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Hermione Granger lay on her bed, face in her hands, listening to the most depressing CD she could find. It was the summer holidays and she had only been home for two weeks but already she was missing her three best friends. Harry was back at the Dursleys once again greiving over the loss of the closest thing he had to a family. His godfather Sirius, who had been killed in his previous year of school, while fighting a death eater to protect Harry once again from Lord Voldemort. Ron and Ginny were away on holiday in Romania visiting thier brother Charlie and wouldn't be back for another week. She sighed softly as she realised that whether she liked it or not she was going to be all on her own for another week.

''Hermione?'' a voice called from down the stairs.

''What?'' came her dull answer.

''Your father and I are leaving for work now, we won't be back until late. There's money on the kitchen table for you to buy some food.'' her mother shouted up to her before walking out and shutting the front door tightly behind her.

Hermione waited until she heard their car pulling out of the drive before she sat up on the edge of her bed. She could do her homework, but if she was really honest with herself she simply couldn't be bothered with it. Her eyes scanned her immaculate room, looking for something to catch her attention, and there it was sitting on her shelf, a brand new, lilac coloured diary.

*Well* she thought to herself. *Seeing as I'll have no-one to talk to for a fortnight, I may as well start a diary.*

Hermione opened the diary to the first page, and struggled to find something to write, but after the first few awkward lines were written, she discovered that her thoughts and deepest feelings just started pouring out onto the page, and she filled page after page in her diary with her imnnermost thoughts that she couldn't share with anyone, not even her best friends.

* Dear Diary,

I am bored now, so I thought I would start a diary, I realise that if this got into the wrong hands it could potentially be very embarassing for me, so I'd better put a charm on it. Although I need not bother while I'm here, it's not as if my parents are even here most of the time, and when they are it not as if they ever take an interest in me, they don't even notice me most of the time, maybe their embarassed of me?? Oh I don't know.

I'll definately need to use the charm back in school, if Harry found this I'd be so embarassed, and if Ron found it I would just die!! Oh my God, he'd know everything about me, and I couldn't bear it, he would tease me so bad.

I sometimes wish that I was normal, like all the other girls my age, their only worries are about hair, make-up and boys. Whereas I have to worry about Harry and how he is coping with the loss of his godfather, although he seems to be coping well, I know that really he is hurt and scared. I also have to worry about Ron and trying to make him study hard, we will need top marks if we want to become aurors. And on top of worrying about those two I have to worry about Ginny who is falling madly in love with Harry, and is stressing herself out trying to make him notice her, even though she is supposed to be seeing Dean Thomas. I have a funny feeling she is only with Dean to try and get Harry to notice her more, as last year he was very distracted with Cho. Then I have all the other normal girl worries, hair, make-up and I never thought I'd say this but boys too. I mean I've been noticing them for awhile now but recently there has been this one boy who has really caught my eye. He is gorgeous, tall and sexy.

Oh my God I can't believe I just called HIM sexy, well thinking about it, I suppose he is. I guess I am like any other girl my age, I have the same urges. I'm just a regular sixteen year old girl, who happens to have just finished her fifth year at Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Got to go now, I am starving to death (Oh God I sound like Ron!!!)

Love ya

Herm x x x x*

After letting out all of her bottled up feelings Hermione was feeling more relaxed and alot more cheerful than she was before as she walked down into the kitchen to get the money, and headed down to the shops to buy something for her dinner.

By the time Hermiones parents got home that night she was lying in bed, reading and re-reading a post card that had been waiting for her when she had gotten back from the shops, with a bag full of junk food that she wasn't allowed to eat when her parents were home.

*Hey Mione,

We're having a great time in Romania, you should see some of the dragons I have seen. (Very educational!!) Don't laugh, but even though its great here I miss school. I don't really think it's school though, I think it may just be you and Harry. I wonder if this is even going to get to you, I sent it with Pig!!!! Ginny says Hi. We are coming back in a week, Can't wait to see you! Do you want to come and stay at mine til the start of school?

Love Ron*

As Hermione read the post card for the fourth time with a wide smile across her face, she suddenly realised that Ron had said ''Can't wait to see you'' and he'd said it about her. This thought occupied her mind until she fell asleep with the postcard still in her hand, the bright red dragon on the front of the card had also curled up and gone to sleep.

The next morning when Hermione woke up she walked sleepily down the stairs into the kitchen to see if she could find her mother, but all she was met with was a note.


Your father and I have gone to work, there is food in the fridge for your dinner and we'll be home around midnight tonight as we are going out after work.

P.S There was a white owl tapping on the window this morning we have shut it in the garage.*

Hermione rushed to the garage and pulled open the large blue door to reveal a beautiful snowy white owl.

''Hedwig!'' she squealed as she ran over to stroke the owl and to untie the letter from her leg.

*Hi Herm,

How's it going? Have you heard from Ron yet, sounds like he's having a laugh, Didn't say that he missed me though!! I'm hurt now! Thank you for your letters they have really cheered me up, and I do feel a lot better about Sirius, I know that I'll see him again someday and I know that he wouldn't want me moping about. Have you finished your homework yet!! Stupid question you probably have. Are you staying at Rons when he gets back? If you are I'll see you then.

Write Back with Hedwig


*Thats strange Ron told me that he missed me and Harry, but he didn't say anything to Harry.* Hermione thought as she read Harry's letter again. *Oh well he probably just forgot.*

She sat down and wrote a letter back to Harry and prayed that the remaining week that she'd have to spend on her own would go quickly she missed her friends.

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