So, Final Fantasy XIV being all the rage at the moment - and having played through it completely by now - something occurred to me. There are enough loose ends regarding the reflections that a certain franchise also part-owned by Square Enix - of which I'm also a raving fan - could fit if you re-suspend your suspension of disbelief and squint a bit.

Keep in mind that this head-cannon is held by sticks and glue, and that if you stare a bit too hard it could come crumbling down like my hopes for a kiss at the end of KH3 so take it with a block of salt.

Also, spoilers for both KH and FF14, duh, so without further delay let me, through some bullet points, explain the delirious ramblings of a madman.

- The Kingdom Hearts universe is contained within one of the reflections.

- Kingdom Hearts itself is an elder primal, but made of Dynamis rather than Aether, and like current Zodiark as a mass of power and instinct without direction.

- The Master of masters is (was?) an Ascian (tbd wich one)

- The people of this reflection can't use Aether (kind of pure blodded Garleans) but can unconsciously manipulate Dynamis to a certain extent.

- The Master of masters used creation magicks to forge the x-blade and taught how to manifest the keyblades as a means to tap in the Aether outside of the star (kind of like an Astrologian?) or even from the other reflections, reason why they can use magic only through the keyblade.

- The Master of masters actually used Dynamis to empower his "echo" and get glimpses of the future that he used to write the Book of prophesies, transforming the future of the star into a chaotic self-fullfilling prophesy and leaving his students suddenly so in their confusion (and distrust of each other) plant the seeds of a calamity so another rejoining could happen.

- The keyblades originally only allowed the use of "white magic" but as powerhungryness and competition grew the keybearers started to tap into "black magic", meaning that they started using elements from both ligh and dark afinity.

- Being more in tune with the emotional Dynamis than the corporeal Aether the magic the keybearers used took a more literal sense as their emotions empowered the spells, darkness reaching depper and closer to the void realm, corrupting and twisting beings into voidsent-like entities (dark chirithy and dark dreameaters) eventually creating what would be called the Heartless, same thing happening with the light - albeit at a slower pace being the element of stasis - taking over the empty husks that would eventually become the Nobodies.

- The X-blade and keyblades were created before Kingdom Hearts itself, its birth actually being during the first Keyblade war, the "faith" being instilled by the Book of prophesies (that the Master of masters wrote) and the teachings of the Fortunetellers, and the energy - kind of like with Shinryu - given through the carnage of the first keyblade war, but given an intent of hope rather than pure violence.

- The shattering of the X-blade and sealing of Kingdom Hearts mimicked the original sundering, but instead of complete destruction of the reflection the power was separated into various vessels of light and darkness that, like Minfilia in the first, would pass down through generations.

- The star itself became a shell, containing within itself an sea of darkness with little "worlds" of light shining like stars, preventing a calamity because Dynamis (The final worlds in KH1 and KH3 would be a reflection of the star if either light or darkness caused a calamity)

- The Master of masters instigated - through Xehanort - the creation of Organization XIII as an imitation of the Convocation of XIV minus Azem.

- Sora is most likely Azem's reflection in this star.

- During the events of KH3 through pure bullshit Dynamis and power of friendship, the calamity both happened (The guardians defeat on their first go in the Keyblade graveyard) and didn't happen thanks to Kairi's and Sora's intervention through time-travel fix-it and the giving up of powers and "paying the ultimate prize" so the source still went through a rejoining but the reflection itself was spared the destruction.

- The realm of light and realm of darkness are small mirrors into the first and thirteen's reflection state thanks to the link created by the keyblades.

- After the events of Endwalker the Ascian (tbd wich one) took back its mantle as the Master of masters and returned to the reflection, curious of its fate.

- Like the first reflection, this one's time passing compared to the other reflections is FUBAR.

- What's in the box? This being a could be anything or nothing situation is the weakest point of all the speculation, but it COULD contain notes, research or data about the star, or even information about the other reflections or the source in case the original plan flopped as a back up.

- Why not share information of Dynamis with the convocation? Two posible reasons could be: one, more information or research could be needed since nobody knew what Dynamis is. Two - and most likely - as showed by Fandaniel the overlords didn't always shared the Zeal of the unsundered so he could've had his own agenda.

- It is shown that the Master of masters interacted with a sentient manifestation of Darkness, treating it even like a friend, before vowing to destroy it. Two things could be taken from this: Sentient darkness because of Dynamis could totally be a thing because when not overpowered by Aether, Dynamis can do pretty much anything if you believe enough; and vowing to destroy darkness can sound like something good… just like it did in the first.

- At the end of the DLC after Yozora's fight, in either end you see a FF15 like world, and if the FF14 and FF15 crossover is ever treated as cannon this could tie all this head-cannon up and give all this bs some - even if almost nonexistant - ground to stand in. Hah, as if.

So that's it, do with this information as you please, I know I will, and just as a reminder this all is pure speculation and wishful thinking because Yoshi-P KH crossover when? If I ever get my bard to use Demyx' sitar as a bow adaptation, or Laexeaus' tomahawk (how was that a tomahawk?) As my WAR weapon, or Sideburn's spears with my DRG or- you get the idea, I can die a happy man.

See ya'll later!