Alright, this is a HP/LOTR crossover, and while I have written one LOTR fic before, I have never attemptd a HP, though I am a huge fan of the series. Now that thatz out of the way, this story takes place in harry potter time, during the events of the fifth harry potter installment (which is really great by the way), but while those events are taking place, it is not necessary to have any knowledge of it in order for this fic to make sense. Also, in my story a few elves stayed behind to like keep order and balance on earth or something like that. Ugh…I think thatz all I hav 2 say, so on with the fic!

Oh ya, I have only written this first chapter so far, so my continuing to post the story depends on whether or not any of u out there are interested, I mean, if even one person is I will continue, so please review!!

Chapter 1- Prophecies of Old

Usually, the quiet peace of Hogwarts School during it's summer respite provided an excellent environment in which the castle's headmaster, Albus Dumbledore, might relax and prepare for the coming school year. Yet in these times of turmoil, not even Hogwarts, with it's memories, history and charm, if not beauty, could not lift the weight of uneasiness from the wizard's shoulders. Though the Ministry of Magic refused to admit it, the evil Lord Voldemort had returned with a vengeance, setting his ghastly sight on Dumbledore's favorite student and Voldemort's only possible subjugator, Harry Potter. The situation seemed bleak indeed. While the Dark Lord had dementors and Death Eaters as his defenses, only the Order of the Phoenix, a considerably small group of talented witches and wizards, along with a handful of outsiders, stood between Voldemort and his aims of tyranny.

Sitting at his desk late into the night, these thoughts of hopelessness running rampant through his head, Dumbledore did not realize he had a guest. When the small rustling sounds penetrated the wizard's dazed mind, he smiled to see the curious house elf, Dobby, dusting the many trinkets housed in the head chambers.

In a quiet, slightly wavering, voice Dumbledore said, "Good evening Dobby."

Snapping to attention, the little house elf stared at the headmaster with wide eyes cried, "Dobby did not wish to wake you, sir. Dobby was only cleaning quietly so Master Dumbledore could rest himself, sir."

"Peace, Dobby. You have done no wrong," pacified Dumbledore gently. "I was not sleeping, but only thinking."

"Ahh," murmered Dobby, "A wise wizard like Dumbledore must have much sitting on his head. Dobby will come later." With that Dobby began moving to the door as if to fulfill his statement.

"Nonsense, I shall be the one who leaves." Seeing that Dobby was about to protest, Dumbledore continued. "I am suffering from a rather acute case of insomnia and plan on walking the grounds for some time." Before the eager house elf could say a word Dumbledore was out in the hall and making a line for the exit.

Once outside, Dumbledore inhaled the breezy summer air and began to walk towards the lake, thinking he might look in on the giant squid, when he spotted a bright something standing just inside the Forbidden Forest. The wizard began walking towards whatever it was slowly in fear that it would bolt away at his movements. Yet as he grew closer, the creature remained. In fact, it appeared that this being was actually venturing toward Dumbledore. After a matter of a few short minutes, Dumbledore was surprised to see before him a regal centaur with a shimmering silver coat. Dumbedore had never known a centaur to come out of the forest before now, no matter what the occasion. Speaking softly, the centaur murmured, "Albus Dumbledore, headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, I have for you a message."

So surprised was Dumbledore that a centaur had spoken to him in a straightforward manner rather than in mysterious sayings or references to the celestial bodies, as was their nature, that he failed to realize that the centaur was waiting for a reply.

"Yes, I am Albus Dumbledore and I await your message," said Dumbledore in respectful tones mirroring the centaur's.

"Read his letter carefully for I bring you news from those who are wise above all men and centaur. I bare a message from the leader of the last remaining group of true elves on earth," announced the centaur as he handed Dumbledore an envelope bearing the elaborately detailed seal of the elves.

Looking down at the mysterious envelope in his hands, Dumbledore wondered at the fact that a group of true elves had sent him a letter, let alone the fact that such creatures remained on earth to date. Glancing up to thank the centaur for carrying this message, he found that he was again alone. Rather than wasting time to ponder the centaur's anti-social behavior, Dumbledore rushed back into the castle and straight to his chambers so that he may peruse the contents of his message. Inside the outer envelope, the wizard found, written on thick parchment, a rather short message written in beautiful, elegant script and surrounded by a border of leaves:

'Long years have passed in the worlds of men and elves since the two races were bound, one to the other, in the hopes of ridding a beloved world of evil, villainy, and hate. Yet of late, prophecies of old have alerted those of my kindred who have not yet forsaken these shores for Valinor to the rise of evil once more. Our elvish prophecies, told both by the beautiful Elf Queen Galadriel many millenia before this day and the glorious stars of Elbereth, foretell of a young wizard with power unmatched except by the one he will attempt to destroy. Undoubtedly, you know of such a boy in your world. We remaining elves are the guardians of Arda, and have fought for her safety many instances prior to this. It is our wish that you consider us your allies in these times. Barring any qualms you may have in our involvement, I wish to lead a few of my confidants to your school that we may discuss plans for halting the advancement of this evil.

Graciously yours, Prince Legolas Thranduilion'

Staring at the letter in his hands, Dumbledore allowed a small smile to flit across his face and said quietly, "Perhaps we are not out yet."


