Attention: This story is totally different from my other stories. It is no romance or friendship or ecchi story. While it has few smut, if you can even call it that, it is not written for arousing or in a playful manner. This is a fucking evil horror shit. While I am not a fan of censorship, for once I will like to keep this story just for adults. Children go away if you don't want to get mentally scarred. You have been warned.

Triggers: Graphic Rape(Harry-Lily), Graphic Torture(Harry-Lily), Incest, Past child abuse(mentioned), Dark Ritualistic Magic, Mentally Unstable MC(Harry).

Oh yes, I forgot. Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter cause this ain't a children's story. If it was then millions of children would be in therapy right now.

1. The Ritual

Harry was lying on the floor of the room of requirement. He could have asked the room to provide a bed for him but his mind was filled with far too many fears and questions to think about comfort.

Voldemort was back. Harry was present at the ritual along with his twin brother, Noah. It was one of the scariest things he had ever seen, the hairless pale body of Voldemort rising from the cauldron. He could still perfectly remember those cold red slitted eyes.

"I have nothing against you, Harry. But you are a Potter and just for that you have to die. I can't let two boys who are famously known for my downfall keep on living. Such a Shame, Harry. You are not even the reason for my supposed death. Such a shame. I see so much of myself in you. Both of us lived as orphans. Both of us are selfish and will do anything to be in power. Both of us will do anything to achieve our goals. Anything. And that's the best trait to have. Alas, your life is such a tragedy. You will die before you tap into your potential."

But thankfully, Noah and he were able to use the portkey and get away safely from the graveyard. He still remembered Voldemort's furious scream when Noah summoned the cup and pulled his hand. Harry was for once thankful to his brother for the help. But still, the years of bitterness and anger brewing inside him won't go away that easily. He still despised his parents for leaving him. He still refused to hear their excuses. Even if there was somehow a valid reason, Harry still couldn't forgive his family.

No words would be able to give meaning to his suffering. No reason will make his scars go away.

'I wish I had someone totally devoted to me. I wish I had someone so powerful to protect me that even Voldemort wouldn't dare to look at me. I wish I had a true and loyal family who would save me no matter what.' he thought wistfully.

He was startled when an ancient book dropped on his chest.

He picked up the book and sat up. It was a very slim and old book. There were only a dozen pages in the whole book. His eyes lit up as he read the title.

'The Creation of Oizys.'

Harry couldn't believe his luck as he went through the book. He was not going to waste this advantage. He will use it no matter what. He silently thanked the room of requirement for the help.

When he finished reading the book, he was still and silent as a statue. The ritual was beyond dark. It was one of the most evil pieces of magic he had ever read about. If someone other than Harry would have read it then they would have puked and fainted after witnessing such blasphemous words. They would have burnt the book to ensure that no one would come across such a sinister piece of work. But fortunately for Harry and unfortunately for a certain redhead woman, he would never let flimsy things like morals and humanity impede his ambition. He knew what he was going to do would be considered the most unholy and and the most sinful by others but he didn't care. He wanted, no he needed a friend or family with unquestionable and unshakeable loyalty to him. He wanted a powerful ally. He let a sly smile appear across his face.

'Just 15 days. That is all the time I need to bring my saviour in this world. It doesn't matter that I am committing a great evil to vanquish the other. All that matters is my own safety. All that matters is my own life. And I will do anything for that. Absolutely anything. I don't want to die. Heaven is comfort but it's still not living.'

Lily Potter was anxious and scared when Noah announced that Voldemort was back. She was so frightened that she could barely sleep at night. She was so afraid that even her husband's loving embrace didn't improve her mood. Even Noah's lovely smiles in the mornings didn't make her feel any better like they always used to do. The war was going to restart, Voldemort, the darkest wizard of their time was going to spread his terror again. And if that wasn't already enough trouble then her family's relationship with Harry still remained estranged. Harry still refused to talk to them. They had been trying to talk to him for years but his stubborn nature still hadn't thawed. Even after the resurrection of Voldemort, he refused to come to them. She had cried and sobbed for days but he remained unaffected by her sorrow or her tears. She had wanted to tell him that there was a valid reason for dropping him at the Dursleys but he always walked away with a derisive scoff aimed at her before she could explain herself.

