Where in the god damn sixty nine hells are these guys!?

We got here in the early afternoon, when the sun was high in the sky and there was plenty of light everywhere. But, hours have passed, with not a peep, and the sun had long since dipped over the horizon over an hour ago and was replaced by a bright moon.

I love tits as much as the next guy, more even, and I'm an even bigger fan of Ty Lee's, but there's only so much I can take before I lose my control and want to throw her down and mount her.

As it was, I'd had to return her chest bindings and belly baring top as the sun dipped before that self control snapped. Not even that mind of a gamer bullshit could stand up to the indomitably powerful stimulation that is Ty Lee. Those tits and the way she can move those amazing hips of hers, should be recorded as a deadly sin.

Even now, over an hour later, and with her dressed again, my all mighty erection still stood true and proud, the Norse God Odin wishes his Gungnir had such rigidity and incredible durability.

Ty Lee definitely got a kick out of it though, since she was, y'know, elevated up higher than normal due to it, what with her, still sitting in my lap and all.

Look, even my remarkably, phenomenal prodigious self control has its limits, and I like having her pressed up against me and free to grope her to my hearts content.

Ty Lee's hair brushed against my nose as she rocked forward a bit, almost causing me to sneeze, "Oh, sorry." she gave me a sheepish smile, she was getting a bit antsy herself.

As much as she seemed to enjoy my company, sitting still for hours, wasn't really her thing, and I could practically feel the pent up energy in her begging to get out.

"It's fine," I released my grip from around her hips and waved her off, "As much as I love having you in my hands, I'm craving some excitement and stimulation right about now."

Like, of the massive dragon breathing rainbow flames in the shape of a massive hurricane at me.

Her lips quirked up and she shifted her hips a bit, "I dunno, you seem pretty stimulated to me," Ty Lee pointed out with a giggle, "It feels like a huge metal arm is under my butt right now."

"Metal arm?" I snorted in amusement. Though, I suppose there aren't exactly baseball bats around this world to use as a comparison, I suppose.

"Fine, a big metal club then, Blegh!" she stuck her tongue out, "In fact, I bet I could…" she trailed off, and before I could ask her what she was getting at, she unwound her legs from around my hips and bodily bent backwards, I wasn't complaining as I got a good view of her tits, voluptuously large and stretching out her top beautifully even while bound as she did so.

A second later, she rolled backwards in spot and I felt her finger press against my dick tensing out my pants, and she pushed, rising up into the air, in a one finger hand stand….atop my cock.

"…Wow, you actually can hold my entire body weight with this thing!" Ty Lee's giggles came out in a flurry of amusement, her grey eyes alight with laughter.

I just stared at her, gaping a bit, yet, somehow, not at all feeling surprised. And you know the funny thing about this?
I actually am not straining all that much to keep my dick steady. Man, I must be even stronger than I thought.

Am I like Zuko-tier strength already maybe? That guy could lift boulders with one foot as if they were pillows and tear through iron chains as if they were made of butter.

I should try that out. Maybe melt one of the weapons I have into two huge boulders and use them as weights. Really get on that strength grind.

I've noticed something over the past few hours as well. My chi, while it is not at all any larger, using my fire bending, cost a noticeably lower amount of chi than it did before.

I can only assume, it's from learning the Dancing Dragon Fire Bending forms. Which is amazing, even with me not getting any notifications, the system was still as helpful as ever even in the background.

And once I meet the 'Masters', and learn the true way of Fire from them, I'm bound to get even more bonuses.

I was brought out of my thoughts by the sound of voices in the distance, and both my and Ty Lee's heads snapped around to peer into the darkness surrounding the stone city we were in.

In the distance, coming towards us rapidly, I could make out dozens of torches of flame.

"Is that them?" Ty Lee's eyes sparkled with interest.

"Should be," I nodded, sighing in relief, "Thank fuck for that, took them bloody well long enough didn't it?"

"They are a bit slow, especially since from what you told me, that dragon egg you picked up is some priceless treasure to them," Ty Lee nodded in agreement, "Are you sure these guys are the legendary ancient sun warriors?" her voice had a trace of dubiousness.

