"Who's that?" a man asks the woman next to him.

"Sora Sugawara." the woman answers instantly. "Ultimate Bookbinder."

"What's her sin?" the man asks.

"The boss won't say."

The man doesn't respond to that and they both turn their attention back to the screens in front of them. They have multiple views of the inside and outside of Hope's Peak. Right now, they're watching a young girl with fair, pale skin that looks like it doesn't get a lot of sun.

"Sora Sugawara…" the man mumbles under his breath. "Why does that sound familiar?"

The woman laughs, "Don't you remember?" she asks. "Sugawara is the reason our boss is who he is today."

I stare up at the rebuilt school in front of me and look back down at the letter in my hands, reading it over for the twentieth time.

Miss Sora Sugawara,

As you may have heard, Hope's Peak Academy has been rebuilt and we opened our doors last year for Class 79th. We had no trouble with Remnants of Despair the entire school year so we are once again opening our doors.

We went through records that survived The Tragedy and it seems the previous staff at Hope's Peak were looking into you before everything happened. I know it might be scary with everything that went on inside and outside the school but we would like to invite you to join us as the Ultimate Bookbinder.

We hope to see you bright and early in April. Included is an orientation guide for Hope's Peak Academy.


Headmaster Makoto Naegi

Is it really okay for me to go here? Especially after what I did?

Is it okay for anyone to go here?

Mr. Naegi says they didn't have any trouble last year but that doesn't mean anyone's safe. There could be another Junko Enoshima in the making enrolled here already. Or the Remnants of Despair with actual brain cells could just be biding their time. What if-?

"Hey, you must be one of the new students for Class 80th!"

A second later, I'm facing some girl who looks to be around the same age as me and she's holding my hand - or rather, my fist.

The girl has short, dark brown hair that has a green tint and plain, desaturated green eyes. She also sports an ahoge, like me. She's wearing the Hope's Peak High School uniform. All in all, she looks like a normal high school student.

She smiles at me kindly, as if I didn't just try punching her in the face. "Sorry, I should know better than to sneak up on people like that - especially now of all times." she says. "Let's start over," she says and lets go of my fist. "I'm Komaru Naegi of Class 79th." she says and bows slightly.

"I-I'm sorry." I say meekly. And then, "Naegi?"

Komaru nods, a proud look on her face. "Makoto - ah, the Headmaster is my older brother." she says. "He let me into the school as an Ultimate Sharpshooter. It's not something I ever thought I'd be good at but, uh, I've had some...unconventional practice." Komaru laughs awkwardly, scratching her cheek. "Nobody ever guesses that that's what my talent is. I think it's because I'm small and I look like I don't have an athletic bone in my body." she says.

Unconventional practice. That probably means it's something she picked up during The Tragedy.

During The Tragedy, if you wanted to survive you had to do and practice things you most likely weren't used to. Stealing from people you once called your friends, surveillance on your enemies, scavenging for food and supplies, hurting people...it was rough. Especially for people on the smaller, skinnier, unathletic, zero muscles side.

The only thing I was good at was taking books apart and putting them back together better than they were before. But despite all that, I'm one of the lucky few who managed to survive.

The others weren't strong enough to do what needed to be done. I was. After everything he did for me, I-

"Hey, are you alright?"

Komaru's voice pulls me out of my darkening thoughts and I put on a smile. "I'm fine." I lie. "And yeah, you're pretty small." I agree. "Small and dangerous, apparently."

"You're like an inch shorter than me." Komaru sighs. "So, what's your name? You're going to be in Class 80th, right?"

"Sora Sugawara. Your brother wants me here as the Ultimate Bookbinder."

"Nice to meet you. Can I call you Sora?" she asks. When I nod she continues, "Nice. You can call me Komaru. Come on, I'll show you where the front office is so you can get your uniform." she says, takes my hand, and starts leading me into the school.

Komaru leads me into the office where a man with brown skin and kept light facial hair is sitting behind the main desk. His dreadlocks are kept in a ponytail. I can't see much of what he's wearing because of the desk but he seems to be wearing a black suit along with a white shirt and a loose gray tie, but for some odd reason, he's keeping the jacket on top of his shoulders.

"Yasuhiro!" Komaru calls. She pats me on the shoulder, "He'll take care of your uniform and schedule." she says. "I'm late - I have to prepare for the opening ceremony. I'll see you there!" she calls and leaves me alone with the man.

He doesn't seem to have heard Komaru so I get closer to the desk and clear my throat.

"Sora Sugawara?" he says without looking up from his computer.

My eyes widen in surprise, "Y-Yeah. How'd you know?" I ask.

"I'm the Former Ultimate Clairvoyant." the man says and finally looks me in the eyes. "Aaaand I have your file right here." he says, gesturing at the computer in front of him. "You're the first one from Class 80th to arrive," he says. "I'm Yasuhiro Hagakure, nice to meet you."

I glance in the direction Komaru left in. "A student calls you by your first name?"

