Chapter 1

"Hand me your keys, son," requested Mrs. B as she held her hand out.

"But, Mama, I want to go out," whined Face.

"You came in late last night, young man. I let you talk me into extending your curfew to midnight because you have a week off from school due to it being Spring Break. You came in at twelve-thirty, Face, and as punishment, you will not drive your car, and you will be mowing the compound's lawns. You can start with Murdock's apartment!"

Face's expression was one of shock. "This isn't how I want to spend my Spring Break."

"You should have thought about that last night…your keys, please."

Face reluctantly handed his keys over and turned to do as his mother requested. "May I at least use the riding mower?"

Mrs. B considered the request before she nodded and watched as the boy stalked out of the house, still wearing his leather jacket, and smiled before returning to her housework.

"I was just thirty minutes late," grumbled the boy as he walked to the shed housing the lawnmowers. "At least she allowed me to use the riding mower," he added, smiling. "Hannibal would have made me use a push mower."

Face had just gotten started mowing the grass in front of his brother Murdock's apartment when out of the corner of his eye, he saw a black pick-up truck stop in front of the fence surrounding The On the Jazz detective agency. "I wonder if he is having engine problems," thought the boy. He got off the mower and started to walk to the section of the fence close to the truck. He had only gone a few feet when a white car drove up and parked behind the truck. He then saw a thin man get out, dragging a dog at the end of its leash, and he hurriedly hunched over until he was behind the bushes. He almost shouted out when he saw the thin man kick the dog but instead decided to rescue the dog.

"So, this is the dog that is worth $10,000?"Asked Karl Wagoner, the owner of the pick-up truck.

The thin man, Frank Jennings, nodded," but his owners will pay much more. His sire was one of Queen Elizabeth's corgis."

"Put him in the bed of the truck in the crate. It's under the tarp, then come upfront so we can discuss our plans," Karl snarled.

As soon as Face saw the thin man, who put the dog in the crate and covered it back up, got into the truck's passenger side, he moved. It didn't take him long before he was under the tarp looking at the dog. "So you are a corgi; you are a real cutie. What's your name?" Face asked as he looked the dog over, noticing the collar and reading the name imprinted on it. "Duke"

It took Face a minute to unlatch the crate and pull the dog out. "I'm going to take you home now," but before he could actually do it, the truck moved and quickly gathered speed, making it impossible for Face and Duke to get out.

Mrs. B was so busy getting dinner ready that she lost track of time. She heard the roar of the A-Team and looked at the clock to see that it was one o'clock in the afternoon; then she realized that she hadn't seen Face since he left the house around nine. "He should have finished his mowing by now," she thought.

Hannibal was the first one in, followed closely by BA and Murdock. They greeted Mrs. B before Hannibal asked. "Where is the kid?"

"Oh, Hannibal, I don't know. He should have been back several hours ago, but I lost track of time and only just now realized it."

"Back from where?"

"Mowing the grass."

"He was mowing grass on the first day of his Spring Break? What did he do?"

"He came in thirty minutes late from his curfew last night. He talked me into extending it to twelve since there was no school this week, so I punished him by taking away his car keys and making him mow the compound's grounds. He was supposed to start at Murdock's apartment."

"He should be still mowing if he uses the push mower," Hannibal remarked.

"But he isn't; he is using the riding mower!"

Hannibal turned at once and went into their office, where the security cameras were, and started to scan the grounds. "What time did Face start?" he asked Mrs. B, who had followed behind the men.

"It was about nine in the morning, Hannibal."

Hannibal nodded and set the scan for that time. It only took him a few minutes to find the scene in question. They saw everything, including Face climbing into the back of the pick-up truck.

"Little bro is trying to rescue the dog, but the truck drove off before he could."

"That's how it looks to me, too, big guy," Murdock said.

"BA, go gas up the van…we leave as soon as you get back!"

"Okay, Hannibal."

"I'll make some sandwiches for the trip," Mrs. B said as she hurried back to her kitchen.

"Be sure to include water and a bowl for the dog," instructed Hannibal because he knew the dog would be with them when they came back.

Murdock headed to Face's room to gather a change or two of clothing and a couple of blankets to make a pallet in the back of the van. By the time they had all they had needed, BA had returned, and they headed out. "We will call as soon as we recover the kid," promised Hannibal.