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Chapter 46 -

"I suppose I should probably thank you for helping me with this," The Ancient One said as she levitated the unconscious bodies of Tibet's followers into a transparent cage.

"Ah, don't worry about it, it's my pleasure," Harry replied, tossing an unconscious and webbed-up Tibet into the cage with the others.

"Was it truly necessary to hurt him so?" She asked in a slightly amused voice as she stared at Tibet's swollen eyes, cut lip and missing teeth. If that wasn't bad enough then he was also wrapped from chin to toe in a suffocating amount of webs.

"Yes," Harry said simply before picking up his spider-bot. "Hey buddy," Harry grinned at it.

"Alright, Harry?" Peter's voice came out of it.

"I've had worse," Harry shrugged.

"Somehow, we don't doubt that," Gwen's voice replied.

"Such an impressive little thing," The Ancient One stared at it. "It's quite cute as well, I daresay that sometimes human technology is even as impressive as magic."

"Thanks," Harry snorted. "Now, I think we need to pick up my friends and get out of here."

"I'll take care of that," She smiled before creating a portal for Harry to walk through, leading back to her place.

"You must save a lot of money on travel," Harry remarked before stepping in, the portal disappearing behind him. He let out an amused chuckle before he deactivated his spider-bot. He had barely done so when another portal opened, allowing Gwen and Peter to walk in.

"Harry!" Peter said excitedly, rushing forward and pulling him into a hug. "Harry! I travelled through a portal, Harry! I travelled through an actual portal! A magical one!"

"It's a crazy world," Harry chuckled before Peter let go and Gwen pulled him into another hug while the portal disappeared behind them.

"You're okay?!" She asked worriedly, letting go and looking him over.

"Nothing some rest won't fix," Harry replied.

"Indeed," The Ancient One said, suddenly in the room and smiling at them. She walked over to them before pulling out a couple of white pills and holding them out to Harry before summoning a glass of water. "Take this, it'll help you."

"Thanks," Harry said, raising his mask high enough to reveal his mouth. He took the water and pills from her, he popped the pills in his mouth before gulping down the water as quickly as he could.

"What's that?" Peter couldn't help but ask. "Some magic potion in pill form?"

"Yeah," Harry said, taking a breath. "It's a magical miracle drug from a far-off land called 'paracetamol'," He said straight-faced before turning to the Ancient One. "So, thank you," He said, handing her the glass back. "I appreciate the help."

"Just as I appreciate yours," She replied easily. " you've got your magic back, how do you feel?"

"It's weird," Harry replied, a small sigh escaped him as he pulled his mask back down. "I feel...different...yet...the same. Old but new, something has been reclaimed and something else has been regained. Does that make sense?"

"More or less," She responded thoughtfully. "I can understand that you'd be quite happy, though I do caution restraint. There are not many magical healers available to you and while I would like to help you if possible, there are times when that might not be possible. Do you understand?"

"Yeah, I got it," He nodded, knowing she was right. There was no Madam Pomfrey here to fix him up if his bones were broken or completely vanished...again. "Thanks,"

"I believe that you've been using runes, correct?" She asked.

"Just the ones that I know," He confirmed. "I'm not really a master when it comes to them," He couldn't help but add. "But I've been using a few that have worked alright, after some trial and error."

"I think this might help you," She said with a smirk. Suddenly the glass in her hand was replaced by an ancient-looking large book with a golden-brown cover and gold linings. "As I said before, I would advise you to be cautious. Now, I think it's time for you all to depart. I don't want your parents to worry."

"Neither do we," Gwen shuddered.

"So," She casually created a portal which seemed to lead into Harry's bedroom. "You know how to find me if you ever need anything, feel free to stop by at any time."

"Yeah, I might just do that," Harry nodded to her whilst making a mental note to attempt to set up some wards in his room. "I'll be seeing you soon,"

"I look forward to it," She replied as Harry stepped through the portal.

"Bye!" Peter waved as he followed.

"Nice meeting you!" Gwen added as she stepped through.

"See you soon," The Ancient One smiled before the portal closed behind them.

"Well," Harry said, removing his mask. "That was an adventure," He let out a deep sigh.

"You can say that again," Peter snorted.

"Don't," Gwen said when she saw Harry start to open his mouth. "Don't actually say that again,"

"Harry," Emily's voice called from outside of the door, it opened a second later. "Gwen, Peter, where is Harry?" She asked, not seeing him in the room.

