*Disclaimer- I don't own either anything to do with the show "I Love Lucy" or the lyrics to the song "Cielito Lindo" which is used in the first act.*

This is my first attempt at "I Love Lucy" Fan Fic, but I hope you like it.

I LOVE LUCY: The Broadway Play

Act One, Scene One: The Ricardo's Apartment

(Ethel walks through the kitchen door and into the Living room looking for Lucy.)

Ethel: Lucy? Are you up yet?

LUCY: (Off-stage) Just a minute Ethel. I'll be right out.

ETHEL : All right.

(Ethel waits patiently, sitting down on Lucy's couch. Lucy comes into the room through the bedroom door in full bullfighter's costume.)

LUCY: Good morning Ethel.

ETHEL : (Not noticing Lucy's peculiar outfit) Morning Lucy.

(Lucy walks behind the couch and toward the kitchen. Ethel looks at Lucy and then looks away. After a second she does a double take, noticing Lucy's outrageous toreador outfit.)

ETHEL : Lucy! What are you doing dressed like that?

LUCY: (Nonchalantly) Oh, you mean this. Well, it just so happens that a certain Cuban bandleader we know is taking auditions for a new Latin themed show at the Tropicana Club.

ETHEL : Yeah, so?

LUCY: Well, when said Bandleader sees how perfect I look in this getup, he'll tell me that I can be in his show. Besides, this early in the morning he might be so tired he won't know what he's saying.

ETHEL : I know what he'll be saying- "no". Lucy, you've had some pretty crazy things before, but this one takes the cake.

LUCY: Ohh..

(Rustling comes from the bedroom.)

LUCY: Ethel, that's him.

ETHEL : I'll leave then. Good luck, kid. You're gonna need it. (Leaves through the front door)

LUCY: Thanks.

(Lucy runs into the kitchen. Ricky emerges from the bedroom door dressed for work. He makes his way across the Living Room and into the kitchen. Lucy greets him at the door.)

LUCY: (faking a Spanish accent) Buenos Dias, mi esposo!

RICKY: (Confused) What? Lucy, what are you doing dressed like that?

Lucy directs Ricky to the table and helps him sit down.

LUCY: What ever do you mean, mi amor. (Pours a a cup of coffe and walks to the kitchn table). Here, have some cafe to start your manana out right. (Sets cup down on the table). Ole'!

Lucy steps to the center of the room and begins singing and dancing to "Cielito Lindo"

LUCY: (singing off key) "De la sierra morena Viene bajando viene bajando Un par de ojitos negros Cielito lindo de contrabando"

RICKY: Lucy.

LUCY: (continues singing and dancing) "Ese lunar que tienes Cielito lindo junto a la boca No se lo des a nadie Cielito lindo que a mí me toca"

RICKY: (louder) Lucy.

LUCY: (continues singing) "Aye-Aye-yi-Yi...."

RICKY: (screaming) Lucy!

LUCY: (Stops singing, Speaks calmly) What?

RICKY: (Firm) Lucy, I know what you're trying to do and it's not going to work.

LUCY: (Pleading with Ricky) But Ricky, why can't I be in the show?

RICKY: I would tell you, but I don't like to be insulting this early in the morning.

LUCY: (Upset) Ricky Riccardo someday I'll be a star and when I am you'll have wished that you had put me into one of your shows just so you can say that I got my start right at your club.

RICKY: Honey, the only way you would ever be a star is if Silent Pictures made a comeback.

LUCY: Ohhh...

RICKY: (Ricky stands up) Now honey, I've got to go or I'll be late to the club. And remember, I don't want to hear another word about you being in the show at the Tropicana, alright?

LUCY: (Thinks for a second) Oh, alright. See you this evening.

RICKY: Good Bye, dear.

LUCY: Good bye.

(Ricky walks out the kitchen into the Living Room and out the front door. Lucy sits down at the kitchen table defeated. Ethel comes in the kitchen door and walks over to Lucy.)

ETHEL : I take to he didn't go for the idea.

LUCY: (upset) No. You know I'm starting to think that he'll never let me be one of his shows.

ETHEL : That doesn't sound like Lucy. Whatever happened to "Never give up" and "Try try again"?

LUCY: That's all over now. (Dramatic) Never again will I ever attempt to be in one of Ricky's shows- (Out of spite) even if he begged me!

ETHEL : Ah, Lucy. I'm sorry.

LUCY: Ricky just doesn't know how much talent I've got. I'm good enough for one of his shows. (Lucy cheers up after saying that and slowly becomes excited) Yeah! In fact I'm too good for one of his shows. I belong on the stage- on Broadway!

ETHEL : You? On Broadway?

LUCY: Well, honey, why not? All I've got to do is audition, and when they see all the talent I've got, they'll beg me to be a part of their show.

ETHEL: Oh, they'll be begging alright.

LUCY: (Insulted) Well! (Sarcastically) Thanks for the support.

ETHEL: I'm sorry, Lucy, but do you really think that you could get a role on Broadway?

LUCY: (Walks over to the kitchen counter and picks up a newspaper) Sure, they always are looking for new talent. See right here in the paper. It says, "Famous producer Derek Nolan is looking for a beautiful, young, talented singer/ actress to be the leading lady in his new Broadway musical production."

ETHEL: (Sarcastically) Oh, yes Lucy. That describes you to a 'T'.

LUCY: Well, it could. Let's see, if I'm going to be a star I'll need a stage name. Something flashy fit for a leading lady, like Marilyn Monroe or something.

ETHEL: Well don't use that one. They'd be very disappointed if they see that name and then have you walk in.

LUCY: (thinking) Yeah... something like... Candy Kaye!

ETHEL: Candy Kaye? Is that a name or a dessert?

LUCY: It's perfect. Doesn't that sound like a leading lady?

ETHEL: (sarcastically) Oh, yes. I can't believe no other leading lady has ever taken that name before you did.

(Ethel gets up and walks over to Lucy.)

LUCY: Then it's settled. Now the auditions are this afternoon at four, but just to make sure I get the role, I think that we should drop by his office around 1 or so..."

ETHEL: We? Oh, no. I'm not getting myself into another one of your schemes. No thanks! (Ethel begins to walk towards the front door).

LUCY: (Slyly) Alright, if that's the way you feel, but I thought that when I see Mr. Nolan that I could also introduce him to you and possibly pull some strings to get you into this production.

ETHEL: (Stops still) Well... (giggle)... all right. I'll do it.

LUCY: Good girl! Besides, it will be less scary with two of us.

ETHEL: Yeah.

LUCY: (looks at he watch) Oh, my goodness. Look at the time. It's already 10 o'clock. We've got to get started if we're going to look like leading ladies in just three hours.

(Fade out)