Main Character: Izumi Midoriya

Quirk: Mind Reading, Diamond Skin

Parents: Inko and Hisashi Midoriya

Pairing: ShotoxIzumi

Story Idea: The world is a cruel place. No one is born equal everyone put inside of a certain category ones with Quirks and ones without. 80% of the population are quirk users while 20% are Quirkless. With such a high number it became the norm and people without Quirks were outcast some that were even misdiagnosed were pushed away and judged. After her diagnosis as quickless in her mother's reaction to her question of she can be a hero to no response except tears and her father's sudden disappearance after the news she starts to feel slightly bitter and distant. Already as a child she was smart Analytic skills on a high school level by the time she was in 3rd grade. But due to the blind eye the teachers had turned on her due to her condition she started to lose faith in the rule system especially when her oldest friend started to abuse her and call her Deku. During the middle of the summer of the year she goes into middle school as she's in the library reading on World Laws she awakens 2 of her quirks aware of one but unaware of the other. When she starts hearing peoples thoughts she gets scared but due to her attitude she's able to keep a cool attitude and think about the situation and what has just happened to her. With her ability of telepathy awakened she starts to think of how she can use this to her best ability but Subtlety since her ability to trust people has gone downhill over the past years. She start studying books about the mind, about psychology, about meditation and the mind palace and over the summer and first year of middle school she trained to gain complete mastery over her own mind to discover she had a mental form of a diamond and anything in her mind she controlled she was God. As she was training her mind she was able to train her ability to enter peoples minds without them noticing to gather information. Her thought process at the moment was once you're labeled as something the world doesn't like it turns it's back on you and treat you like you're not there so you must protect yourself and put things in your own hands. She eventually came to the conclusion that she could use her ability to learn self-defense at the highest caliber. Izumi not only has brains but also the combat training to back it up. One day after Bakugo calls her a worthless Quirkless bitch and blows up her Mental Excersize book and throws it in the fountain as she walks home she runs into a man named Hiro Mirasaki who is a the owner of a multimillion company and a widower after his wife was killed in a villian attack leaving him cold, distant, and spiteful of heroes with the belief that you can only save yourself. He's intrigued by her cold eyes and decides to have a conversation with her cause of a weird feeling and the fact she sort of looks familiar. Let it be known that Hiro over the years since his wife's death fell into a bad crowd over the years he ended up creating a group of businessman and women who controlled the background. He was the Red King of The Oculus. After that conversation he decides to take her under his wing he notices her motivation and belief that you can only save yourself which is similar to his own so for her final year of middle school she was trained to be a businesswomen learn all the corners and she absorbed it like a sponge. Five months before the UA entrance exam as she's on her way to the building for a meeting that Hiro Scheduled she sees a young girl full of bandages in an alleyway and couldn't help but go towards her after finding out her Name being Eri and a Yakuza member trying to take her back she uses her ability to give the man an aneurysm without letting go of the young girl while also discovering her astral form could take reality. As she does she heard in his mind that they would hunt them both down if they were to escape she made the decision to do anything to save Eri even become a hero to her begrudge.

Oculus- A group of Powerful Business Men and Woman who have connections in the Underground, The Government and multiple different groups heroes and villains.

AN: I honestly had a dream of this so I had to hurry up and write it down when I woke up.