Chapter 1- Reborn

"Why the fuck does all of this stuff always happen to me?" Harry wondered as he rolled away to avoid a black curse from Bellatrix Letrange, Harry quickly got back up to his feet and fired a cutting curse that ended up damaging her skirt.

"Oi! I loved that skirt!" Bellatrix growled before firing back with a torture curse that Harry barely dodged. "Stay still, you brat!"

"No!" Harry blurted out as he ducked, feeling the wind shift as the curse travelled over his head, narrowly avoiding him. "Besides, I did you a favour with that skirt, it's horrible." Harry dodged another curse before he continued exchanging spells with Bellatrix.

Tonight had not gone how he planned, the best part of it so far was getting rid of Umbridge, but unfortunately, the rest of it was rather horrible. After being sent a vision from Voldemort of Harry's godfather, Sirius, being tortured, Harry had rushed to the ministry with a group of his friends following after him. A part of Harry knew that it was likely a trap, and unfortunately, that part of him ended up being right.

Right now Harry and his friends were currently trying their best to not die as they battled death eaters in the ministry, somehow they had found themselves in a very odd room. It was a large, rectangular, dimly lit room that resembled a Wizengamot courtroom. In the centre was a sunken stone pit about twenty feet deep. Stone benches ran all around the room and descended in steep steps toward a raised stone dais in the centre of the pit. An ancient crumbling stone archway, unsupported by any surrounding wall, stood on this dais. This archway was hung with a tattered black curtain which fluttered very slightly as though it had just been touched or blown by a faint wind, although the air in the room was still and cold.

Harry's friends were all fighting the other death eaters while Harry fought Bellatrix Lestrange, the best of Voldemort's forces. Harry wasn't entirely sure if he could win, if he was lucky he would be able to stall until some form of help arrived, either way, he planned to do his best. If he could survive Voldemort then no way in hell was he going to just lie down and take it from Voldemort's followers.

"Scared Potter?" Bellatrix taunted, sending a purple curse at him.

"Yeah, of your breath," Harry cast a shield spell before a white beam burst out from his wand and crashed into a shield that Bellatrix put up, the shield shattered but ultimately did its job of protecting Bellatrix who stumbled back but managed to stay on her feet. "seriously, you kiss your husband with that mouth? He must be a braver man than I thought."

"Shut it, Potter!" Bellatrix snarled, throwing out a series of curses. Harry managed to dodge and block most of them, but unfortunately, he was unable to completely avoid the bone breaker that hit him on his free hand. Harry hissed loudly in pain, but with a herculean effort, he managed to stop himself from yelling out more besides that, not wanting to give Lestrange the satisfaction of seeing him in pain. It was difficult to not just ask for a breather, Harry had once read that the human hand had twenty-seven bones, if that was true then he was sure that all of them were broken. Fortunately, his wand hand was still unharmed, so far. "Aw, did that hurt?" Bellatrix laughed loudly.

"I've had worse." Harry grit his teeth before firing off a stunner followed by a blasting curse and a bat bogey hex (thank you, Ginny Weasley!) before firing off a body bind spell. Bellatrix swatted the stunner away, sidestepped the next spell and managed to block the bat bogey hex (damn it, Ginny Weasley!) but the next spell slipped past her defences and caused her to become stiff as a board before she fell over and landed on her back.

"No!" She screamed in anger. "I'm not losing to a disgusting half-blood!"

"I'm disgusting?" Harry repeated with disbelief. "Your teeth are multi-coloured!" Harry blurted out just before a bright light shined in the room, all of a sudden Albus Dumbledore had appeared. Instantly all the fighting stopped and everyone stopped and stared at the man that was considered to be one of the most powerful wizards of all time.

"It was foolish for all of you to come here tonight," Dumbledore began. "my order and the ministry aurors are on their way."

