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As the three of us watched Brom and Eragon walk off to Teirm, I think this was the first time since becoming a Dragon, that I wished I was smaller. Not that there was really anything to see there. Except for the witch, which would be who I would want to see. She was always such an interesting character with alot of mysteries around her, and halarious. The confusion she gave everyone was, to me, very funny, but I could see how being the one confused, could very well be annoying.

Anyway, they decided that Arya would stay with us. Easier to not draw attention I guess, when you dont have an extremely attactive being walking around with you. At least this time they didnt plan on breaking into anything.

Oh wait, man Eragon is gonna have alot of learning to do once we reach the Elves. He still doesnt know how to read, and since we arent looking for the Ra'zac, they wont need to search the place. Brom said they should only be there a couple days. He also had other things to do aswell, mainly confessing to Eragon.

I turned to my Rider as they walked away. Maybe we'll have time to go check out the ocean?

Her lips turned up, and I could feel her excitement and curiosity. It was infectious.

Perhaps. She said.

I huffed, "Perhaps" she says. Come Mine Heart, be excited! I turned to Saphira, I feel my belly grumbling, how does fish from the ocean sound?

She hummed loudly, licking her chops. Sounds delicious.

I looked back at Arya with a fanged grin, Well? Are you going to join us?

She was in my saddle within moments as I took off. The feeling of freedom filling me, making it very hard not to roar into the sky.

Fuck this hiding bull crap, I want to roar! My Rider thought my struggle was humorous apparently, as she laughed while we flew through the sky.

The sun was at its highest point in the sky when we finally landed on the beach, and I was having a tough time deciding who to watch more. Arya was completely silent, starstruck while staring at the water. While Saphira was laying in the sand, grumbling about how it got into her scales, while also communicating with her Rider.

Apparently the young man ran into Angela rather quickly, Brom having kicked him out from the Jeod meeting. What a dick, I think at least. Eragon needs to learn all this stuff sooner rather than later. But I guess ill leave that for his father to decide.

I snorted, finding that train of thought rather funny. Brom probably has no idea how to be a parent, I bet that's really why he doesn't want to tell him.

Saphira kept relaying what was being said to her Rider. The most interesting part was that she knew about Arya and me already. Arya showed slight surprise at that one, but ultimately she knew the "wise one" and shook it off quickly.

Why are you not worried? Saphira asked me. People shouldnt know of us yet. Although I despise this hiding, it is necessary.

That may be true, but the most dangerous people who could know already do, so there isnt much we can do about it. However they got their info.

That seemed to calm her down a degree, so I decided to take Arya for a swim, and to fill my belly. I was never a fan of fish in my last life, by maybe now I would enjoy them.

With a strong beat of my wing after Arya jumped into the saddle, I flew up, then proceeded to dive headfirst into the water. The last thing I heard was Arya's melodic laughter filling the air.

We were all sitting at the overhang, Saphira and I sunbathing, when we got the call.

Saphira shot to her feet, snarling. The Shade! He has appeared and is chasing Brom and Eragon with two others! We need to leave!

Ive never seen Arya move so fast, belting her sword to her hip, and hopping into the saddle, strapping herself in.

Lead the way Saphira. I growled. Durza falls today! We could possibly avoid the whole Varden siege this way. At least hopefully.

She took off quickly, slowly pulling away from me.

Man she knows how to fly, look at those scales! The sun is hitting them perfectly! Shes actually quite the beauti-

What the fuck...

Ill figure whatever the fuck that was out later, got to catch up.

By the time we caught up, Saphira was circling a particularly high bulding, dodging a rain of arrows, roaring in frustration at being unable to reach her Rider. I could see shadows of fast moving creatures through the highest windows.

Where are they Saphira? Arya asked.

This building! The highest floor! She sent us a mental image of it. But there is no way in!

Oh yes there is. I said. Hang on Mine Heart! I followed it up by roaring as loud as I could, the archers seemingly unsure of which Dragon to shoot at. They quickly aimed at me, before Arya shouted a spell, and three of them dropped to the ground dead. After dodging the other threes shots, I dove straight for the roof of our target building.

What are you doing!? Arya shouted in panic.

Making an entrance! Just hold on! I hit the roof as hard as I could. My front leg going through it, and the rest of my four month (I may be overestimating his growth here, but oh well.) old bulk cracking the rest of it. Then I began tearing at it, piece by piece, ripping a massive hole in the roof.

