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3. Misery Breeds Monsters

Harry was the first one to wake up. His hands were wrapped around her waist while she slept fitfully in his embrace.

As the memories of last night resurfaced in his mind, he felt a deep shame sprout inside him. He lost control last night. While the sex during the ritual was absolutely required, the rape later in his room wasn't. It was deplorable of him to hurt her without any reason. It won't happen ever again, he vowed to himself. He silently left the room and brought breakfast for her. He placed the tray on the bedside table and left the room. He wasn't in the mood to see her accusing look or the broken look. Staring at those eyes felt like standing in front of a mirror.

He took a long bath and went out of the trunk after getting dressed, without waking up his mother.

Lily woke up alone in the bed. She was thankful for that. Last night felt like a fever dream, like a worst nightmare. She couldn't bear to look at her son. Was he even her son after yesterday?

She shook her head and buried her face in the pillow. She felt so tired. physically and emotionally. She could just lie there forever.

Why did it have to happen to her? Why her? Why her son? Why just why?

She cried into her pillow.

At night Harry returned to her with food. He was silently leaning against the wall as she ate robotically.

Afterwards, he led her to the ritual room. Lily submissively lied down in the centre of the ritual circle. Shackles stretched her limbs in four different directions. He performed the runes again on her body. He again pushed his wand deep inside her and coloured her walls red with his blood.

She screamed and sobbed in pain as his blood boiled in her womb.

When the pain stopped, he raped her.

Afterwards he carried her back to bed and pulled her tight in his embrace.

She couldn't fight against his grasp.

The next day followed the same routine. He left her for a whole day and returned at night. He did the ritual with her. She cried out in pain and then he raped her again.

This happened daily. On the night of the tenth day of her imprisonment, something unusual happened. Harry didn't take her to the ritual room. Instead they stayed in the bedroom.

"The last five days will be the feeding period. You are now pregnant. This means the ritual will change from now on. Lie on the bed." He ordered her. She silently followed his command.

He sat beside her and tapped her nipples with his wand and mumbled a spell. He then touched her stomach with his wand and again mumbled that spell.

He stared at her before conjuring a bowl. He leaned down and latched onto her nipple and began sucking on it while fondling the other one with his hand. Lily gasped as she felt a warm sensation blooming in her chest. For the first time after her violation, Lily's eyes widened in wonder.

She was lactating.

Harry suckled on until his mouth was filled with her milk. He poured the milk down into the bowl from his mouth.

He then latched onto her other breast and again suckled on until his mouth was filled with her milk. He spat it into the bowl.

Lily was just still as her son fed on her breast and spat it out in the vessel instead of swallowing it.

"What are you doing?" she asked hoarsely. It was the first time she talked to him after that cursed night.

"Doing the ritual." he shrugged nonchalantly. He placed the bowl on the bed and started undressing.

Lily reverted to her emotionless persona.

But instead of raping her, he just masturbated and finished in the bowl. He was careful to drop every single drop of his sperm in the vessel. He then cut open his wrist and let his blood drip into the bowl.

Lily was looking at him in puzzlement as he then mixed the three liquids and dipped his wand into it.

It was a familiar scene. Just like always, his wand drank up the mixture of mother's milk, father's seeds and father's blood. Without any prompt, Lily spread her legs, knowing where this was going.

He gently inserted the wand and released the mixture when the wand passed through her womb. After pulling it out, he tapped her womb and whispered a spell.

Lily braced herself for the tortuous pain.

It didn't come.

Instead of pain, her body was filled with a strange warmth and giddiness. She couldn't help but giggle maniacally as the warmth spread to every part of her body. It was like thousands of patroni merged within her. It was positively overwhelming after so much pain she had suffered.

Harry smiled amusedly and lied beside her, pulling her in his arms.

She didn't fight against his grasp.

The next days of the ritual followed the same pattern. He left her alone for the whole day and returned with food at night. After the dinner, she would lie on the bed while he would suckle on her breasts and fill his mouth with her milk before emptying it into the bowl. Then he will mix it with his seeds and blood before feeding the mixture to her womb by inserting his wand between her legs.

On the night of the last day, the fifteenth day, Harry stepped into the room.

"Tonight is the last ritual. You will be free to go in the morning." he stated with his usual smirk. Lily didn't respond, just sitting and staring at him blankly.

