Miari's eyes were wide with shock as Ganossa's words rang constantly in her mind. "Are you sure?" she asked frantically. "They still fear me, the great Riessa, but if they saw me now, like this, they would be able to have me dead in seconds. Please Ganossa. I will repay you after this last stand, if I live. Yet will you aid me? Can you help me formulate a plan to destroy what was our own race?" Ganossa smiled and stroked her hair, as if he was Miari's father.

"Yes, it's true, and yes, I will help you. Just rest for now. Even if your spirit recovered quickly, your body is still not at its full. Will you truly try and revert, losing all that you have become, losing your diverse purity?" She shook her head and sat there quietly, staring into the white wall. Ganossa was a changed man, no doubt about that, but was he truly ready to express his true love for her? Would his valiant efforts be drowned in cold blood as he died a slow and torturous death? Most likely yes, but he seemed ready to take risks, and Miari knew that it was time to take action; it was time to subvert the rule of the luciferhawk, and restore peace to a world ruled by fear. They were going to come up with a great plan that would be capable of destroying every single luciferhawk.

"Don't worry about me, Riessa," said Ganossa almost silently. "All of those times, I was with you because I loved you, not because I wanted your power." He couldn't imagine it ending any other way, and his mind was wrought with fear of what could happen to Miari. "Don't simply leave me to worry about you here. Come back safe, Riessa. Come back safe to find me dead." After stroking her hair one last time, he flickered away with Miari, and they were in her apartment, in bed together...


Rally stood alone at the edge of Tokyo, where it seemed like the luciferhawk were an approaching cloud of locusts, emitting as low buzzing sound as they drew nearer to her. Nobody else had been willing to come, despite arguments that Rally was unnecessarily putting herself in danger. Everything....the luciferhawk war that had been raging silently for five years now...was going to stop. Upon this day, when the sun shone bright, for once conquering the red orb in the sky that represented Nemesis, the attacking luciferhawk were going to fall in a blaze of glory. "There's been too much suffering and pain," she told herself. "Everybody has suffered because of one man, and I will atone for him! Arech, Gabrielle, Irinia, Orion, four stars of purity, shine with the blazing light that will demolish all evil!" Rays of white light spread from her body, and Rally Cheyenne's cries of pure agony rang through the streets, alerting all to what was happening.

At headquarters, Yuki sprang to her feet, a look of horror painted upon her face. "No! She can't be...." The other AMP members looked over at her with extreme gravity in their eyes. Even Lum Cheng looked down at her feet, and a silent tear streaked down her cheek. Kiddy nodded and looked out the window. -I knew the director would die if she did this,- she thought. -Damn her!- Nami cried for the first time in a while, feeling her heart drown in the loss of both Miari and Rally. It seemed that the both of them had been close to everybody there. Even though Miari had only been there for a short amount of time, she was still a valued team mate, and a person that none of them wanted to have lost. In her mind, Yuki hoped that Miari was at least okay, even if she was missing...


Miari awakened and saw Ganossa. His appearance was still young, despite the fact that he had broken his contract with Nemesis. When his eyes opened also, Miari felt a smile spread across her face. "You don't need to try and take care of me all the time," she said softly, cupping his face in her hands. "You seemed so much older than me when we first met, but now I suppose you seem like a man who is near my own age. You will help me, won't you?" A smile flickered across his face, if a weary one, and then he wrapped his arm around her waist.

"Riessa," he said calmly, "say the word and I will follow you wherever you wish to go, and help you whenever you need it. Have you thought of something, yet?"

"Actually, yes," said Miari, "but I will die because of it if I transform, as I may have to. Don't come after me if I look pained, or you will catch it too." From under the bed she produced a canister with a thick black smoke hovering inside of it. "This is a virus constructed to quickly kill any body with a certain number of luciferhawk cells. People like you and I will remain unaffected, while every other luciferhawk within a fifty mile radius will be killed. There are three other canisters. You take two and open them in the northern and eastern districts of Tokyo. I'll take the other two. Now, we have to go. Let's just make this effort a good one."


At the edge of Tokyo, a huge cluster of luciferhawk fought to break the barrier, but one stepped forward and it was shattered. Rally fell and blood spilled from her chest, where her heart was. As the weak barrier dissipated, luciferhawk trampled the wide-eyed corpse of Rally Cheyenne. Some bothered to look down, but most advanced with utmost speed and agility, dodging the buildings that were in their way. Nothing was thought of the things or people that were destroyed that day as luciferhawk crushed the already downtrodden people of Tokyo. Nobody knew what to do in order to defend themselves from the demons that invaded their homes. Several men and women looked out at the scene of chaos and destruction that had blossomed before them, and screamed out curses through their tears, attempting to drive away the evil that was literally trampling their town.

