along with black shoes, his face had a lazy bored expression.

Some of the cast had a blank look, others look rather disappointed about what the strongest looks like.

"This is suppose to be the mightiest counter part, of the boy. What a pathetic sight for my Devine eyes!" Priscilla couldn't hold her tongue at the distaste.

"Yeah definitely not what I was expected." Al said while taking a good look at the his new bro on the screen. "His hair is white?" He pointed which, of course, the rest of the cast did too.

The cast look back and forth from his Subaru to the new Subaru. They all thought that he actually looked quite good in white hair.

"Did he dyed his hair?" Petra question.

Emilia kept looking back and forth from his Subaru to the new Subaru. She thought that he actually looked quite good with white hair, just like her silver hair. "Subaru always did say that I have the most beautiful hair."

"I don't think so, its not just his hair that's different. Look at his eyes, and his skin so paled." Otto pointed out.

"Yeah why does he looks so different?" Ricardo questioned.

"It's probably because his from another world. Maybe that's why he looks like an Albino." The helmet could only guess, the difference of appearance for his other worldly brother.

"What's an Albino?" The half-elf curious asked.

"Albino or albinism is an inherited condition that leads to someone having very light skin, hair, and eyes." Priscilla knight explained, to the audience. They nodded in understanding from his explanation.

"That would have explainedddd~ his different coloreddddd eyessss~" the creepy clown commented, speaking for the first time since the new viewing.

The cast glare hateful at him, they really don't like that clown. But they turned to the screen and saw what he meant, instead of they orange eyes. They all come to know, is now replace with they crimson eyes red instead.

"I kinda like it, sorta like my eyes." Felt said seeing big strong eyes the same as her's.

"I agree Felt-sama, the scarlet red in your eyes. Brings out your majestic beautify." Her knight compliment, he also was intrigued but his friend red color eyes. Since it was his favorite color.

Felt rolled hey eyes from her knights being a suck up.

"My amazing self thing, that capn' looks cool. And am digging the new clothes!"

"It's similar to subaru-kun, tracksuit bit just a different color." Rem observing the set of clothes. She like seeing her hero in different set of clothes.

"Hmm.. despite how he dresses, and different in skin. And hair, and eye color this Subaru seems to be similar to ours," Julius

mused while having a hand on his chin. With a thoughtful expression.

"I indeed i suppose... Betty knows her contractor very well, and there is no mistake that this Betty Subaru, in another world in fact." Beatrice said, while observing over the look-a-like.

"I agree with Beatrice-sama, he has the same height as subaru-kun. Just more skinner, he still undoubtedly subaru-kun. Because he has his wonderful style hair." Rem proudly stated, in knowing her hero very well.

Beatrice may know about the great many things about her hero. When it comes to Subaru anatomy, she was unmatched.

"Yeah of course you would know about that." Al said, remember the creepiness of the blue hair oni. From watching her bro, sleep to doing his laundry.

Ram she got a good look. At the Subaru-look-alike face, and she would rather have the Barusu they have in the theater. Than the one of the screen.

Ram was rather repulsed by his appearance, especially by his eyes. She knew there was something cold, and dark about those eyes. She didn't like her Barusu making that face.

"I can't see how this Natuski-kun. Would be considered as the strongest, I mean look at him." The former merchant pointed out the visage. Of the Subaru look alike on the screen.

Wilhelm the sword demon gave a first glance, at his grandson look-alike Accelerator. "He seems vulnerable." The old butler voice this thoughs to the crowd. The knights couldn't help but to agree.

He was scrawny, with no muscle on his arm. If fact he looked like a lifeless corpes, one that could easily be thrown away with a single push.

"He seems like a pushover." The merchant queen couldn't help but comment. as she rubbed her scarf.

"The kid look like he would barely lift a sword, with those hands." The dog man mercenary said, while shaking his head.

"Hey!! Mini thinks this boss bro look kinda cool!" Gabriel gave a proud thumps up to the little cute demi-human. For seeing how cool his captain is, while others didn't.

He walked down the silent, dark, city streets on his own, the large buildings looming over him. Hands in his pockets, finding a convenience store since he nothing left on his fridge.

"Hey does that building look kinda familiar." Felt had a confusion expression at the building she was seeing.

"It's a convenience store, it look different but it's similar to one we first watch. At the beginning at the viewing." Al said darkly, making people widen their eyes at the dangerous possibility they were reminded off. When they first watch the boys adventure.