She was the history professor at Hogwarts so at least she had been able to observe him from afar. She had watched him with great interest and pride when he got sorted in Ravenclaw. She hadn't been able to hide her smile after seeing that. Harry was a very curious boy, his emerald eyes would sparkle whenever he saw something new. It always brought a smile to her face.

But he had his vices too. She remembered how in his second year, Harry had cruelly maimed a Slytherin fourth year who had made fun of him. Lily had been the first at the site. She had been appalled when she saw Harry systematically breaking the bones of the screaming boy. What was more scary was his face. His expression wasn't angry nor was it joyful. His eyes were narrowed curiously as he tortured the boy. He was just intrigued by the misery of the screaming teenager.

She had to give him months of detention as punishment for that. In hindsight, that definitely didn't improve her relationship with him.

But that was all in the past. Right now, Lily Potter was ecstatic as a letter arrived while she was alone in Potter Manor, James and Noah were both at Grimmauld place, diligently training with Sirius.

She couldn't control the wide smile on her lips. Her eyes were leaking happy tears.

Mrs. Potter,

I will like to try. I know we don't get along but I will sincerely like to try improving our relationship. The time is dark and I don't want to regret never trying. I don't want to die with that weight. And death is a high possibility since Voldemort is back.

Come to my room in Privet Drive tonight at 9. I hope you will be discreet and won't attract Petunia's attention. And please don't share the content of this letter with anybody else. I want to begin mending my relationship with you first because you were the most enthusiastic to accept me back in the First Year. I have other good surprises for Mr. Potter and Noah when their time comes. Don't ruin the surprises for them. I remind you again not to tell anyone else. I don't want to announce to the world that the wayward Potter is back in the family without confirming that it is the right decision or even doable. I don't want to give them false hope. Come tonight, we will talk and hopefully you will be able to persuade me to come back. Good day...Mum.

Yours sincerely,


P.S. Burn the letter after you read it.

Harry sat on his bed patiently, waiting for Lily Potter. It was five minutes past 9. She was late even if only by a few minutes and that was annoying him. A knock on his window brought his attention towards it. He opened the glass window.

Lily Potter slowly flew in over a broom. She hovered in his small room before climbing down and putting the broom against the wall.

"Hello, Harry." she said nervously, looking at her estranged son. He gave her an unimpressed look before plopping down on his bed.

"Hello, Mrs. Potter. I am surprised that you came. But you were always an optimistic one so I shouldn't be that surprised. Did you fly all the way here?" he commented dryly, staring at her. She was wearing a black blouse and blue form-fitting jeans. She usually just wore a robe or dress but the jeans or trousers were the best for riding a broom. Her red hair was pulled in a tight bun.

"No, I apparated near Privet Drive and just used the broom to fly to the second floor where your room is. As for the question of me coming here, of course I will come wherever and whenever you ask me to. You are my baby boy after all." she blushed, squirming in her place. Harry deadpanned at her.

"It's too early or too late for 'baby boy' Mrs. Potter. I prefer you address me as Harry." he said coldly, enjoying making her uncomfortable.

"Sorry, Harry. I just got carried away." she mumbled, not meeting his chilly gaze.

"Come. Sit on my bed, Mrs. Potter. I will bring you some water and snacks." He told her before standing up and walking towards the door.

"You don't have to do that. I am fine. And please stop with 'Mrs. Potter' and just call me mum or at least mother." she requested, looking at him longingly.

"Okay, mother. Then let's sit and talk. Forgive me if I sound unenthusiastic but I don't really know how to talk to parents. Of course that is not entirely my fault." he smiled sarcastically and retook his seat on the edge of the bed. He patted the space beside him and Lily hurriedly slumped down beside him, ignoring his verbal jab.

