A beach. Naruto averted people's gazes as they stared and gawked at him. That was the advantage of this place – it was far from home. Nobody knew who they were. They would look at Kushina and the others and go, "wow, those pregnant women look ridiculous, and is that a pregnant little girl?" They wouldn't think, "Oh my God, that's the heir to the Hyuga clan with a gravity-defying pregnant belly!"
Naruto whistled quietly to himself, trying not to stand out, yet doing so inevitably. He'd had an erection before the first people could even see him. There were a few simple reasons for that. First off, the outfits of his four girls. "You four are gonna get arrested," he muttered.
"They wouldn't dare," said Kushina, full of confidence. Their outfits for the occasion were beyond ridiculous. All four wore nothing but bikinis and g-strings. Kushina had opted for a red bikini to match her hair, one which had red heart patterns. Figuring out sizes nowadays was tricky, so Kushina had ended up with a slightly larger bikini than she'd intended… it did cover her nipples entirely, however. The g-string barely did the same to her pussy, which was visibly dripping juices. Most of her obscene curves were visible for all to see, with her thick ass and amazing body almost completely exposed. Naturally, her bare belly was displayed completely.
Next to her was Kurenai, with a bikini she'd once worn as a normal, non-lewd thing. Of course, that was more than a year ago. Kurenai had been a normal size. It had been a standard green sports bra to cover her bust, one that once comfortably concealed her entire chest, a garment that she'd worn with both her own health and decency in mind. Now, it was barely more than a thin, green line directly across her nipples, threatening to bust right through at any moment. Kurenai stared at the women on the beach as she strode on past, thinking they could all use some better muscles, a pregnant belly, or both. Both was always nice.
Tsunade had opted for a top that more resembled a conventional bra, a blue one that cupped her tits. It was one of the biggest sizes available, yet still Tsunade's breasts threatened to bust right through. That would be quite a sight, wouldn't it? Tsunade totally didn't love that idea – of her tits just literally busting right through her top, bouncing out lewdly, forcibly showing off her body to everyone? She totally didn't get off to that possibility. They basically did not make bras for women of her size and endowment, but that didn't bother Tsunade. She'd actually opted for a somewhat modest blue thong down below, to match her bra. Not that anyone would be looking down there – her godly tits commanded all attention, as far as her body was concerned.
"Everybody's looking at us," said Hinata. Naturally, she had the most ridiculous outfit, if it could even be called that. The bikini Hinata wore was black, and had only tiny little black bits of fabric covering her nipples directly. She had bought several different sizes, some time ago, a decision which had paid off. This bit of clothing fit her just perfectly. It definitely crossed the realm into obscene, with Hinata's round breasts pretty much entirely visible to anyone who looked. That wasn't to say anything for the undergarment she wore, which couldn't contain the gradually leaking juices from her pussy. Hinata looked the most ridiculous and lewd by far, mostly on account of her age and height, however. She was the only one to be pregnant as a young girl.
Naruto, of course, was rock-hard. This time, he wasn't just bordering on nudity… he was stepping right into it. He wore exactly one piece of clothing on his body – a thong, over his dick. Yes, really. Kushina had insisted on it, then Hinata, then the other two… the garment was a well-made, custom-designed piece of clothing (thanks again to Kushina), strong enough that it wouldn't snap or be damaged at all. Of course, Kushina had deliberately had it made much too small to cover Naruto's colossal length.
The boy exhaled, feeling his heart beating in his chest. He was rock-hard from staring so much at the outfits of his harem, and most of his roughly 20-inch (yes, really) monster cock was exposed for all to see. It wasn't even theoretically decent. Naruto was 99% nude, with one thing that barely qualified as clothing. The comments and remarks began as the five of them strode across the beach… really taking their time in doing so. It was broad daylight, with probably more than a hundred people on the beach, maybe even two hundred.
"They like what they see," remarked Kurenai, chuckling. "Don't you think so, Naruto?" Naruto did. Beyond their outfits, his harem made for quite the sight.
Kushina had a shameless confidence to her stride, totally uncaring for any negative judgement. Besides, criticising her for a lack of modesty was the least of her sins. Like the other women her age, she had grown to a truly impressive height, well over six feet, perhaps even closer to seven by that point. Her tits were mostly on display, the heart-shape of her bikini almost a bit of symbolism, as if to say "these get plenty of love." They were huge and rounded, leaking out milk occasionally, though not to the extent and frequency Tsunade's did. Kushina desperately wanted her boy to feed from them in public. She relished the stares of men – she could tell which ones were obviously disgusted, and which ones were quite pleased or amazed. She even shook her belly a bit, occasionally, delighted to have the adoration of so many men.
She, of course, got off to the immense size of her pregnant stomach. It really was no wonder she'd had to grow so much taller. At full-term, with a nine-month preggo belly, she was absolutely enormous. There was no denying it at this point – taking one look at Kushina would tell you her body and pregnancy were not normal. The belly stuck out, round and bulging, not sagging despite being at its maximum size. It defied gravity, bigger than a beach ball, still ultimately looking incredibly smooth and healthy. Her ass was thick enough to smother a big, grown man, and her hips were extremely wide, her entire body having changed to resemble that of some maternal goddess. That was how Kushina felt, most certainly. She listened to the comments of people they passed by.
"Those bellies are crazy," said a boy.
"Those women are huge. I've never seen anyone that big," said a teenager.
"Fuck me," said a woman, simply.
Kushina felt amused by an elderly couple that stared at her.
"Good grief, that can't be natural," said the man.
"I agree. But she doesn't seem to mind," said the woman.
Kushina wanted to impulsively just fuck her boy, right in front of all these people. She would have loved that, so much… but that would all but guarantee she got in trouble. Unless she felt quite sure she was surrounded by more than a hundred like-minded degenerates and perverts, she would wait for a more opportune time. Besides, seeing her boy so flustered like this was just great. Kushina greatly enjoyed the fact that nobody would figure out they were mother and son, at a glance, or most of all that the father of the children in Kushina's belly stood right next to her.
Tsunade thought many of the same things. Her pregnant belly was a bit smaller than Kushina's – she'd measured it. Everything was truly a marvel. She'd given in fully to lust and maternal desires, by this point, barely caring how wrong it was. She had her arms mostly at her sides, making sure her colossal tits were shown off as well as possible. She was a wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen, and Tsunade totally loved that fact. "Ngh…" she let a small moan escape as she felt her tits leaking into her top. She was getting too aroused. Leaking spontaneously wasn't too unusual even for a normal pregnancy, but Tsunade had found the frequency and intensity of the spurts had increased, as of late.
The sheer size of her tits created another problem. Tsunade had to walk a little slow – not because she was too heavy or fatigued, but because of something else. The combination of her gargantuan bust size with the unusual way her top squeezed it meant some of Tsunade's vision was blocked. Her tits sat firmly on her belly, as firm and without sag as always, positioned to cut off some of her sight. It would have been utterly hilarious – it was to the others - were it not so annoying for Tsunade. Having the world's biggest, milkiest tits was usually a grand achievement – but not being able to see properly was not fun nor sexy.