"If not, we can just beat them up," I shrugged, I wasn't going to complain, free experience points for me, "And then go find the dragons ourselves."

It should be fine, the flame the sun warriors gave Zuko and Aang got snuffed out because Aang couldn't give it enough energy, and Ran and Shaw were fine with those two anyway.

And if it comes to a fight, well, I'm pretty confident I can handle them. The Royal Family had hunted dragons for years, and even Azulon was known to have killed some, and he was known to be a weaker bender than Iroh, hell, I'm half convinced Iroh once he's in shape, could storm the Fire Nation capital, clap everyone in his way and slap around Ozai if he so desired to.

Now, that might seem like a leap on my part, because it's Iroh, and he slapped my shit with ease. But again, he is Iroh, and not really a good bar to measure myself against. Rather, what I mean is, Iroh slapped Azula's shit even easier than me, and I doubt Azulon was as good as Azula, she is a fire bending prodigy with talent on par with Iroh himself.

In the past, Iroh was the Azula of his generation, though much less attractive, where as Ozai, was the Zuko. Why is this important? It's because, I'm fairly sure that Azula is superior to Azulon in his prime, who was known to have defeated dragons. I may not be a match for Iroh, but I'm stronger than Azula now, the results speak for themselves.

So, I think I can handle Ran and Shaw if they get violent. Just because they are masters of the true ways of fire bending, did not mean they were stronger than me. Not all masters are created equal, just look at Zhao, he was a fire bending master after all, and Zuko slapped his shit with just the basics, twice.

Granted, Zuko is also a physical monster, perhaps the physically strongest guy this early in the Avatar setting, or at least in the top three, but, I think I'm around that level as well now, physically at least.

It only took a short while before they breached the city and rushed up towards us. Ty Lee, took the time to sigh and flip up off of my dick and land seamlessly on her feet, while I pushed myself up and cracked my neck, getting my chi flowing and preparing to fight.

"Hey, let me handle this, okay?" I told her, walking ahead.

"Aww!" Ty Lee pouted, "That's not fair, I'm bored too y'know!"

While that is definitely one reason, I'm more interested in the fact that there's so much of these guys and they're probably all fire benders. Which means a mass of easy experience points.

While I'm confident I can deal with Ran and Shaw if it comes to it, a little bit of extra strength won't be remiss either.

"How about, you let me handle this, and I'll get you a pet Sky Bison." I offered.

Ty Lee blinked, "…That sounds amazing, but, I don't really wanna steal the Avatar kid's pet." she replied.

"Nah, that would be a real dick move," I almost winced at the thought, imagine stealing someone's beloved pet like that, "I actually know of a place, where a small herd of them are being raised and have been since Sozen attacked the Air Nomads."

Her grey eyes shot wide open, "Really!?" she perked right up excitedly.

"Yep, and it's actually not far from here." I nodded. It was a place called Bhanti Island, here in the Fire Nation, which was revealed in the Legend of Korra, and where Tenzin, Aang's future son, would get his own Sky Bison I think.

"That's amazing!" she clapped happily, "Okay, totally, have at them Zanny-poo! You can have these guys all to yourself, Sky Bison yay!" she cheered, pumping her fists excitedly into the air.

I shook my head in amusement, she was so chipper it infectious. But, I've been having a thought, ever since I was able to pass one of my skills on to Ty Lee, alongside my Grand Quest here, dealing with Vaatu and my plans for him.

If I can share my abilities with people, it's not too out of question for me, to have my tamed beasts, share their abilities with me, or rather, Ty Lee.

I personally don't really need it, not with my system. But; Druk as a dragon is a fire bender, Sky Bison are air benders, Badger Moles are Earth Benders and the Unagi can fire blasts of water, so it may very well be a Water Bender.

I have no interest in the other elements to be honest, while it would be cool to master them all and use them freely, I'm much more vested in the power over fire I have, I'd rather focus firmly on it and take it to the highest of heights.

So what if instead, I make Ty Lee into an Avatar?

