The Tale of Devilish Fox - chapter 2


"Ajuka. You know I think of you as one of my closest friends. Therefore surely you will comprehend what I mean when I say this. Just what the f…" Sirzechs stopped himself when Grayfia sent him a murderous glare. "What the freaking hell were you thinking?"

They were standing in the backroom of a meeting room, where representatives of several concerned factions o assembled to question de-facto the sanity of Satan Beelzebub. His decision of resurrecting Uzumaki Naruto as a devil was controversial at best. It was compounded by the fact that he wasn't even ashamed. Quite the opposite. When questioned about the strange anomaly in Italy, he was all too happy to tell everyone how he found a powerful human and turned him into a devil [king]. Some thought he either lost his mind or finally found a sense of humor.

"I already told you that it's all part of the plan." Ajuka calmly tried to placate his friend. "I took a calculated risk."

"What sorts of calculations would justify that decision. And then all but parading the boy around the Young Devils Ball"

"Thirty [Pawns]." Ajuka simply said, stunning both Grayfia and Sirzechs. "The boy had the potential of thirty [pawns] without any sacred gear or supernatural heritage."

"Then how?" The [Queen] of Lucifer's peerage spoke up.

"I learned after the fact that both he and the girl he begged me to rescue are from beyond the Dimensional Gap."

"That's impossible!" The maid protested.

"Not really." Ajuka shrugged. "Their story checks out. And there is at least one species that regularly uses Dimensional Gap to travel between worlds."

"It still doesn't justify you just up and giving him a peerage right after he became a devil."

"Forgive the intrusion, your highnesses." A servant knocked at the doors. "But everyone awaits."

"I really hope you can explain that mess." Sirzechs shook his head and led the trio to the main room.

"Maou Beelzebub. We've been waiting." Lord Bael greeted Ajuka with false politeness.

"Yes. Forgive us for the delay. I simply had to clarify some matters beforehand."

"Now then, I think we can get straight to the point of this meeting." Lord Agares glared at the Maou.

"Of course. My time away from my research is not spent productively."

"Good. Then you might wish to explain why have you chosen to grant a newly-reincarnated human a peerage straight away. In effect, you've made him a high-class devil from the beginning."

"I will interrupt you there," Ajuka spoke up. "Uzumaki Naruto was already more powerful than an average high-class devil by the time I've found him. Not only is he a human Sennin, but he also knows several incredibly destructive techniques. As proven by him annihilating a four-winged angel in single combat."

"What do you mean by annihilated?" One of the lords asked.

"There is no other word for that. The angel was torn to shreds on the cellular level by his attack."

"He might be powerful and I can see the merit of adding him to a peerage. Even his friend would probably make a fine addition to some peerage."

"His friend had the value of eleven [Pawns]. There were no peerages with such space free." He waited for the revelation to settle. "Uzumaki Naruto had a value of Thirty [Pawns]."

This caused an uproar. Thirty [pawns] were almost unheard of. A human? Granted, a sage, but still.

"It was imperative for him to join the devil faction." The Maou relaxed in his seat.

"We are not questioning you reincarnating him." Lord Bael put his foot down. "We're inquiring as to why has he received a peerage from the beginning."

"The pieces he received are a prototype of my newest creation." A small smile crept on Ajuka's face. This is the moment he's been waiting for. "There were no pieces that could've reincarnated him. The system was not made to deal with this kind of power. And it's not the first such instance. I received several complaints that the growth mechanics are not working as well as many would wish. With the current system, the growth freezes at one less [Pawn] needed. The evil pieces are simply unable to reflect the growth of King's power. Therefore I've been working on developing a more adaptable system by scrapping the first idea for [King] piece. Instead, new [King] pieces would measure the devil's power in real-time and use it to boost the reincarnation feature. The downsides, for now, are that the King is often exhausted after one such reincarnation if it uses a piece's maximum potential." He cleared his throat and continued. "Uzumaki Naruto is my test subject. In exchange for receiving the [King] piece and the Evil Pieces set, he agreed to become my test subject. He is uniquely suited for the task."

"Then keep him in the lab and dispose of him afterward, simple as that." Lord Gamigin snorted. "We don't need some upstart polluting our blood."

"He needs to be controlled. Right now he's practically a stray with a peerage."