Like Kushina, she'd become curvier and far more beautiful. Of note, of course, was the exceptional youthful beauty of each woman. Kushina was in her thirties, and Tsunade middle-aged. Despite that, she had the most gorgeous, smooth, youthful face and skin. Naruto had been giving them a lot of cute compliments, lately. He told them they all looked like young, super-pretty women, though stipulated he'd always found them attractive.
"You're leaking," said Kurenai.
"I know," said Tsunade. "Wonderful, isn't it?" She wondered just how far Naruto's chakra corruption went. She considered some things all but proven – their bodies were hyper-primed for pregnancy, and underwent a variety of changes to eliminate pain and greatly increase pleasure. Tsunade reached a hand up to her round belly in contemplation, rubbing it gently. No movement from her babies at this time, but they were certain to come out unusual. Genetically superior, Tsunade suspected. An eight or nine-child pregnancy would, in normal circumstances, be ludicrously high-risk, dangerous to both mother and children. Yet there was none of that. Tsunade smiled as she felt a kick from one of her unborn children.
She watched Hinata wave at the passerby as Tsunade let herself get lost in thought. Easy pregnancy, proven. Altered brain chemistry and physicality when it came to sex and sexual pleasure, proven. Anti-aging? Tsunade wasn't sure. She felt fit and heathy every day, had no difficulty sleeping at all (during an eight-child pregnancy!) and found her pregnancy barely slowed her down. Had she genuinely aged backwards? She felt her round stomach, which was free of stretch marks, and gazed down (and forward) to her huge, fantastic tits which didn't sag in the least, nor give her any physical pain… she couldn't believe them. They were outstanding, the dream of every man, everywhere. Feeding eight children from her engorged bosom would be a cinch. Tsunade felt quite aroused whenever she thought of them. No woman anywhere could match her bust.
Third was Kurenai – the fittest of all, still. Her muscles had grown even more, recently. She carried all their gear with one arm, slung over her back. Though her pregnant stomach was the least ridiculous and smallest of the adults, she took pride in other things. The chakra she'd milked out of Naruto had a wondrous effect on her body. Like the others, Kurenai felt and looked far younger than her age, and of course sported a -stillmassive belly and round, fat tits (though hers were also the smallest).
Kurenai enjoyed that she was the biggest, muscliest woman in the world. The boys she walked past seemed almost scared, some looked terrified. The monstrously pregnant woman, she was... Kurenai loved every second of it. She wished she could be like Kushina, enjoying the extra dimension of depravity from being pregnant by her own son. Someday, Kurenai too would probably indulge in that pleasure. Giving birth to her own grandchildren would be hot as fuck.
Her arms were like a professional weightlifter's, the muscles all across her body a wonder of fitness and power. True, perhaps they didn't make her look "feminine" in the traditional sense, but neither she nor Naruto minded that. The boy found a certain sexiness in it, as he'd stated on multiple occasions. Kurenai stared down at a muscly man, flexing his arms at a few pretty, young women. They gestured to Kurenai, and the man turned around to stare at her. She could see his defeated, upstaged expression, instantly flabbergasted. He'd probably spent ages working for those gains. Kurenai puffed her chest and belly out reflexively, wanting to show off her abs… before remembering she was nine months pregnant with seven kids.
Kurenai didn't know why she was the only one to experience such growth and improvement to her muscles, but she relished it. Her thighs were so huge, they'd began to rub against each other when she walked. They were legitimately bigger than the torsos of some smaller alpha males. Her back was so well-toned and strong, she carried around the weight of seven full-term babies as if they were nothing. Her arms were getting so huge, now, she could probably kill most men with one good punch. If she wanted to, she could probably kick down a building pretty easily.
Something she knew Naruto loved was the bizarre contrast – despite her eminently masculine body (barring the big tits and huge, gravid tummy) Kurenai had a beautiful face. Gorgeous, in fact, just like the other girls. Kurenai began to smirk to herself, loving the stares, knowing all the nearby men would be so jealous. "Oo… fuck." She felt it coming on fast. Kurenai knew there was no stopping an orgasm, now. "Ah…" She imagined herself continuing to grow more and more ridiculous, continuing to work out forever, becoming more and more obscene. She fantasized about being the world's strongest woman to ever live... while still existing as a breeding stock for a little boy, pregnant over and over again with his children. "Ah… oh! Look at me!" Turning to the nearby crowd, Kurenai flexed her muscles. "Ah… ahhhh!"
"Kurenai, no. Agh…" Naruto watched as his strongest harem member squirted everywhere, obviously cumming. He made no further attempt to stop her beyond the weak protest.
Kurenai posed for the people, feeling an elation wash over her as she imagined getting ever bigger, stronger, more ridiculous. Her muscles everywhere were just crazy. She would probably push out Naruto's kids in five minutes flat… not that she wanted it to be that quick! She continued to cum, letting the feeling peter out… before running over to catch up with the other four.
Naruto huffed. Naruto himself, of course, got stares. He walked slowly, overcome with a kind of nervous excitement. He knew that, objectively, he was the most well-hung, godly male on that entire beach. Him, a literal child. There were plenty of fit, confident types chatting with women around here, but none of them held a candle to Naruto, in the end. Really, any man here would feel doubly emasculated. Kurenai's astounding musculature would put any man's to shame, while Naruto's sky-high erection would put any man's here to shame. Any man who thought he was godly with a ten or eleven-inch cock would be stood up by a little boy. Naruto took some perverted pleasure in that, honestly.
Part of him knew this was wrong and bizarre… but the other really got off to it. He held back from touching himself at all, a small part of the boy wanting to put himself on display. Watching his harem put on a slutty little show in public… it did arouse a part of him. He knew there were people that would think horribly of both him and the girls for this, but he paid that little mind. Perhaps his time with them all had corrupted his young mind, too… Naruto was really starting to enjoy this.
Women stared at his erection, too. Naruto couldn't hope to make it go down; it almost touched his chin. Some women and girls covered their mouths in shock. A few looked away, not wanting to be treated to such a sight. Others looked confused, amazed… and Naruto caught a few with lustful, hungry looks of desire. He found himself thinking lustful, imaginative things. There were other women who wanted him.
The whole thing turned him on to an unbelievable degree. Naruto felt like his heart might burst out of his chest. Despite this, however, he wasn't the one enjoying all this the most. That would be Hinata.
"Hi, hello," she said, quietly, to people they walked past. "Look at me, I'm pregnant. Hi, look… I'm super knocked up."
"Hinata…" Naruto growled.