"By which point," Another voice spoke up, one that Harry could easily recognise even on his worst day. "you will be dead." Smoke flew into the room and shifted into the form of none other than Voldemort. "Really Bellatrix?" Voldemort asked his downed follower. "You, my best warrior, unable to defeat a child?"

"Master, please forgive me!" Bellatrix cried.

"To be fair, she lost once, how many times have I beaten you?" Harry spoke up before he could stop himself. 'I should have stayed quiet.' He thought to himself when Voldemort's gaze moved away from Bellatrix and towards him.

"You merely benefitted from luck and the plans of those better than you," Voldemort hissed. "and now, we shall end the legend of Harry Potter and Dumbledore." Without a word of warning, Voldemort fired a spell at Dumbledore who intercepted with his own spell. The two strongest wizards in the world began fighting each other while the others stayed still and watched as they each threw spell after spell at each other, once he snapped out of his daze, Harry aimed his wand at Voldemort and took a deep breath before firing the strongest cutting curse he could. For a moment, Harry thought that his spell would hit Voldemort's neck.

Only for a moment.

Voldemort dodged at the last second and with a grin, he flicked his wand in Harry's direction.

Harry gasped as he felt his wand leave his hand while his body was shoved backwards, oftentimes in storybooks, there could be a moment where something happens that the character would feel in slow motion, for Harry it would be this moment. He could spot the shocked looks of all of his friends, the gleeful expression on Voldemort and his followers plus the horrified look on Dumbledore's face. He saw his holly wand soaring away from him, out of his reach, and he could feel himself heading towards the archway with the curtain, he felt the curtain touch his back.

And then...he felt nothing.

Harry groaned out tiredly as he opened his eyes, he was bombarded with so much white that he briefly thought that he had landed in a land made of snow, but that possibility was quickly crossed off when he realised that he wasn't actually that cold. He slowly sat up and looked around, once again he noticed that everything was white. Everything from the sky to the flat ground that he was sitting on, the only thing with any level of colour in this place was him.

"Hello?" Harry called as he stood up. "Is there anybody here?" He looked around, he couldn't see anyone. "What the hell is this place?" He wondered. "Am I in heaven?" Harry's guessing was interrupted when he suddenly heard the sound of footsteps, he quickly turned around and spotted a lone figure walking up to him. This figure, taller than Dumbledore, was dressed in a black hooded cloak that covered him from head to toe, much like a dementor. Harry also couldn't help but notice the massive scythe in the figure's right hand. It didn't take Harry long to put two and two together, between the white environment and darker than night figure, he had a fairly good idea what was happening. "A...are you death?" Harry asked hesitantly.

"I am," The figure nodded, his voice deep and boomed in Harry's ears. "come with me, Potter." Death turned and began walking away without waiting for a response.

"I'm dead then," Harry said with a humourless chuckle, not entirely surprised. Honestly, given the fact that he nearly died every year and had the most dangerous wizard of all time chasing after him, he wasn't too surprised that he had died. "well...I supposed it had to happen eventually. I going to go see my mum and dad?" Harry asked hopefully as he began rushing after death.

"You can't see them, they're dead," Death said in a bored drawl.

"But...I am pretty sure that I'm dead as well?" Harry frowned.

"Who told you that?"

"Um...the fact that I'm talking to you, Death," Harry said in a confused voice.

"That remains to be seen," Death replied. "you see, I have an offer for you, Mr Potter."

"An offer?" Harry asked, Death stopped and stared at him. Harry couldn't really be sure, given that Death's face was covered, but a part of him was positive that the being was grinning at him.

Once again, Harry opened his eyes, he quickly closed them and squinted when he felt himself get bombarded with bright lights. He was cold, he could feel something wrapped around his body that was warming him up. He tried to move his arms and legs but felt like he could barely lift them. After a couple of minutes, he was eventually able to get his eyes to open a bit wider just in time to feel something move him. Harry was unsure about if he was hallucinating or if he was really being moved around by what felt like massive hands.

