MHA: Izuku

Main Character: Izuku Midoriya

Quirk: Quirkless

Pairing: IzuxOchako

Crossover: Digimon

Story Idea: The story begins as it usually does Izuku is bullied for being Quirkless. After the scene with BAKUGO and the slime monster and on his walk home Izuku encounters a digital portal and meets the Digi-sovereigns. They told him they admired his courageous heart and he had The ability to become one of the digimon legendary warriors. (Note: I think he should have a digimon partner as well just cause hey he's been through a lot and needs a partner who he can confide in.) They tell him the roles and powers of the legendary warriors and have him think on weither or not he want to become a DigiDestined. He accepts of course and in turn is told to meditate infront of a blank digivice and connect with it and his soul to find his compatible digispirit.(note: I'm thing Agunimon or Lobomon just cause he's Izuku) After he finds his spirit he gets his digivice which is transformed into the Data Link digivice. Now with the Data Link and his Digispirit he goes on a training trip while also helping keep peace in the digital world due to the time dilation of the digital world he gets more experience then 10 months provide. He also gains a partner Gatomon she's is sassy,smart, and very protective of her friends. She does digivolve into Angewoman by Izuku channeling Data Soul but he can only do it in human form at the beginning not in his Legendary form.

Digi-Destined: Izuku, Ochako, MoMo, Shinso, Toru

Partners: Ochako and Patomon

Momo and Renomon

Shinso and Terriermon

Toru and Tentomon

Data Soul abilities: Healing, increased strength, and Digivolution for partner after connection is solidified. These abilities will be gained by meditation once they connect to their spirit with their blank digivice and practice. Basically an add on to their quirks ur not that powerful unless trained.

Legendary Warriors- these will be obtained differently than Izuku's they will be scattered around the digital world or the real world where they live either in Digital villages and caves or in places of sincere memory.

Crest: ?????

Arcs: Beginning - Izuku's Start

- Middle school

- All Might and Slime Incident

- Portal and DigiSovereigns

- Decisions

- Accepting Destiny

Training - Telling Mom?

- into the digiworld

- Help! (A digimon situation that forces him to channel his legendary spirit not transform yet but use some of its abilities at a muted strength and Data Soul)

- The Trashy Beach

- A GIRL!!! (Ochako Meeting or not)

- Another DigiDestined?

- Villians

- Infected Digimon ( a villiage attacked by an infected digimon not encountered yet but trying to figure out)

- A Virus( digimon found and fighting)

- First Transformation

- Fight _

- Time Skip

- Beach Clean up

- A Cat Stuck in A Tree ( Meets a bullied Gatomon and helps her)

- Partners?

- Her Spirit

- Time Skip( Ochako gets Patomon as her partner and transforms the beach is almost clean.)

- Beach Done( Bonding excersies)

- U.A Exams

- Suspicious?

- Acceptance

U.A - Class 1-A

- Evaluation


- The Truth(Faculty or Nezu)

- Hero Training



- _ and Gatomon vs Nomu

- Day Off

- A new DigiDestined?

- Digiworld

- Digital World Time Skip( Partner no spirit)

Sports Festival- Welcome Back

- Hostage

- Training Montage

- Declaration of War

- Speech

- First Obstacle

- Mine Field

- Calvary Battle (in parts or not)

- Matches (transformations in this round)

- Final Round (Either digidestined fight each other or fate against rivals)

- Winner

- Crisis in the Digital World

- Internships

- Digidestined

Eri & Hero Killer Arc- either take it your own way or give ideas so i can add for future authors to take their own way