"So huge," the girl continued, relishing every moment of attention. She was the lewdest-looking of them all, and she knew it. Her belly could no longer maintain a perfect roundness, despite her too gaining some height. She'd kind of liked it when she was as small and cute as Naruto, but now he was the only truly small one. Hinata's pregnant stomach had taken on something of an oval shape, absolutelystretchedout in front of her, straight-facing despite its immensity. Her breasts were something to marvel at too, most certainly. As she walked past a young couple, she exposed her left breast, then gave it a firm squeeze, squirting out milk in front of her. As soon as she'd done it, she covered the nipple up again. The couple both gasped but were the only two witnesses to the act.
Hinata got so much attention. Really, her absurd pregnant belly was the best feature out of any of them. Her babies were so active, lately, she felt like she could drop them at any time! While giving birth in public on a beach would be hot, but Hinata preferred a more private setting… maybe. Who knew what would happen? Hinata would be squeezing her love's healthy, powerful children out any day, now. Coming to this beach was a risk Hinata had been willing to take. She rubbed her tummy as she passed the people, realising this beach was way bigger than she'd thought. It probably hadseveralhundred people here, total. Hinata felt like the float of a parade, walking past an adoring audience who all wanted to reach out and touch her pregnant stomach. "I've got the best body," she muttered.
She got the most attention. Hinata relished it, showing off to the crowd, twirling a bit, adding a spring to her step. She showed off her big butt, her big tits which defied her age, and made sure to expose her gigantic pregnant belly at every angle. "Look at me," she said, "look at me, look at me, look at me!"
Best of all, Hinata's babies could sense all the attention going on. They started to move.
Ah," Hinata moaned, continuing to walk, but falling behind a bit. "My babies. So good." She felt them wriggle about in her belly and press against the side of it, pushing to get out. It made Hinata aroused. She could hear a rumbling noise, a bit of a gurgle, the sounds of several unborn children playing around. All eight were moving. "Ooo… oh my God… momma's feeling so good." It was the most active Hinata's babies had ever been. She so badly wanted to meet them…
…For now, however, she would merely let them fuel her pleasure. Everyone around was watching her. She heard the comments rolling in.
"…The most ridiculous-looking girl I've ever seen."
"…Looks like she could drop her kids at any moment!"
"Shit, I'd like to see that."
Hinata cried out. "Ah…" she held both her hands up, making V-shapes with her fingers – two peace signs. She got into a lewd squatting position, feeling her babies squirming around in her womb. This was so wrong, but Hinata had scarcely felt more aroused in her life. "Oooooooh!" She felt an orgasm course through her. She heard the noise of her own squirting, absolutely orgasming her brains out, experiencing one of the best totally hands-free orgasms she'd ever had. She looked to the crowd as she indulged in the obscene pleasure. Some of them were convinced she was going to go into labor right then and there, right in front of everyone…
...But it was not to be. Not today.
Still, the feeling was outstanding. Hinata had to bring her hands down to her belly, then lean back a little bit. She was not Kurenai. Despite all the corrupted chakra and workouts with Kurenai, also, she was stillveryheavy. Hinata did have to lean back a bit to compensate for the weight. "Hah… hah…" she felt her pussy contracting and releasing, soaking the sand beneath her plenty. She wanted to just jump Naruto's bones right then and there and make him fuck her.
Fantasies shot through her mind as her orgasm dragged on. She imagined pinning Naruto down around here and riding him like crazy. She had deep fantasies of the boy breaking her waters on his cock, forcing her to give birth in front of a crowd of hundreds. "Ooooo… our babies…" She felt the feeling beginning to subside… still, it was one of the best orgasms she'd had. They only seemed to improve with time.
As Hinata leaned back, holding her belly, she felt the individual movements of her unborn children, wanting them out of her right now. She wanted to experience the pleasure of giving birth to them, knowing it would be a fantastic experience for her thanks to the corrupted chakra. She imagined orgasming a second time in front of a crowd like this – only, Hinata imagined doing so while her first child by Naruto exited her body. "Fuck…" Once down, she scurried away, fleeing the onlookers who were variably shocked, horrified or aroused.
"I like your style, Hinata," said Kushina, once they'd all reached a less crowded area. "You truly are right for my son. All of you are."
"Th-thanks, Kushina. I can't wait to squeeze all his babies out. Then… I can't wait to do it again a bunch more times."
"We're a lovely bunch, aren't we, son?" asked Kushina, picking up the small boy and placing him on her belly. "Look at that cock of yours!" The woman held Naruto on top of her huge pregnant tummy, carrying him effortlessly. People seemed to give them more confused looks, now, wondering both for the safety of Kushina's unborn children… and wondering just why she'd chosen to do something like this. Naruto really got a chance to comprehend his own endowment – some of it nestled in his mother's tits, sure, but most just stuck right out. He kind of wanted to just cum all over Kushina's tits while she walked him.
Kushina did get off to this, a bit. She felt like she was parading her son around, showing him off, picking him up as if to say "look at this stud!" She felt a wave of arousal as she felt Naruto's overwhelming cock pressing against her flesh. Kushina wanted to play with it again. She just couldn't get enough of it… she considered sucking him off right here and now, as they walked together, but decided not to. "This is nice, isn't it?" she asked her son. "Riding on Mommy's belly?"
"It's pretty nice, Mom!" Naruto replied, enjoying the brief break from walking.
"Soon, I won't be able to do this anymore! That'll be a shame. I intend to enjoy this while I can." Kushina chuckled. "That cock of yours needs some attention…" she looked to Kurenai, shooting her a knowing look. Naruto wondered what they were thinking.
They set up a nice blanket to the Eastern area of the beach. The area wasn't tremendously crowded… but the way they'd timed things meant it ought to fill up soon. The blanket was pretty huge, big enough for four enormous women and one fairly small boy to sit on. "This is pretty nice. I just had a thought, though – did you two put on any sun lotion before you came here?"
"Of course we did," said Kushina, shaking at the thought of the idea she'd instantly had. "But, my sweet boy… we still need some more "lotion". I think that would be wonderful on a day like this."
"I agree," said Kurenai.
"Me three," said Hinata.
Tsunade glanced around the area. People were very much staring at them. Why wouldn't they be? From the right angle, any of the four of them would look entirely nude. Naruto had pretty much nothing on, regardless. "Kushina first," she said.
"Ah… what?" Naruto knew he was going to enjoy this. He hadn't quite caught on to what the women were thinking, but he would soon. He knew they had something nice and fun in mind. He watched as Tsunade and Kurenai manoeuvred themselves to block the view from the beach, with Hinata standing up to cover the remaining space. Naruto sat to the side of his pregnant mother, cock to belly, finally figuring things out as Kushina reached a hand over to jerk him off. "Oh, right!Lotion.Heh."
"Cum on me, son. I know it won't take you too long." Kushina jerked the boy off quickly, knowing how horny he was just from making the journey here. He moaned, his ache for attention finally eased. "Look at my belly. Look at it while you soak it in cum."
