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Chapter Ten: The Golden Rule

Lee Tan Kuak was short, bald and had a little belly. He wore a thin, gray mustache. His fingers dripped gold with rings on every finger, bracelets on both wrists, and layers of necklaces. He wore a pinstripe suit made to order in Germany, and shoes of crocodile skin.

He smiled up at Taylor with a beaming grin that made Vista look calm and collected.

"You are beautiful! Like Antaboga or Seri Gumum."

He spoke English with a slight Oxford accent.

"I remember those names," Taylor told him as she lowered her head down so she could look at him better. In the vast, jungle gardens behind his mansion, no one not of his choosing could reach them. "There were others like me, once. They never woke up, though."

He bobbed his head as he basked in her glory. "Yes. Yes, I believe it. I can see it! I have enemies, Tiamat! So many enemies. And…though you do not have enemies, because how could you? I know you have…inconveniences. I have a plan to deal with both."

Dragon's couldn't really grin like humans, but she still managed. "Funny you mention it. So did I."



The ship was called the Tun Azizan. At 335ft and 8700 tonnes of displacement, the cargo vessel carried two onboard loading cranes. Though its low, flat deck could hold two hundred or more shipping containers, it carried only four.

It appeared in international waters southeast of Boston in a flash of rainbow light and a nerve-wracking sound like steel nails on a chalkboard. The tinker-tech teleportation module mounted in the center of the ship sparked and flamed briefly as it completed its one and only jump from Malaysia. It was the only way to avoid the huge fleets of privateers in suspiciously Chinese-made ships that suddenly appeared in the South China Sea.

Within ten minutes of the ship's appearance, twenty figures in black, armored body-suits popped into existence on the deck of the ship with their own, less glaring form of teleportation. Each had black, featureless masks, with a single number at their shoulder. The air shimmered around them almost as soon as they appeared, and just as quickly as they appeared, they became invisible.

The Yàngbǎn had arrived, and in minutes effectively took the Malaysian ship. The handful of guards and capes tasked with protecting the ship were no match for the dreaded power of the Emperor's Yàngbǎn!

"You're not sailing back with the treasure?" the captain asked. The man was as fluent in Chinese as he was Malay and English.

"We let a dragon slip through our fingers once," one of the faceless Yàngbǎn said, this one wearing the number One. "Not again.

The bound and trussed captain stared at the faceless figure with wide eyes. "You're stupid," he finally said.



The Tun Azizan arrived precisely on time. Tattletale stared intently at the three twenty-foot shipping containers that rested in the center of a flat deck that was designed to hold hundreds. A lonely tug led it through the boat graveyard (that was missing one ship that Tiamat ate last Saturday) and brought it into Pier 27. She had no idea how the ship made it from Malaysia to the northeast coast of the US so quickly, but assumed it had to do with Tinkertech.

"How's it looking?" Grue asked.

Instead of answering, Tattletale hunkered down lower onto the roof of the defunct Ferry building and continued to point her thermal scope (courtesy of Coil) at the ship. She could just barely see the hint of someone tied up in the bridge through the narrow windows. Those figures who were visible moved…wrong. Two guards walking on opposite sides of the ship were doing so with the exact same stride, in perfectly matched rhythm.

"So, good news is we probably aren't gonna die today," she whispered.

"I'll bite. Why?"

"Cause we're not going anywhere near that ship."

"And the bad news?"

"A lot of other people probably will. Be ready to run. I'll let the boss know not to bother with his mercs."



Elijah Mathers waited impatiently beside the mastered driver of the lead truck. His fellow Fallen were hidden among the other uniformed guards. Mama would be so proud of him. This heist would secure enough gold for her to fund the family for decades!

The guards on the ship didn't suspect a thing. Why would they? Elijah was careful to take control of the entire convoy that the silly dragon girl hired to move all her gold. Four tractor trailers were now controlled be four mastered drivers and twenty brothers and sisters of the Fallen.

Aquarter of a billion beautiful dollars' worth of treasure would soon be theirs.

Everything was going so well, the boy more publicly known as Valefor should have known it would all go up in flames. He just couldn't have anticipated the flames appearing in a giant ball right over the ship. The explosion made the semis behind them shake and the guards on the ship duck in alarm.

From the center of the flame came…came badly played piano and an electronic beat. Elijah winced in growing discomfort. Suddenly a horrible warble, like a man-sized cat being subjected to a tazer to the testicles shouted: "You! You got what I need! But you say he's just a friend!"