"Don't fucking tell me that your going there to." The Vollachia knights dreadfully thoughs.

"Wait is this Cap'n gonna be sent to our world. Like our Cap'n?!" The golden tiger boy exclaimed.

Many were shocked to say the least. It's unimaginable to think that even in another worlds. The witch of envy would still drag innocent boy to world that's full of danger.

It's testament to how manly in love, and obsessed she is over all Natuski Subaru's in every universe.

"Was the witch of envy really that obsessive over this boy. That even her other world self's would drag the boy to their world?!" The clown man though while rubbing his head in bewilderment.

"Ohh! Ohh! If this big bro, goes to our world. Maybe he will join our camp this time!?" an excited Mimi called out with jumping with joy at the idea. Of Subaru join her mistress team, and having lots of fun with her, and her brothers.

"I would love that idea." Anastasia said with a surge of excitementof the though. Of the raven hair boy, or in this case white hair boy. Joining her camp and, and providing her with many great invasion of his world. Who are most advanced in technology, the one they have from his world.

Crusch though about her own counter part. Meeting this version of the boy she feel in love. She would definitely would better him. offering him a good balance food diet, it was clear in whatever his eating it's so good for him.

From the look of his skinny body. And train him is a way of knight, and help him improve of his posture... And maybe when their not so busy, maybe go on a date.

A butterflies in her stomach lifting off as she imagine, having nice picnic together. the mere thought of it delighted the Dutchess.

The Emilia could only look down with sad expression at the mention of Subaru joining possible joining another camp In this world. Subaru was an essential to their group, they wouldn't know what to do without him if he decided to join other camp. Even if it is an alternate world.

Priscilla still couldn't picture the weaklings before her, to consider the 'strongest' but The baroness was wise enough to know not to underestimate someone based on appearance alone. If he does manage to surprise her, she will offered him the pleasure of serving her.

"Just to be clear this version of your Subaru, will not be visiting you world. He be staying were he is." (Well at least not yet)

The entire cast just stared morbid at the screen.

Based on what they've know and seen so far, Subaru many Chaotostropy were prevented. Emilia lossing her insignia.

Saving both candidate, and future candidate, from. The bowel hunter. The Mabeast Attack on the Alram village.

The white whales, the witch culth attack. Many losses and deaths preventing from the raven hair boy. The very idea that there's a world where Subaru isn't sent was… unsettling the audience to say the least. Especially the Emilia camp since his arrival have most empack on their lives.

"I-i I won't get to meet my Subaru." The very idea of not meeting Subaru, brought despair. To three tearing girl's that were holding him closely.

"Your here with me, your here with me in fact." Beatrice said with a trembling voice,

repeated his words like a mantra, over and over again. With her contractor track suit tightly. Same with the blue hair oni, and half-elf.

Garfield and Otto traded uncertain looks, eyes wide with fear, in that fact.

Roswaal a disappointed black expression, a mere thought of the boy. Not getting send to his world, was unsettling. Can you get still accomplished his lives goal without him. It raised so many questions, with out Subaru

Can still accomplish his lives goal? Can it be fulfilled without him? Was he able to see his teacher once in another world? Was he punished. Roswaal frowned, the boy not coming to his world would be his greatest punishment.

Ram had a worried expression, not just because of the lifeless, expression his Lord was making. Bit the possibility if Subaru not coming to their World, would mean her sister dying by the curse. She dreaded the possibility, she has seen sister die to many times on the screen already. A permanent die would only drive her despair.

Al sighed in relief, at the thought of his other world brother not visiting this world. And living on a stupid fantasy, his better off home.

"B-But then who will save our village? Who will stop the giant Whale?" Petra cried out, heartbroken that she wouldn't be able to meet Subaru.

"Ssh it's ok Petra, Subaru-sama it his still here with us." Frederica whisper worlds of comfort to help the distress little girl.

Crusch and her camp also gritted their teeth at this. Without Subaru's help, they are almost certain they all would've died during the battle against White Whale.

The audience are trying hard to take their mind off the troubling thoughts. Of what would happened if subaru wasn't around to save them all.

"it's not our world, so doesn't matter Rein." Felt said seeing sad look her was making.

"I know Felt-sama." The feeling he felt, when the warden mention him not meeting his friend. In the 'If' worlds came back,

Felt reach out and grab his hand to bring him some comfort once again.

"What a pitiful sight." Priscilla simple said having no interest for the winning fools below her. "It doesn't matter how far apart you are. You are destined to serve myself, your world will bring you to me."