As usual, Kushina fetishized the state of her body. Naruto smiled, glancing around him, seeing that the other girls…mostlyblocked the view. If someone got too close, or looked from just the right angle… they would see what was happening. Lewd mother-son lotion session. Or at least, it would be soon.
Naruto did look at his mother's body as she played with his cock. So ridiculous. Her belly stuck out like a round, absurd monument, a great big shrine that said "fertility goddess, Kushina Uzumaki." The thing was bigger than Naruto, ever-taut and forward-facing despite its size, lacking the sag it should've had. Naruto reached out to touch it, stroking it gently. "Looks so good," he said, "you're honestly really pretty when you're pregnant, Mom."
"I know. I plan to be like this every year," said Kushina, jerking her son off quickly, listening to his breathy moans. "You're so hot. My son, the stud. Someday, you're going to be a breeding God."
"Maybe," said Naruto, feeling his orgasm build up. This was so intimate. He had his erection pressed directly into the flesh of Kushina's tummy, while he also ran a hand across it. Nine kids in there, all alive and well. Her gravid gut seemed so implausible, rounder and bigger than any beach ball. That his mother could walk and move around with it so well was a thing to behold. Naruto felt his orgasm welling up… and a single kick from one of his kids, against his hand. One of them knew he was here. Perhaps the rest were asleep. "You gonna cum too, Mom?"
"Of course. Mm." Kushina didn't need to touch herself. Purely the fact that she was too big to reach out in front of her to jack Naruto off, and instead had to reach out to her side? That turned her on a lot. She was bigger than her son. Her pregnant belly was probably as big as her entire old body. She would never be able to get around without the assistance of corrupted chakra. "I'm cumming, son. Soak mommy's belly. Ah…" Kushina ended up with soaked, ruined panties, utterly wet with her fluids. She kept quiet as she got off to her usual thoughts of incest and incestuous breeding, fantasizing about her future. "Soak me!"
"Y-Yes, Mom!" Naruto moaned quietly, orgasming, squirting out a powerful load onto Kushina's pregnant stomach. "Mmmmm." He smiled, and leaned into Kushina's belly, using it like a pillow. As his cum soaked the pregnant woman, Naruto felt his children moving around once again. Crazy movement in all directions, desperate to escape from their mother/grandmother's fertile womb. Naruto could feel a lot of it through the skin of Kushina's massive bump. There were at least two or three distinctive bodies, close enough for Naruto to feel. His kids! He wanted to meet them all as soon as possible. Having Kushina give birth on the beach would be hot, but Naruto suspected it wasn't happening just yet. "Hah… so good."
As quickly as she could, Kushina switched places with Tsunade, who sat heavily in front of Naruto. "Wonderful. My turn," said Tsunade. "Soak me."
"O-Okay, Tsunade." Immediately, Naruto was treated to round two, pressed up against Tsunade's pregnant belly. Her body was still defined by her gargantuan tits, big enough to crush a man. Naruto chuckled silently to himself, as Tsunade reached a hand down to his cock. Death by tits. That would have to easily be in the top three ways to die. Maybe one day, when he was super old and about to die, he would get Tsunade's bustiest daughters and granddaughters to do that to him.
"What are you thinking about, young man?" Tsunade asked.
"Just dumb stuff," said Naruto. "Can I suck your tits?"
"Any time you wish." Tsunade popped her right breast out of her comical bikini/bra. Naruto guffawed. That had been anaudible"pop" noise. Hilarious. Naruto leaned up towards the woman's nipple, which Tsunade angled downwards with one hand, while she used the other to please Naruto.
"Mm… BLMPH!" Naruto's eyes went wide. So much milk! His babies would take one suckle and have their entire faces soaked with breastmilk. Hungry children, Tsunade would not have. Naruto could probably bury half his body in the space between Tsunade's tits, honestly. Those tits had been getting some of the most awestruck stares when the four pregnant women and Naruto had first walked across the beach.
Tsunade observed the boy, moaning as she felt her babies go crazy in her big belly, right away. "Oo… now why is that? Mm." She felt an orgasm coming on fast. It took virtually nothing to make her cum, nowadays. How far would this little trait go? Would she one day be stuck in nothing but constant orgasm, squirting always, unable to do anything but be a sex machine? Tsunade did havesomeother interests…
"Ah… I'm gonna cum again, Tsunade," said Naruto, pulling away from her breast. "Ah. Geez." Milk spurted out with impressive force, squirting down onto Naruto. One, two, three more strong squirts, plus a weaker fourth one. So much energy in her milk. If he felt even the least bit tired, Naruto didn't anymore. He was quite well energized. Shortly after, he too squirted his "milk" onto Tsunade, coating her pregnant belly with another round of jizz. "Ah… aaaaah!"
Tsunade felt herself shudder in bliss as she came, wanting desperately to do more than just play around like this… but that could wait. It was Kurenai's turn, now. Tsunade gave little Naruto a pat on the head. Such beautiful blonde hair. Like his father. Tsunade knew her children would be just as cute and perfect as their Daddy.
"My turn!" Said Kurenai, subbing in and getting into the same position as Tsunade and Kushina had been in. "Your Mom's sure having fun over there."
Out front, Kushina had been doing exactly what one might expect, for the past few minutes. She rubbed her belly and her tits, lathering Naruto's cum all over herself. A normal person might find it gross – but this was Kushina. She found the liquid absorbed into her skin easily, surprisingly so. It made her feel invigorated. Right.
She relished the stares from everyone. People paid even more attention to her, now. Her absurd body was always the main attraction, but some people took a look at what she was doing. Most just assumed she was rubbing sunscreen all over her body… just as she'd thought. A few people, of course, narrowed their eyes, stared a little closer, clearly thinking, "That's not sunscreen".
"Mm. This feels good. I think my boy's amazing chakra is imbued in this," said Kushina.
"In the cum?" Asked Hinata, giggling.
"In this…lotion," said Kushina, staring and smirking at a family unit as they walked past. It was a man, a woman, and three small children. Kushina stared them down, continuing to rub the thick liquid into her skin like a lotion, feeling a spike of arousal at the attention she received. The family looked quite normal – nothing like Kushina. The children varied in age – a boy Naruto's age, a girl of around five, and a small baby in the arms of the mother. Kushina stared directly at the eldest boy as he gawked at her, running his eyes across her body and her barely-concealed, mega-huge tits. The father immediately turned his son away, forcing him to avert his eyes from the barely-clad, monstrously tall, super beautiful pregnant woman.
Kushina liked the thought that she'd made an impression on that boy, that he would go and tell his friends about the ridiculously pregnant slut he'd once seen on a beach. Kushina felt herself growing wet once again at the thought of that boy going home and masturbating to the thought of her, triggering a sexual awakening from just the sight of her lewd belly and extreme body.