"That is why Ajuka and I came with a solution that should satisfy all parties. Uzumaki Naruto will attend Kuoh Academy with Heiresses Gremory and Sitri, where we will be able to keep an eye on him while he learns the meaning of being a Devil."

"I believe I speak for everyone when I say this situation could've been handled better." Lord Phenex scoffed.

"Obviously." Ajuka mocked. "I'm curious where would I be able to find volunteers to test the system. Maybe a Phenex would agree to have it used on them and potentially spend an eternity in a coma, dying over and over. Or maybe there would be another devil in your families wishing to risk their lives to test an imperfect system. I can tell you already that if I did not use it on Uzumaki first, a major flaw would've killed whoever used it. It was because of his impossible stamina that he survived attempting to resurrect someone. The system tried to take all power from him." Several older lords cringed. "This is precisely why the initial design of [King] piece was boosting the power of the user, so they could sustain this kind of drain."

"I believe this is a well enough justification." Lord Glasya-Labolas nodded. "The benefits will far outweigh the cost of having this… Uzumaki become a devil."

Some of the lords looked unsatisfied, but they couldn't argue that they had no alternative solution at the moment and Uzumaki was apparently already powerful enough to defend his status as a [King] of a peerage.


Naruto vaulted over the janitor's cart not even slowing down. He was currently running damn close to the Olympic speed and then some. He ducked into the staircase and slid down on the handrail.

Issei watched as girls fawned over the impromptu show of athleticism. Then, he spotted Souna Shitori and three other girls from the student council running into the corridor.

"Spread out! Bring that… that… Bring Uzumaki to me!"

What was strange to many students was that all of them spotted neon-yellow hair, whereas most could've sword they all had dark hair just two hours ago.

Naruto meanwhile was already out of the main school building. He leaped into the nearest bushes. He quickly took a meditative position and went completely still. One of the lesser-known benefits of being a sage was that when he was becoming part of nature, most people tended not to notice him. He wasn't invisible, but it took an actual effort to separate him from the background, as long as he was actually in a place where nature was. Trying it in the middle of the school corridor had an opposite effect, as he painfully learned some time ago.

"Naruto-Kun." Hinata leaned over his shoulder and whispered. "Did you send a clone to Sona's lessons again?"

"Yes?" He gulped. He was done for.

"And did that clone perhaps fall asleep?"


"So why is the hair of every single member of the students' council neon yellow?" It really was neon. It would glow in the dark.

"I might've used the… Bunshin Daibakuha…" (Clone Great Explosion). Naruto confessed.

"And knowing you, you've modified it to explode with a hair dye… What am I gonna do with you?" She sighed.

"Let me go and save my life?" Naruto begged.

"Here he is!" One of Sona's servants must've noticed him when he was distracted. He leaped onto the trees and then parkoured onto the school rooftop, earning applause from the watching students. He didn't pause and instead ran onto the other side and vaulted over the edge.

He aimed to use a little bit of chakra to soften the landing, but it turned out to be unneeded as three perverts volunteered to be his pillow.

"Thanks for the save!" Naruto mocked as he started running again. He needed to reach the school gates and he would be home free.

Just a few more meters…

He was almost there.

And he failed when Sona stepped into his way with an outstretched hand. While he doubted she would actually use magic to catch him, he similarly didn't want to test it out or attack her in any form.

"Uzumaki-San. You will accompany me to the principal now."

"Fine… At least you've shaken the powder off during the chase." He chuckled while subtly releasing a pulse of chakra that dispelled the yellow dye.

The three perverts watched Naruto being led away. Ever since he joined the academy some six weeks prior, those chaotic events increased in frequency by at least a factor of ten. Uzumaki Naruto and the rules seemed to be at constant war. And right now, Uzumaki was winning.

Issei sighed.

"The dark fox strikes again." He massaged his back, still aching after the beating he and his friends received from the kendo club.

"You've gotta admit though, the guy has style." Matsuda nodded sagely.

"If only he used it for something nobler than pranking." Motohama cried. "Like in pursuit of Oppai."

"Dude. If he wanted, he would probably get any breasts he wanted. The girls call him Yami no Kitsune, true. But remember his other name."

"The Dark Prince of Kuoh." The trio spoke in harmony before taking a deep sigh.

"Man, with him and Kiba, we have no chance of ever getting any."

"Hey, I heard Hyuuga Hinata often trains after the school's out. Wanna go try to get a look?"