Once inside he immediately moved to the refrigerated section and began to sift through the drinks in the store, zeroing in on his preferred brand of coffee cans. As his fingers went and touched the individual cans, looking for the section of the store and collecting the ones he wanted on a paper bag.

"Phew look al that juicy stuff I bet it tastes good huh?" Ricardo slowly mentions while smiling at both of the twins. In an attempt to to lighten the mood.

"Yeah yeah! I remember l, Petra trying that food out at the snowy festival. Mini wants some to!" Mimi said gleefully.

Some were curious, into the quality of the food. Seeing the drink cans not understanding the language printed on the on it.

"More Hoshin symbols." The merchant once again reminded of the origin, of where her idol hailed from. And the language she barely understand, another reason why she needed the boy. She has a collection of long lost Hoshin scrolls, that's haven't been translated.

"Man that's lot of coffee your buying for your self bro." Al said noting the number of coffee cans his buying on the screen. He really miss drinking that, he already forgotten the taste. What he would give for a good cup right now.

"Aldebaran what is this dog trying purchasing for himself?" His crimson princess demanded.

"Huh? Oh, his buying coffee cans princess. It's a really popular drink back in my world, everyone buys it. Keeps your energy up."

Anastasia ear ring when the helmet mentions 'popular drink' and that everyone in his world aperenly buys this coffee.

This also got the attention of the cast. Most of them were wondering to what the drink would taste like. Since it the most popular drink in Subaru world.

"Gives you energy,like a bocco fruit? " Petra asked.

"Yeah, something like that."

"You wouldn't happen to know what this 'coffee' drink is made out off. Wouldn't you Al-san~." Anastasia asked with her sweetest innocent voice. Aldebaran already saw this question coming, from the greey candidate. So he answer her with the honest truth.

"Nope can't say that I do. Even if I did I don't think you're world has the key ingredient into how to make coffee." Al honestly answer.

"What do you mean, what key ingredient?" Curiously and disappointment, can be heard in her voice. He has the others cast attention as well.

"The Ingredient is a ground seed, of a coffee plant I suppose. It originated in Africa In fact." Said the great spirit, taking away the spot light. From the helmet knight not that he mind.

"What's Africa Beatrice-sama?" Otto asked who was also absorbed into the subject of coffee.

"Africa is another country, in Subaru's world I suppose. My contractor believe it's were the coffee plant seed originated from in fact. And the reason why, we aren't unable to create coffee is because. Our world does not possess coffee beans I suppose." Beatrice explains, to the audience, who had expression that look like. Their weren't going to receive their favorite toy in Christmas.

The merchant queen pouted and cross her arms. Once again she is unable to produce anything anything from the boy's world. And it pisses her off greatly.

"Man! This sucks, i wanted a whiff of that coffee. I bet if I take some, it would keep me up, so I can train more at night." The tiger boy imagine himself, drinking the famous coffee beverage. And doing none stop workout all day long.

"I don't think that's healthy Garf." Her brother responded.

The two maids Petra, and Rem were a little down. Since their savior apparently likes this coffee drink, since he purchase so many of it. They were hoping, like mayonnaise, they would be able to create coffee as well, but it's seem making it would be impossible since they lack this 'coffee beans'.

Both of them were always eager to please their hero, in anyway they can. They know how sometimes he gets home sick. And maybe creating food from his old world would make him feel right at home.

Rem did when she made Subaru's favorite fluid food mayonnaise, to please her hero. Petra made massage tickets for Subaru, every now and then. When his stress from over training.

He moved to the checkout counter. Into nervous cashier.

"Why's that guy so nervous, it's not like big bro is gonna do anything." Tivey said confused at the man's nervous reaction from seeing his boss bro.

"Can you blame him, strong big bro here got a nasty look. More scarier than the one ours have." Felt pointed, out seeing the nasty expression the Subaru on the screen was making. And it honestly freak her out. And his so pale he looked like a ghost.

"Yes, I firmly agree with Felt-sama, Barusu trash face features, resemble that of street thug." Rams giving her take, most of them didn't want to agree. But she did have a point in fact he kinda reminded them, of the white hair thug. That rub Subaru in the alley on his first arrival in this world, but they didn't comment on it.

"Nee-sama please don't be cruel, I think this Subaru is still good looking. Especially with his new color features, on his skin, and hair."