"Hah…" Kushina sighed, content, feeling like her son's cum had completely absorbed into her body. Any fatigue she might have had from the orgasm evaporated right away… not that there was much of it in the first place. Kushina thought much about the family who'd just passed, and the normality of them. They were probably a loving couple who'd been together ten years or more, and they now had the full-size family they wanted. Kushina would beat out their pitiful reproduction in just one pregnancy. She would have nine little tykes just from this one, and that wasn't including the many subsequent pregnancies she would have.
While Kushina was lost in her little fantasy, Tsunade approached, her front and her huge tits covered in cum. "You look nice today, Tsunade." Kushina giggled. "You forgot something, though."
Tsunade looked down, and realized she still had one breast out. "Damn it," she said, frantically trying to stuff the thing back inside. It was no use. She was stuck comically trying to shove a tit back into her bikini bra while Kushina giggled, holding back full laughter. Eventually, Tsunade got it back in, huffing. A few people had seen her… but they couldn't prove anything. "Goodness. This top really might just have been too tight…"
"Rub that into you," said Kushina. "It's great."
Tsunade began to do so, blocking Naruto and Kurenai from view. Kurenai, however, had opted to do things a little differently. Having cleaned off her feet while waiting, she laid on her back, reaching her muscular legs up towards Naruto's cock. "Fun, isn't it?" She asked Naruto. "I bet you like this. A foot job."
"It's alright!" Naruto replied. This was a different angle to be sure, but he enjoyed it. He had a nice view of Kurenai's fantastic thighs and legs. She had the build literally of a top-tier male bodybuilder. Naruto shuddered to think of how powerful and competent Kurenai would be when not pregnant. If she had her normal build, abs included, what man in the world could possible hold a candle to her? He let the tall, buff woman jack him off with her feet, knowing she'd cast a seal on the boy temporarily to prevent his cock from getting dirty. A sandy cock was not something Naruto appreciated. "Ah… you look happy there, Kurenai."
"Of course I do. Why not relax?" She replied. If anyone approached them from the right, they would probably catch Kurenai in the act. That made her quite aroused. She moaned, moving faster, ever-impressed at the length and girth of her baby daddy's amazing monster cock. "Ah… I wonder if any of my students are here?"
"That'd be a f-funny coincidence," said Naruto.
"They'd catch us here with you, and the jig would be up. I guess you'd just have to impregnate them to keep them quiet." Kurenai fantasized to herself as she heard Naruto's quiet, hot moans getting faster. There were so many girls in her class who needed a good breeding. Fuck all of their futures. Someday, she would ensure every single one of them was happily knocked up, either by Naruto himself or one of his (likely very many) sons. That got Kurenai fantasizing even more. She would be a mother very soon, though would possibly be last or second-last to deliver. She would have more of one sex than the other; carrying seven children meant it couldn't be even.
"Kurenai, I'm cumming."
"Ah… me too." Kurenai let her orgasm fuel her thoughts. She brought a hand up to squeeze one of her breasts, playing with it and fondling herself as she came in unison with Naruto, feeling his hot load soaking her pregnant tummy. It stuck out so much, lewd and gravid with so many children, somehow at full-term. Kurenai knew she had the smallest tummy, but that was fine. Somebody had to, after all. None of the other women could hope to compare to her amazing muscular, toned body. It was a bit ridiculous at that point. Apparently, putting on muscle and gaining fitness was extremely easy for her, now. "Mm." She felt Naruto's load strike her belly… a first spurt, then a second, a third… more than a dozen of them, total. "Ah… so good."
"Y-you're welcome, Kurenai," said Naruto, still enjoying himself very much. "You have the best body. I mean, like… just your arms and legs. I like how you're so strong. You'll probably always be stronger than me."
Kurenai giggled, glancing upwards. She could not actually see Naruto – her round bump obscured him completely. "Oo…" the babies kicked and pushed against her womb, wanting to get out as much as all of Naruto's unborn children. He would be quite a well-loved Daddy once they were born. In a purely wholesome way at first, of course. "I doubt I'll always be stronger than you, my sweet boy."
"Oh… really?" Asked Naruto. Hinata, meanwhile was coming over for her turn, comically trying to drag Kurenai out of the way. It was kind of hilarious watching her ineffectually try to move Kurenai, who was many times her weight and size.
"I think someday, you'll be a perfect man," Kurenai continued. "You'll be tall, the most hung man on the planet, the most virile, the strongest and most muscular… women from all around will pay for the privilege to be bred by you; to carry your genes inside them, as I do…"
"Now you're sounding like mom!"
"Oi! Hurry it up, you two."Hinata started lightly punching Kurenai, who sighed happily and got out of the way. "I don't like having to go last. I should be your proper wife, after all!"
"True, I suppose," said Naruto, laughing. "We should go hang out and play in the water for a bit, after we're done."
"Sounds like fun to me! Maybe we can fuck in the water."
"Maybe we can just play around like normal?'
"Maybe!" Hinata sat in front of the boy, observing his still-erect, cum-covered cock. "This thing is so ridiculous." She rubbed her belly against Naruto's cock, totally unable to reach him with her small arms. "Remember when we did this? We haven't done it so much, lately."
"It's… ah… kind of a weird act. I don't know why it feels good. I feel like – mm – this wouldn't be possible with a normal pregnancy."
"Who cares? Get off to my body as much as you like." Hinata rubbed the boy off purely with the tight skin of her belly. She could've had him come in close as with Kushina and Tsunade, but felt like a change of pace was fine. Hinata moaned cutely, instantly feeling a churn inside her belly as the babies started to move. "Ah… they're kind of content today, actually."
"A-Are they really?"
Hinata nodded. "Like they're happy. Relaxed. I wonder if I'll give birth here?" Hinata giggled, continuing to move her enormous belly up and down Naruto's cock length. "That would be hot as fuck, wouldn't it?"
"I-I don't know about that, Hinata. I feel like that wouldn't be a good idea. It'd draw so much attention not just to you… but to all of us. We'd kind of get found out."
"Attention is good fun, though!" Said Hinata. "I feel so happy knowing I'm round and full with your babies. Isn't my belly ridiculous?"
"It's totally ridiculous, Hinata. Honestly, I don't get how you haven't given birth yet." Hinata's body was indeed the most truly obscene of them all, her pregnant belly defying physics by its immensity and roundness. Naruto felt his unborn children move faster… probably as much as they could. He suspected they were finally running out of space in Hinata's overstretched tummy. Was being pregnant really so much fun? All research Naruto had put in indicated otherwise. Having babies was supposed to be a difficult ordeal. Not an easy, pleasurable event. "How are you so huge?"
"I just am. I'm meant to be," Hinata slipped both of her tits out of her bikini, squeezing them. "Ooooo… even I've got milk. No girl my age should be lactating." Hinata felt quite elated. Once she'd milked herself a bit, she started to rub her own pregnant tummy. It was honestly as big as her. This close to delivery with such an absurd pregnancy, she should've been practically immobile. Hinata loved nothing more than the fact that she wasn't. She was still the energetic, excitable young girl she'd been a year ago, just with a rounded belly that could fit an entire person in it. "Cum on me, too. I know your load's gonna be just as big. You can just go over and over and over... I hope mine and Kushina's daughters get to play with your cock, someday."
