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Sleeping Princess

By Golden Mooncat


"I'm Prince Inuyasha. The one that was betrothed to you Kagome."

"I definitly like the sound of that. Where is Kaede?" Kagome asked remembering the old woman.

"Um...Kagome. I'm sorry. She used up all of her strentgh and energy to put the whole kingdom

into sleep until you were awoken. She's...Gone." Inuyasha said softly and held the girl in his

arms as she cried.

"I'm never going to see the woman again? She was like a mother and grandmother to me and I'll

never hear her voice again..." Kagome cried as she sobbed into Inuyasha's shoulder.

"Ye shall hear my voice child. Ye shall." came a muffled cry from somewhere around Inuyasha's

hip causing Kagome to jump back and stare at the sword on his hip.

"K-Kaede?" she muttered and Inuyasha smacked himself in the forehead for forgetting.

"Stupid move Inuyasha. I forgot. She transferred her soul into the sword. And after we get

married, you can listen to her everyday. And talk to her. I promise. Unless I'm training."

Inuyasha said and was engulfed in a tight hug and passionate kiss.

"THANK YOU!" she cried softly after pulling away and quickly rubbing his ears.

"Don't do that. You did that when I first met you for the sake of the Gods." Inuyasha said, but

his purr didn't do anything to help make her stop.

"I didn't do this when I met you Inuyasha." Kagome said, having no memory of when she was two

days old.

"Of course you wouldn't remember. You were only two days old." Inuyasha said and she smiled.

"Well by the sound of your purr you like it." she said and he blushed. "Aww...My hero is blushing."

she said and carefully pulled herself from the bed smiling.

"Come on, your father and my idiot Brother are waiting to meet you." he said changing the subject

as he took her hand into his and pulled her into the hall and down the corridor and into a throne

room where her father sat still sleeping slightly.

Kagome took a deep shaky breath as she approached her father. Taking in his short red hair she

guessed she got all her looks from her mother. Taking in another shaky breath she gently shook

her father awake seeing intense green eyes staring back at her.

"Ka...Kagome? Kagome is that you my daughter?" her father asked softly, not believing what he

was seeing.

"Father...I never thought I would see you...Oh father!" Kagome said and launched herself into her

father's arms just as King Sesshomaru and Queen Rin came into the room looking worried, well okay,

RIN looked worried.

"Inuyasha. Do you have any idea how stupid you were today! But at least Princess Kagome is back."

Sesshomaru said changing from one subject to the next.

"Sessy. Shush." Rin said softly enough that only he heard her.

Sesshomaru blushed slightly and Inuyasha fell over. Kagome turned and locked eyes with Sesshomaru,

she gulped softly. 'Okay, Kagome, calm down girl. He won't do anything to hurt you, will he?'

her mind asked her and Kagome shook her head to get thoughts out of her mind.

"Welcome to the family again Cousin." Rin said approaching Kagome quickly.

"Cousin?" she asked tilting her head slightly.

"Ah, yes. I'm your cousin by birth. Inuyasha's sister-in-law by marraige. Or would that be

mating? Anyways, welcome. And you'll be just fine. Come on, lets leave the men to duke it out,

as they normally do." Rin said and started dragging Kagome from the room.

"Father, I'm talking to you later." Kagome called back to her father who just nodded.

"Of course." with that said her father listened as Inuyasha told of what happened at Kikyo's


~*~Few weeks later~*~

"So, how do you like being married?" Sango asked her new best friend Kagome Higurashi-Inutokai.

"Its nice. But are you sure Inuyasha didn't pick up some of Miroku's little habits?" Kagome

asked, still slightly sore from their honeymoon.

"Probably did. Seeing as they've known eachother since they've been married." Sango said with a

little shrug.

"At least you don't have someone who keeps trying to carry you everywhere!" Rin said holding onto

her belly and sighing. Rin had just found out she was a month pregnant.

"Oh well. I think Inuyasha's TRYING for a million kids. I'll kill him if it comes to that."

Kagome said a light blush covering her cheeks.




The three women turned to see their husbands come running at top speed into the room. Sesshomaru

immediatly went to Rin and picked her up zipping her out of Kagome's room where they had been

having tea. Miroku had to literally drag Sango out of the room screaming about not wanting to

become pregnant. And Inuyasha, well Inuyasha slammed and locked the door after the others were

gone. Turning to Kagome, he started walking towards her in a predatory manner.

"Inuyasha, I'm still sore. Just stop with the bet okay?" she asked growling when he tackled her

to the bed.

"Hey, we want to see who can get their wife to scream first." Inuyasha said smirking when Kagome

growled again.

"Thats it. AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!" Kagome screamed at the top of her lungs, her shrill voice breaking

through the whole palace. "There, now I don't have to!" she said in a hoarse voice and Inuyasha

chuckled, continuing with what they were doing.

Sesshomaru and Miroku groaned remembering that they now had to pay Inuyasha both a LOT of money.

But first, they too were going to continue. Rin and Sango growled in frustration at the same time

as Kagome again.


I know, its not a very...CLEAN ending. What can I say? Thats what happens when I read the books

I've been reading.