"Lie down on the bed." he said, seeing she was in no mood for small talk.

Lily followed his instruction and sprawled on the bed on her back. Harry climbed onto the bed and sat beside her. He placed his wand on her forehead, then on her lips and then on her stomach.

He murmured a strange word under his breath.

"Your stomach will expand until the next hour. Then you will go into labour. Not the usual one where it may take hours for the birth of a child. This will be fairly easy and painless." he commented and laid beside her.

Harry thought to apologise for the last 15 days but then quickly bit back his words. He wouldn't lie and say that he regretted it. It would be a lie to say that he felt sorry for it. Because he didn't. He wasn't doing this out of malice, he was just doing it because he found no other way to have a family and safety.

If he could go back in time, he would do it again in a heartbeat. He wasn't a nice person. He wasn't even a person. He was just a cornered animal wanting to survive.

The next hour went by as they kept their silence. Lily's stomach in the meanwhile was getting bigger and rounder. An hour later, Harry sat between her legs, spreading them.

"Close your eyes. You don't have to do anything. The baby will come out by itself." He advised her, caressing her big round stomach. Lily sluggishly nodded, feeling weary.

A haunting melody heralded the birth of their child.

Instead of a physical body, golden red mist poured out from between her legs, comically deflating her stomach, leaving no sign that she was ever pregnant. The mist flew away and gathered in the corner of the room.

Only Harry was able to witness this. Lily was unconscious long ago from exhaustion. Harry slid off of the bed and approached the evermoving mixture of red and gold mist.

The mist slowly formed a humanoid figure. A second later, all the mist was sucked in by the figure as if it was a black hole.

At last, there stood a little girl with red hair and glowing emerald eyes. Her physical age seemed to be between 10-12 from her childish naked figure. But Harry knew that she was just a few seconds old.

Harry approached her and let a genuine soft smile appear on his face.

"Father?" the young girl asked nervously. That word did wonderful things to his heart.

"Hello, Oizys. My daughter." Harry said, opening his arms in invitation. Oizys pink lips pulled in a wide grin as she jumped into his arms. Harry pulled her tight against him in his loving embrace, running his fingers through her silky crimson hair.

Harry and Oizys walked down in the living room hand in hand where the Dursleys were. Harry had conjured clothes for his daughter. Oizys was wearing a knee length white sundress.

The three of them were quickly alerted of their presence.

"Hello, uncle, aunt and cousin. Meet my daughter, Oizys." Harry announced with a small cold smile. Oizys' eyes narrowed as she glared at them. There was a murderous glint in her eyes.

"Oizys. These three will be your first victims. Let's start with the youngest." Harry pointed to Dudley as his smile turned cruel. Oizys mirrored her father's smile.

"As you say, father." Oizys bowed respectfully to him before pointing her arm at the confused fat boy. A black sickly ray of light struck him. He stumbled and fell on his back. The pained scream which came from his mouth curdled the blood of the adult Dursleys.

"DUDLEY!" Petunia yelled, shaking her son frantically who was screaming and thrashing on the carpeted floor.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING, FREAK?" Vernon yelled angrily, advancing towards him. Harry stiffened and stepped back instinctively. All the courage and power in the world couldn't stop his heart from beating fast, couldn't stop his breath from hitching in his throat. He wasn't brave enough to face his uncle. Not now, not ever.

But it was no problem. He finally had a family who would fight for him, who would protect him.

Oizys just snapped her fingers and all the three Dursleys fell down, shrieking in pain like they have never done before. Harry approached the twitching body of his uncle.

"Does my face still look cute and beautiful, uncle?" Harry kneeled beside the convulsing body of Vernon. "Does my body still look effeminate? Do my sad eyes still excite you?"

When he only saw pain and helplessness in Vernon's eyes, Harry laughed loudly in relief as he walked away. His demented laughter turned hysterical after a minute, witnessing the torture of his captors, seeing the giant monsters finally getting defeated. Then he was falling down on his knees and sobbing his heart out. His loud hiccuping crying joined the pained shrieks of the Dursleys.

Oizys quickly reached him and wrapped her arms around him, running her hand on his back consolingly. She ignored the Dursleys screaming in the background. Her eyes were burning with hatred and she ruthlessly increased their intensity of pain. Their yawping was music to her ears.

