Title Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Author Dawn

Rating PG 13

Spoiler Info: We all know the CIA was very involved in our defeat of Saddam Hussein, and who else is going to be in the middle of it but our favorite ex-marine.

A/N I hope you liked it this is the last of this story. I'll start posting another one soon.

Chapter 15

Terri hung up and called Gage. "He just called. The phone went dead."

"Terri we are doing everything. We have located him. The rescue team is on their way to his location now. I will call as soon as I know."

Terri waited impatiently. Finally Jackson showed up at the house. "Terri, they found him, he is on his way to Kuwait. They will transfer him to the US as soon as they can. Maybe tomorrow or the next day. As soon as he can travel."

Terri hugged Jackson "Thank you."

"His cell phone went dead. That's what happened when he called you."

"His leg, the infection?"

"They think he will be ok now."

Terri could hardly wait. It was two more days until he could be flown back to Washington. She wanted to go to him, but everybody told her she needed to just wait.

When the plane landed Terri, her parents and brother and Stiles' parents, Kathleen, Jackson and the kids were all waiting for him. Stiles insisted on walking off the plane on his own. They wanted to keep him in the hospital but he refused. The only thing he wanted was to go home with his wife.

Stiles walked off the plane and Terri ran to him. Kamil helped keep him standing when he threw his crutches down to hug her. He kissed her and they told each other how much they loved each other. Everybody else came up and hugged Stiles. They all went back to Terri's place and had a big party.

When everyone went home Stiles and Terri went to bed. They talked about everything that happened with each of them while he was gone, and how much they missed each other. They planned their future together. Stiles couldn't believe how happy he was to be home. All the years he was growing up and traveling, he never really felt like he had a home. Now he knew his home was wherever Terri was. Terri asked him. "By the way Arlen Banning, tell me about that."

"You didn't ask my mom?" She nodded no. "I was born premature. Arlen means pledge, it was my great grandfather's name. When he came to the hospital he called me Banning. Which means fair and small, because I was so small. So mom wanted to call me Arlen Banning. Dad shortened it to A. B." Terri smiled at him.

"I like it, maybe we can have a little Arlen Banning Stiles Jr." She smiled and kissed him.

Kamil and his family were reunited. Quinn made sure that Holland paid for his crimes. Jackson and Kathleen began dating. His kids got along great with her and her kids.

On their wedding day June 21st Terri took a home pregnancy test and it was positive. They were so happy. They were going to have their big wedding with their family. They were starting a family of their own, A. B. Jr. Stiles didn't care if it was a boy or a girl, it was a part of him and Terri. Stiles didn't want to leave when his sister came and threw him out of the house.

Jackson was waiting for him at the church. He couldn't wait to tell Jackson he was going to be a dad. Jackson couldn't wait to ask Stiles if he could return the favor and be his best man some time soon.