Chapter 6: Caught in the Act

            Nightfall came, and outside, despite the warm summer day that had just passed, the wind had picked up, and the rain had begun, Rogue heard the rustle of the trees outside, and the sound of a soda rolling across the street, stirred by the gale.

            She couldn't sleep.  She lay on her bed, facing the window, watching the dark clouds rushing past a pale moon.  The whole mansion slept, while Rogue had never felt more awake in her life.  Her stomach churned, she could still feel tiny remnants of nausea wavering over her every so often, but she hadn't been sick since the morning.

            She curled up under her covers, and pressed her cheek against the pillow, watching as the moon came into view finally, she tried to force all thoughts of the events of the day out of her mind, but couldn't.  Guilt washed over her, guilt of not even having told Kurt what her real name was, and the others…they'd walked away, not even asking her, as if they didn't care, but also, as if they took Remy's side.

            Rogue felt so completely helpless.

            She realised she would not sleep, and she gave in, she threw the covers off, and slipped into her slippers and reached for a black hooded top that had been on a nearby chair, she pulled it on, and opened the window quietly, she climbed out of the window, and took off into the air.  The flimsy cotton of the hooded top did not protect her from the wind, the cold, or the rain – but she didn't really care anymore.  For a while, she sailed across the sky, and then she landed on the roof near the gable above the window of the room she shared with Kitty. 

            She settled herself down on the gable, and looked down over the grounds, everything seemed dead, the only things moving were the leaves and feeble branches of the trees, and the soda can was still rolling around on the asphalt of the driveway.  Rogue hugged herself against the cold.

            Her hair was clinging to her head and cheeks, and she could feel the cool rain dripping down her flesh, it was almost soothing, the feel of the water.

            "You determined to catch pneumonia now?"

            Rogue turned, seeing Logan stepping across the roof, as if he'd always been there.  "How'd you know I was here?"

            "Heard you while I was doing a check on everyone," He stated, "You're loud on the roof you know…"

            "Sorry," Rogue shrugged.

            "Hang over any better?"

            Rogue spun around and looked at him, he was making himself comfortable beside her.  She pondered how he could have possibly known she'd been drunk the other night.  She didn't even ask, her expression said it all.

            "You didn't think you could keep that a secret, did you?" Logan asked, he was wearing a grey hooded shirt and a pair of jeans which were already becoming rain spattered.

            "How did you know…" Rogue finally managed.

            "I could smell it, I saw the van driving up…" he added.

            "Am I in trouble?" Rogue rubbed her arms briskly.

            "Not this time, but if you do it again…Y'know, I'm willing to let this one time slide, I know teens do wild things," he added.  "But if this is a frustration thing…"

            Rogue looked at him, "what do you mean?"

            Logan's steely eyes rested upon the sky for a moment, and seemed deep in though as if he were trying to find the right words, then he turned back and looked at her.  "I know you aren't coping very well with the Cajun being here…and I know that a lot of things are going wrong for you lately…you're under stress…and if this is your way of coping with the stress, I think you need other ways of dealing with it."

            Rogue looked away.

            "I'm serious, Rogue…" Logan slung an arm around her in a comforting way, and shook her a little, "You don't want to be messing with booze."

            Rogue kept her eyes away from him, she felt tears brimming in them, and blinked them back, she knew the rain would hide any signs of tears.  "I know…I'm sorry…" she choked.

            He patted her back, "don't do it again."

            "I won't," she quickly wiped her eyes instinctively, "I'm going back to bed…" she murmured, she went back inside the open window of her room, and she pulled off the – by now – soaking wet hooded top, and tossed it on the floor.  She glanced over to Kitty, who was lit up by the moon shining through the open window, Kitty looked peaceful.

            Rogue wondered if the plan Kitty had suggested – to touch someone while they were sleeping – would actually work.  She walked over to the bed slowly and reached out to touch Kitty, but stopped.  She didn't want to risk it, not against Kitty, not right now.  She looked towards the door of the bedroom, that lead out into the hallway.  She wasn't willing to test the theory on Kitty…but Remy however…that was a different story.  He'd already annoyed he.

