Chapter Four: "You Shouldn't Have Done That"

Dalton sat in the abandoned courtyard. He was parched, his throat ached, and his stomach was rumbling like a Hummer engine. He shook off the feelings, and returned to his gunsights, checking the courtyard. The fading light was lighting up the beautifully intracte stone of the ground. But before Dalton could truly appreciate them, a cloaked figure slowly appeared in the courtyard. Dalton dug the rifle into his shoulder and examined the figure. It was wearing US Army boots. Breathing a heavy sigh of relief, Dalton stood up from his concealment and shouted Peters name. Peters threw off the cloak and ran over to Dalton, the two smacking each others hand in a high five.

"How the hell are you buddy?" Asked a concerned Peters

"Like the Arizona desert, you aint got water?"

"Sure have" responded Peters, handing Dalton a wood-like flask.

Dalton wasted no time in ripping off the cover and throwing the water down his throat. It was cool and refreshing. He drunk the entire bottle, and swilled the remainder round his mouth before swallowing it down. Peters gestured for Dalton to follow him and the two proceeded out of the courtyard.

"So where the hell are we buddy?" asked Dalton, biting into an apple his friend had given him.

"More precisely, when the hell are we. From what I can tell, this is early- mid 19th century China."


"The gun the Chinese terrorist were using was a kind of time weapon, designed to remove us to this period so we won't cause them any problems."

"How do we get back?"

Peters paused, sighing deeply and looking at his friends, his blue eyes awash with sadness. "We don't, unless one of those sons-a-bitches comes here with a weapon"

Dalton flung the apple at the street and swore loudly. Peters hushed him down.

"Look man, these people are friendly, it's a nice time to live, you just have to be careful the public don't see you"

Dalton shook his head.

"This isn't my time."

Peters' eyes narrowed.

"It is now. C'mon, I'll get you back to my place" Dalton spun around

" 'Your' place?" he inquired, with disbelief.

"Yes, given to me by the local governor, I told you they were friendly"

Dalton laughed, and the two proceeded along.

Eventually, they entered another open courtyard. The two soldiers were laughing and joking, and didn't notice the carnage unfolding in front of them. A father and daughter were engaged in a pitched martial arts battle with the masked creature from last night and an old woman. Dalton caught the scene out of the corner of his and reacted quickly. The two soldiers pulled out their sidearms and fired two rounds in the air. Instantly the group turned their attention to the soldiers. It was Peters who spoke.


The masked figure was staring intently at Dalton, who had levelled his pistol at her. She glanced at the older woman who nodded. The older woman leapt into the air with suprising agility, landing on one of the other combatants and breaking his neck. In the same movement, she picked up his mean looking weapon and flung it at Peters. The blade spun through the air and sliced the soldier's head off in one quick movement, before lodging itself in the wall behind. Dalton looked on in horror as the headless torso of his friend slumped to the floor, red blood oozing out of the wound. He turned back, and shouted.

"F*** YOU!"

Dropping the pistol, Dalton unslung his M4 and began firing wildly. The two women leapt into the air, not before the masked raider had broken the neck of the second friendly combatant. Dalton continued firing, but the two seemed to miraculously dodge his bullets. The older woman flew away, but the masked raider landed in front of Dalton, as his clip ran dry. Dalton's eyes flashed from the empty, steaming weapon and up to the masked raider. In a hate-filled Chinese voice the woman shouted.

"You want a fight? You've got one"

She lunged at Dalton, grabbing his weapon and pushing him back to the wall, throttling him with it. Struggling as the cold metal began to squeeze his windpipe, Dalton managed to gain enough strength to punch the woman across the face. There was a bone-cracking crunch and she fell away. Dalton fell to the floor, choking for air. He looked up and saw the bright silver of his 9mm. Crawling across the floor, Dalton managed to pick up the handgun as he heard his assailant pick herself up. He spun round and sighted as she leapt in mid air. She did an amazing quick flip, grabbing Dalton's weapon and pulling off it's upper section, so that the bullet fell out onto the floor. Dalton looked at the remaining handle, stunned. The woman then spun round and smacked Dalton hard in the face, knocking him unconscious. She rubbed her hands together and smiled.

"That was for earlier, you shouldn't have done that"

With that she leapt into the air and flew away, leaving the two American bodies were they lay in the coarse sand.