"How are you?" she asked awkwardly.

"Great." he replied with a shrug. She scrunched her face at his monosyllabic reply.

"So, what is the real reason for calling me here? I doubt you called me so we could have a tense and awkward conversation." she decided to get to the point. Harry smiled triumphantly at her before standing up and stopping in front of her.

"You are right. I didn't call you for a heart to heart conversation, mother. Let me ask you then. Do you want our family to survive the coming war?" he questioned her softly, leaning forward and cupping her face with his hands. Lily's eyes widened in surprise at his statement.

"Of course. I will try my best to keep our family together and protected." she nodded, enjoying his touch on her face. It was the first time he had shown any affectionate side to her.

She wished she could just hug him but past experiences had shown her that it would be a bad idea. Harry hated physical interactions, he hated hugs.

"Will you do anything for that goal?" he asked her, his eyes gleaming with a strange emotion as his thumb caressed her soft lips. Lily stiffened at the light touch on her mouth. She quickly made herself relax. Harry was just being affectionate, nothing more. While prodding one's mother's lips with their thumb wasn't usual sort of affection, it was neither anything sexual. She should enjoy this side of her son. It was a very rare occurrence that Harry touched anybody. She let him continue tracing his thumb on her pink lips.

"I will." she nodded with determination. It was true, at this point she would even start killing death eaters to keep her small family safe. Harry hummed in encouragement and dropped his hands to his sides. Lily was glad, it was getting harder to not shiver and feel queasy while he was moving his finger on her mouth.

"I love that attitude of yours. Fortunately for you, I have a way out of this trouble. That's why I called you tonight. I have a special book. I thought I would let you check it and guide me through that. That book will be our secret weapon." he announced, dropping to his knees and pulling his trunk out from under the bed. Lily watched him curiously as he opened the lock.

"Come in. It's an expandable trunk. It has a number of big rooms. At this point, this trunk is my actual house. Although I don't particularly like your husband, I can't deny that I enjoy the galleons he sends to me every year. This particular trunk is the most expensive thing I own." Harry explained, walking into the opened trunk. Lily silently followed him inside. As they both descended the stairs, the trunk snapped close. She stifled an urge to jump in surprise. At the bottom of the stairs, there was a hallway with a number of rooms on either wall. She was glad for the lights and spaciousness of the trunk or else she might have felt scared and claustrophobic. If she didn't know already then she might have mistaken this trunk for an actual house. It was really big and comfy. She now understood why it was so expensive. It was a huge fucking house in a trunk, of course it was pricey. She wished Harry would have just returned to them instead of buying a house/trunk for himself.

"Here." He stopped in front of a door and opened it for her. He waved at her to go first. Lily shambled in quickly, followed by Harry who closed the door behind him. As Lily gazed around the large room, an uneasy feeling started churning in her stomach.

This room was bare. There was nothing inside here. The floor was stony and there were no windows on the walls. If it wasn't for the artificial lights, she knew it would be the darkest room.

"Harry, why are we here?" she spoke up, getting alert and giving him a suspicious look. Harry just smiled and pointed his wand at her. Her heart dropped and she instinctively trained her own wand at him.

"Sorry, mother. It is a necessary evil. But I wasn't lying. I will save myself. I guess I will also save you and the other Potters. But this safety has a price. A too high price which you will never willingly pay. And that's why I had to deceive you to come here." He grinned abashedly. Her wand hand trembled as she stared at her son.

"Then put the wand away, Harry. I will listen to your plan and will even willingly sacrifice my life if you want. I don't want to fight you. Please don't make me do this." she begged desperately.

"Oh, who said you could fight? You are mistaken. Inside the trunk, no one other than me is allowed to use their magic. You are basically a muggle right now. This is my kingdom." he smirked, spreading his hands. Lily's heart sank as she checked his claim by chanting the spell lumos.

Her magic wasn't working.