"That… might not be a good idea." Issei shivered. "Remember the last time?"

All three boys felt a chill go down their spines.

"Looks like someone's in for a remedial class or two." A dark voice spoke above them. Suddenly a menacing shadow was cast over the trio. Naruto cracked his knuckles.

"Hey! You were dragged to the principal's office! You can't just appear out of nowhere! That's like… super unfair!"

"Heh. Maybe. But my pervert-sense was tingling so I went to check out if you aren't messing with someone you shouldn't." Naruto shrugged. "I'm giving you ten."

"Ten what?" Issei asked, missing how his two friends already started to run for the hills.


"Oh… ten seconds. Waaah!" The pervert finally figured out the only sane response and started running as well.

"Gets them every time."

He waited three more seconds before summoning a shadow clone that he sent chasing after Issei since he was the closest. The other two would probably find unpleasant and humiliating surprises in their lockers on Monday.

Naruto left the school grounds and walked away whistling.

It has been two months since Naruto and Hinata arrived on Earth. After their initial encounter with the supernatural, the shinobi joined the Devil's faction. Somewhat by force, but neither regretted it. Especially since the alternative was Hinata's death. Thus, Naruto became a [King] and Hinata his [Queen]. The girl at least was blushing and crying interchangeably when she learned what Naruto did for her, up until Ajuka took her to the side and explained in more detail the basics of devilhood. Naruto had no idea what, but she returned blushing. After that, she was pensive for a few days before gaining a small boost of confidence.

Speaking of the satan and Naruto's de-facto patron, the man… devil… he was most accommodating. It seemed he wanted to make sure his experiment brought desired results. Though he forced Naruto to go to school. And he made him learn all those devil customs and traditions and laws. Sona Sitri was all too happy to volunteer to be his tutor.

Since then, he learned the basics any Devil needed to know (according to Sona at least). Ajuka was now somewhat pushing him to gather his peerage and start training for the rating games, hinting that he might engage in some soon. The only problem was that Naruto didn't want just anybody. Ideally, he wanted maybe someone from Konoha Eleven. Except that would be impossible seeing as they were in an entirely different dimension beyond reach. Naruto could technically summon Toads from mount Myoboku, but they couldn't summon him back.

Oh! And Tsunade was back as the Hokage. The attack on Danzo during the Five Kage summit ended with him and two ANBU being murdered by Sasuke, who attacked the world leaders. The Shinobi world was now in a sort of standstill. Naruto being gone caused Akatsuki to dial back on their activity. They couldn't operate openly when they had no idea where he was since the exile. The villages formed an alliance, but they had no traces of the enemy. Thus there was a sense of relative peace for now, but everyone was tense.

Tsunade tried to rescind Naruto's exile, but the Daymio remained stubborn. The best she could manage was to partially pardon Hinata's desertion. Her punishment was, similarly, exile. Thus she and Naruto were on the same boat.

He was brought out from his thoughts when he sensed someone watching him. He closed his eyes and tried to zero on whoever that was, but it was gone already. A frown marred his face. Something was coming…

He ducked into the nearest alley and made sure to take a long way home, sending a clone in the wrong direction a time or two. The house he and Hinata lived in was really a small compound. There were a total of five buildings, with a separate bathhouse, a dojo, guest house, the main manor, and a servants' quarters for when Naruto's Peerage grows. Part of it was sponsored by Ajuka himself, while Naruto supplied the rest through… well, he did. And the method of earning money will remain a secret for as long as he can keep it so.

He relaxed after he passed the outer walls of the compound. He entered the kitchen in the main building when his clone dispelled itself. The memories it brought were… frankly improbable at best.

"You won't believe what I've seen, Hinata-chan!" He called, attracting the attention of his [queen], who was currently preparing dinner.


"Issei got a girlfriend."

Hinata dropped the pot she was holding.

"No…" She started blushing furiously.

"Hinata-chan?" Naruto looked at her with a worried gaze.

A phone started ringing.

"Oh no… she already knows." The girl was panicking. She reached for the phone that was until now left on the counter. Her face was now red in embarrassment, which Naruto had no idea where could be coming from.

As soon as Hinata pressed 'accept', there was a foreboding cackling to be heard. And what was worse, she accidentally put it on speaker.

"Fu fu fu. Hinata-chan. I have news." Akeno's teasing voice sounded from the device. "You won't believe the newest gossip going around the students."

