—Tell me again, why are we doing this?

Seth puts away the empty boxes and folds them in a corner as I organize the small decorative porcelain items in the cabinets.

—Because it's going to be fun to hang out with your friends and make new ones! I'm very excited about this, but he still can't see how good my idea is.

Are you sure? It doesn't sound fun. I thought he would be happy to spend time with his friends again, but it took some convincing and many bribes to get him to say yes.

—I used to do it all the time when I traveled around with my parents. It's like moving forward to me, going to the next chapter. And God knows I need to move on.

After finally putting an end to the vampire that destroyed my life, I could breathe again and enjoy being alive. We've been through so much that I just want some boring, average days in high school with him.

When I presented the idea, Renesmee jumped right in, thrilled to see the teenagers that appear in the romance book she loves to read so much and that she made me read as well. She has always been curious about everything, and humans were pretty high on her list.

Alice and the others immediately said they were not doing school again, and I wasn't planning on them coming, so I considered myself lucky I could avoid that conversation. But, to my surprise, when I asked David if he was coming, he said yes. It was totally a joke, but he said he was coming, and I just didn't have the heart to tell him I was kidding. I wasn't even expecting Renesmee to come!

David has been unbelievably good at keeping his diet and following the rules so well that he can hunt alone now, but walking around a school full of hormones raging teenagers was different.

Although I was hesitant, Carlisle said he could do it, so Seth, Renesmee, David, and I are going to school together in two days.

Do we even need new friends? Seth has his hands on my face, squishing it and looking annoyed. We have been spending a lot of time alone decorating his house after Leah moved out and he became the sole owner of his childhood home. The time we have alone is more precious to me than I can express in words, but even so, Renesmee tries to squeeze them out of me every time she wants details on how things are going.

I told him I liked him after we got rid of Padrone, and I couldn't be happier we were together. Also, because his house is on the other side of the border where vampires are not allowed, we have the place to ourselves the whole time. He made sure to take advantage of that and say we must work on the house every day from the morning to night, no exceptions.

Everybody needs friends. That was just a random statement so he wouldn't take his hands off my face. I love how warm they are.

He hugs me, and I can feel his breath on my neck and shoulder. —I like it better when it's just us. My hair stands up when his lips touch my shoulder, and I might do whatever he asks if he continues.

—It will be; plus some friends here and there. Besides, we can do a ton of stuff together—events, games, and spending time at that milkshake shop we like.

—Why do you smell like coconut? He's smelling the base of my neck, and I can barely think straight.

—I got it from Alice. She's selling these now. Why? Is it bad?

—It's almost too good. He holds me tighter, his lips still on my shoulder.

—Thank you for coming with me for this. I'm happy you said yes. Sure, going to school will be fun, but there would be no point in it without him. I want him to see what my world was supposed to look like; without vampires hunting me or getting hurt to protect our family.

Like I would let Tyler near you alone. We smile, remembering how Tyler hits on everything that moves.

It's late. Let's clean this up and go. He's still hugging me, and I don't want him to let go. Leaving this place has become a big struggle for me. Is he going to ask me to stay today?

—Sure. Let me get some clothes, and we can go. With a kiss on the cheek, he runs upstairs without looking back.

Is he ever going to ask? This question floats in my mind all the home as we hold hands in the car.

We have a great time together every day but always come home every night, even after making out.

I blame Renesmee for these expectations I created in my mind. Her books are unbelievably detailed and make me blush, but I can't help but wonder if Seth and I will get to that point one day.

I'm not a child and know exactly what sex is supposed to be, but I never did it before because of my… condition. Falling in love was a big no for me since we always had to move cities, so doing something so… personal like that and having to disappear after seemed just empty and meaningless, but Seth is different. I don't have to leave him or keep secrets or lies. We know everything about each other, and we can spend eternity together if we like.

Your notepads are here. Esme gives us two thin electronic tablets when we enter the house. She got us the latest model, and my eyes twinkle just looking at them.

Awesome. I'm going to set this up tonight!

How's decorating? Alice was dying to decorate his house herself, but couldn't cross the border, so she gave us shopping lists and instructions on how to do it. They are super-specific and quite helpful; the thing is, it's a ton of work.

Like it's never going to end. Seth sighs, looking at his notepad, uninterested. I wonder if he'll let me configure it for him. It will be like, double the fun!

