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Konoko was haveing a bad day, her bike got a flat, almost ran someone over, and now the commander wanted to see her. Yes this was indeed a bad bad. anything else and she was liable to snap. she marched up to 'the door of doom' as the recruits named it. practicaly growling she walked in the office.
"You wanted to see me?" she said with a forced smile. 'what could he possibly want now?'
"Yes Konoko, please sit down, I'm pleased to hear how well you have been performing, So from know on, You have a partner. come in Magnus." the commander said.
A bandaged figure waked into the office. Konoko double taked, Its the dude she almost hit! He was about 6'5 and very well built. Spikey dark platnum blue hair that went past the knees tied back in a pony tail Zero style. This was the legendary agent who wiped out 15 tankers single handedly. A large bandage covered his right sholder, his ribs taped, and knee in a brace. Those were only the major injuries. bruses and cuts were everywhere. He sat down with an uncerimonious thud.
"No offence to my new partner but, I work alone, Besides he dont look so well, like he belongs in the med bay." She said glanceing at him. Magnus raised an eyebrow, 'She has alot of spirt, Definite potential' he thought. "I maybe injured but I can still kick your sorry carcus. Never Question my abilities even if I'm wounded." he said without raising his voice. Konoko winced at his words, not oly did he just call her weak, but its true. he was the strongest agent dead or alive and that hurts ones ego. "I didn't say anything about your skills. just uh... you look ill. With all those bandages and suchyou look like you got hit by a semi." magnus smirked at the last comment, "No semi's just a Psyco on a motercycle. as for the wounds, the sholder is from a POINT BLANK shot from a mercury bow, the ribs from being slamed into a post REPEATEDLY, the brace is from 3 taners steping on it. See how you fair after that kind of abuse!" magnus said.
Again Konoko winced. Point blank with a mercury bow? few people can take that and live. She knew how bad that was, its happened to her on several occasions but never at close range. He also knew it was her that almost hit him. 'ah crap, this is bad, Its offical this is the worst day of my life and it can't possibly get and worse' she thought. Fte was crule to all who said or thought those words, Konoko was no excepion.
"Glad to see you getting along so well, because as of now you two are roommates due to lack of space. Try not to kill each other. you two are the best we got, can't afford to lose either of you"the commander stated. 'why did I say that? oh well, time for my favorite show!' "That is all, you two are dismissed!"
The duo were in shock, but complied. The only way out was to quit, and neither were willing to step down. Konoko officaly declared her life over, Magnus thought the bad phrase, and fate stuck again. "Konoko! I've got bad news for the both of you, Your appartments are under quarintine as of now, you two can't go home!" shinatama said. Magnus pailed as Konoko slapped her head. "I guess its not so bad *winces from pain* I keep some clothes in the car in case of emergencies. And a hotel sounds good if its got a hot tub" Magnus said,
Our ever happy agent frowned again "Thats good for you but I'm broke and got no clothes to change into" she stated, Magnus frowned ' I'm going to regret this' *sigh* "I guess you can come along and you can borrow something untill this travisty of luck goes away" he said with his back to her. she stared at him, unsure of this person, 'one minute we're yelling the next he offers to help me, I'm not crashing at Shinatama's again, guess theres no other option' "Allright, sounds like a plan, But one wrong move and you will need more bandages."
Challange issued,
"No need to worry aboun that, your not my type"
Challenge accepted,
"I'll bet, but I'll keep quiet, I Think its better to stay civil between us, considering we're roommates and partners" she said. Magnus only nodded 'that is very true.But how long can you keep up that act?' Somewhere in the heavens, Fate laughed demonically, "That will teach them not to even think that phrase!"