Her little sister came to her hero defense as always. Pointed out his great qualities, she could understand her little sister taste in men. But who is she to judge when she fell in love with a mad clown, who got them killed multiple times.

Subaru reaches for his purse in his pocket and pulls out the money to pay for his drinks. He also places a box of noodles and picks up a packet of corn potato chips. Then he walkstowards the cashier.

The cashier gave him his receipt along with his change, all without even making eye contact. He placed the coin back in his purse and paidthe cashier the remaining amount.

The screen shows Subaru walking out of the convenience shop, as he passes by people. With one hand carrying his bag, and the other on his pocket.

A roof top on top of a building is showed. The screen now zooms in we're a female can be seen.

"Who's that nya?" Felix question.

She had chestnut hair, wearing goggles a Middle School uniform, sporting white loose slouch socks. And brown loafers with a light brown vest sweater over a white blouse and a grey skirt. And she appears to be holding a sniper rifle,

"What's that strange thingy, she holding?" Mini curiously looked at the sniper in the girls hands.

"It's…It's aGunI suppose!" answered Beatrice in shocked. She have heard, of the destructible weapons of her contractor world.

Everyone's eyes widened in shock as they all remembered what a gun was. From the description the great spirit has provided for them in the first viewing, the cast had two expressions. Had looked at the gun with great interest and awe, others just look at it in pure fear, at it's capabilities.

"A gun?! That weapons from Subaru world, that similar to a bow. But fire metal projectiles at an insane speed?!"

Otto said pure fear, in being reminded of the weapons. Same with the rest of knights, candidates.

"It's not just any gun, it's a sniper." Al voice out, narrowing his eyes. Taking a good look at the weapon, the girl had on her hand.

"So gun come with different varieties?" Anastasia asked, while eyeing the weapons carefully. Drawing the design of the weapon, in her notebook.

"Yup just how swords, come in different shape, and sizes. Guns has also have a wide selections, some can fire rapidly other can fire slow. Some have long range while other have short range. And the one the girl is holding is for long range." The helmet man knight explain with a serieouly tone.

"So this weapon is for long ranges battle…" Julius mused

"What's that thing of the top of it." Tivey inquired.

"It's similar to an monocle I suppose, it's use to have a closer look at its target when it fires I fact." Beatrice explains.

This unnerve some of the knights. "A deadly weapon like this, could be use for assassination. The target won't stand a chance." The knights of knight said, frightful at the thought of such weapon. Ever being in there world, no one would be safe.

"I agree." The sword demon said, with a stoic face, but deep down was worried. Of the what the weapon is capable of.

"But why would this young lady be doing with such a weapon?" The sword saint inquired, taking a good look at young girl. Who's wielding such dangerous weapon, that girl couldn't be any older than 16 or 15 he suspect.

He couldn't understand why a girl as young as her. Would need such frigthing weapon.

"Question of the day." Al said, eyeing the girl seeing what she will do next. She look like she would be in high school, by the looks of her uniform. the way she was holding the gun he would guess that she had some training in how to use it. But still couldn't understand why she had it.

"What's that green glowing thing, on top of her head." Now it was Petra turn to ask.

"Yeah what is that nya." Felix said.

"Those are night goggles I suppose, Betty's Subaru said it is used to see better at the darkness in fact." Answered Beatrice as she held her contractor's sleeve tight.

"I see why she would need to use it. For it is already dark out, and she would need better sight to see her target better." The Dutchess concluded.

"And another question would be is who, is this girl is trying to dispose. With such a weapon." Priscilla has a feeling on who the target might be. But eager to watch in what comes next.

She up herself into position, looking into the scope as the zoom provided a clear sight, the civilians zooms further into her target Accelerator.

Shock and panic filled through everyone's veins.

"Holy shit!" The dog man shouted. When he realizes who the target was.

Now everyone in the audience had a panic expression. for now identify target Acceletator.

"Her target is big bro!" Felt exclaimed eyes wide, at the possible dangerthats coming.

"She targeting my knight, but why?!" felt anxiety slowly creep through her when ever her knight was in a dangerous situation. She know this wasn't her Subaru, but she can't but to worried, in something horrible happening to him.

"SILENCE ALL OF YOU!!!" A command voice from crimson princess, hold caught everyones attention.

"I don't see why you commoner need to worried for the boy." Priscilla Huff, on their pathetic worried expression.

"We understand that this may not be our Subaru. But we can still, it's not wrong for us to care about his well-being, unlike you!"

The half-elf asked with a anger frown of sympathy aimed at the red-clad matriarch.