            Rogue quietly opened the door, and crept out into the hall, the lights were on, but low, just enough light to see where she was heading and no more.  To avoid anyone hearing her footfalls against the floor, or stairs, she took to the air, and flew low, being very careful not to hit anything while she did so.  She soared along the hall, and down the stairwell to the second floor, and along the hall.  She had guessed that Remy would get a room on his own, he was older than most of the group, eighteen, or older, she'd wager, no one really knew.

            She knew which rooms were Scott's, and Kurt and Evan's, that left the room on the opposite side of Kurt and Evan's room, she reached for the handle, the door hung slightly ajar, and she pushed it open slowly, slipping in.  She let her feet touch the floor, and she padded lightly along the grey carpet.  Remy was stretched out on a bed, seemingly naked, except for one white sheet draped across his stomach and bunched up to his left thigh.  His eyes were closed lightly, one arm draped over the side of the bed, the other behind his pillow.

            Rogue stood by his bed looking at him, he looked peaceful when he slept, almost looked like a different person, the side of the mansion the room was at was near the where the basketball court was, and the basketball court remained lit up at night and the light spilled in from the windows and onto his lithe body.

            Rogue chewed her lip, reached a bare hand out towards him, it was so near, it almost touched his forehead, and she had almost done it.  And then, his eyes snapped open, and he looked at her with apparent knowing.

            Rogue gasped, just as she did, a flash of lightning lit the room, and they were stuck in a trance, looking at each other for several moments, and they heard distant thunder rumble. 

            "What do you think you're doing…?" he grabbed a hold of her wrist – covered by the damp sleeve of her pyjamas – and pushed it away from him, he sat bolt up right, making sure he was covered by the sheet.

            "I…" Rogue found herself speechless, right then and there, as she saw him, something stirred inside her, as if she'd known him for ages, had perhaps even once loved him, or been attracted to him.  She couldn't explain it.

            Remy looked back at her waiting for an explanation, and getting none.

            "Speak, or I'm gonna yell for someone," Remy warned.

            Rogue looked at him, "I…I wanted to…"

            "You wanted to?"

            Rogue looked blankly, she couldn't find an excuse.

            "You were going to try and absorb my power!" he looked at her, his eyes flared red for a second, he looked angry.  He stood up, not even caring that he was naked, he stepped towards her, she backed away.

            Rogue felt her breath catch in her through and her heart jump in her chest, she'd never felt so afraid all of a sudden.  She thought she could stand up to him, but the look on his face drained any confidence she'd had in herself.

            "You were going to sneak in here and do it without me even knowing!  God, and you complain that I can't be trusted?!" he demanded, standing naked, Rogue couldn't take her eyes off of his face though, as much as she was curious.

            "Come on then, Chere," he stepped forward again, he backed her somehow into a corner, and looked at her, his face close to hers, "come on, you can't help yourself from wanting to know what's going on in my head, you think you need to, so do it!"

            Rogue's dark green eyes were wide, she felt like a caged animal, as if there was no way out, she placed her bare hands behind her on the wall, now suddenly afraid to touch him, not trusting the way he wanted her to, she pondered if maybe he could resist her when he was prepared for her to do so.

            "Get away from me…" She said, her voice barely anything other than a whisper. 

            His face came closer to hers and he looked at her with those intense eyes of his, she could feel his hot breath on her lips, and it made her weak.  And yet, it reminded her of something that, at that moment, she just could not place.  As if she'd felt it before – and from him.

            "Get away…" she pleaded.

            "You're just a frightened little child.  I thought you were stronger than that, I guess I was mistaken," He moved away from her shaking his head, "get out of my room."

            "I'm gonna find out one way or the other, LeBeau!" Rogue shot at him, "just you wait."

            "Yeah, well when you do , you won't like that you find out," he stated bitterly.

            Without even looking at him Rogue stormed out of his room and slammed the door shut angrily, fuming.    She swore to herself she would find out, and she'd do it soon, it was killing her not knowing.  But somehow, she knew – something told her deep inside – that his secrets had something to do with her.

The End?