That evening was uneventful until suddenly "Eww, thats gross!" Konoko exclaimed as magnus was changing dressings. "I'm aware of that but I have to do this or it will get worse, You can leave for five minutes or help me, I'd appreceate the help alot."magnus said carefully pulling off the bandage on the sholder. "Why would I want to get near that?" she said pointing at the wound. "Sooner its done the sooner its covered, Help yes or no?" he said wincing at the pain as his poor sholder went pop. Konoko looked at the door and then at him, *sigh* "What do I need to do?" He smirked "Gently hold the pad in place then tape it, and...Thank you for helping" he said turning so not to face her. 'this guy has problems with exprtssing himself or he's blushing and he doesn't want me to see. its gotta be the first one'. with the dressings changed magnus stood up and said "I'm hungry, let's get some dinner" Konoko gaged "You want me to eat after dealing with that?" she pointed to the trash full of gause and med tape "Who do you think I am?" she bellowed. He turned to face her, grinning impishly, "The second best agent in the TCTF, why do you ask, you too grossed out now to eat?" He asked still grinning. She smirked " No just wanted to know, Your paying." she responded. He smiled 'Yeh defitily got spirit,'
In the morning Magnus awoke to an un familiar feeling, someone was next to him in bed sperated by only a blanket, ' Damn, wasn't a nightmare, guess it ain't so bad, I'm not paired with some snot nosed trainee fresh out of the acadamy. But this roommate thing is to much, how can my luck be that bad. Wait a minute, bad luck? I'm forced to bunk with an attractive woman who isn't all horrorified with the "on the job hazards" and thats bad luck? Should break a few mirrors and maybe I'll get two, NO bad thought its not good to get involved with coworkers. but still she is good looking.' magnus thought. but his thinkng was interupted by hand that flopped onto his bruised ribs. "AAAHHHHH!" . Konoko jumped outta bed at the scream. "Are you OK? I'm sorry it was an accident honest! I..." Her stream of apologies was stoped by Magnus's hand over her mouth. "I'll be fine, your right it was an accident, I'm suprised it didn't happen in the middle of the night but, thank... GOOD GOD" he stopped when he realized her attire and immedetly covered his eyes real quick. "Please cover yourself, have some modesty" he said. Konoko now became aware of her clothes, a bra and shorts. she grabbed the shirt she was borrowing. "Um... I guess we can call it even, Right?" she asked while her face was now a deep red, 'gees that was embaressing.' magnus nodded in agreement. "lets find out if we can get our stuff. Sound good?" He asked. She nodded. magnus walked into the bathroom and dressed. came out in a tanktop and shorts. Konoko wore the same, the only thing she had to wear was her uniform. Stylish but not made for comfort. If they can get their stuff she could change into her clothes.
First stop was Konoko's place. the "quaritine" was due to a terrorist threat. Some moron thought the bomb would set off some toxic nerve gas. turned out to be a kid with a M100 and a bottle ot laughing gas. she now dressed in her favorite (usuall) clothes and her shades.she comes out to find magnus waiting in the car (a blue Shelby GT-500) " Why are you still here?" she asked. he gave her a 'are you a blonde' look "Um let me think, mabey it's because we are now roommates and you don't know the place where I stay?" he stated. "And what makes you think I'm staying at your place? Mine is just as good!" she shouted. Magnus was uneffected by this, "just hop in and find out, Trust me my place is better." he stated looking strait ahead.
Magnus's place was near a chemical spill, Thus a quarintine order. His place was very low tech, like out of the 20th century, yet it was very nice. "I own this place, Thats probably why he wanted you and me to be roommates, You live in a TCTF owned building. So, you still want to live there or stay here? your choice." he stated. Konoko looked at the house and then at him, 'This insanity doesn't end! is this guy loaded or something? This place is great, Simple and liveable' she turned to him, "I'll need help moveing what little I have, Think you can help?" she asked. "Not the heavy stuff, I would be happy to help" he answerd. 'Met her yasterday and she is already moving in, It's almost too funny' he thought while supressing a laugh. Konoko did notice "What is so funny?" He laughed "Met ya yesterday and your already moving in, It's almost too funny!" he cluched his ribs. Laughing with brused ribs hurts. She just hmphed. "Lets get this over with, How much stuff you got?" he asked. "One or Two trips at the most. I dont keep alot of things" she stated. He only nodded and started up the motor, listening to all 400 horses under the hood for a moment then grinned, "Lets take the short way, how bout it?" . She watched him put on some fingeless gloves while revving the motor, "Promise not to kill us and I might go along with the idea. I think I'm still too young to die" Magnus laughed at the statement then regreted it. Pain is a great reminder of ones injuries isn't it? "You have to stop that, you will die laughing" Konoko warned. Magnus looked at her with a grin, "I can think of worse ways to go, Laughing to death don't sound as bad as being blown up or shredded, ne?" She paled "Lets just go. You said something about a shortcut?" she asked as his grin widened 'I going to pay for that. But how bad can it be?' That is the second worst thing to say or think, fate is very bad about that. The half hour ride was shortened to ten minutes! Konoko dizzily stepped out of the car, "You drive like that and there is not even a scratch? You practice don't you?" Magnus grinned from ear to ear and nodded very fast. Konoko just rolled her eyes. "Lets just get yer stuff Konoko"