"Oh, he just went to the bathroom, Mrs Osborn," Gwen said quickly.

"Right, well, you kids hurry up, dinner's ready." She replied. "Oh, and I told you to please just call me Emily, Mrs Osborn makes me feel old." She said before leaving the room and closing the door.

"That was close," Harry said as he dropped from the ceiling. " first, discussion of events later, good idea?"

"Great idea!" Gwen decided.

"Race you to the food?" Peter offered.

"No, wait! Let me get changed first!" Harry responded. "I..." He trailed off when suddenly his spider-suit was on the floor and he was dressed in nothing but a pair of boxers. "...Shit, accidental magic!" Harry realised whilst a red-faced Gwen coughed and looked away.

"Yo, Harry," Pete spoke up. "Is that a birthmark or what?"

"So, how's the lab going?" Emily asked as they all sat around for dinner, the Osborn family was undeniably rich, yet they didn't have a cook. Norman had once offered to get one but Emily had shot him down, she wanted to cook and quite frankly, she liked to cook. Harry didn't complain, nor did Norman, because they knew that she was great at it. So did Peter and Gwen, which was why they both happily filled their plates with as much food as they could eat.

"It's going quite well," Harry replied with a small smile. "We've been researching lots of different things and so far Oscorp seems impressed with us as a whole."

"I can verify that to be true," Norman smiled, staring at the three teenagers with pride. He always knew that his son was a genius, it was partly why he had originally tried so hard to get him into a private school, believing that that it would truly help his son grow into his potential. Yet, his son went to a public school, was still a genius and had now found two matching geniuses to work with! What more could a father want for his son? "Harry and I are hoping that after a couple of years of good work, we can work on setting up his own building for him and a team to work on whatever they desire."

"We want to set up our own company, Mrs Osborn...I mean Emily," Gwen put in.

"Yeah, go in to work when we want, study and research whatever we want," Peter smiled. "That's the dream!"

"Y'all are nerds," Emily stated matter-of-factly. "Still, I'm glad it's all going good for you. Peter, Gwen, will we be seeing you at the ball?"

"Um...I'm not sure, I would probably have to check with my parents," Gwen replied thoughtfully.

"Same, I'd have to ask Aunt May and Uncle Ben," Peter added.

"I'm going," Harry said in an irritated voice, sending a look towards his mother.

"Harry, you know it's important for you to actually go and interact with people," Emily said patiently.

"I interact with Gwen and Peter," Harry pointed out.

"They're the only ones you interact with," Emily replied.

"Falsehood! I have a girlfriend," Harry replied easily enough.

"Great, you can invite her to the ball,"

"Already done,"

"Atta boy,"

"Why must I go?" Harry couldn't help but ask. "I just spend the whole time there chatting with Peter and Gwen, which we could do comfortably from the safety of our home. And when they're not there I just stand around for ages."

"This is your chance to change that,"

"She's right, Harry," Norman agreed.

"Traitor!" Harry glared at him.

"You have big aspirations, Son, to achieve them you must be able to meet and withstand prolonged exposure to various types of people," Norman continued. "I dare say you've mastered the ability to mingle with the 'common folk' as it were,"

"Ahem," Gwen coughed lightly. "No offence taken,"

"Forgive my husband, he's a bit of a prat," Emily said with a roll of her eyes.

"You need to be able to deal with all sorts of people," Norman told Harry, ignoring Emily. "Especially the richest and most powerful people in the city, get your foot in the door now when you're comfortable, instead of when you're older and desperate."

"Hmm, not like I could get out of it anyway," Harry muttered to himself, he had invited Felicia to it after all and by now she had almost definitely brought something expensive to wear for it.

"Dude, you've got ten minutes to get here, hurry the hell up!" Peter all but yelled.

"Working on it!" Harry yelled back as he swung across the city in his 'work' suit, having had to stop a high-speed chase on the way to school. A minute or two later he landed on the top of the school building, a quick change of clothes later and he bolted down and rushed towards his classroom, narrowly avoiding collisions with several different people. "Made it!" He yelled triumphantly as he got into the classroom about a minute before class started.