—Renesmee and David got theirs? I ask, still looking down at my own.

—Yeah, but David was lost. He could use some classes. Esme says.

David is a chemist, but he doesn't understand technology very well. He asks me all the time about the robots and his phone, and I help him because that's how far he'll go with his efforts to get closer to me.

He'll watch a Youtube video of something. Come on, let's go to bed. We have to do it all again tomorrow. Seth pushes me towards the stairs, and I can't take my eyes off my new baby.

—Goodnight… I say to Esme and Alice, walking up the stairs and down the corridor, so distracted I miss my own door.

Anne… Seth says, calling my attention.

Hum? Oh, right. I walk back to the door. —Goodnight. I'm still staring at the notepad when I open the door, and Seth's hand blocks the screen.

He's looking down with his big eyes, all cute and shy. I kiss him on the lips, and he pulls me closer for a longer kiss, taking my breath away.

Goodnight. I say, smiling and feeling light as a feather.

—Goodnight. He says, and I close the door.

My personal Ipad is on my bed with the book selection Renesmee sent me on the screen. I can still feel his lips on mine, and my heart is beating faster now. This is getting out of control.

I text Renesmee, asking her opinion on why Seth never asks me to stay over and blame her for giving me those books. She laughs like usual and tells me to make the first move, but I can't do what's in those books!

"Then you'll die a virgin (¬‿¬)."

"I'm immortal, Renesmee (¬_¬)."

"An immortal virgin (^▿^)"

"Like you had sex before!"

"I don't have a boyfriend; you do. Besides, I would be very good at it (─‿‿─)."

"Thanks for the advice!"

"Just don't rush it. The books are a guide, not to make you jump head-on. Give it time."

"I guess you're right… Come over tomorrow night, ok? You and David need a class on human school manners."

"I'm an expert at humans!"

"It's really not like those books, trust me."

"Text me when you get home."

"Ok. (^_^)/. "

Patience, huh? We have been together for some time since all that happened. I have been very, very patient.

My fantasies are still going wild as I get ready for bed, so I decide not to read those books anymore. Homework ought to take my mind off of it.

I know this will be fun, but quite a few things can go wrong, so I prepared a little class for David and Renesmee to keep them out of trouble. She always wanted to go to school, but everyone was over it, and she refused to go with her parents or Jake, so she's over the moon right now.

Renesmee's the most unpredictable variable in all of this. She's so pretty that the boys will be all over her and the girls too, so we need to find a way to keep them under control. Intimidation usually works, but she's so bright and friendly that it might be tricky.

I wasn't counting on handling other people while attending school. It was always me, alone, until I made new friends and started to have real fun, but managing two vampires might be a challenge.

This morning too, I wake up early and put on my tracksuit to go on a short run. I just run through the dirt road and turn back when I reach the highway. It's horrible, but I can't be humiliated in my first P.E class. I used to be excellent at sports, but I know I'm rusty after sitting on my butt for so long. Doing it every day might bring the joy of exercising back, although now, I just want to punch Eve in the face every time the alarm rings.

—Hey there! David shows up out of nowhere and starts running next to me. Of course, for him is nothing, but I'm on the way back already, so I'm very out of breath.

Hey… Ready for… tomorrow? Talking and breathing appear to be impossible tasks right now.

I think so. I can't figure out the notepad, though.

—I'll explain it… tonight. Your schedule… too.

—Sounds complicated. Why are you running again? I thought you hated exercise. His steady voice is starting to get on my nerves.

—I do, but… I can't… lose face during… P.E. Although, I might just do exactly that. My lugs are on fire after this joke of a run.

—Will it be ok? There are so many humans in one place. I see it now. The end of the run is right in front of me. I rush a little more and stop, leaning on the last tree at the end of the road, breathing fire into my lungs. Why can't the stupid vampire blood give me stamina?

You'll be ok. We have classes together, and you're going as an exchange student, so it won't be weird if you have to disappear for a few days. Also, if he suddenly can't do this anymore, people won't question an exchange student going back to his country.

He's in silence, looking more worried than I thought. He must want to do well and make Carlisle proud too. It would be devastating if he couldn't manage this after all our work.