"Now, it's my turn. Somnus!" Harry chuckled. Lily was so dazed from the loss of her magic that she reacted too late. She dropped on the floor when the spell hit her. She was forced into a slumber. Harry's steps echoed in the stony room as he sauntered towards her.

"It's time for work." he said to himself, picking up her sleeping body in his arms.

When Lily woke up, she found herself in a strange situation. She was still in the same room but her position was totally scary and vulnerable.

She was standing in the dead centre of the room. Her arms were bound by handcuffs and pulled over her head. A metal chain's one end was attached to the handcuffs and the other end was stuck to the ceiling, keeping her restrained arms raised up. She shook her hands but she couldn't move it much. She took a deep breath, trying not to panic.

"Hello, mother. Good to see you awake. Before you ask, you were unconscious for just a few minutes, the time I needed to arrange all this." Harry stepped away from the corner of the room where he was leaning on the wall. He ambled towards her until he was standing in front of her. She gave him a pleading look.

"Why, Harry? What are you trying to do? Did you bring me here just to hurt me or something? Do you hate me so much?"

"Hate you? Nah. I dislike you, I despise you but I don't really hate you. Hating takes a lot of time and effort which I don't want to waste on you. Do you really think I will kidnap you and shackle you just to get some revenge out of it? Hehe. You don't really know me if that's what you think. You are not here for that. It's not a revenge story. I am not some stupid kid wanting to hurt mommy and daddy for ignoring me. You being here has a purpose. A very big purpose. And I won't lie that this is not making my body tingle with excitement. Because honestly, I will enjoy this. I will savour this. While violence for the sake of violence and evil for the sake of evil is cartoonish and moronic, the reason for your tragedy is far more than just my pleasure. You will give me something I always wanted. You will give me safety from everything. You will bring me salvation." Harry announced, pushing out his arms grandly.

"Are you going to kill me, Harry?" she asked despondently.

"No, mother. You are going to survive this. You will live, I promise you that. You are here for just 15 days. After that, I will set you free." He smiled placidly, stepping forward and cupping her face. Lily's eyes brightened with hope.


"I am a boy of my word, mother. When I am done, I will free you. As I said earlier, I don't hate you. Your sudden kidnapping is due to your requirement for the ritual I am going to perform. When the ritual is done, I won't need you anymore and will gladly let you go." Harry said almost gently, caressing her face.

"Ritual?" she asked dumbly.

"Yes, a ritual. Now let's begin. The sooner it is done, the sooner you will be able to go." He told her, his hands sliding from her face to her large chest, squeezing them softly. She gave him a confused look, not totally comprehending her situation.

"Harry! What are you doing?" she yelled as her son started unbuttoning her blouse. She stepped back, away from his grasp. Her eyes were wide with terror as she stared at him.

"And here I was hoping you would cooperate. Whatever. I don't need your willing aid." Harry sighed dramatically and waved his wand. Instantly, the chain holding her hands pulled up, dragging her whole body up. She yelped in surprise and pain. The handcuffs were digging in her skin at the wrists. She was now hanging from the chain by her hands, her toes not even reaching the stony floor.

"Now stay still. This ritual requires you to be naked. The less you fight, the less you will waste your energy." Harry commented, resuming the unbuttoning of her blouse. Lily was too occupied with the pain in her wrists to fight him. His fingers worked quickly and a few seconds later, her blouse was totally open, baring her bra clad breasts to his sight.

"Hmm, how to remove your shirt since your hands are bound? Ahh! I wasted my time." Harry complained to himself before tracing his wand on her shoulders. His wand worked as a knife. Her black blouse fell down on the ground in stripes. He stepped back and gave an appreciative whistle.

"Damn! mother, I always knew you were pretty but I never thought of you as a sexual object before. But now seeing your huge round tits hidden by the silky black bra, I have to reconsider my view. You do have a nice pair of boobs."

"Harry! I am your mother." she yelled, trying to burn him with her smouldering glare. Instead of getting embarrassed, Harry chuckled in return.