The fire cleared, and a vehicle appeared that looked even worse than the music it played sounded. Elijah blinked up in alarm as a 70's beige and white Winnebago RV appeared right over the ship. It was somehow held aloft with two massive rotors welded grotesquely onto either end of the RV's roof in a way that defied logic or aesthetics. A giant electromagnet—the kind used in junk yards—dangled obscenely from the bottom of the Frankenstein-esq vehicle.

A figure in too-tight leather pants with rotting teeth leaned out the side door of the Winnebago-copter with a megaphone and screamed, "Surprise, motherfuckers! The gold's all mine!"

Even from the pier, Valefor heard one of the ship guards shout out a word which sounded suspiciously Chinese, and suddenly twenty capes from all across the ship's deck assumed identical stances with their feet spread and their fists out. All twenty, despite being spaced all around the vessel, shouted the same word, and all twenty sent identical bursts of laser beams from their fists at the flying Winnebago-copter.

"Oh shit!" The infamous leader of the Archer Bridge Merchants, Skidmark, had time only for that one prescient exclamation before his atrocious vehicle exploded.

"Oh, mother," Elijah whimpered.

The exploding RV with the massive rotors did not veer off to one side or another. No, one of the rotors shot off into the bay, the other shot straight down into the deck of the ship, and the flaming RV itself dropped like a rock right on the nearest container.

The twenty Chinese capes scattered as flame blasted across the deck.

"Valefor, send the slaves to get the gold!" Eligos shouted from the next truck down.

All up and down the convoy of four tractor trailers, capes and zealots of the Fallen rushed up the two gangplanks to the flaming ship.

Naturally, that's when another explosion resulted not in a body blowing up or any more terrible music, but with a newcomer appearing. A very tall, female, Asian body clad in bones and a vaguely racist Samurai armor costume. She happened to be holding a mini-gun.

"Surprise, mother fuckers!" she screamed.

"Oh shit!" Elijah dropped to the ground as the psychotic leader of the gang known as the Teeth began spraying bullets everywhere. More capes arrived, flanked by their own followers, and to Eljah's shock open warfare broke out between the ship and the trucks.

The twenty Chinese capes that blew up Skidmark found themselves in a pitched battle with capes from the Teeth and the Fallen, and all of their followers. One of the Teeth capes made it to the deck of the ship. Before a squad of four of the black-clad Chinese capes could take him out, he screamed and pushed his stomach forward. Suddenly clones began to shoot out from his midsection so hard they went briefly airborne as they shot themselves wildly into the stunned enemy capes. Butcher herself screamed obscenities as she continued to shoot everything with her minigun.

"Mama, it's not working out," Elijah said. He knew she could hear him. She always could. He had a vision of himself running away, and knew his mama was calling him home. He rolled under the big truck and stood to run.

As he did so, he saw even more people coming. They wore military fatigues like the convoy drivers, but Elijah knew better than to believe them. He ducked his head and ran as fast as his skinny legs could carry him.

He reached the chain-link fence surrounding the pier and began climbing out when he found his way blocked by a strange couple in skin-tight leotards—the woman wore black, the man gray.

"Look, Geoff. A straggler!"

"Indeed, Dorothy," the man in gray said. The couple looked so horribly ordinary Valefor felt bored just looking at them.

He met their eyes. "I think you two should kill each other, and then forget I gave you this order."

The woman named Dorothy raised one brow. "Why on earth would I want to do that?"

"I think he's a cape, dear," Geoff said. "From the tattoos, I do believe this would be the dreaded Valefor. What do you think?"

"I, I think you're quite right. Shall we kill him?"

"Oh, yes. Let's!"

"Mommy," Valefor whimpered. A second later he witnessed the man puff out into a bank of thick fog, from which a Cthulu-esque black tentacle-claw slashed out to end him.



From a nearby building roof, a slight man in an intricately hand-carved mask that articulated his every expression stood watching the carnage. Around him stood five attractive capes in formal attire, suits and ties for the three men, strikingly beautiful dresses for the two ladies.

Accord was a Thinker of unparalleled ability. He could find a solution to any problem that he was presented with.

As he watched the Yàngbǎn battle with foot soldiers and capes from both the Fallen and the Teeth, he quickly spotted E88 capes and foot-soldiers waiting in the periphery, while Coil's pet gang watched and his mercenaries stood by to salvage what they could. His power began unravelling the chaos, both predicting future resolutions and determining past causes.