"Issei's got a girlfriend." Naruto supplied. "My clone actually saw her asking him out."

You could almost hear the teasing smirk that appeared on Akeno's face.

"So it's confirmed. Now that's really interesting." Hinata blushed heavier on the sound of that, or rather what it implied. "You know what that means, Hi~na~ta." Rias' [Queen] sang through the phone.

"I… Uh… Um… but…"

"You wouldn't go back on your word, would you."

Hinata squeaked, sparing a glance at Naruto, who seemed almost dazed with confusion.


"Then I expect some juicy news tomorrow." The usually stoic girl was cackling while she hung up.

"That was… unusual," Naruto commented after a moment of silence (for Hinata's dignity and confidence probably). "What was she talking about?"

Hinata was frantically trying to control her blush. She stammered a few words that made absolutely no sense before fainting. Like usual. Naruto just sighed and picked her up bridal style. He gently carried her to her room, but she just latched onto him and refused to let go. The blush didn't disappear and the boy considered checking her temperature. Ultimately though, he decided to wait until morning. The only problem was that now he had to somehow ply her away. Not an easy task. Hinata was deceptively strong even before she became the [queen]. Now, she could maybe even lift Kichi. Or at least she might've before the toad hit a growth sprout and suddenly was the size of his dad.

He tried Kawarimi (substitution), but she was so close to him that she just followed him through.

Then, he summoned some clones, but all they managed to do was to confirm that she was now asleep when she started murmuring about whiskers.

"I'll buy you a body pillow next time I see one." Naruto groaned, resigning himself to his fate. Then, he got another brilliant idea. He summoned a clone and ordered him to use magic to change them into pajamas.

A very important lesson for the future: never order a tired clone to invent a magical spell on the spot. The effects might… vary. In this particular case, the clone fired a beam at the duo that ricocheted from them and hit the bookshelf above the bed where Hinata kept her books. One in an orange cover fell, hitting Naruto in the head and knocking him out.

He didn't remember that the beam also destroyed their clothes.


It was pure chance that Naruto woke up first. It seemed that at some point during the night, Hinata loosened her hold. Thus, he was able to use his secret ninja skills to escape. Yes, they were needed.

He technically understood that Devils were often somewhat more in-tune with their desires. He got the message. He would buy Hinata a bodypillow first thing on Monday.

As soon as he was free, he darted from her room. He just realized that a very important piece of clothing was missing and he needed to go grab it asap. Some fuzzy memory from his clone told him that he might need to work on a better spell.

He busied himself with preparing breakfast for himself and Hinata when the girl finally entered the kitchen.

"Hi, Hinata-chan. How did you sleep."

The kunoichi watched her [King] prepare breakfast, but her thoughts were occupied by another matter. She technically lost a bet. Or the ultimatum. Whatever. The point was, that Akeno was now free to approach Naruto unless she made her move.

You see, it all started about a month ago. When Naruto was first introduced to the two Peerages that made Kuoh their territory, she, as his [queen] and only piece, was scooped up by the two other [queens] and dragged for some girls' night. At some point, Akeno probably figured that Hinata had a crush on her [King], or just got the same impression about Naruto as Hinata had. She expressed her intention to ask him out.

Obviously, Hyuuga protested. Loudly. And so Akeno and Tsubaki learned for certain about her crush. She managed to extract a promise that they wouldn't try to make a move on him until she gathered courage. Tsubaki had no plans on making such a move ever, but Akeno decided to tease Hinata some more. In the end, though, she also agreed to not try and ask Naruto out… But she gave the blond's [Queen] a time limit. She had to ask her [King] out before Issei got a girlfriend. It seemed reasonable enough, so Hinata foolishly agreed. It felt like enough time.

It definitely wasn't enough time.

"Hinata-chan? You okay?" Naruto was worried. Was she going down with something? As a devil, she should be mostly immune to human diseases, right?

"I'm fine." She mumbled.

"Okay. Here you go!" He placed a plate of food in front of her and took a seat.

"Na-Naruto-Kun." She tried to gather all the courage she had. She's been living with Naruto under one roof for way over a month. She would be damned if she let it all go to waste. "Naru-Naruto-Kun… would you… do you… will…"

"Huh?" Naruto was confused. That much should've been obvious.

"Will you go out with me!?" She screamed loud enough to cause the plates to rattle.