"That's the crux of the matter, isn't it? This ritual specifically asks to use your own mother as the key. You wouldn't be here half naked if you weren't my mother. Now you understand, don't you? This is not for vengeance or pleasure. It is all for the ritual. I needed you for the ritual and conveniently here you are." He explained smugly, cupping her big breasts, his fingers sinking in her softness. She turned her head away, not wanting to gaze at her son's lust filled eyes. She squirmed in the air, feeling uncomfortable as he molested her.

"Don't fight now. I am going to take off your jeans. If you fight, you will just waste your and my time." Harry warned, undoing the button on her jeans. Instead of heeding his advice, Lily started kicking her legs, not wanting him to see her in her knickers.

"Well, you are a stupid gryffindor after all." He rolled his eyes, grabbing her legs by his both hands and pushing forward, until he was pressing himself between her legs, until her hips were clasped around his waist. Lily abruptly stopped, her mouth agape as she felt her son's hard excitement on her pelvis.

"Harry… is that your boner?" she whispered.

"Of course. Why did you stop moving, woman? I was enjoying the grinding." Harry pouted mockingly, dry humping between the junction of her legs. Lily tried to pull her legs away but Harry kept them tightly around his waist by his hands as he gyrated the bulging part of the pants on her jeans.

Lily, with her hands shackled up and her legs restrained by his hands, helplessly protested against his action. Harry suddenly stopped moving and gave an impish grin.

"Haha. Got carried away. But back to business. Today is day 1. I have to finish today's part of the ritual before midnight."

This time Lily just remained still as his fingers slipped inside her jeans and grabbed the helm of it before pulling it down. Lily blushed in embarrassment as she was just in her black bra and knickers. Harry licked his lips, his gaze drinking in the sight of her toned slim legs. She self-consciously crossed her legs. Her small black triangle of underwear barely covered anything.

She couldn't do anything as he walked around and stood behind her. She could feel his lecherous eyes on her bare buttocks. For the first time in her life, she wished she wore underwear with more fabric.

"Woah! Look at that arse. Do you do exercise, mother? I don't think you can have this curvy arse without some work." He mumbled appreciatively. She didn't reply to his question, her blush spreading to her neck.

"You definitely do some workout. They are so firm and nice." she yelped as she felt his fingers digging in her arse cheeks.

"Harry! Are you forgetting I am your mother? You are not supposed to look at me this way. It's not appropriate." she screamed in anguish.

"Well, I won't say it is not inappropriate. But who cares! You can bet that even if we were a normal family, I would have tried to cop a feel of your seductive body. And we definitely aren't a normal family so there goes your mother card." He chuckled, lightly slapping her arse. She groaned at her powerlessness.

"Tell me mother, has Noah ever tried to 'innocently' touch you?" Harry asked curiously, coming around and standing in front of her, giving her an amused look. She lowered her gaze, blushing at his question. Honestly, when Noah, her other son entered into puberty, she had been a subject of many 'innocent' gropes. But that was normal since he was a budding teenager. Noah had stopped that after a few months. It was just a short phase.

"Hehe. That bastard really is my brother. Can't say I don't understand. You do have a very gropable body, mother. Has anyone ever said to you how sexually stimulating your body is? James sure got lucky in bagging you." He laughed softly, leaning forward, kissing her cheek. Even in this dark situation, Lily felt a warm happy feeling sprouting inside her at the affectionate innocent kiss.

"I really got lost in admiring your bewitching body. Back to business then. Step 1 of the ritual is to clean your body and keep you pure for the whole day. That means no sexual intercourse." Harry recited through his memory. Lily sputtered in surprise and shot him an imploring look.

"Please, Harry. There are many other ways to win this war. You don't have to do this. Stop this now and we can still salvage our relationship." her soft gentle voice beseech him. Harry shook his head.

"I am sorry, mother. But I have chosen my course of action and I will follow it through. Now don't get alarmed, I will take off your bra and underwear." Harry commented dryly. Lily glowered at him.

