This was actually for an freshman English homework assignment, and this
poem was not written by me, they are words from Elie Wiesel's book Night. I
did however arrange the words to make them into a poem expressing what I
believe Elie Wiesel would have wanted expressed about the horrors of the
Disclaimer: Not my words, just my arrangement and interpretation of a
highly talented writer, Elie Wiesel from his touching book, Night.


An endless night
Flames were leaping up from a ditch
Flames which consumed my faith forever
Shame in our souls

Three victims in chains. . . one of them. . . the sad eyed angel
A strange overwhelming little corpse
The dead were heaped on the living
Animal hatred in their eyes

From the depths of the mirror, a corpse gazed back at me.
I was covered with blood
I had no more tears
Where is God now?

His life was gliding on the strings
His lost hopes, his charred past, his extinguished future.
The strong man. . . wept
And tears, like drops of wax flowed from his eyes

We're on the threshold of death
Death scarcely needed any help from them
The night was gone
Surely it was a dream