I had to put that thought on the backburner though, as rapid footsteps pounding up the stone staircase towards me echoed in my ears, and a second later, a tall, bare chested man with tan skin reached the top of the stairs, a snarl on his lips and his eyes narrowing in fury as soon as he noticed me.

He roared, punching out and unleashing a large stream of flame towards me. Fire spread across my hand and I shot a blast of fire from my feet to propel me forward, thrusting my hand forward and spearing through the stream of flame and closing the distance between us in mere blinks of the eye.

He only had time for his eyes to widen in shock, before my knee buried in his stomach and he folded around my blow, before getting launched back down the large stone stair case.

I looked down as he fell, seeing dozens of them rushing up, man and woman alike, carrying no weapons between them at all and dressed in various get ups of red that looked tribal in design.

"Rah!" I gave a shout and punched out myself, launching a simple stream of flame of my own, just like the one guy did before me, but, much larger in size.

Many of them dodged or shielded themselves with quick bursts of flame, but the group was large enough that rushing up left many of them with little room to move or dodge, and four of them were caught up in my flames.

There were screams of pain that echoed from the blaze of flame, but it was fine, they were fire benders, they wouldn't be killed by something as simple as this. All fire benders, had an innate resistance to heat after all.

A sudden rushing sensation ran through me and I felt my slightly depleted chi re-fill and grow.

I levelled up it seems.

And still so many of them left, I can probably squeeze out another level from these guys, maybe even another two if I'm lucky!

A bloodthirsty, excited grin spread across my face. This is gonna be fun!

"Yeeeeha baby!" I cheered and leapt right into battle, flames igniting around my hands.

From what I could see, and from a quick mental calculation, there were roughly around sixty of them.

And I noticed something almost immediately as well as they all prepared to attack me. They were much lighter on their feet compared to the general Fire Bender I had met before.

Which made sense I guess, every single one of them was trained in the Dancing Dragon Style, a fire bending style that has a lot of focus on defending and diverting other fire in a straight fire duel.

Where as, the Sozin Style, was a very rigid style, designed for ease of use and powerful attacks. It was a fire bending style made for creating mass produced fire bending soldiers to deal great damage to others, a style created specifically for war.

If I had to liken the differences more specifically, I'd say those who mastered the Dancing Dragon moved more like an Air Bender, where as, those enriched in the Sozin Style, moved more like Earth Benders.

"Hah!" with a shout, I punched both my fists out, lashing out with a pair of massive spheres of flame.

Working together, four of the Sun Warriors confronted them, two apiece and split the fire balls down the middle, diverting them safely into the air.

That was fine though, because I was already moving, expelling fire from my feet to rocket me forward, I used the cover provided by the fire balls to get in front of them before they could react and spun around, leg coming out in a low sweet and unleashing a wave of flame that clipped their ankles, drawing cries of pain and surprise from them, and dragging them to the ground.

I didn't have much time to follow up on that while they were down and finish them off. While I targeted them and they dealt with my fire balls, the rest spread out around me on the grand staircase and unleashed large and mighty blasts of flame at me from every direction.

Thinking quickly, I spun, thrusting both arms out around me and expelled a large chunk of chi from all of my chi points. Flames erupted from around me, twisting into a large dome shield just as the dozens of flame streams reached me.

My fire shield grew and expanded as the flames were absorbed into it and my grin only got wide. I crossed my arms, before lashing out with both of them outwards and wide spread, and the massive dome of flame erupted upwards and outwards, forming into a literal tornado of flame that spread across the expanse of the staircase.

I could just barely hear screams over the roar of fire surrounding me. It took a moment for it to die down after I cut off feeding my chi to it, but when it did, the stone staircase was scorched black all around me, and all the Sun Warriors that had surrounded me, were nowhere to be seen.

Well, on the staircase at least.

I could see many of them spread out on the ground at the bottom of the staircase or to the side of it, my attack had thrown them all around like ragdolls.

While they could divert flames easily enough, sheer concussive force was a different story, and that attack had not only a chunk of my own chi packed into it, but multiple dozens of theirs as well.

"Oh yeahhhh…" I groaned as a familiar feeling rushed through me, of my chi refilling, and growing and expanding, "That's the stuff man!"

Another level up already!