Saphira quickly joined in, and before long we had a hole big enough to get through.

Below us I could see a few things. Firstly was Eragon and another man, standing infront of Brom who was holding his sword arm. Across from them, a being with fiery red hair and pale skin. Flanking him were two creatures dressed in all black with hoods, I could see the tips of beaks poking out from underneath.

Well shit, fuck.

I couldn't really feel it, but from her intentions, I knew that Arya was undoing her straps, getting ready to jump off. So I did the only thing I could think of, I roared as loud as I could, taking the attention of our three enemies. With all three of them looking at me I pounced, aiming to land on all of them. Unfortunately I missed one of the Ra'zac and Durza, but one of those hooked beaked bastards fell under my claw, being pinned beneath it. Arya jumped off, while I took the opportunity to silence the creatures horrible scream, by decapitation, via my jaws.

The taste almost made me vomit, but instead I spat out the head towards Durza and it's sibling.

The other Ra'zac screeched at me, slowly circling me, I took a quick peek at the others. Eragon had turned to check on Brom quickly, before jumping in to help this other... Was that a teenager? fight off Durza. Was that Zar'roc he was wielding?

Arya made to join them, but before she could move I felt a massive presence crash against her mind. Her defenses shot up quickly but I could tell she was struggling, it was taking all her attention to defend herself.

Without thinking about it I lent her my strength, helping her fight off what I now knew, was Durza's strong mental attack. Seriously, Shades are busted strong.

Totally unfair.

I felt a sharp pain lance its way from my back left knee to almost my hip. I roared in pain and blindly kicked backwards, hitting something and sending it flying.

By this time Saphira had opened the hole a little more, to give her access to the rest of the room, and pounced on something behind me, from the sound of the screech I can only assume it was the Ra'zac.

Fortunately the screech helped distract Durza, noted by his absence in Arya's mind. I looked to the fight to notice Durza backhand Eragon to the head, sending him rolling, but also giving an opening to the other fighter. He lunged in with his blade, twirling it around Durza's, and with a flick of his wrist, sent his blade flying.

He lunged then, aiming straight for Durza's heart. Good he knows how to kill it. The shade made to grab the man's wrist, intent on stopping it, but I felt, then assisted Arya in an attack on his mind. His defenses held, but he flinched, a split second.

It was all it took.

I watched as the silver blade pierced his heart, but was surprised to see the tip of a red blade appearing through the chest of Durza aswell.

Where the hell had Eragon come from? What?

There was a blood curdling scream from the Shade, before a dark explosion occurred. Small Grey and white orbs flew out of his body in every direction. Shattering windows and sending broken wood raining down around us.

And then he was gone, only his sword left.

We need to leave, I said. Two on each, now.

Silvren, youre bleeding, this wound looks serious, let me heal you before we leave. Arya said, obviously worried. Im sure she could feel the pain I was in, and honestly, I dont think Id ever felt anything this painful. It was just a sword wound, Im a damn Dragon! Wheres my pain tolerance?!

No, not yet, you can heal me mid flight, we cant stay here. The longer we take, the more chance reinforcements arrive. She gave me a worried look, but nodded her head before quickly hopping into the saddle with Brom.

Eragon and the unamed quickly mounted Saphira, thought not without trepidation from our new party member, and we took flight. Flying over tall buildings and heading towards the Spine. I could feel my blood flowing out of my wound, and hoped that noone got hurt by any of it. Isnt it like, super hot or something?

It was incredibly difficult, in all honesty, and the longer I flew the harder it got. Every beat of my wings, and every breath I took send a jolt of pain through my leg.

Eventually after, my guesstimation of a league, but probably less, Arya had finished her inspection of my wound. My breathing had grown ragged and I flew close to the ground.

Silvren you must land now, you are losing too much blood, and I need to clean the wound... I could feel a raging inferno of anger from her. The blade was coated in Seithr Oil, and I cannot heal you from here.

I sent my agreement and lowered to the ground, comming in a little hot. I did my best to avoid any branches that would hit my passengers, but I have no idea how i did on that front. My feet hit the ground and my knees buckled, giving me a face full of dirt. But I couldnt bring myself to care, just wanting to lay there. I heard Saphira land, and Arya calling my name, before I promptly blacked out.