A/N: Ok, ok, I give in. Every single person who reviewed the last chapter asked for an epilogue, so...here ya go :) But really, this is the end, I swear


Sara glanced over her shoulder to make sure no one was watching, then clicked the AIM icon. Technically, using lab computers for non-work activities was a no-no, but she really wanted to check on things, and they were slow tonight anyway. She checked her buddy list; he was signed on, as she'd expected.

SidleS: Hey! It's been a while, how are things going there?

CSIMark: Not bad, we all miss you though.

SidleS: Any good cases?

CSIMark: Well, we had a decomp the other night and I know how much you love those...

SidleS: Eww! Glad I missed it!

CSIMark: ...but Sam pulled some cool blowflies off of it. We both thought Grissom would have loved them.

SidleS: I'll tell him you're thinking about him every time you see a bug, how's that?

CSIMark: Fair enough. But really, we miss you both. You never told me how much office politics sucks for the person in charge!

SidleS: Hah, that was the point! If I'd told you, you'd have chained me down and refused to let Grissom have me!

CSIMark: Hell yeah

CSIMark: Oh, and per Will's orders, I'm supposed to tell you that Jack and Sophie went on their first date last week

SidleS: Oh my god! How did it go? I can't believe they waited til Gil and I were gone to get together!

CSIMark: Did Grissom ever tell you about the behind-the-scenes plotting he did to get them together?

SidleS: No, what'd he do?

CSIMark: Ah, I think you'll have to ask him about that. Far be it from me to spill his secrets!

CSIMark: Oh, and speaking of politics...how are things on your end? I know you were really worried about what would happen

SidleS: Mmm, they're not exactly what I'd call "comfy," but no one's tried to fire either of us so far. Ecklie gives us a lot of dirty looks (and Greg makes a lot of dirty jokes!), but his hands are tied by the director's edict. No firing of the best workers!

CSIMark: Always knew something good would come of working your asses off, right?

SidleS: Exactly!

SidleS: Oops, hey, I gotta go. Grissom just came in...

SidleS: He says we have a case and to tell you you still can't have me

SidleS: Even if you have tattoos and he doesn't

CSIMark: I didn't know he even knew I had them!

SidleS: Oh, you'd be surprised at what he can get me to spill when he puts his mind to it...

CSIMark: Uh-oh! Should I tell everyone to stay on guard?

SidleS: Nah, you know neither of us would do anything that might hurt you (or your careers, or your love lives...)

CSIMark: Well, I'll be thankful for that. Listen, call us sometime, ok? Everybody whines that I'm the only one who gets to talk to you anymore

SidleS: Well maybe if the boss let them use work computers...

SidleS: Ok, really gotta go now. He's giving me a look that has "Five seconds til I assign you a saliva case" written all over it

SidleS: Say hi to everyone, and make fun of J & S for me!

CSIMark: Ok, I will. I'm sure they'll just love it

SidleS: Talk to you later

CSIMark: Ok, bye