Though Harry Potter's adolescent face bore only a grin as he and his constant comrades Ron Weasly and Hermione Granger waltzed into the Great Hall, his mine screamed "I'm Home!!" No matter what happened in his life, at his normal Uncle's house or even here at Hogwarts, he would never tire of his life at Hogwarts. Shouting "hello" to several acquaintances and friends amidst the exuberant cries of his peers, Harry found his seat among his fellow Gryffindors and awaited Dumbledore's welcoming speech, the sorting of new students, and, lastly but perhaps the most enjoyable aspect of the night, the sumptuous feast prepared by Hogwart's numerous house elves. Yes, it certainly was good to be back.


"Shall we be resting in the forest tonight, my lord?" inquired the beautiful elf Gilethiel, one of Legolas' chosen companions on this trek to speak with Dumbledore. Legolas, seated on a noble and sure-footed grey horse at the front of the troupe, turned to address the maiden.

"Aye, Gilethiel," announced Legolas in his musical voice. "We will rest just inside the forest over night and venture into Dumbledore's territory in the morn."

As the group of four elves stopped a few hours later and sat around the fire they had created in the middle of the clearing, it became clear to Legolas that, despite his many assurances, not all of his number were anticipating the coming dawn.

"Your highness, it is not that I wish for our kindred to do nothing in the face of the coming evil, but I simply pray that you would use caution before allying ourselves alongside the wizards," urged Keladon, the youngest elf in the group. While this argument sashayed between the elf and his prince, the remaining two members transformed their faces into expressionless masks and watched the debate stoically.

"You are yet young and have never been acquainted with a creature other than those of elf-kind. I reiterate that we have nothing to fear from Albus Dumbledore," declared Legolas, his elegant features showing obvious signs of exasperation.

"He is still a human," replied Keladon.

"Despite what you may have heard, the mass of humanity is not necessarily evil," cried Legolas, his voice, along with the expression in his eyes, causing the young elf to jump back fearfully. Calming himself before he began once more, "I have both fought and lived alongside mankind. There is good to be found in the hearts of men. Now no more discussion on the subject, for the move is set in stone." Laughing suddenly at the expression on his friend's face, Legolas slung his arm around his shoulders and said, "Rest tonight, young one. For tomorrow you begin your very first adventure."


Meanwhile, back at the feast….

The night was almost over and students and teachers alike began to rise, their thoughts on bed, the lovely food they had just consumed, or perhaps the irksome new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher from the Ministry of Magic who had rudely interrupted Dumbledore's opening speech. However, the first students to reach the main doors were surprised to see them swing suddenly shut. Looking to the head table for answers, the students and faculty saw the headmaster stand to his feet once more.

"Forgive me for halting your exit, but I believe I have one more announcement to make," said Dumbledore as he glanced around the room as if searching for a response of some kind. Continuing, Dumbledore announced, "Sometime tomorrow we shall be having several visitors. I myself have never met these visitors, but can only tell you that they are from a distant land and are to be treated with the utmost respect and courtesy during their stay. I have no idea how long that stay might be and cannot tell you why exactly they are coming," Dumbledore then hesitated for a moment, as if considering whether or not he should announce his next bit of news, "It might also interest you to know that these visitors are elves. That is all, you may now leave to your houses."

Directly after Dumbledore's announcement, not a soul moved or spoke. Of course, once that moment passed, voices rang and feet clattered as all discussed the strange declaration. As Harry walked alone to his bedroom in the Gryffindor Tower, his two best friends having prefect duties to which they must cater, he over heard almost everyone discussing the visitors.

"Do you expect that they're some brand of wild house elf?"

"Well what else could they be…?"

"Will they be dangerous, do you think?"

"He certainly doesn't expect us to bow down to elves, does he?"

"I should hope not! They're servants for goodness sake."

Finally making it up to his own bedroom he lay in bed and waited for sleep to overtake him.


"Has Harry Potter heard the news?"

Harry jolted up in bed as a small body slammed into his midriff. Once again, Dobby the house elf, who he had saved from eternal bondage a few years prior, had decided to visit his savior in the middle of the night.

"Dobby, get off …" grumped Harry quietly, as to not awaken his three roommates. "What are you doing here?"

"Harry Potter must forgive Dobby, but Dobby is so excited sir!" squealed the elf.

"You're going to have to explain more than that," said Harry.

"Elves is coming, Harry Potter," chirped Dobby, "True elves!"

"So?" asked Harry exasperatedly, "You're an elf."

"Ahh no, Harry Potter," sniveled Dobby, "Sir must never compare a house elf with a true elf."

"There are more than one type of elf ?" asked Harry in a confused and tired voice.

"True elves, Harry Potter, is free! They is free to do what they want and not asks for permission to do it! Harry Potter," began Dobby quietly, moving closer to Harry, "Do you think they will take Dobby with them when they go?"

"It doesn't hurt to ask, Dobby, now will you please go?" asked Harry

"Thank you Harry Potter. You is Dobby's good friend." And with a soft rustle of Harry's now very wrinkled sheets, Dobby was gone.

Not until Harry had lay back in his four-poster bed and began to fall back into blissful sleep did he fully comprehend Dobby's words.

Free elves…true elves? So the visitor's weren't house elves then. I wonder who they are…