Hmm, actually, I think my chi grew twice the usual amount? It was hard to tell due to some of my perks and such, but I feel like it's grown quite a bit more. I probably wouldn't have even noticed it, if I didn't level up just a minute ago and compare them so quickly together.

..So did I get two levels up then?

My eyes drifted to the bottom of the stairs where the remainder of the Sun Warriors stood at the button, tense, but not backing down, and in the middle of them, a familiar, large and stocky built man with a feather headdress. The Sun Warrior Chief, with a little bit less than half of the total of warriors he brought with him.

The fire shield was a nasty move, I had to admit. Well, it was Zuko's go to choice to defend against Sparky Sparky Boom Man, and it held up against his explosions, so it's no wonder, right?

Well, whatever, I still have experience bags sitting down there waiting for me, I can think on this later.

I expelled fire from my feet and launched myself into the air, flipped and then down the same to launch myself down towards the Sun Warriors.

As one, they attacked, unleashing massive blasts of flame up to meet me. Those blasts conjoined into one massive tower of flame that blotted out my vision of everything below me.

It was impressive, I won't lie. The only time I saw blasts that big, was during Sozin's Comet.

But fire really is the worst element to fight me with.

I expelled flame from my chi points once more, forming another fire shield around me, though much more narrow this time and swept right through the flame.

My skin singed a bit and it stung, but little more than pressing the likes of a lighter into my skin before I gained these abilities, easily ignorable.

I came out of the massive tower of flame a moment later like a flaming meteor and slammed into the ground so hard I felt the ground shake and buckle beneath my impact.

I expelled the flames from around me in another huge tornado of flame in all directions. If it wasn't broken after all, don't fix it.

It was amazing for dealing with enemies surrounding me in all directions, so I don't feel the least bit sorry for spamming it.

I expanded quite a lot of chi into it, almost a full quarter of my reserves, and that was on top of absorbing much of their own fire into my shield when going through it.

But it was worth it, because-

I felt it again, the feeling of my chi filling back up to full and then expanding and growing once more.

God it's so easily to level up here! It makes me want to go take on the Fire Nation army and navy and mop them up in the bucket loads and power level like a beast!

Fuck, just how many levels could I-

My instincts went haywire and I expelled fire from my feet and launched myself back, just in time to avoid a massive meaty fist clad in fire piercing through the flames around me and aiming straight for my nose.

I landed on the staircase again from the force of my retreat, a few steps back, and the flames I'd let loose before, raging like a wildfire, was parted like Moses through the red sea and the Sun Warrior Chief stepped on through, a frown on his face, and a glare in his eyes, not a mark on him.

"It seems I will have to deal with you myself, outsider." He stated simply, but the threat hung heavy.

Yeah, this guy is on a whole other level from the average fire bender I've dealt with.

All around him, his kinsmen were strewn about, limp and beaten. They'd survive easily, but there was little chance at all they could continue on here and now in this fight.

But the sheer fact an attack of that level didn't even leave a mark on his clothing, never mind his body, was evidence enough of his strength.

This guy after all, unlike me doesn't have pure massive resistance to fire beyond the standard resistance any fire bender would have.

I don't think even Azula as she was the last time I saw her, could have so easily dealt with that attack. Oh, she would have gotten through it without too much damage, but to get through it with not even a mark on her clothing? Yeah, I don't think she could right now.

I guess there's a reason this guy is the chief of the Sun Warriors and the one in charge around here.

'This guy is the strongest guy I've met so far outside of Iroh and Bumi.' I thought, narrowing my eyes at him. I don't have the system to tell me his level, but I could feel it instinctively.

The grin that I'd lost in my surprise from him breaking through my attack, spread across my face once again as excitement filled me and made my blood boil.

I could just explain to him, tell him it was all a big misunderstanding. But…I kind of don't want to.

This guy, he'll be a great test for how strong I've gotten now.

"Z'at so?" I replied drolly, "Well, I hope you're more impressive than the rest of these guys, because so far, for being the legendary ancient Sun Warriors, I'm not all that impressed."

