Through The Darkness Falling 1/?

Sequel to: Journey of Love

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Babylon 5.

Authors notes: Rated PG-13 Contains slash: two males in a romantic/sexual (although not explicit) relationship. If this offends you please turn back now.

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(Begins 10 Days after JoL ended)

Returning From Paradise

As the Ingata made orbit around Minbar, I was anxiously waiting to see Delenn for the first time since the wedding. For the first time in a long time I was happy and content with my life, but I was concerned that Delenn would disapprove of my choices in regards to Neroon.

I wasn't quite sure how I would react if that were to happen because, no matter that I have spent my latter adult years serving the Rangers, it had become obvious to me in the last few weeks just how much Neroon means to me. Although our bonding was a surprise and our courtship, if indeed you can call it that, was a tad unorthodox, I wouldn't trade it in for the world.

Even before Neroon and I left for Protaterra 3, I knew that I loved him, but the time we've spent together since then has cemented my absolute devotion to him. Of course that doesn't mean I haven't taken the opportunity when it arises to knock him down a peg or three, but I love him faults and all.

For the last ten days, we have been simply enjoying the novelty of spending time together without any danger hanging over our heads. You'd be surprised how relaxing it is not to be on guard 24/7. We both felt comfortable to express our newly acknowledged love for each other without worrying about anyone's disapproval. Needless to say things progressed rapidly once we were alone. Even ten days later I couldn't help blushing when I thought about our first night together. Neroon always gives me a sly smile every time I do, which usually causes me to loose my temper.

The Ingata landed on the temple grounds where the Rite of Ascension took place early that morning. Once we disembarked from the ship arm-in-arm, an aide was sent to accompany us to the meeting room where Delenn was waiting.

When Neroon sent an automated message to Delenn suggesting we meet in the temple, he thought it would be a good idea to discuss the situation on neutral ground. So rather than meet at his, and now our, home in Ar'dah'tre, one of the centers of the Minbari Warrior Caste, he suggested the temple where hopefully Delenn would feel more at ease. It was a mark of how nervous Neroon truly was because, although I am the only one who would probably notice, he was fingering his cape as he strode down the hallway. Neroon isn't one for needless movement, let alone fidgeting, so he was obviously concerned about Delenn's reaction.

We entered the meeting room at the end of the hallway to find both Delenn and Lennier sitting in the room, their heads together deep in conversation. As the aide closed the door behind us, they both noticed our presence in the room. Standing up to greet us, I noticed the stiff way Delenn held herself as she gracefully walked across the intervening distance between us. Frankly both Neroon and Delenn looked constipated, so needless to say the tension in the room was off the scale. Once Delenn was standing in front of Neroon and myself we both bowed to her in respect.

"Entil'zha." Neroon acknowledged. "I am gratified you could be here today."

Delenn stared hard at Neroon for a few seconds in silence before she bowed back in a jerky movement, unlike her usual graceful cadence.

"It was good of you to remember to inform me at all, Satai Neroon." Delenn answered in a softly accusing voice. As she bowed to him, never taking her burning gaze off him. "I did not realize I was difficult to get a hold of. Perhaps I should make myself more accessible to my Rangers in the future."

"Delenn." I interrupted looking quite worried, hearing her bitter response to Neroon. I hastily tried to explain. "I would have informed you sooner, but I'm afraid it was a surprise to me as well."

"I understand, Marcus." Delenn said softly, relaxing her hostile stance as she took my hands in hers and gave them a supportive squeeze. Before I could respond further she pulled me into her arms for an impromptu hug. "So I assume congratulations are in order."

As Delenn released me from her embrace and Lennier stepped forward to offer me congratulations as well, I couldn't help but notice the look Delenn leveled at Neroon. This discussion was still far from over, although my stomach unknotted slightly at the prospect of at least having Delenn's approval of our bonding.