Chapter 1: Nothing Like A Fight

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Notes: Takes place year after Order of the Phoenix

Summary: Total rubbish. and H/D ::maniacal grin::

Hermione Granger was getting impatient. Of course, anybody who had waited for an hour would be hopping mad – especially if you were waiting for two boys like Harry Potter and Ron Weasely. 

Naturally, she was so engrossed in devising punishments for the two late boys that she very nearly did a double take when she saw Draco Malfoy.

He had grown.

The new Draco Malfoy was 5' 9 and had stopped gelling his hair. He was arresting. Wait! Wait! He was stopping! He was going to talk to her!

'An open mouth doesn't become you, Mudblood.'

Oh well. Some things don't change. But admittedly, she did feel weak at the knees as he walked past. Going by the stunned looks on the rest of the female Hogwarts population at the train station, she wasn't the only one who found him attractive.

Ah, bollocks.

If only Harry and Ron would hurry, then maybe she would be able to chase after that Slytherin and snog him senseless…


Maybe wishing Harry and Ron would hurry up was a bad idea. Hermione was seriously regretting being friends with Harry in the first place. Or even going to Hogwarts. Meeting one extremely shaggable boy a day was headache enough. With Harry, the total today was two. And that was not good. Extremely not good. And now The-Boy-Whom-I-Want-To-Shag was leaning towards her. Oh no, Hermione, don't hyperventilate!

'Er, Herm? Are you all right? You look like you're going to pass out or something…'

Breathe, girl, just breathe. Eeps.

'Urm, I'm all right really. Just need some fresh air.' What a lousy excuse but Hermione's brain didn't exactly seem to be working at the moment.

Ron sprang up to open the carriage door.

'Uh actually Ron, it's quite ok…'

The expression of concern that Ron was giving her was quite disconcerting.

Draco Malfoy just had to chose this moment to come walking down the corridor with his two Neanderthals in tow. Hermione's breathing hitched. Almost at the same time, Ron's eyes narrowed.

'Oooh, Mudblood's feeling train sick!' Draco sneered. 'Ronni-kins feeling worried?' Well, it was surprising, the shade of red that some people could turn.

'Fuck off, Malfoy.'

'The Boy Wonder speaks, I see. And I always thought he was just some puppet of Dumbledore's. Riding on your new found fame, eh?'

'And you're another one to talk, considering that your darling Daddy's in Azkaban for being a Death Eater. Which brings me to wonder, are you one too, ferret-boy?'

With a snarl, Draco Malfoy launched himself at Harry Potter, who in an amazing display of agility ducked and in the ensuing fist-fight, managed to get himself wrapped around Draco Malfoy.

That was a sight to turn any person on.

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