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Early-morning sunlight streamed between the brambles as Littlefoot rose from his nest. Groggy from sleep, he stretched every limb and made his way to the open clearing. The light orange sunlight warmed his back.

It had been a few years since he rescued his father from the lava pool. The memory was gone now, knowing that his father was safe. But here in the valley, everything was changing. His friends, including himself, have gotten 10 years older, his shoulders were more broad and his neck had certainly gotten a bit longer, he wasn't as tall as his grandparents yet, but his head towered just above a grown threehorn. Not only did there size change, but their personalities were more amplified. Cera started growing her two horns, but they were'nt as sharpt as her tongue, and her retorts and habit of disagreeing with everything was a stronger trait. Petrie and Ducky's speech habits are still up to key, but lately it's been seen as a problem. Spike had grown his spikes to be small little plates. He still isn't able to speak words, and is constantly eating, even more frecuant than before. Ruby hadn't changed much, she was certainly a fast runner, as her race name inplies. Littlefoot couldn't help to notice that she would always linger at his side, he liked her company anyway.

Chomper however, without knowing it, had grown just as much as Littlefoot had. His cheerful attitude still remained, but such strength hid under his child-like personality. Often, the young sharptooth would playfully shove someone during a game, and accedentally send them to the ground.

Littlefoot sighed as he went through his thoughts. So much had happened in just a few years. A flash of orange caught his eye. 'Cera.' He thought with a smile.

She must have noticed him too since she pushed through the thin wall of ferns up ahead. She started towards him with a charging gallape.

"Whoa! Slow down!" Littlefoot moved out of the way just in time. Her growing horns nearly pierced him on his flank. "You nearly hit me."

"Ya know you're starting to walk slow like Grandpa Longneck, maybe you should grow slower too. Should I stop calling you Littlefoot?" She scarffed between breathes.

He rolled his eyes while shaking his head. "Come on, let's see what the others are up to." He headed for the water fall, where the gang usually meet up during the mornings.

"The bright circle is just barely rising, would you expect anyone else to up already?" Cera said with a dry sarcastic voice.

"For sure I know Chomper and Ruby will be out." And to confirm his decleration, they came within sight of a massive purple sharptooth-about twice Littlefoot's size-and the refined figure of a pink fastrunner. He was eager to get the day started, but when he approached them, Chomper held a frustrated look on his face, while Ruby held her chin with a finger worringly. "Hey...What's wrong?" He asked softly next to Ruby.

"It's just that... well..."

Before Ruby could explain, Chomper had lundged to the side while in the water. A small fish fluttered underneath him. He missed. The sharptooth slaped his tail on the surface indignantly.

With a frustrated sigh, Ruby continued. "It's getting a little hard finding enough food for Chomper."

Suddenly a plumb fish flew in the air and landed on Cera's nose horn. She wrinkled her face in disgust and annoyance. "Ugh, It can't be that hard, he was just fine yesterday." She said indignantly, while the fish slipped off her nose.

"You weren't even paying attenton to him yesterday." Littlefoot turned his head to her with a raised brow.

"Oh yeah. I don't know, I guess I didn't have the energy to pretend to listen to his promlems." The threehorn lumbered to the water an lapped at it.

While Littlefoot stiffled a laugh, he glanced over to notice that Cera's comment didn't help Ruby's worrys at ease. She hugged her arms close to her while staring thoughtfully at the ground.

Littlefoot's expression fell. He hated to see her upset. He brushed his nose against her cheek, alarming her slieghtly. Meeting her confused gaze, he flinched from her and looked away. 'strange..' He thought. He had reacted so absent mindedly. He cleared his throat to end the awkwardness. "Uh- Don't worry, I'm sure that Chomper will be ok. I'm sure we'll find enough food to settle his-"

"No! That's not what's wrong." Ruby's soft voice held frustration and impatience.

Her sudden outburst took him aback, and even Cera turned around to see what was going on.

Chomper made his way out of the water with a fish in his mouth. He slerped it up before attempting to assure his caretaker. "I mean, it's fine really! Sure it takes me a while to find enough food, but it's no big deal!" His lips curled to reveal a toothy smile.

"You're not seeing what I see. Just look around you! The other residents are starting to get cautious around you." Ruby flung a hand in the air dramaticaly. "Cera and Littlefoot's parents might not find you troubling but the others do."

Cera looked away in thought. "And if their uneasyness gets out of hand Grandpa Longneck will have to deal with it. Which means there's a chance that..."

"No... No! My Grandfather would never kick Chomper out of the valley!" Cera hadn't finished her sentance but Littlefoot understood where she was going.

A scoff sounded beside him. "It's gonna happen eventually-" Cera's muttered comment was cut off as Littlefoot shoved her harshly.

Suddenly the earth around them shook as Chomper rested with his back to the ground, resting his tiny arms on his chest. "Yeah... but in the meantime, why don't we enjoy eachother's time in the valley before I have to face the dangers of the mysterious beyond alright?" He joked with a cheerful and calm tone. He leaned his head a little to admire the soft bundles of clouds that dotted the light blue sky. It certainly was a nice day, and deffinetly one not to be wasted with worried thoughts.

Ruby seemed to acknowlage this and reluctantly rested herself next to the purple sharptooth. Littlefoot sighed with relief as Ruby put on a more familiar expression. "Whatever will happen, will happen later." She smiled as he sat next to her. He felt happy to enjoy the day with his friends. The warm sunlight washed over him, and he could feel himself getting sleepy again. He rested on his back and tilted his head to watch the pink fastrunner soak in the sun's warmth as well. Her gentle expression sparked something in him. It wasn't familiar, but he had a feeling that he knew what it was. He shook his head to clear that thought. 'She couldn't possiably feel the same way, and even if so, it was completely unheard of.'

He stayed there for a moment, rereading his previous thoughts. After a long while, Cera cleared the silence. "Hey so where's Spike, Petrie and Ducky?"

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