"I… what?" stopped working.

Was Hinata… asking him out? But… what? Really?

"I… I really admire you and… I… I hoped you would… go out with me." She lowered her gaze while blushing heavily.

"Really? I… um… heard that some [queens] marry their [kings], but I assure you that's not an obligation. You don't have…"

"No!" Hinata protested. "I… I wanted to be with you even before you made me your [queen]. Ever since the academy. You've always inspired me! You're so kind and never let anything bring you down or stop you." She did her best to overcome her shyness. She was already too far in to back down. "Then, there was the Chunin Exam and I saw you defend my honor. I… I imagined you as my personal knight in shining armor. You gave me the motivation to fight on. You gave me my own Nindo. My Ninja way."

"Hinata…" Naruto was floored. This was just so… sudden. How did he miss all the signs before?

"Then you were hurt chasing after Sasuke. And shortly after, you left for your training. But I didn't let that hold me back! I trained and fought. To be strong. Like you. After your return, things went so chaotic so quickly… Then, there was Pein's invasion."

The memory that was stuck at the very back of Naruto's mind resurfaced. Before, whenever he tried to recall it, those images and sounds would evade him. He believed that he never registered them. Now… now he remembered it with perfect clarity.

"Oh… You… Already told me all of this, didn't you."

The girl nodded, fearing to actually say anything. Now that she finally started speaking, it was all coming out without much of her conscious input. She had imagined her confession a million times over, but never thought it would be during breakfast. Which was now cooled down by the way.

"I'm sorry. If I knew…" then what? Naruto honestly didn't know. Back then, he was still in love with Sakura. Six weeks ago, he would've probably still said he was. But… if there was one thing he learned in the hell that was high school (not actual hell, which was a kinder place. Go figure), it was the difference between Love and crush. He had a crush on Sakura. Sakura had a crush on Sasuke. Hinata… He didn't know. He had no idea how to read his [Queen].

"No… I think it's for the best you actually didn't remember. These last two months… I got to know the real you. Not just the image I had. Like how you tend to be overly loud and childish at times. Or how terrible of a cook you are." She pushed the plate that held her breakfast away. "And yet, I still can't help but L-Love you." She stuttered, but only a bit.

Well, Naruto got the answer he was looking for.

"I… um… I think I can give dating a shot…" He scratched the back of his head. "Not that I have any real experience with the thing. Ero-Sennin wasn't the best source of information unless it was related to his books." Naruto certainly wasn't planning to have a Romance just like in those books. Well, not entirely…

"Great!" Hinata squeaked, her voice higher than normal. "Great!" She repeated one more time. "Now, I think I'm gonna faint." And so she did.


Getting Hinata back up was… an experience. Then, the two talked a bit more, hugged, and decided to go on a date on Sunday. They would have a whole day. Of course, Naruto decided that he would plan everything.

Not a great idea when one's idea of a date was a visit to a Ramen stand. Then again, Hinata didn't complain. She laughed, ate two bowls (to Naruto's twenty), and offered that she would choose the next attraction. Thus, the two went to the cinema to watch a movie. Somewhat stereotypically, Naruto expected to be watching a romcom. Then again, he wasn't all that surprised when she picked a heart-warming animation about finding a family.

There exist no evidence that either of them cried during the movie. If one were to possess such falsified evidence, they would be better off not possessing it. Are we clear? Good.

With the movie over, it was still early enough. Naruto decided to take Hinata to a mall. It was where normal teenagers went for a date, right? He took her to a sports store, where they both checked some training gear. They were in agreement that it was severely lacking though. Maybe Ajuka would get them something better? Not to be discouraged, they went to some more stores. Hinata wanted to check a book store, which Naruto made sure to keep her away from. For 'reasons' he said, refusing to elaborate. Instead, he took her to a jeweler and got her a golden necklace. He could easily afford it, he assured her. They ended up in a clothing store as well. This time, it was Hinata's choice. She wanted to get something nice for the next date. Naruto found himself all for the concept.

Alas, he was less than helpful when it came to actually giving an honest opinion on clothes themself. He found himself liking the way Hinata looked in all of them. Though, perhaps it wasn't the clothes' doing.

Shopping done, Naruto sent two Kage Bunshin with the bags while he and Hinata went to enjoy some ice cream.