"You are delusional if you think I will let you strip me naked, Harry." she spat.

"Again with the threats. You are in no position to fight me, mother." He rolled his eyes, cutting her bra and letting it fall on the floor. Lily shivered as she felt cool air on her uncovered chest.



Ignoring her screaming, he grabbed her knickers and pulled it off of her, leaving her stark naked. She crossed her legs and whimpered pathetically. But she had nothing else to hide her perky breasts. Harry took a moment to leer at her.

"You don't have to hide your body, mother. You look perfect." he smirked, checking her out.

"I am your mother. You are my son." she whispered as if it would stop him, her eyes brimming with tears. Harry just sighed.

"Yeah, yeah, already heard that. Say something new or original. Now let's get on with the ritual." he announced, pointing his wand at her. A stream of cold water poured on her. She squealed loudly as the cool water came in contact with her skin.

"I already had shower. I didn't need another." she grumbled balefully. Harry just laughed, pouring water on her. Her tight bun loosened up and her beautiful red hair spilled over her back.

"Oh mother! You look so alluring with water dripping down your soft white skin and crimson hair." Harry praised genuinely, keeping the water stream going while walking around her, enjoying the way the water moved on her body. The water straightened her hair and coursed down through it. He particularly liked how the water bounced on her curves. Her pink nipples were hard and he shamelessly drowned her tits in water. He also loved spraying water on her big tight butt. Lily in all this was just trembling from the cold.

"Hmm, enough, I guess." he mumbled, stopping the flow of water. With the wave of his wand, the water vanished from her body as well as the ground, leaving her clean and pure.

Lily simply glared at him, hanging from the chain by her arms, her breasts alluringly popped out due to the position of her raised arms. He smiled mischievously as he stepped forward, his gaze lingering on her chest.

"Now the next part of the ritual. I will draw some runes on your body. It will be a little painful. But I am confident you will survive." Harry explained thoughtfully.

"You don't have to do this, Harry. I will protect you. There is no need for this ritual." she sighed tiredly. She was really in pain, she was sure that there were black marks on her wrists due to the handcuffs.

"You? Protect me? Haha. What a joke! You couldn't protect me from the Dursleys, how can you protect me from Voldemort?" he accused her, his earlier playful mood swiftly vanished and was replaced by anger. For the first time his eyes were filled with unquenchable hatred.

Lily felt a growing pain in her chest. She would always regret this. She could never forgive herself for letting her sister's family abuse her son. Before she could say anything or console him, Harry stormed out of the room. She cried softly. Why did this have to happen to her family? Why couldn't they live a normal peaceful life?

A minute later, Harry came back in with a bowl in his hand. She snapped her head in his direction when he cut open his wrist and let his blood flow down into the bowl.

"Harry! What are you doing?" she screamed in horror, feeling queasy at the sight of her son's rapid bleeding.

"Shut up, mother. Where do you think the ink for the runes will come? My blood of course." he groused and healed his wrist as the bowl finally filled with his red blood. He put down the bowl a foot away from her. He dipped his wand in it and mumbled something under his breath. Lily was surprised to see the wand absorbing all the dark liquid from it. When all the blood was drunk by his wand, Harry stood up and approached her.

"Stand still. I will loosen the chain now so you will be able to put your legs down on the ground. If you move a lot and I draw the wrong runes on you then even I don't know what will happen. So, please stand still." He ordered her, giving her a hard look. A relieved sigh escaped her lips when her feet touched the cold floor, when the handcuffs weren't digging in her wrists anymore.

Without waiting for her response, Harry began drawing various runes on her body while chanting something in strange language under his breath. Lily shivered as his wand drew circles around her areola. The blood red runes appeared on her body before vanishing under her skin after a flash of white light. She moaned a little when Harry pressed his wand on her nipples briefly. Her cheeks burned as she caught his amused look. He stepped behind her and drew runes on her back and then on her arse and then on her legs.

Lily would have protested if she wasn't scared of the consequences of a botched rune.