His eyes are fully hazel colored now and look even brighter against his dark skin. He got himself a cool buzz cut before our first day, and the girls will go crazy for him.

The wind is refreshing, so I pull my sleeves up to cool down and take out my handkerchief, drying the sweat out, observing his eyes.

Have you had blood yet?

No. His eyes look ok to me even before having any blood, so I'm sure he'll be fine, but self-confidence also plays a big part. If he believes he can do it, then he can.

How many hours?

—10 hours. That's a very good time for him.

You're eyes look good. Looking up close, I can notice just a bit of darkness under them, but nothing to worry about. —Do you feel it now?

He looks away.

Don't look away. My fingers pull his face back, his eyes on mine. —Face it, challenge it. He was in control, and he had to see that.

He grabs my wrist and puts his mouth closer to it, near the most prominent vein. I can feel his cold breath on my skin as he tests his limits.

So? How do you feel? I can see he has control, and he must say it.

—Like I can do it. His confident smile was what I needed to see.

I'm sure of it. I'll see you tonight. His fingers linger on my wrist until the moment I walk away.

David is a great guy, and I'm happy he lives with us. He's a good friend, and we have fun talking about my dad or just hanging out, but he seems to be… confused. I don't want to tell him that what he's feeling is not what he thinks because it's not my place to do so. He's very respectful and keeps it to himself most of the time, but sometimes I catch him looking at me a little too long, or he'll touch my hand and take too long to let go, like just now.

He's confused with the wish to be forgiven by me when there is nothing to forgive. He still blames himself for the experiments, and his mind painted that as something like love when it's not. I can't tell him not to feel like that, and I don't want a confrontation. It'll make things awkward, and he is my friend, so today, like usual, I just let it be.

Esme is in front of the TV room door when I go in, looking a bit flustered.

Anne! How was your run? She asks a little too loud.

Horrible like always. But I made better time today. Sitting by the door, I remove my muddy shoes.

—Are you sure about this school thing? I raise my eyes at her and suddenly can smell the soapy and sweet smell of aftershave.

Did Seth put you up to this?

—What? No! She's even more flustered now. —I was just… you know. Concerned. Everyone is so agitated these days. She's moving her hands too much like she does when hiding something.

I really want to do this, and I'm happy he said yes, but I can't control what he does, or his jealousy or even mine for that matter. I trust him, and I can only hope he trusts me too.

I was aware Seth wasn't fond of David. Since he came here and hanged me from that tree, they never got friendly quite with each other. But that's their problem, not mine. I'm not stressing over that anymore because there is no cure for jealousy when you like someone. You can correct how you act on it, but Seth is as stubborn as me, so I just ignore it, and it has been working. They would walk away as soon as I did, but sometimes it was just not that simple.

I can still smell him behind the TV room door, where someone is probably holding him, so we don't fight the first thing in the morning.

Ahm… Yeah. You are… entirely right. Esme looks surprised. She forgets I lived my fair share in this world, and although my relationship with Seth is something very new to me, feelings are not.

—I'll take a shower. I say, looking behind her, —We leave in 20.

Upstairs, I get changed and take my shower. We have a list of things to get today, and then we have the rest of the day to spend together at the house. I'm not stressing over anything besides if he'll ask me to stay over this time.

—They are just talking. Jake sits on the sofa, looking at Seth, staring at Anne and David talking by a tree. He warned him many times what jealousy would do to their relationship, but Seth couldn't keep it together around David.

—Why is he so close? Seth asks, angry. David's feelings are so obvious all the time is annoying just looking at him. Anne must know he likes her, so why is she still friends with him?

—If you don't fix your temper, you'll push her away. Esme is also tired of giving advice he won't follow.

—What the hell is he doing? Seth gets even angrier when David appears to be kissing Anne's wrist.

He's messing with you! He can hear us. Edward and Jake are holding him, stopping the boy from jumping out of the window and starting a meaningless fight.

—Just keep your cool, man! Jake says, holding him.

She's coming. Take him to the TV room. Esme doesn't want another screaming contest. Anne always gets torn apart whenever they fight, and she doesn't want her to feel down before her first day. Edward and Jake drag Seth quickly to the room and cover his mouth so he'll be quiet.

Anne! How was your run? Esme can hear them struggling in the room and keeps her voice louder to muffle the sounds.

