Change of Destiny

By Lady Jam

Disclaimer: Gravitation is owned by its repective publisher and mangaka. I am jut borrowing the characters for art's sake.

Chapter 15

"Here you go kid. This is for you," K handed the slumped figure a canned coffee.



"So how are they?" K asked as he sat by the plastic chair beside Hiro.

"Seguchi-san is still undergoing surgery. As for Shu the doctors said he'll be alright, they have to sedate him so he won't hurt himself," Hiro said taking a sip of his coffee. "How's Yuki-san?" he asked giving their manager a sideway glance.

"Dead," was the simple answer, K leaned back on his seat and massages his temple where a major headache was escalating into a full blown migraine. "He shot himself before the police got hold of him,"

"How are we going to break this to Shu?" Hiro asked no one in particular. He's worried, both regarding how he would break the news to his best friend, and on how they are going to face the general public with this kind of news.

"Let's just hope for the best," K said getting up and patting Hiro's back to reassure the troubled guitarist. He sighed, stood up and left Hiro. He needed to smoke to calm his already frazzled nerves.

Hiro stood up and approach the window lining the other side of the corridor, 'Shuichi, how do you manage to get into this kind of situations,' he thought as he looks out to the buzzing city of Tokyo.

'White ceiling…'

'White walls…'

'Where am I? This isn't my room…'

Then a torrent of images suddenly floods his conscious mind. Images of Yuki's angry face, Yuki pointing a gun at him, the smoking barrel of the gun, Tohma shielding him, blood some much blood, the paramedics, Hiro and K, and lastly Tohma's pale face covered by an oxygen mask and being rolled out in a stretcher toward the operating room.

"Oh god Tohma!" he began to get up but found himself restrained to the bed. "What the…" he began to struggle just to get to where Tohma is. "Damn it!" he cursed and struggled some more.

Then suddenly the door opens and a nurse enters, she gasped when she saw Shuichi struggling to get out of his bonds. She immediately alerted her station to get another batch of sedative and tried to calm the panic stricken singer.

"Shh… Shindo-san calm down you might hurt yourself," she tried soothing him like one would sooth a wounded and scared animal. She tried approaching him slowly and all the while her movements cautious just incase Shuichi lashes out.

When she saw another nurse come in with the requested sedative she sighed in relief and took it from her. Acting fast she stuck the needle in the ivy tube and instantly the singer's frantic movements began to decrease. But before Shuichi succumbs to the mercy of the drug he utters one name, "Toh…ma…"

The nurse looks at him with compassion in her eyes. "I hope you and Seguchi-san would get through this," with that she and her colleague left the room. She needs to make a phone call to K-san and inform him that Shuichi needs somebody to be with him lest another incident like what just happened occurs again.


A twitch of the hand.

That woke Hiro up from his very light slumber. He immediately sat up and waited for his best friend to fully comprehend his presence. "Shu-chan," he began slowly not wanting to startle his best friend.

Shuichi slowly turned his head towards him, "Hiro…" he said I a hoarse voice.

"Yes, Shu-chan it me," he said caressing his friend's cheek smiling at a thought that his friend was lucid enough to recognize him.

Then Shuichi notices his bound wrist and threw Hiro a confused and questioning glance. "Why?" he asked in a soft voice.

"It's for your own good Shu-chan. When you were admitted you were quite hysterical and the only way to calm you down was to sedate you. The bonds is just a precaution. Hold on, let me call a nurse and see if they could release you now," he said getting up to press the nurse call button.

They did need to wait for long and the nurse came in soon after. "Miss I was wondering if Shindo-san can be released now," Hiro asked.

"Hold on let me call a doctor," the nurse said exiting the room to in order to page a doctor.

Minutes pass and the doctor came. He examined Shuichi and gave an ok to release the singer from his confines. The doctor then prescribe some anti-hysteria drugs for Shuichi's trauma. He said that they would keep Shuichi in the hospital for another day to observe him and if everything goes well he could be discharge the day after tomorrow.

As soon as both the doctor and the nurse left them alone, Shuichi faced Hiro and asked him the question that has been in his mind since he woke up, "Hiro what happened?" he asked his memory had a lot of holes in it. The doctor said it's a natural occurrence on most trauma patients. It's the minds way of keeping its sanity intact or so to speak.

"Well you, Seguchi-san, and Yuki-san had a face off. Yuki-san tried to shot you but Tohma blocked the shot and in turn got himself shot instead. You were hysterical that was why the doctors sedated you and bind you to your bed," Hiro explained.

Shuichi bowed his head, "Oh," then he faced Hiro again. "How's both Yuki and Tohma?" he asked.

Hiro squirmed this is the moment he'd been dreading for. "Hiro what happened to them both?" Shuichi tried to coax an answer from his suddenly silent friend.

"The doctors were able to save Seguchi-san. But unfortunately he went into coma, but the doctors are hopeful he would wake up soon," Shuichi was sadden to hear that he wanted to go immediately to Tohma's side but he knew he wasn't allowed yet until his doctor gave an ok.

"What about Yuki?" he asked. He noticed how Hiro tensed at the mention of his ex-lover. "Hiro…" he tried to coax his best friend again.

Hiro just averted his gaze and took a deep breath. "He is dead Shuichi," he said in a voice barely above a whisper but Shuichi heard him as laud and clear, as though lighting had struck the very room he was in.


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