"This time," His teacher gave him a nod. "Though barely, do aim to arrive here ten minutes early, Mister Osborn, that way when you're late you'll still be on time. Now, take your seat, please,"

"Okay, Boss," Harry gave his teacher a nod and mock salute before he went and took his seat next to Peter with Gwen sitting behind him.

"Bro, that was cutting it a bit close, you know," Peter whispered to him.

"Bunch of asshats nearly got people killed trying to run from the cops," Harry whispered back.

"Ah," Peter nodded understandingly.

"You're certainly keeping my father busy," Gwen joked.

"At least he won't be out of a job," Peter replied. He was about to say more when a pair of arms suddenly draped themselves around Harry's shoulders.

"Hello Handsome," Felicia purred into Harry's ears. "Miss me?"

"I see you every school day," Harry couldn't help but point out.

"That doesn't answer my question," She smirked, lightly biting on Harry's ear before letting go near instantly. "So...I'll be meeting you outside of the building for the ball at eight, right?"

"Yeah, you know...I can pick you up from your home if you want," Harry offered just as the bell rang.

"Nah, I can make my own way." She replied easily enough.

"Miss Hardy," The teacher called. "Class has started, please take your seat."

"Everyone keeps interrupting my fun," She whispered to Harry with a mock pout before going to sit next to Gwen.

"Damn, Osborn gets all the luck," Harry heard Flash say under his breath.

"Flash!" Liz yelled, apparently, Harry wasn't the only one who had heard him.

"Back in a sec," Harry said as he got out of the limo and walked up to the doorman. "Hi Carl, how are you doing?" Harry greeted him.

"Quite well, Mr Osborn, and yourself? Going somewhere fancy?" He asked, staring at Harry's expensive-looking suit which was pretty much all black with the exception of his white shirt. Harry had made an attempt at styling his hair but had given that up as a bad job, his mother had tried the same thing for about half an hour before cursing his father as she was sure that it was him who had passed down this unstable thing that he called hair.

"There's a ball I had to attend, so I invited my friends, Pete's already in the car." Harry began explaining. "We're just here to pick up Gwen and then we're off to meet my parents and girlfriend there. "

"I see," He replied before pressing a buzzer on the wall. "Stacy residence? Mr Osborn is here to escort a young lady to a ball,"

"I'll be down in a sec, Carl." Gwen's voice replied.

"Okay, Ma'am," Carl replied back before letting go of the button. "You'll just have to wait a few moments," He told Harry.

"No rush," Harry shrugged. "Hey, I don't suppose you want to ditch work and come with us, do you?" Harry offered.

"Tempting but no," Carl said in an amused voice.

The two engaged in some minor small talk for about half a minute when Gwen suddenly arrived. Harry felt his mouth become a tad bit dryer and his eyes widened just a bit. He had always known that Gwen was beautiful, but right now she looked frankly breathtaking as she walked towards Harry dressed in navy blue high-heels, a bright pink dress and a fluffy white jacket. Her hair was done up in an intricate bun, she had a light splattering of makeup and she wore shiny earring studs along with a gold necklace.

"Whoa, Gwen, you look stunning," Harry blurted out.

"Thanks, you're not bad yourself, Osborn." She smiled brightly at him. "Your hair's still a mess though,"

"My mother blames my father, I agree," He said, resisting the urge to point out that he inherited it from his other father. "Anyway, come on, limo's waiting. Bye, Carl,"

"See ya, Carl," Gwen waved as they walked to the limo.

"Gwen!" Peter grinned once they had all sat inside. "How are you doing?"

"Peachy, what about you?" She asked Peter who was dressed in a decent suit that matched Harry's.

"Brought this suit myself with my Oscorp money," Peter said happily. "And now I'm going to a fancy party to watch Harry get tortured by old people, so I'm doing great."

"Shut it, Parker," Harry grunted. "I hate these parties, I went to one last year and this old lady called me cute before she pinched my cheeks real hard. I can still feel it!"

"Which cheeks are we talking about?" Gwen asked innocently.

"Shut it, Stacy!"

"Remember what we told you,"

"Yeah, yeah, I got it, but after this job, I am done."

"You're done when we say you're done,"

"I was promised that-"

"Relax, just get through this job and then you're free to go. Remember, in and out, cleanly, no trouble and no messing up, Miss Hardy."

A.N: Hi guys, hope you liked the chapter. I know Harry's magic was not discussed much in this chapter, but I do plan to have it be brought up a lot in the next chapter to make up for it.