"Where lies the key?" one of the luciferhawk demanded. "Where lies Katsumi Liqeuere?" Nobody replied in fear for the luciferhawk as they cowered pitifully. Tears flooded from the face of every child in the city, and then the second wave came, this time by air. They flew through the sky, mercilessly killing any who showed signs of defiance. Shrieks, blood, and fire rose on the air. People couldn't leave the city if they tried. It was completely surrounded by luciferhawk. As Katsumi looked out the window, and saw the fire in the sky, a tear fell down her face.

"They are doing this to draw me out," said Katsumi with tears in her eyes, "They are going to destroy humanity if we don't stop them." Lebia sat typing furiously at her computer, and downloading new files. Desperation was painted on the woman's face as she banged her fists on the console and began to cry with her head in her hand. Lum Cheng had already blown a hole through one of the windows with her rapidly increasing rage at the lkuciferhawk. "What are we waiting for then?" she demanded angrily, smashing her staff against the floor. "We can't just let them die!" Katsumi nodded and then looked down at the ground, noticing the immense numbers in which the luciferhawk now poured into the city. The evaporated blood that hung in the air like a crimson fog only made things seem so mucjh more hopeless. Yet Katsumi ran downstairs and then out into the streets, ready to sacrafice her life to rid the world of the luciferhawk.

Miari suddenly appeared before her, holding under her arm two canisters with thick black smoke inside of them. "I just wanted to say goodbye," she said softly, "to the AMP. Once this canister is opened, every being with luciferhawk blood will die. The crimson fog that hangs over this land will dissipate, and when the skies are cleansed, humanity shall be too." A grim look appeared on her face as she took the top off of the first canister, and then flickered away. Katsumi felt a burning pain in her body, eating away mercilessly at the part of her that was a luciferhawk. "You undid what should never have happened," she said as her life faded slowly. "And only you had the heart to do it. Despite your ties, you were a good woman Miari, and the one who was going to save us us all..." With that, Katsumi Liqeuere closed her eyes....for eternity.


Miari looked up through the crimson skies, and saw the sun for the last time, knowing it would all be over soon. "They never knew," she said, "but it doesn't matter. They never needed to. Yuki...Nami...Lum Cheng.....Lebia....Kiddy...take this as atonement for the sins of my race. Simply accept my death as an opportunity at a fresh start." The canister lid was torn off by the last burst of power that First Commander Riessa would ever give off. Her breathing slowed as she lay back on the ground, feeling the cold cement, cold as her heart had once been. She had lived a full enough life, and it was time to come back and face the demise that had been dealt her. Ganossa's figure appeared in the center of her blurred vision. He was reaching out desperately, telling her not to go. "You saved me," he said in an agonized voice. "Instead of trying to save yourself, you leave me here alone, without you. How did you expect me not to die by your side. Fight it, Riessa, don't let it take you without cause."

Her thoughts swirled, trying in vain to regather themselves. Images became blurred even more than they had been before. "I won't she said softly. "Be strong Ganossa, and carry us on as protectors. If we die out, it's your fault, your own flaw, Ganossa Maximillian. I'll see you.....eventually." Voices and footsteps rang clear through her mind as she lay there, eyes closed because of her blurred vision. Lebia's voice said something indeterminable as Miari felt her lungs start to clear up. Something was counteracting the effects of the virus that had taken her over. "I won't," she said, falling asleep slowly...


Lebia awakened and saw Miari sitting up in her hospital bed, perfectly healthy. It seemed as if the effects of the virus had worn off. "You're going to make a full recovery," she muttered under her breath, lowering her head, "and by the way, Miari, the other members have been bringing you gifts the entire week. Lum Cheng even had the heart to wish you a full recovery." Miari sat up and looked around in a confused way. Her eyes looked duller than they had before, but her face was brighter, with more color. "I thought I was dead," she said quietly, rubbing the back of her head. "You found a very quick way to get rid of the virus, Lebia. That was a great feat, beyond anything that I could have done. Please accept my apologies for every time that I seemed condescending. It was my pride." She looked down sullenly and then got up, slipping her old clothes on over the hospital robe, and then slipping the robe off.

"I'll see you back at headquarters," Miari said flatly. "Hopefully, there's no more need for Police 00 AMP. If so, the world as we know it is a far better place than it ever has been since the silent crisis. Who knows? Maybe people will let me live my life like I used to, and let me redeem myself." She walked out of the hospital without another word, but when she got outside, she looked up to the sun, and ran all the way back to headquarters. Hopefully, if there was no longer a need for 00 AMP, then every luciferhawk was dead, and the world truly was safer than ever before.