Horrible like always. But I made better time today.

—Are you sure about this school thing? Esme had to ask one last time. Going to school sounded like more trouble than fun.

Did Seth put you up to this?

—What? No! I was just… you know. Concerned. Everyone is so agitated these days. Esme can't hide it from her. Anne knew precisely what was happening.

I really want to do this, and I'm happy he said yes, but I can't control what he does, or his jealousy or even mine for that matter. I trust him, and I can only hope he trusts me too.

Ahm… Yeah. You are… entirely right. Esme can hear Seth calm down behind the door at Anne's incredibly mature comment. She saw her as a child and often forgot that Anne lived with humans for many years and experienced life just like them. She has been through a lot, and Esme feels she needs to protect her, so seeing her mature side always surprises her.

—I'll take a shower. She looks to the door behind which Edward and Jake are holding Seth. —We leave in 20.

Anne goes upstairs, and they come out of the TV room. Seth is calmer now.

She knew we were there. Edward says.

But how? Esme thought they were quiet enough to hide from a human, but Anne seemed to know it all.

She smelled your aftershave. Edward points to Seth. He's looking upstairs, thinking about Anne's words.

Man, she is a vampire. Jake says, laughing a bit.

No, she's a woman. Esme smiles. —You heard it, Seth?

—David is the one I don't trust, not her! He never doubted her feelings, and it's David's obvious efforts to show he likes her that bother him.

—Then, don't make things hard for her. Acting like this only upsets Anne.

—Then what? I just sit and watch? Is Seth supposed to let it go when David is obviously in love with Anne and makes sure to put it out in the open like that?

—Yes. You don't like him, but they're friends, so you keep it to yourself. Edward might be correct, but Seth doesn't like it. "How did Jake didn't kill him?"

Edward can hear his thoughts and answer them. —Because it would've hurt Bella.

Again, Edward is right, but still, it's difficult for Seth to put into words how much David bothers him. Their conversations excluded him completely. It is like listening to two full vampires talking, and he can't relate to anything they say.

He feels Anne is far away from him and diving deep into the vampire world when they talk. Even this going back to school idea felt like she wanted to return to living like a vampire, which she is, but vampires leave. They stay for a while, then move far away and can't come back for many years. Wolves don't.

—So? Will you keep your cool about this?

—I will, all right? Seth says nervously and goes upstairs to get ready to leave. He doesn't want to fight when he's alone with her. He wants to spend every day with her, only the two of them.

What was he thinking? Jake asks curiously, wondering to what thoughts Edward was answering.

He was questioning why we didn't kill each other.

I asked myself that a lot too. Jake says, lightning up the mood. —You're such a pain in the ass.

—And you were a ray of sunshine, huh?

Esme lets out a big sigh. It's like David and Seth are right here again.

David is on the top of a tree, listening to the meaningless conversation as he observes Anne from her room.

He said yes to going to a human school because this would mean they had more to talk about, but he wasn't entirely sure about it. The exposure to so much blood in one place bothered him more than he let it show, but somehow, Anne's blood is different. If he concentrates on it, the burn on his throat subdues, and he can feel the urges calm down.

The problem is that she always keeps her distance. He knows she likes Seth, and he probably has no chance, but he can't bring himself to give up. The way all those shape-shifters are unstable still worries him, and the way Seth looked out of control that one time wouldn't leave his mind.

Anne is changing clothes with the windows still open. She removed her shirt, and David wanted to look away, but-

—That's not creepy at all. Rosalie shouts, startling him.

Bug off, Hale. Rosalie didn't say anything at all most of the time, but since she caught him looking at Anne from afar one time, she started to speak to him more. Nothing significant, just annoying comments, like she's fishing for something.

Anne closes the windows, and he comes down, walking away from Rosalie.

—We have a plan already? She asks, smiling and referring to the first time she caught him. David mentioned he had his reasons to act like he wanted to steal Anne away, and Rosalie didn't like the sound of that.

—You'll know right away when I do. Rosalie didn't need to know David had no idea what he was doing. He just wanted to make sure Seth wouldn't hurt Anne with the monster inside him.

David walks away without looking back. From tomorrow, he won't have to peep through her window when he's feeling so alone he could scream. They will be together all the time, even if Seth and Renesmee are also there.