Abruptly, he began to chuckle.

"Sir?" Citrine asked carefully.

"What is it you young people say?" Accord said, still chuckling. "Fuck this shit, I'm going home."

Citrine, his most favored cape, clad in a formal evening gone of golden-rod yellow, stared a moment before nodding. "Shall I get the car?"

"By all means. The best way to fix this particular problem is to not become a part of it."

The Ambassadors left without using a single power beyond Accord's.



Hookwolf wore army fatigues, just like his Papa would have. Granted, it was to steal shit, not defend the world from the Commies and Japs, but it felt good nonetheless. Beside him, Stormtiger and Cricket both also wore fatigues to better fit in as they made their way toward the ships.

The crazy-assed Jap slut with the Mini-gun was still laying into all the capes on the ships. He had no idea who the capes were that the Teeth and Fallen were fighting, but so far they'd torn all the cranes off the ship and a good part of the bridge structure too. Bullets and fire and half-naked brain-dead clones were everywhere.

Abruptly Butcher XIV tossed down her mini-gun and ran to the edge of the first of the shipping containers. Hookwolf watched, impressed despite himself, as the nut-job picked the whole damned thing up, ran to the edge of the ship and jumped. The container was too much for her though, and crushed her to the ground.

Except, she exploded into a burst of flame just as the container crashed into the concrete, and reappeared on the deck of the ship.

"Shame that bitch's so crazy," Stormtiger muttered. "That's impressive."

As her subordinate capes fought back the ship capes with endless sprays of clones, and wind-blasts and invisible little forcefields that knocked at least a pair of the ship-capes off their feet, the Butcher manhandled all four of the 20-foot shipping containers off the deck of the ship. Once to the pier, she then picked each one up, obviously straining at the weight since they could hear her grunting with effort, and put them on the trucks.

Abruptly an explosion sent Hookwolf reeling as the Butcher was suddenly right there! She grabbed the front of his fatigues and one-armed him off the ground. Through her brutal beast-like mask, he saw dark eyes burning with passion and madness. She had a long, elegant neck and limbs, and under the padded armor she wore, Hookwolf could see a drop-dead gorgeous body. This girl was a fucking fighter, even before she got the Butcher power stuck in her head with all the other past butchers.

"You! Are you with the Teeth…why are you looking at me like that?"

Hookwolf was many things. But the one thing his Papa always insisted on, was being honest. "Didn't think you were so damned hot."

Butcher XIV stared up at him for a long moment. "I could make you hurt," she snarled.

"Yeah," Hookwolf said, not bothering to hide his smile. "Me too."

Another of the Teeth capes came running down the plank. "Boss! Boss! That's not one of ours! Animos saw an E88 cape on a building nearby!"

Those dark eyes lit ablaze. "You lied to me! You're E88?"

"I didn't lie," Hookwolf said with a grin. "You're fucking hot." And with that, he let loose his true form and erupted in a scintillating layer of metal hooks as he took his canine form and lashed out at the powerful, insane cape. His blow flattened her against the concrete pier, but she immediately bounced back and returned the favor, lacing her blow with a surge of agony that left Hookwolf gasping and laughing.

"That's it, baby! Give it to me!"

That set Butcher off ever worse.

Hookwolf didn't care. Ever since Lung died he'd been craving a good fight. And this fiery-eyed nutjob Jap laid into him with the very same abandon as he did her, he finally got exactly what he wanted.

With his exposure, the jig was up. All around, the massed forces of the E88 fell upon the Teeth, the remaining Yàngbǎn and the tiny handful of Fallen that remained. Rune dropped small boulders onto the capes on the ship, while Victor used his sniper rifle from a nearby roof to pick off foot soldiers. Cricket drew her Kamas and launched herself into the fray against the Yàngbǎn while Stormtiger found himself exchanging blades of compressed air with another aerokinetic in the strange wanna-be Endbringer armor of a Fallen cape.

Hookwolf barely paid attention as he and the Butcher fought. Neither held back—from what he'd read, she could barely feel pain at all, and his best blows barely scratched her. But in his wolf form he was incredibly resilient to her most offensive blows as well.