Throughout the day, they talked a lot. About their past, their lives, their dreams, and hopes. Naruto still wanted to be a Hokage, but… it was now that much harder. He could talk for hours about his experiments with Fuinjutsu to try and find a way home. Both Tsunade and he believed that it was their best chance at returning to Konoha and Shinobi Nations as a whole. Hinata happily listened, even though she didn't understand much. In turn, she told him about her dream to one day do away with the Caged Bird seal that caused so much pain to her family and clan. They talked about school, with Hinata laughing when hearing about the exploits he pulled from his perspective. There was the talk about the academy back home and how much they've changed since then. Both spotted longer hair than back then, that's for sure. Naruto started to grow his out when he started to figure out some of Jiraya's Jutsu. Quite a lot of them had to do with using hair as the medium. Be it as senbon or as a shield. For now, it reached barely to his shoulder, making him resemble his father, the fourth Hokage.

They didn't even note when they went through ice cream and left the cafe. They simply wandered for some time until finding their way into the park. At some point between there and their sweets break, Naruto grabbed Hinata's hand and intertwined their fingers. She blushed only a moderate amount and found herself relaxing. She laid her head on his shoulder as they wandered through the park.

"It was an amazing day, Naruto-Kun."

"I agree, Hina-chan." He gave her a bright smile that made her heart flutter a bit. No amount of preparation would be able to make her resistant to his charm.

She maneuvered herself in front of him and grabbed both of his hands between hers. She smiled shyly and looked into his eyes.

"I… like it when you say that."

"What? Hina-chan?" She nodded, blushing lightly. "You've got it." He wanted to give her thumbs up, but she held his hands in place. Instead, she leaned forward slightly.

Naruto was not an idiot. He was maybe a bit of a moron, but not an idiot. There is a distinction. He got the message. He similarly started to lean in slightly.

Just as their lips were about to meet, a pained shout echoed across the park. Immediately, the two jumped apart and reached for their weapons. No shinobi ever left home without at least a kunai or two.

Nodding, they moved toward the source, taking care to remain out of sight.

On the small square that they've passed a few minutes before, Hyodou Issei seemed to be fighting for his dear life. A fallen angel was chucking spear after spear at him, which the pervert mostly dodged. Some did graze him, but nothing life-ending yet.

"Looks like my training actually brought some fruit."

Hinata knew perfectly well that Naruto's training was just a way to make the three perverts know that he wouldn't tolerate it if they ever tried to pull anything with his friends.

"We've gotta help him." the [Queen] whispered.

"Yes." Two clones appeared and immediately started to gather Nature Energy. Meanwhile, the shinobi took aim.

Raynare was getting tired of the dodging game. That pitiful pervert was actually able to evade her attacks. It's not like she was actually trying, finding his initial attempts amusing.

She aimed another spear, this time making certain that he wouldn't dodge. The spell of condensed light flew true, about to strike him in the heart.

That is until a dark metal object intercepted it and knocked it off its course.

Furious the fallen angel looked to where the knife came from. There, she found two more teens about her victim's age. Though, it was immediately apparent that they weren't human.

The Killing Intent blasting from the male was enough to clue her in. In her mind, no human could possibly have that much of KI. Probably devils.

The girl engaged her first, moving faster than expected. A [Knight]? She didn't recall either heiress to have a blue-haired knight. The boy similarly didn't appear in her intel. A pair of strays?

She deflected the girl's initial attacks, but found herself overwhelmed. Thus, she took to the skies to get some distance. Martial arts rarely translated to aerial combat. As such, she was surprised when the girl disengaged entirely and moved over to that pervert while the boy engaged her. He used his wings mostly to keep floating a little longer, but most of his combat skill was focused on leaps and dodges. He was able to somehow redirect her light spears back at her without touching them.

She sensed it with the first hit. Senjutsu. That boy was a sage. Not good. She was nowhere near strong enough right now to fight a sage. She would have to wait until they extracted that sacred gear. That one strike was enough to paralyze her left arm from the shoulder down. Raynare almost cried out in pain from just one attack.

In her life, Raynare has faced a sage only once. He was fighting nothing like the boy in front of her, but the attacks he used were devastating. It took an entire squad to take him out and he took half of them with him. Frantically, she started to fly away. She had no chance to win here now.

"Consider yourself lucky, you useless waste of space." She spat in the direction of the pervert before flying off into the night and using the teleportation matrix the moment she had a moment to concentrate.