"Uncross your legs. I have to draw the last rune over your fanny." he instructed flippantly, rubbing his fingers on her hip. She shook her head and mouthed no.

"Really, mother? This is the last rune. Do you really want to see what will happen to your body when something goes wrong? As I said earlier, you don't have to hide your body. You are perfect." he cajoled her gently, caressing her inner hip. She reluctantly opened her legs and turned her face away.

Harry kneeled in front of her and examined her beautiful pussy. There was a small bush of red hair over her groin. He put the last rune over her pussy. His mouth watered at the tangy smell of her womanhood. He shook his head and stood up. There was no time for it.

Suddenly, all her nerves were on fire. Lily screamed in pain and convulsed against the restraints. It was as if she was burning in a hot liquid fire. She jumped and pulled against the bonds, trying to stop the searing pain. She yelled and begged as she felt her body undergoing the worst pain.

Harry just looked at her unfeelingly, not bothered by her pained screams in the least. A minute later, which was like years for Lily, the pain abruptly stopped. Her body spasmed as she sobbed like a little child.

"I am sorry for the pain, mother. But it's only for 15 days. After that I will save your family. Just survive, everything will be alright. I will bring you some food now. You must be hungry."

He left her after that. She was still crying when he came back. He actually brought her some food. He loosened the chain so much that she was able to sit cross-legged on the floor.

"Enjoy, mother. I will feed you. I am sure you will like this after all the pain." Harry grinned, sitting in front of her.

Even after he did such horrible things to her, Lily couldn't help but smile tiredly when he fed her with his own hands. She really was a mess right now.

After the dinner, Harry took her to the bathroom.

"This will be the only time. So, finish your business. I won't let you get out of the room again tonight." he revealed. Lily couldn't help but nod. She was in no position to fight. She was naked and without her magic. She was tired and just wanted to sleep. And even she knew that if she tried to attack him physically in her weak condition, he would just overpower her. While Harry wasn't a muscled brute, he wasn't a skinny little kid anymore.

"At least let me close the room. I can't pee when you are looking." she whispered hoarsely. Instead of closing the door, he just turned around and waved at her to do her thing.

That was definitely the most awkward thing she did in her life. Who knew peeing while looking at the back of your son was so hard.

Harry took her to his room and pointed to his bed.

"You have two options. You can either go back to the ritual room and sleep while hanging by the chain or you can sleep beside me on a comfortable bed so I can keep an eye on you." he shrugged, his eyes gleaming with amusement.

"Am I allowed to wear something?" she asked morosely, already getting used to her imprisonment and mistreatment.

"No. You will be naked for the entire fifteen days of the ritual." he shook his head and laid on his bed, looking expectantly at her. She just sighed and lied beside him. She stiffened when she realised he was spooning her from behind, his arm was wrapped around her waist. She definitely felt something poking on her arse. At least he was wearing clothes.

"I am a hugger, mother. Thankfully this habit of mine will keep me informed if you try to slip away during the night. Not that you can do much since the trunk won't open without my permission." he chuckled, hugging her to his chest. She could feel his body pressing behind her, she could feel his heat wafting over her.

She just sighed when he squeezed her boob. She was too exhausted to fight. She closed her eyes and hoped he would be merciful. She justified his groping in her mind. If Noah could molest her when he started his adolescence then she could ignore Harry's touch too. He was a teenager and she couldn't expect him to refrain when there was a naked woman in his bed. Even if that woman was his own mother.

"What will be the result of this ritual? How will it protect us from Voldemort?" she couldn't help but ask, using all of her remaining energy.

"Are you mellowing out, mother? Are you seeing my way? Are you going to cooperate?"

"No. I still feel you are on the wrong path. And I will definitely punish you when we get out of here. But I am curious." she mumbled, closing her eyes, her eyelids felt so heavy.

"It's a secret, mother. I will tell you when the time is right." He laughed, burying his face in her neck. She heaved a last sigh and decided to just sleep.

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