'Have I been kidnapped by giants?' He mentally wondered.

Harry opened his mouth and tried to protest his treatment, but the noise that came out was not any noise that Harry could ever recall making, though it did sound somewhat familiar. Harry finally managed to open his eyes open enough to see but that didn't help much when pretty much everything was blurry. At least, it was until he suddenly found himself face to face with a massive face that looked like it was twice the size of his own.

"Hello," The face smiled at him, the owner of this face might have been pretty if she hadn't been covered in sweat and massive. Her face was pink, sweaty, on the top of her head she had blonde hair that was done up in a bun with a few strands falling down to frame her face. "my beautiful boy." She cooed, rubbing her nose against Harry's. "Oh Norman, he's perfect."

"He is," A voice agreed, a male one, the owner of the voice was standing outside of visibility for Harry and just looked like a massive blurry blob as far as Harry was concerned. "he's very good looking, must take after you." The man joked, earning a chuckle from the woman.

"My handsome baby boy." She smiled brightly.

'Baby?!' Harry was pretty sure if minds could explode then his would have.

'Okay, Potter, don't panic.' Harry mentally told himself as he rested in a crib inside of a particularly big room that was painted baby blue for him. He was surrounded by a bunch of soft and cuddly toys of various sizes and he had just spent the last half an hour having the woman and man from before making baby faces and noises at him.

Harry had learnt, to his horror, that he was actually in a baby's body. It was definitely a baby's body, he was sure of that. He was sure because he was small, he could barely move, and he had already crapped himself more times than he would like. The two people that called themselves his parents, were most definitely not James and Lily Potter. The man was apparently called Norman Osborn, while his wife was called Emily Osborn. Harry didn't know too much about them, other than the fact that they were both really, really rich and the fact that he had recently popped out of one of them. He wasn't sure how rich they were but based on the small amount of time he had spent with them, they were definitely not the sort of people who needed to worry about money. But more importantly, they seemed to be decent enough people, at least they were based on the way that they were treating him.

Harry still found it all very hard to believe, one moment he was fighting for his life in the ministry of magic, the next he was meeting with Death of all people before he found himself reborn in another world with new parents. On the one hand, it was horrible, knowing that he was leaving behind Sirius, Hermione, Ron and all the others. Sure, he knew he couldn't really do much about it, it's not like he could just get up and go find another way back to his world straight away, but still, it felt horrible. But on the other hand, a part of him that he wasn't entirely happy with, couldn't help but think about how this could be a chance for a new life. A life without bullying relatives, a life without near-death experiences, death eaters and Voldemort. Though, he wasn't entirely sure they weren't in this world as well, still...he could hope.

'What are the chances of me having a peaceful life?' Harry wondered.

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Omake 1:

"I'm glad my Uncle's still with us, you know?" Peter asked.

"Not for much longer." Harry aimed a sniper gun at Uncle Ben.

"Wait dude! What are you doing?!"

"I'm sorry but your Aunt May is hot and your Uncle Ben is the only thing standing in my way."

Omake 2:

"Hey pal, what are you doing this afternoon? Can I have a moment of your time?"

"Carnage, please listen to me," Harry said in a tired voice. "if you've come here to 'talk to me about our lord and saviour' again then I swear I'm going to slap you."

Omake 3 (takes place in no way home):

"Alright guys," Harry said as he stopped next to the three Spidermen. "we've got most of them."

"Has anyone gotten lizard yet?" Peter 3 asked.

"Lizard?" Harry asked just before a roar was heard, he turned back in time to see the Lizard leap at him. Harry quickly hit him in the face with a right hook that easily knocked him out. "Okay, Lizard's done with."

"How did you do that?!" The other two Peter's blinked.

"He's pretty tough!" Peter pointed out. "and you just knocked him out in one go!"

"Well, you know how we all have super strength?" Harry asked.


"Just...use all of it."