"Ah… you too?" Asked Naruto, before remembering that Hinata had in the past expressed incestuous desires. She would not make for much of a responsible mother to eight babies. "Hinata… even with my huge cock, you can still pretty much smother me with that belly." Naruto leaned into the bump more heavily, loving the tight skin on his female friend. He felt his babies bulge and distend the flesh of it, and promptly came on Hinata's tummy. "Ah! Oo…"
"Yes… ah!" Hinata cried out, a little loud. She immediately covered her mouth as she gushed into the panties she wore, the thin garment hopeless at containing the river of liquid squirted into it. "My husband… that's what you are. You're going to dominate my entire clan. We'll all be bred by you, eventually, or by one of your little boys. I'll teach my sons… to be breeding studs just like you!"
"Oo… wow." Naruto gave a large exhale, finally collapsing backward. He had, of course, completely soaked Hinata's front. Such was the size of her belly that he'd only got cum on it, not on Hinata's tits or face, or even her legs. His entire load was on her pregnant tummy. "You're amazing, Hinata."
"Thanks, stud. Now I'm gonna go join the other girls!"
Hinata sidled up to the other three women, facing the beach front, leaving Naruto to make a hopeless attempt at covering his cock with the pathetic garment he had loose over it. She observed them all, noting they all looked very hot and bothered. This was the vicious cycle – see Naruto's cock, get horny, get covered in cum, get horny again. Hinata followed the lead of the other three, rubbing Naruto's thick, impressive load into her body. She giggled. "This is so silly. Hey, Tsunade, does Naruto's jizz have sun-blocking properties?"
"Nothing would surprise me at this point," said Tsunade, having lathered herself up completely. She watched Kurenai and Hinata as they finished up, ensuring their skin was nice and soaked up with the lewd liquid. Of course, the stuff had made the four of them desperately horny.
Kushina was the one to take action. "Alright, girls. We're not done. Everyone cover up again – heh – and let's get out the other blanket."
"The… other blanket?" Asked Naruto, curious. "What now?"
"You'll see," said Kushina with a smile.
The area of the beach grew more crowded with time. Some people took one look at the barely-covered foursome and the essentially nude Naruto and kept walking, disgusted at the sight. They did get a few people who looked like they were about to come up and harass them… but all retreated once they got closer, noticing the women's heights, and especially Kurenai. Nobody wanted to get their head beaten into the sand by the world's most muscular Amazon.
Naruto stood to the side as his harem produced a new blanket, one of similar design to the previous one. At first, he didn't notice any difference to it – he was too busy feeling embarrassed at the stares from all around him. People just couldn't take their eyes off him. One middle-aged woman gave him a wolf whistle. Muscular adult men in speedos were visibly shaken by the sight of a boy less than half their age with well over twice their endowment. Naruto wanted to face away from them… but Kushina wouldn't let him. She demanded he show off as much as possible.
"Right. Here we go. Nice and smooth." Kurenai directed Naruto to get behind the blanket. He finally saw the difference between this one and the first blanket, and instantly knew what the plan was. He nodded, laying down on his back. As he did, Kushina cast a seal on him of some sort… then promptly covered him with the blanket.
The difference was a hole. One had been cut in the blanket to perfectly accommodate Naruto's overwhelming cock. He ended up laying down beneath it, face-up, his colossal erection poking up proudly through the role. His entire body was covered except for the best bit. The boy realized, quickly, that the seal on him allowed Naruto to breathe normally, despite his face being pretty well smothered by the blanket.
Wait, no. It was more than that. It didn't just let him breathe… Naruto's other senses were gone. He couldn't hear anything. He couldn't feel anything, either. He could still move, but… if he stayed idle, Naruto couldn't feel anything except his cock. How brilliant. Kushina's creativity really did know no bounds. Naruto felt probably exactly how his mother wanted him to feel – like he was nothing but a cock, a sex toy, a pleasure stick for whoever wanted him. He closed his eyes, breathing deeply, awaiting what he knew was coming.
Above, the four girls briefly debated who was to go first. Hinata won out, having had to wait so long, last time. "This is such a fun idea," said Hinata, "I guess I'll have to act like I'm not getting my brains fucked out. Ah~." She sank down onto Naruto's massive dick, penetrating herself, moaning deeply as she stretched her cunt out on him. "Fuck. He's so huge."
"Isn't he?" Asked Kushina. "He's the best boy here, by far."
"Just wonderful," said Tsunade.
"Exemplary," said Kurenai.
Nobody obscured Hinata – it was up to her to conceal the fact that she was riding some guy's cock, but plenty of people were staring right at her. Her obscene body naturally drew stares. Even if she (for some ridiculous reason) wore modest, sensible clothing, the insane bulge of her pregnancy would draw stares from all around, anyway. "Oh, fuck. He can't hear me, can he?"
Kushina shook her head. "No. Only feel you."
Below, Naruto was in complete darkness and silence… but he was having a wonderful time. Of course he knew who was fucking him, especially once his cock pushed right through into her womb again. A second time, he got to say hello to his own babies a little early. He felt them occasionally as Hinata bounced up and down, the horny girl no doubt delighting in the sensation even more than the baby Daddy.
She barely bounced, though. Hinata kept Naruto mostly buried inside her, pleasuring herself on the last two or three inches of his length. This way, it would be less obvious what she was doing. Whenever she felt the people around her were paying too much attention, she stopped moving, acting as if she were just a pregnant loli enjoying her time at the beach. Nothing more. God, this was exquisite. "Oo, Naruto… ah." She whispered to herself. "Gnnnnngh…"
Naruto felt the girl teasing with him, playing with him. He just felt like there was somuchof him. Naruto remained quite a small boy, but his dick was just crazy. It was now in the realm where he would be seeing genuine, big problems if it got any longer. Thankfully, Tsunade said it probably wouldn't get any longer – just thicker, for now. At least until he was a fully-grown adult. Naruto was more than satisfied with it, though – being the best-hung person in the entire world was good enough for him. He felt his incredibly sensitive first few inches reach deep into Hinata, really exploiting the parts where Naruto had the most feeling. He let himself get lost in the sensation… but Hinata didn't last long on him.
Hinata felt her legs quiver as she came, just a minute or two of stimulation proving more than sufficient. Her little stud didn't reward her just yet, but Hinata felt a bit of an extra quiver and pulse in his cock. She would have his load inside her, soon enough… just where it was meant to be.
Naruto felt an extra shudder as his cock ached for release. Feeling one of his girls so desperate for his seed made him want to give it… but he held back. Every inch of his monster dick felt outstanding, stuck nicely into the tightest cunt of his harem members. Hinata was so wonderful. Naruto could feel a few small movements from her babies, inside her womb… and that was all he could feel. No light, no sound… just him, Hinata's spasming cunt, and his still-unborn babies in her womb.