Mr. Hagakure shrugs, "She's Makoto's little sis so we all let it slide." he says. "I assume you're here for your uniforms and papers and all that. One sec, I have everyone's uniforms packaged up right here." Mr. Hagakure says, bending down and opening a cabinet. He pulls out a sealed package with my name written across the top of it in nice, neat handwriting. "There should be five copies of your uniform in there." Mr. Hagakure says and places the rather bulky package in my hands. "When you get changed you can put it in your locker, which issss…" he pulls out a manila file and rifles through it. He pulls out a yellow sheet of paper. "Locker number 777. Lucky." Mr. Hagakure says and places it on top of the package I'm barely holding onto. "That also has your schedule and classroom number on it."


"And here's a map of the school." Mr. Hagakure says and places that on top of my schedule.

"E-Excuse me-"

"I'll leave you to it because I really need to use the bathroom." Mr. Hagakure says and stands up. "Go find the changing rooms by the pool!"

And with that, I stand in the office alone as Mr. Hagakure runs into the nearby staff bathroom.

"This is not what I was expecting when I accepted their invitation…" I mumble under my breath. Fortunately Mr. Hagakure placed the map so it was facing me. I let out a sigh and begin to find my way towards the girl's changing rooms.

Fortunately, I found them. Unfortunately, I had to climb stairs with this annoyingly bulky package in my hands and tripped several times going up.

When I go inside the girl's room, I let out a sigh of relief when I find nobody else in there. I take off my own clothes, open the package, and change into a uniform.

I move to stand in front of a mirror and look over my new outfit: a light brown blazer with the Hope's Peak emblem emblazoned on the breast pocket over a plain white button up with a red ribbon tie, and a brown skirt. The uniform fits perfectly (as it should since all students were required to send in their measurements); they were probably made by a couple of Ultimate Tailors or something.

I check over my face and hair to make sure nothing is out of place from that treacherous walk up the stairs. My wavy dark red hair is no messier than usual. My angled, choppy bangs look normal too and the damn ahoge I can't get to stay down is just as it always is. I frown as I stare at the dark, almost black, circles under my amber colored eyes. Before everything happened they were present because of working late into the night but that combined with barely sleeping while everyone killed each other? They'll probably never go away. My skin is still pale but that's because I had to spend the past year or so running and hiding.

Not a fun time.

A beep from the package that contains my uniforms draws me away from the mirror. I can feel my heart drop bit by bit as I bend down and dig through the package.

Don't tell me that damn receptionist is a perv-


I pull out a small, black device from between two of my uniforms.

It's just my PDA.

The screen is lit up with a welcome message and my name:

Welcome, Sora Sugawara - Ultimate Bookbinder. Your Hope's Peak PDA has been activated.

I tap the screen and it brings me to the homescreen. From there it brings up several options so I start with the first one.

* View Your Profile

* Announcements

* Registered Classmates

* Messages

* Settings

The screen changes to display a picture of me they took when I turned in my forms the other week and an interesting choice of information next to it.

Name Sora Sugawara

Height 5 ft. 3 in. (160 cm.) | Weight 107 lbs. (49 kg.)

Chest 36 in. (91 cm.) | Blood Type O

D.O.B. June 6 | Age 16

Likes Books, thick sweaters

Dislikes Loud places

Ultimate Bookbinder

Where did they even get my likes and dislikes from? I mean, granted, they're accurate, but still. And why does all of that need to be in my profile anyway? Especially that? Are other students gonna see that when they register my PDA? I don't really want them to know my-

I pinch the bridge of my nose and sigh, shaking my head. It doesn't matter in the long run, I guess. I move onto the announcements section but there's nothing there so I move onto Registered Classmates.


? ? ? ? ? - Ultimate ? ? ?

? ? ? ? ? - Ultimate ? ? ?

? ? ? ? ? - Ultimate ? ? ?

? ? ? ? ? - Ultimate ? ? ?

? ? ? ? ? - Ultimate ? ? ?

? ? ? ? ? - Ultimate ? ? ?

? ? ? ? ? - Ultimate ? ? ?

? ? ? ? ? - Ultimate ? ? ?

? ? ? ? ? - Ultimate ? ? ?

? ? ? ? ? - Ultimate ? ? ?

? ? ? ? ? - Ultimate ? ? ?

? ? ? ? ? - Ultimate ? ? ?

? ? ? ? ? - Ultimate ? ? ?

? ? ? ? ? - Ultimate ? ? ?

? ? ? ? ? - Ultimate ? ? ?

? ? ? ? ? - Ultimate ? ? ?

? ? ? ? ? - Ultimate ? ? ?

There's seventeen spots total so counting myself there's a total of eighteen of us in Class 80-A. I make a mental note of that and stuff the PDA in my pocket, pick up the package, and head to the lockers, making sure to keep an eye out for any potential classmates. Better to get them all registered now than crowding around everyone in a classroom.

Here's hoping I'll have a school year of, well, hope.

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