Priscilla was unimpressed at the backlash of her comment. "It has already been stated by our capture that the pathetic mongrel, in the viewing. Would be strongest among his other world counters. You have no reason to worried for the boy, who's power is equal to that of most deadliest, weapon in there world. Don't confuse this boneless fool for your dog half-wit."

Most of the audience looks at him a little stunned, at the baroness. Priscilla calmly explained, sure of the words she spoke.

Emilia stood stock still, with her mouth open, as her eyes darted around the room.

Finally she closed her mouth.

After seeing all of Subarudeaths, Emilia have made her life mission to protect Subaru. she felt like the world, it's out to kill her knight, so she starting getting anxious when ever he is in a life threatening situation.

"Your truly hopeless, I suppose." Beatrice said, Emilia looked down towards Beatrice, surprised. "Betty hate so say it, but the red one is right I suppose. This is a different Subaru, who by the Warden word's it's to be the stronger I suppose. So Betty suggest. You sit down and watch what happens next in fact."

Emilia look down, and take the little spirit words into consideration. And stared back at the screen.

"Strong crosswind, correcting sights three clicks to the left. Building winds, vortices from three sides. correcting sights three clicks to the right." The girl said in a monotone voice.

"What the heck is she saying?" The blonde candidate was confused, as she didn't understand a thing in what the on the screen was saying, just like many in this room.

"It believe it is something from Subaru's world that we might not understand, Felt-sama." sword saint in interest writing the words down. Thinking that it might be some sort of code.

"Those eyes of her's." The clown mage had a calculating look. While starting into the hollow-eyes of the eyes of the girl. Made him though of the doll like eyes of the Ryuzu clones.

"Target code accelerator." The girl pulled the trigger, the rifle rapidly firings bullets in her target direction.

The scene went in slow motion as the camera followed the bullet going out of girl's gun.

Petra quickly closed her eyes in fear and buried her head in Frederica's chest, she had seen Subaru die many times before. Her senior had shielded her from many horrors, but still couldn't stand the sight of watching her love die.

Most of the cast we're gripping hard on their seat so hard some the cast that have inhumane strength starting to crack specifically Emilia her anxietylook returning. As they watched the bullets slowly approaching their inevitable target.

The audience watch what may be an upcoming death. They have heard from the great spirit, the devesta power of a gun, of how a simple small bullet can easily spears thrown human flesh.

The bullets makingitsway until reaching Accelerator's head in slow motion.

The cast brase themselves, some close their eyes, not wanting to see what comes next.


An explosion sound erupted from the screen. They were expecting to see the strongest Subaru down on the crowd, full of bullet holes.

"WOAH?!" Garfiel yelled.

Instead what they saw next shocked the audience.

The girl who was holding one of their world strongest weapons, was blown away, her gun shattered into peaces by on unknown force. The girl now seem to be badly wounded, trying to run away.



"I-i um is anyone, gonna ask what just happened?" Otto was the first to come from his shock and asked.

"Am just as loss as you are merchant boy."Ricardo said his mouth gaped open in pure shock. He turned to the helmet. "Hey pal any thought into what just happened."

Al shook her head in response "Don't don't look at me, am just as shock as you." Still gazing at the screen, shock at the inside from the sniper blowing up at the girl's face.

"It seems we just had a first glance to the boys abilities." Priscilla said hidding her surprise look, with her fan.

Everyone turned to the crimson princess, in surprise from not thinking about that. they couldn't believe what they just saw. Some were intrigued, others were curious. Others were really scared.

"But what exactly did big bro do? He was just standing there, walking minding his own business." Tivey pointed out.

"The Warden said, that he will explain Natsuki-san ability. Once we seen what he does, so far we got nothing to go on." Anastasia had a look of interest as she had had her hand on her chin. Thinking of any ability that might just blow someone up from a distance.

Roswaal remaid silent, and observant. Being one of the greatest mages around, and studying many fits of magic over four centuries.

But esper power were something new to him, so he eager to see what is does. Specialty when it's wielded by the one he desperate wanted to make a his partner. "What will you do with such power Subaru." He said to himself.

The now screen now shows the girl going down stairs, in a hurry white heavy painting.

Her left was shoulder was covered in blood, along with her left cheek, she had a worried expression.

"Huff… Huff… Huff…"

"She looks scare." Petra couldn't help but to take pity on the gir. She reminded, her when Subaru was alone and helpless running away from the whale, trying to call for help.