Around her, the other girls stood quite idly… and were subsequently approached. "You're huge, lady! How many kids have you got in there?"
"Oh?" Kushina had been approached by two boys who looked to be in their mid-teens. One had a visible bulge in his pants. Kushina had caught him staring at her for quite a while, actually… the little pervert. "You want to know how many kids I have in my belly?"
"Yeah!" The kid had some pretty bad teeth, with which he gave a randy smile.
"I want you to guess," Kushina ran a hand across her stomach, rubbing it. Tsunade came over to them. "I want you to guess it."
"Four," said the kid.
"Wrong," said Kushina.
Kushina said nothing.
Kushina pointed upward.
Kushina nodded. "That's right." She moaned, running her hands across her body, then reaching one to Tsunade beside her, touching her stomach, too. "This wonderful woman has eight."
"Where's the Dad?" Asked the other boy, who seemed shyer and quieter. "And the kid who was with you before. The one with the ridiculous dick?" The kid glanced to Hinata on the blanket as she let out a loud moan.
Hinata orgasmed on Naruto's cock as he filled her up, squirting her full with an absolutely insane load. "God, that was good." She felt it shooting deep into her belly, hopefully not bothering her babies… they would really be in for a fun life, wouldn't they? "Ah." Hinata's belly still glistened somewhat from her earlier cum lotion. "So good."
Below, Naruto felt like his brain was melting with pleasure. This was the orgasm of God himself. Maybe that was hyperbolic, but having his other senses completely shut off and isolated meant his mind had only one thing to focus on. With all other distractions, with his mind and body focused on such a singular purpose… he found himself shooting one of his biggest, most ridiculous loads of all time. Nothing compared. With the way his cock contracted and pulsed, he felt like he might split Hinata's tight pussy and body right open… but as always, the girl was amazing. Naruto shuddered to think how it would feel if Hinata had lasted longer on him… but then realized he had three more women to go.
Hinata pulled off the boy, immediately switching with Kushina, who had waddled on over quickly. Hinata relaxed on the blanket, sighing quietly to herself as she put her hands on her overstretched midsection. She put aside her thin panties, which barely did anything to contain or hide the massive load she'd just received.
The two boys had both seen what just happened. "W-Was that…?" Asked the first boy.
"…A huge cock?" Asked the second boy.
Now Kurenai and Tsunade stood in front of the kids. "No, nothing like that," said Tsunade. "Say, what do you boys think of our bodies?"
"A-Awesome," said the first boy.
Tsunade shook her enormous tits at the boys, jiggling them. "I think I have the biggest breasts in the world. I haven't… proven that, yet. But I think I do."
"…Definitely the biggest I've ever seen," muttered the second boy, now visibly straining to hide his erection. "And you, lady… you're the biggest girl I've ever seen. I mean… muscle-wise."
Kurenai smiled, puffing her chest out. She proudly flexed her hulking arms, posing lewdly, knowing how absurd this image was – an Amazonian muscle woman with big tits, colossal height, and a gigantic pregnant belly, wearing nothing but a strap across her nipples and a barely-satisfactory g-string? These boys would remember this. "I love showing off," said Kurenai. "Ugh… it's gonna make me…"
"Me too!" Said Tsunade. "Oo… oh… ahhhhh!" Tsunade came in her panties, along with Kurenai, both delighting in the perverted gazes of the boys. They both pushed out their glistening bellies and lactating tits, soaking their panties and the sand with gushing fluids.
"Look at that," said Kushina, riding her son's cock gently. "Oh my God… ah." The sight of it caused Kushina to cum early on her son's huge cock, but he filled her up immediately, all the same. Naruto loved the way his mother's cunt milked him, squeezing him for all he was worth. The fact that Naruto had ejaculated a number of times today meant absolutely nothing to either of them. This orgasm was similar to the previous… Naruto felt the strangest thing in his mind. It was honestly like his brain simply could not handle the focused, intense pleasure. He felt a strange sort of pulsing in his mind, as if it couldn't decide whether to simply shut down and render him unconscious, or whether to stay and be pleasured. It was almost as if he were experiencing a strange, perverted kind of drug. This orgasm too seemed to last forever, endlessly filling and overflowing Kushina's pussy. So much cum. So much…
"Come in close, you two boys," said Tsunade, feeling like she'd reached a new level of degeneracy. She slid one tit out, then squeezed it, sending a massive gush of milk to coat the two kids' faces. "Have a nice day, you two". As quickly as she'd done it, Tsunade turned around and walked away, then switched out for Kushina, who strode on over, acting as if there was nothing out of the ordinary, and no cum whatsoever dripping from her pussy. "Boys. You both look nice."
The boys looked shocked for a moment… then shrugged. "I'm okay with this, honestly." He licked the milk off of his face. "Wow, this is super good. I hope I can find a woman as amazing as that one! We should probably go find Mom, now, though."
"She's never gonna believe this."
"Dude, don'ttellher! She's lame."
Naruto couldn't see any of the stuff happening above. He merely moaned and sighed quietly as Tsunade rode him, knowing Kurenai would be going last, and would be enjoying herself a great deal. Honestly… Naruto had been harboring certain thoughts as he walked along that beach with everyone. There were so many girls and women of all varieties, many of whom were cute or beautiful. Naruto entertained thoughts of breeding them, honestly, ensuring they too would swell with his children.
Only in time, though. Loyalty would be fine, for now, at least until his four passionate sluts had all given birth. This round would see him have only thirty or so babies, but maybe next year he could father over a hundred? That would he hot. Good fun. Slender, pubescent young girls or mature MILFs with a couple of kids already, they would all be the same. If Kushina and the rest were okay with it, Naruto would spread his seed around wherever.
To his surprise, Naruto heard something, faintly. Nothing but dull throbs and tremors for a bit – the seal was wearing off. Still, he was allowed to enjoy the pleasure of sensory deprivation for a little longer. It was fun being so completely immersed in sexual pleasure. He let his imagination run wild, wondering just how many people were gazing at Tsunade.
This one took him just that bit longer. Tsunade's movements were more patient, reserved. She knew the importance of drawing things out, of not focusing entirely on her own instant gratification. The seal didn't wear off any more, so he was essentially still completely immersed in sex. He focused on how Tsunade's pussy felt on him, how it was different to the others… not looser, per say. Wider? He felt he didn't stretch her out quite so aggressively.
Tsunade really teased the boy, drawing him out, wanting him to reach deep inside. Naruto felt his pleasure build slowly, with far more anticipation, this time. It built and built, threatening to burst… but never quite doing so. He savoured how every inch of Tsunade's expanded cunt felt on his length, loving how pleasurable and sensitive his entire dick was.