Onto the field of battle came Kaiser himself, clad in articulated, medieval inspired armor of steel he made with his own power. The twins, Menja and Fenja, walked at his side in their Valkyrie-styled armor, one with a sword, the other with a spear and shield. Never were very big yet, since there was no sign of Tiamat.

The E88 came with their entire roster of the street forces—two hundred or more men and women from all walks of life arrived with rifles, shotguns and handguns. With Hookwolf keeping the Butcher busy, the rest of the Teeth, the Fallen and even the Yàngbǎn were completely overrun. Kaiser knew it.

He walked with the strut of the conqueror, a Caesar in truth bearing his laurel of victory as he made his way to the nearest of the shipping containers. With all the aplomb of a showman, he through the doors of the container open.

The moment the doors of the container opened, the walls and roof of the twenty-foot shipping container also fell away, and suddenly a forty-foot tall monster with black and silver scales rose up to shade the entire pier with her incredible wings.

"Hello, Kaiser!" Tiamat's oddly young, female voice rang through all of their minds like a bell tolling. "It's so nice to eat you!"

And then she proceeded to do just that. Kaiser managed a brief scream and a few shards of steel rising from the ground before a massive jaw closed around him. The scream was cut off in the sound of screeching steel. "Hmm, German food! He even tastes a little like a sausage with sauerkraut!"

Every cape went perfectly still. Hookwolf found himself on top of Butcher and let his wolf form fade as he stared at the leader of the E88 die to a bad food pun.

Only then did he notice the little Ward girl, Vista, on the back of the dragon. "I thought we'd agreed on, 'Surprise, motherfucker!'"

"But Skidmark and Butcher said that. This was much more polite, anyway."

Menja screamed. "You killed max!"

Fenja screamed. "You bitch!"

The twins began to grow rapidly, until Tiamat tail-whipped them both with a stunningly fast spin and ripped one of the girl's heads off with a claw, and the other girl's head off with her jaw.

"That's the most fucked thing I've ever seen," Butcher XIV said from underneath him.

"You ain't lyin'." And then he realized he was on top of Butcher, and his boss just got eaten.

And she was fucking hot. "Huh. Wanna go grab a beer?"

"The voices in my head want me to kill you."

"Is that before or after we hook up?"

"They can't decide."

"Then let's have a beer until they do," Brad said. He pushed himself up, then offered her a hand.

Behind them, Vista cackled madly from the dragon's shoulders as Tiamat unleashed a storm of dragonfire over everyone. Somehow they could hear her even over the fire and the screams. "Are those Yàngbǎn? It's like Chinese buffet! This was such a good idea! I love being a dragon. I'm gonna eat everybody!"

Butcher pulled off her mask, revealing a stunning beautiful mixed face, half-Japanese, half Anglo. "What's your name, racist dog?"

"Brad. What's yours, Slant-eyed bitch?"

Those slanted eyes burned passionately. "Naomi. First round's on you."

"Breakfast too, if you want."

"The debate's still going. Beer first. This whole thing did not work out like Vex said it would."

"Yeah, with you there. So, do the voices in your head have favorite drink? Better not be that Jap shit."



Taylor felt immensely pleased with herself. She finally got to eat Kaiser—the perfect combination of hard, crunchy exterior and soft, chewy interior. Like a Kaiser bar. No, a Kaiser roll! And she got to pull the heads off a couple of Barbie dolls. She hadn't done anything like that since she was a little girl!

Missy groaned at the pun. "Still should have said 'Surprise, mother fucker.'"

"Then we could offer him some fast food, and say, 'Some fries, mother fucker!'"

"And look, it's almost dawn. 'Sunrise, mother fucker!'"

"I'm in the mood for desert. Some pies, mother fucker?"

Missy cackled as she stared up at the human-form of her very best friend in the world. "Do you think they'll be mad about all the property damage?"

To no one's surprise, the PRT and local Protectorate finally arrived in force as Missy posed the question. At the head of the convoy of PRT transports were two motorcycles. One was a perfectly normal motorcycle that Miss Militia rode. The other was a very large, newly fashioned triumph of tinker-made technology.

It smelled so good.

Vista looked from Taylor's sudden intense gaze to Armsmaster's bike. "Don't do it," she warned.

"But it smells so good."

"He'll be mad."

"It'll taste so yummy!"

"They'll be a fine!"

"I'm rich."

From the far side of the pier, where Brad and Naomi were trading insults and mentally stripping each other, they heard a loud, anguished cry. "TIAMAT! NOT AGAIN!"