"It's fine, father. Everything will be alright." she cooed, caressing his head. Harry looked up to her face and asked in a vulnerable tone.

"You won't leave me. Will you, Oizys?"

"Never, father. You and I are connected to the deepest level. I will never leave you. You are my world as I am yours. We'll be together for eternity. Just you and I." she smiled, cupping his face.

Harry shot her a watery smile and stood up.

"Torture them, Oizys. Let them feel my misery." he instructed her softly. She nodded her head and moved to the screaming family.

She levitated Petunia and bent her over the table. She burned her clothes to cinders, leaving her naked.

"Come on father. Let's feast. Let's party. Their misery will be so delicious." Oizys giggled, slapping Petunia's butt. Harry's aunt barely groaned as she lay prone on the table, her arse hanging invitingly to him. Harry stepped behind and pulled down his pants. He grinned ferally when Oizys sat Dudley and Vernon on the sofa so they had the nice view of what was going to happen to their mother and wife.

He spread her buttocks and thrusted inside her. Petunia's pained moan did amazing things to his boner which was snuggled inside her.

"No... please...not her." Vernon cried helplessly.

For the first time in his life, Harry didn't care about reason or purpose as he tortured his 'family'. Maybe revenge and pleasure was a valid reason to hurt anyone.

Lily woke up in a small bed fully clothed. She gasped awake and sat up. She was in Harry's room in Privet Drive instead of inside the trunk.

She touched her stomach which wasn't bloated anymore. She looked at her wrists where no scars marred her skin. Though she didn't know why she even checked her stomach and wrists.

She strangely felt really good. It was as if all the misery and sadness of her whole life had vanished and was replaced by warm happiness. She scrunched her nose in a deep thought.

"Why am I here in Harry's room? Why am I not at Potter Manor?" she whispered dubiously, having no memories of the last 15 days.

She climbed out of the bed and wandered down in the living room where she found three dead bodies. An abrupt scream tore through her lungs at the sight of her sister's family's mutilated bodies.

Their eyes were melted from their eye sockets. Their mouths were agape and filled with blood. Their naked bodies had deep carvings as if someone had been very liberal with a knife. Both the males were castrated.

Lily retched on the floor when she saw those removed appendages pushed in Petunia's orifices. The three bodies were lying in the large pool of crimson blood.

"What monster could do something like this?" She gasped in horror and ran out of the house before apparating to Potter Manor.

She had to inform the order about Voldemort's attack. They need to find Harry. She was sure this was Voldemort's handiwork. Tears fell from her eyes as she feared what Voldemort was doing to her son.

"Why did you ask me to remove her memory, father?" Oizys asked him. They both were sitting invisible on the sofa in the living room where the Dursleys' corpses lay. Harry had his arm around her as she snuggled to his side.

"I don't want her and her family to come after me. If they know what I have done to her, they will definitely seek revenge. It's better this way." Harry answered smoothly.

"So, this has nothing to do with how she won't be traumatised anymore? This wasn't an act of kindness?" Her emerald eyes were narrowed in thought. Harry hummed in a non-committal manner and didn't answer. Even he didn't know why he did that.

"Let's get our last objective done so we can run away in peace. There's a whole world to see and explore, my daughter. Go Oizys, kill Voldemort and his Death Eaters. Also, remember to kill the ones who are in Azkaban. Let's nip it in the bud so no one would annoy us in the future. I will be waiting in the room of requirement. Do you know where it is?" he ordered, giving her a serious look. Oizys stood up and bowed to him.

"I know everything, father. I am magic incarnate. I have access to every knowledge and secrets of this world. I have access to everyone's minds. I even know about horcruxes. Don't worry, I will take care of everything so we can live happily and peacefully."

Harry smiled proudly and opened his arms. Oizys giggled as he pulled her into his lap, embracing her tightly.

"I will be back soon, father." she smiled and kissed him on the cheek before vanishing in the flash of white lights.

Dumbledore and the order were having an important meeting. Everyone was sitting around a long table. Lily and James were sitting next to Dumbledore.

"Are you sure about this, Lily?" James asked nervously. She gave him a warm smile and squeezed his hand gently.