"She had it coming!" Garfield said not feeling, not one once of pity for the girl.


"What?! You saw her sis! She was trying to killed cap'n, with that gon thingy."

"Still she seems to be unarmed now, and badly wounded. Have some sympathy Garf."

"If you say so sis." Her brother just cross his arms and went drop to his sit.

Felix's hands were twitching her healing instick were kicking in. He wanted nothing more than to run and cast healing magic to the badly injured girl. Even if she did try to kill his friend look-alike, no deserve bad woulds like those.

Running into an empty alley, when a she stop, when she saw him standing before her.

Accelerator face was covered in darkness, while he still had lasy posture. Hands are still in his pockets.

"Nya! Subaru found her." Felix said.

"Thank the dragon!" Otto sighed in relief, knowing that his other world brother with help the girl out.

"Indeed, now that he find her. Perhaps she will turn herself over, so Subaru may take her to any medical facility to help her care for those woulds." Reinhart relaxed by this, when he incounters injured crimal. He always made sure to take them to Felix for medical help.

"I wouldn't be sure about that." Priscilla whisper her narrow eyes look at the Subaru on the screen.

What she saw next not only disgusted her. But deeply disturbed the whole cast.

A huge, disturbing predatory smile suddenly lit up in the face of Accelerator.

"That's unsettling." Crush said, a look of mild displeasure on her face. "The way the he is looking at the girl. As he was a predator who caught his prey." She thought

Priscilla raised her eyebrows. She quickly realized something. The boy's face it was like staring into a lunatic, that grin it was the same one that disgusting battle maniac, bowel hunter use whenever she was excited.

The thrill of destroying, the thrill of killing, the thrill of having strength it was something she knew well. And now this boy has that face, with the power to go with it, the baroness knew for certain, that this boy was no hero. And the knights were starting to get the picture as well.

Wilhelm was slightly disturbed, has seen bloodthirsty looks like that many, times in the battle field. Having great power of life and death over other, is a face he once had. He was unsettled that someone who look like the boy, who he considers a grandson would carry that face.

Rem thought same, it reminded her when she lost control of her oni power. And killing everything on sight. "Are your powers going out control Subaru?" The maid thought, she could never imagine the one she loved, having a look of a killer like her.

"W-why…does he have that face?" Emilia didn't like it, she didn't like it one bit. The way this Subaru was making that face, of a mad man. This was not her Subaru.

"This it's Betty' Subaru." Beatrice spoke a few words to try and describe the way she felt.

"What are you gonna do to that girl bro." The helmet man stuttered, he did not like the face his bro was giving off.

"He Rein you alright?." Felt saw the black look in her knight eyes, worry evident on his face.

Reinhard stared black at the screen with his hands along Felt's shoulders.

"Please don't let it be true... " He murmured as if he was I pain.

"Please don't be a monster."

The cast got the feeling that they may not gonna like, in what their gonna see in this viewing.

~End of chapter 1

Author's note

I thought of this while making my other reaction fiction, watching him became a hero of justice. The zero cast watching their beloved Subaru, becoming an amazing, tragic hero sure is a fun experience. But I wanted create another story were the cast would view. Their favorite nasty eye hero, as a villain. Not just a villain, his playing your favorite emo villain from a certain magical index show, accelarator!

I know magical index has a magical side. But I won't be mentioning that, I am more focus on the Esper side. Since I find the magic in Index more complicated than, fate night or re zero combine. And since accelerator himself is an esper.

I wanted to wait and see if the creator of, watching die again and again. Would make the re zero if story, after he was done with the arc 3. If he had made the pride if story, maybe I could have gotten some pointers to make note of. Because I am not sure how would the cast reaction to a crazy mad pride Subaru.

But since his still busy rewriting his work, I can only imagine. And if some of you are wondering, why not make Subaru play Toumo, instead of accelarator. Well I only got one thing to say about that, why be good, when you can be bad.

By the way I made another art showing how Accelerator Subaru would look like in deviant art. Link below:


Also shoutout to this great writers for making this amazing reaction re zero stories.


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Re:MW04 by Dorugi

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Give this amazing fictions a good read, and keep at it. Someone should make Subaru be Harry Potter, it would be great reading the cast reaction, about their favorite mean eye boy. Being a wizard sorcerer, do it for the greater good.

Also to any of you who are a hardcore fan of magical Index. Please message me I would love to talk to someone who is an expert on the show, my knowledge is lacking for this series and I might need some help.

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