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Topic: What Will Tiamat Eat Next?

In: Boards ► News ► Events ►America

Bagrat (Original Poster) (Veteran Member) (The Guy in the Know)

Posted on January 1st, 2010:

So, I'm sure everyone has seen the news. Brockton Bay's newest Ward and resident dragon ate the Slaughterhouse Nine. Yes, she ate the entire group.

She ate Kaiser, the head of the Empire 88 neo-Nazi gang, and, well, most everyone else too. She ate a crack unit of Chinese capes that were sent to try and capture her for some reason, and talked about Chinese food. She ate most of the Teeth, who came to steel her gold. She ate half of the Fallen, who also came to steel her gold, and burned the rest. And the gold was taken from the Indian Ocean, which nearly started World War III. If not for the Simurgh descending on the Imperial Family of China, they'd still be fighting.

So what will Tiamat eat next?

(Showing page 922 of 923)

► Ekul (Brockton Bay Wyrm Worshipper)

Replied on January 6th, 2010:

Right now? She's in bay picking ships out of the graveyard and eating them. About one a week. We've already seen an uptick in shipping. I heard rumor a new transportation company has been buying up land all around Lord's Port and is already modernizing the equipment. And get this! Some poor sap was talked into privately funding our ferry again!

► Tiamat (Verified Dragon)

Replied on January 6th, 2010:

The metal is good for my teeth. The rust makes it spicey! Does anyone know where I can buy vitamin E in bulk? It's for Aegis and Triumph.

Topic: PRT Official Announcement

In: Boards ► Places ► America ►Brockton Bay ► Wards

Reeve (Official PRT Communication)

Posted on January 7, 2010:

The PRT North North-east is sad to announce the transfer of Aegis and Triumph. The two Wards, who have been a valuable component of the Brockton Bay Wards Team, both accepted positions in Fairbanks, Alaska.

► Tiamat (Verified Dragon)

Replied on January 7th, 2010:

Cowards. It's only Vitamin E oil. What's wrong with that?

► Vista (Verified Wards)

Replied on January 8th, 2010:

Gallant is staying, tho!

► Glory Girl (Verified Cape) (New Wave)

Replied on January 8th, 2010:

You're both insane! Stay away from him! And my sister!

Topic: What Will Tiamat Eat Next? Endbringers, apparently.

In: Boards ► News ► Events ►America

Bagrat (Original Poster) (Veteran Member) (The Guy in the Know)

Posted on February 2nd, 2010:

The Simurgh attacked Singapore. The attack lasted just as long as it took Tiamat to fly at Mach 16 across the Pacific Ocean to tackle the Endbringer from the sky. [link] Here is the video of her ripping one of the Simurgh's wings off before the Endbringer left the fight. The whole event lasted seven minutes. [Link] Here is the interview in which Tiamat confirms that the Simurgh really does taste like chicken.

Reporters noticed the shade of silver along her wings changed color slightly after she ate the Simurgh's wing. No one is commenting on why that might be.

Topic: PRT Official Announcement

In: Boards ► Places ► America ►Brockton Bay ► Teams ► Undersiders

Reeve (Official PRT Communication)

Posted on March 1, 2010:

The PRT North-Northeast is glad to announce the appointment of Phil Rennick as the new Director. Mr. Rennick is a long-time veteran of both the PRT and the FBI. He will be replacing acting director Thomas Calvert, who accepted a new directorship position in Fairbanks, Alaska. We previously announced that Emily Piggot, his predecessor, retired after twenty years of PRT Service and has moved to Florida to enjoy time with her cats.

Topic: Hypothetically, if I wanted to become a henchman…

In: Boards ► Places ► America ►Brockton Bay ► Teams ► Undersiders

AllSeeingEye (Original Poster) (Verified Know-it-all)

Posted on March 31st, 2010:

So, I just want to say for the record that yes, the Undersiders were at Pier 27 during the great Kaiser Roll incident. But we were not in any way involved in the attempt to steal the gold!

► Tiamat (Verified Dragon)

Replied on April 1, 2010

That's because you figured out I'd already picked up the gold personally, and it was a trap I worked out with the sugar king in Malaysia. You would have stolen some if you thought you could. And I eat people who steal my stuff.

► AllSeeingEye (Verified Know-it-all)

Replied on April 1, 2010

What would it take to make things right?