"Yes, I am. I trust Dumbledore. If he can find anything from my mind then it will be a victory. I want to know what happened to me in the last 15 days. I want to find my Harry."

James nodded and didn't protest anymore. Dumbledore smiled kindly at them.

"Don't worry James. No harm will befall on your wife."

After saying that Dumbledore pointed his wand at her and mumbled "Legillemens!"

Lily stiffened as the strange presence filled her mind. A minute later, Dumbledore withdrew from her mind. Everyone was looking at him expectantly.

He shook his head.

"The memory charm is done so perfectly even I couldn't find anything. I am sorry, Lily." Dumbledore revealed sadly.

Before she could wallow in her sorrow, a flash of white light in the corner attracted everyone's attention. A small preteen girl sauntered towards them.

"Here is your dark lord. And here are his destroyed horcruxes. I even cured uncle Noah from the symbiotic horcrux attached to his forehead." Oizys announced, throwing the trinkets and Voldemort's head on the table. All the order members sprang away from the decapitated head.

"Who are you?"

"Uncle Noah?"

"Horcrux? Symbiote horcrux on Noah's forehead?"

"How did you kill the dark lord?"

Oizys ignored the insistent questions and only stared at the wizened wizard who was checking the horcruxes.

"You are right. Voldemort is dead." Dumbledore said, his eyes wide with surprise and relief.

"Yep. Now, I have to go. My father, who you know as Harry Potter, is waiting for me." she smirked.

Her claim brought a bamboozled silence in the room.

"And a last request. Don't try to find us. We are going far away from here. We wouldn't like any interruptions. And I am very liberal in killing anything that annoys me. A suggestion for you, Lily Potter. You will never recover the memory of the last fifteen days. So, don't waste your time on it. Just be happy that your last fifteen days were spent in making this victory against Voldemort possible. You were a great help but we couldn't let you recall the powerful esoteric magic we performed so we charmed your memories. We wouldn't want our secret magic to be known after all. Goodbye and once again don't come after us or you will suffer like the Dursleys."

Voicing her threat, she vanished away.

"How in the hell is Harry the father of that girl? He is barely 15 years old." Sirius stated the obvious.

"That girl was scarily similar looking to you, Lily." James said, nudging Lily who was stupefied from the arrival of their last guest.

"She did say that she was Harry's daughter. That must be the reason." she mumbled in daze.

"Uhm, did no one notice that she confessed to killing the Dursleys? It wasn't Voldemort. It was them who tortured and killed the Dursleys." Remus's statement elicited horrified gasps all over the table.

Harry was sitting on a comfy sofa in the room of requirement. He was humming a long forgotten song, his head bobbing to the rhythm only he could hear. He felt so light and carefree for the first time in his life.

It was strange. And liberating.

Oizys' arrival made him smile. His smile grew wider as she plopped down in his lap and loosely wrapped her arms around his neck.

"Is it done?" he asked, caressing her hair. She smiled and nodded.

"You are free, father. I took care of everything." she said softly, her eyes gleaming with happiness. Harry chuckled and squeezed her fondly.

"Thank you Oizys. I knew I could depend on you." he said gratefully, pulling her close and placing a kiss on her forehead. Oizys snuggled in his lap and pressed her face on his chest as she listened to his soft humming. They remained that way, enjoying the physical closeness with each other.

"Where are we going now, father?" she asked after a while, curiously looking at him. Harry stopped humming and beamed at her.

"We are going to France first. We will decide where to go next from there." Harry replied, standing up and carrying her towards the bed conjured by the Room. "But first we need a restful sleep. I have been extremely tired in the last few weeks. Let's sleep for now, Elpis."

Oizys cuddled against him as they laid side by side. She stared at him in intrigue, both lying in a position so they could face each other.


"Yes, It will be your name from now on. I don't think the name Oizys suits your cute bubbly personality. I don't even like the name Oizys." He said thoughtfully, caressing her face.

The newly named Elpis beamed at her father and nodded joyfully.

"I like my new name more than my old one, father."

Harry smiled lovingly at her.

"Sleep now, Elpis. Tomorrow dawn will bring a new beginning for us."

At last, Harry slept peacefully with his arms around his family, around his daughter, Elpis.

She didn't fight against his grasp. She enjoyed the safety and love in his arms.

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