Granted, I'm not really a fair benchmark for these guys to be measured against, especially when using fire against me. I had a decent grasp on their strength though, and I'd rank them around the level of the Imperial Fire Benders I'd met while being with Azula.

Which kind of was impressive considering there was like sixty of these guys. In the entirety of the Fire Nation, according to Azula at least, there were only around five hundred people on the level of Imperial Fire Benders, and that was with a massive booming population.

For such a small tribe to have this many at this level, spoke well of them.

"You are strong for your age, but you have a big mouth outsider," the Chief didn't rise to my taunt, "It will be your undoing." he exploded forward as he finished, fire expelled from his feet with the Jet Propulsion technique just as I had and he closed the distance rapidly.

He lashed out with a huge meaty fist, launching a huge torrent of fire straight for my face, blotting out my vision with red and yellow embers.

Instead of retreating, I mimicked him and did just the same, my fist meeting his and unleashing a huge torrent of flame of my own.

The world around the pair of was was dyed by the blaze of flame.

"Hmph." he snorted, clearly not impressed by my efforts and he brought his other and up and thrust two fingers into the air.

The fire expelling from around as was swept up and compressed together, forming into a long serpentine shape, and then he brought both fingers down, just as the tip of the flame engorged into the shape of hissing serpent and it rushed down at me from above.

Damn, what control! He totally used my own fire for that as well.

I thrust up my own free hand, firing off a hastily prepared Fire Fist that smashed into it and through it, and then lashed out with a roundhouse kick, flame erupting from my foot to increase the force and speed of the blow.

He took it like a champ, merely bringing his still free hand up to block it with his forearm. The only indicator it done anything being the slight wince he gave and having to dig his legs in to help absorb the blow.

Fire erupted from one of his own feet and his knee came up, aiming for my chin. I narrowly dodged by forcing for chi into the flames coming from my fist and forcing myself backwards through the air.

It was close though, very close. I actually felt the wind of his blow and fabric of his pants brush against my chin.
I was back on him a moment later. Before my feet even touched ground, I was using the Jet Propulsion and launching myself at him, feet and fists clad in flame.

I unleashed a rapid bevvy of one-two sets of jabs, my arms a a blur of orange and yellow, but each one was blocked or diverted expertly and his own counter attacks were fists like missiles that made the air ripple from the sheer strength behind them.

I spun around his fist, using the flame on my feet to propel me and launched myself into a flying knee straight for his face from the side. His opposite sided arm came up in a blur to block my knee with his palm, stopping me cold mid-air, then his other hand came up and grasped my ankle and flame exploded form his own feet as he spun like beyblade, pulling and swinging me around like a ragdoll and tossed me through the air down towards the ground, hard.

Just for a moment though, he left himself open in the moment and just as he let go, my free leg lashed out and caught him square in the face, and fire erupted from the impact.

He was sent flying up the stairs, while I jettisoned towards the bottom. The wind was knocked out of me as I slammed into the ground hard on my back, and I lay there for a moment.

Idly, I caught sight of him, slamming into the stairs pretty hard himself, a burn mark spread across his face. He pushed himself up groggily, shaking off the pain he no doubt fell and fell into a very familiar stance.

Two fingers pointed outwards on each hand and winding his arms in rapid circular motions. The air crackled with power and the smell of ozone as bright blue lightning sizzled into existence around his finger tips, and the way he generated it…

'Lightning bending!' my eyes widened.

He made Azula's lightning generation seem snail-like in comparison.

A second later, he thrust one hand out towards me, a huge bolt of lightning splitting through the air towards me, thunder roaring in my ears.

So, one thing I don't think I've explained too well at this point, is that when Zan levels up, so to do his tamed beasts. And that includes Ty Lee who is connected to his skill. I've already updated the level gains they've gotten in the process of Zan's level ups as well.

Also for anyone who's interested;

Sun Warrior Chief - Level 80
Average Sun Warrior - Level 20-30

Anyway, again, shameless Pa-atreon plug. I've got one, go by the same username on there, easy to find and all that jazz. Support me if you want, it'd be swell, but don't feel pressured lads and ladies, I'll be uploading my stuff outside it regardless and not keeping it all behind a paywall or anything like that.