► Tiamat (Verified Dragon)

Replied on April 1, 2010

How does Grue feel about Vitamin E oil? My eye-candy ran away, the cowards.

► AllSeeingEye (Verified Know-it-all)

Replied on April 1, 2010

If it means we don't get eaten? He's perfectly fine with it. And he is definitely eye-candy.

► Tiamat (Verified Dragon)

Replied on April 1, 2010

I'll need Regent too. He's smaller and not nearly as cute, but Vista's eye-candy moved to Boston. But she's smaller, so it's okay if she gets the little one.

► AllSeeingEye (Verified Know-it-all)

Replied on April 1, 2010

I…guess? But he's not really someone you want to have around kids.

► Tiamat (Verified Dragon)

Replied on April 1, 2010

Vista's not a kid. She's my friend. People who hurt my friends get eaten. I'm sure it'll be fine.

► Grue (Verified Dragon Toy)

Replied on April 1, 2010

Tattletale, what the hell did you just sign me up for? And what the hell's up with my tag?

In: Boards ► Places ► America ►Brockton Bay ► Cape Sightings

Bagrat (Original Poster) (Veteran Member) (The Guy in the Know)

Posted on April 15, 2010:

Brockton Bay's own murderer and pit fighter Hookwolf was spotted in Tijuana, Mexico. With Butcher XIV. [NSFW Pictures]. They have single-handedly taken over the Cortez Cartel and the body count of rival gangs is in the hundreds. And just to confuse the enemy, Butcher XIV has dropped her Teeth-made armor, and now…apparently fights in a string bikini. Hookwolf fights in a pair of cargo shorts.

► xxxVoidCowboyxxx

Replied on April 15, 2010

Wow! Butcher is really, really pretty! Can I get a better resolution jpeg?

In: Boards ► News ► Events ►America

Bagrat (Original Poster) (Veteran Member) (The Guy in the Know)

Posted on May 22nd, 2010:

Eidolon is dead. Legend officially confirmed that Eidolon was killed in his civilian home while he slept when a freak accident caused the left engine of a Boeing 747 to sheer off shortly after taking off from Houston. The engine crushed Eidolon, killing him instantly.

(Showing page 242 of 243)

► Tiamat (Verified Dragon)

Replied on May 23rd, 2010

I'm just saying he smelled like old onions. And now the Endbringers won't play anymore.

► White Fairy (Original Poster) (Veteran Member)

Replied on May 23rd, 2010

Wait, what? I don't understand. Are you saying Eidolon was connected to the Endbringers somehow?"

► Tiamat (Verified Dragon)

Replied on May 23rd, 2010

No, I'm saying he smelled like old onions. And now the Endbringers won't play anymore.

► White Fairy (Original Poster) (Veteran Member)

Replied on May 23rd, 2010

So, you're saying there's not a connection?

► Tiamat (Verified Dragon)

Replied on May 23rd, 2010

No, I'm saying he smelled like old onions. And now the Endbringers won't play anymore.

► Ekul (Brockton Bay Refugee)

Replied on May 23rd, 2010

White Fairy, for everyone's sake, please don't try to reason with a dragon.

In: Boards ► Capes ► Where in the world is Scion?

Bagrat (Original Poster) (Veteran Member) (The Guy in the Know)

Posted on June 23rd, 2010:

It has now been three months since anyone, anywhere in the world, has seen Scion.

(Showing page 219 of 220)

► Tiamat (Verified Dragon)

Replied on June 24th, 2010

Of course I have him. He's even prettier than Legend! He fans me and feeds me grapes and scrap metal from the boat graveyard. We swim in my gold together.

► White Fairy (Original Poster) (Veteran Member)

Replied on June 24th, 2010

► Bagrat (Original Poster) (Veteran Member) (The Guy in the Know)

Replied on June 24th, 2010

I don't even…how? Why?

► Tiamat (Verified Dragon)

Replied on June 24th, 2010

He was sad and lonely. His girlfriend died, and some bad people who smell like old onions cut her up into little pieces and used her as cooking ingredients. He was thinking about killing everybody, but we had a good long talk. I showed him how awesome it feels to swim in gold, and how to eat the people that hurt you. So, he turned into a dragon like me and ate the people that cut up his girlfriend, and now he's with me.

It's the golden rule, you know. Those with the gold make the rules.

Scion is golden. He's mine, now. And so I make the rules.

It's good to be a dragon.