It really had changed. Naruto felt incredibly sensitive across the entire length of his shaft, right down to the base. While he couldn't literally cum with zero stimulation like his harem, it did not take much to make him spurt everywhere. His cocklookedpretty much you'd expect a motherfucking 20-inch cock to look on a little boy. Naruto hoped he would actually be able to conceal its absurd length and considerable girth, at some point. Or maybe he wouldn't need modesty in the future? He could simply live somewhere where it wasn't an issue for him to be walking around with it hanging out all the time… that would be super nice.
Naruto knew how ridiculous it was at his age, too. A cock like his would've been obscene on a tall, muscular adult. A seven-foot-tall man probably wouldn't be as well-endowed as goddamn Naruto Uzumaki. He wondered for his children. There was no doubt his sons would be well-endowed, but just how well-endowed, exactly? He hoped the cock growth was something they didn't yet have at birth. He didn't want Kushina and the others literally fucking babies… but Naruto wouldn't put it past any of them.
Naruto fantasized as the third orgasm came on… and he filled Tsunade up. He moaned to himself, his eyes reflexively rolling back into his head, his entire body completely immobilized by the sheer, absurd pleasure. This time, each and every spurt threatened to shut down his brain. The incredible waves of total bliss almost seemed to overwhelm his chakra. Maybe it was possible to do so, to produce a physical feeling so intense that even Naruto's enhanced body and mind couldn't cope with it… but not quite. This orgasm too eventually declined and ended, leaving Naruto still conscious and deprived of his senses. He still heard dull noises.
Back above, lucky last was not feeling patient. "M-me," said Kurenai, practically clamouring for her turn. "I can't wait any longer." Tsunade got up, rolling her eyes, a comicalslop soundingas she removed herself from the small boy's enormous cock.
"Gosh, we're all insatiable, aren't we?" Asked Kushina, giggling. She stood with Tsunade, smiling, and whistled. "Your tits are godly, Tsunade. Really, I can't hope to compete."
"I know! I'm the bustiest woman in the entire world," said Tsunade, "a scientific marvel."
"Too right! I hope they get even bigger."
"I would like to retain the ability to walk."
"Would you really?" Teased Kushina.
"Here I come," said Kurenai. She felt particularly horny at this prospect – using her former student and baby daddy essentially as a sex toy, a personal dildo, as if he were nothing more than that? So degrading. She didn't tease herself for more than a second, eagerly sinking down onto Naruto's length…
…Crying out passionately as she did so.
"Ah, my sweet boy!" She cried out. "Fuck me. Fuck your teacher's pussy! Split me open, please!" Giggling, she used her superior muscles to bounce amazingly fast on Naruto's cock, slamming him into her with loudslap, slap slapnoises. She used her powerful thighs to force him in as deeply as possible, rubbing him against her cervix. "Ah."
"K-Kurenai," said Kushina, but she knew they were busted, now. It was obvious to anyone watching that Kurenai was riding a massive cock coming out of the ground. She was ravenous, predatory and lustful – loving the enormous debauchery she was facilitating. She was immune ot the stares around – Kurenai had completely forgotten where she was. The other three tried to stop her, but knew it was futile. Kurenai became lost in the pleasure. She closed her eyes, desperately wanting to be filled once again.
She was swiftly rewarded – below, Naruto could barely cope with the strong, overpowering pleasure. Any soreness he had dissipated quickly nowadays. He could literally just go for hours and hours, if required, or cum lots, like today. After the last three orgasms, Naruto knew the last one would be the craziest. He let Kurenai recklessly use his cock like a toy, abusing him, treating him like an object. He let a few cute, small moans escape his mouth as Kurenai brought him swiftly to orgasm. Naruto heard Kurenai's faint moans as the seal began to wear off, and he released everything he had into the woman's cunt, filling Kurenai up. This was the one. Naruto felt the biggest, craziest surge of pleasure directly to his brain as the orgasm began – like someone had sent a spell made of pure bliss right into his mind, overwhelming every sense he had. This was nuts. How could anything feel this good? This… good?
Naruto actually did lose consciousness very briefly, that time. Upon awakening, he realised it was only for a few seconds at most. His young mind simply wasn't equipped to handle the focused, sensory overload. He felt Kurenai pulling off of his fat dick, and recognised the distinct sensation of droplets of his own cum leaking down onto his cock, escaping Kurenai's freshly-filled passage. Could things get any more ridiculous than today? How would the girls top something like this? He'd been completely fucked silly on a beach in front of hundreds of people… and nobody had noticed it. Nobody had seen it.
Except, people had. Straight after he had the thought, Naruto felt the seal come off completely. Had Kushina removed it? She had. Naruto felt the blanket being moved off him. "Oh hey," he said, "I was just having the nicest dream."
"Good joke, but we're off," said Kushina. "Tsunade?"
Naruto saw that everybody was watching them. Apparently, one could not have sex in the middle of the beach without being noticed, after all. Kurenai and Hinata were immediately starting to pack away all the gear, quickly and without delay. "Huh-MMPH?!" Naruto felt Kushina and Tsunade press their bellies against his head… then they picked him up with them. Seriously? Was this really necessary?
"Got to hide your face," said Kushina, though her son could barely hear her. "These women are undeserving to look upon it! Until they know their place in the world, they mustn't." She literally carried the boy away with Tsunade, not caring how ridiculous she looked… but very much wanting to avoid arrest.
"Agh… you girls are completely crazy!"
"It was mostly Kurenai…" said Hinata. "Anyway, that was fun! Should we head back down there again tomorrow?"
"Ah… I don't know about that. I think we're pretty well found out, now. Everybody saw us." The five of them made it back to the beach house in record time. Naruto reclined on a bed, thinking back to all that had just transpired. When his girls had picked up them by their tummies (they never seemed to run out of ridiculous ways to use their pregnant bodies) Naruto had felt something. His unborn children had gotten right up-close to him and began to move, basically kicking him in the face. Ouch. He wondered which one of the kids it was? Probably a rowdy boy.
"That was hot, though," said Kushina, sidling up to her son. "Mm… I really hope I can give birth soon. But I'm torn, in a way. Being pregnant with your babies is so nice… so perfect and wonderful. I want to be like this forever… but at the same time, I really want to meet our children."
"Me too," said Naruto, "I hope we get a mix. Boys and girls. Everyone can do as much incest as they want."
"I think you'll have lots of work to do, though!" Said Hinata, giving Naruto a tender kiss on the cheek. How nice. "Even if we have all the sons to teach what he want... what if half of them are girls?"
"Ugh… what if they'reallgirls?" asked Naruto. Satisfying five women was tricky enough, but more than thirty of them, each with their own personality, wants and interests? He could just imagine it.Daddy, daddy, daddy, give me attention.Was he really going to be called "Daddy" or "Dad" in a matter of weeks? Oh well. Naruto didn't really mind.
"I'm sure the outcome will be whatever we collectively find most desirable," said Tsunade, "or, who knows? Maybe that partisjust random chance."
"I think we'll see soon enough," said Naruto.