Through The Darkness Falling 26/26

Sequel to: Journey of Love

Disclaimer: I do not own the characters of Marcus and Neroon, or anyone else from

Babylon 5.

Authors notes: Rated R. Contains slash: two males in a romantic/sexual (although not explicit) relationship. If this offends you please turn back now.

[…] Denotes thoughts

Note: Itty bitty sex scene near the end. By no means explicit. A fair warning I am absolute crap writing that type of scene. It's like a sentence or two, but I couldn't seem to end this thing in a different manner. Hope you enjoy.


As soon as I was out of visual range I slowed my stride greatly and changed directions away from the hall. Before we had entered the hall to eat Salic had mentioned that a room had been made for Neroon and I for the night while we stayed with the Craedem. I had not had the chance to see it since we went straight to the feast from Medical, but I made my way there after I left.

I passed a few warriors in the hallway, all of whom were cautious around me but not hostile, thankfully since I didn't have the energy for yet another confrontation that day. The building followed the classic structure that had been suggested from the outside courtyard. The hallway was airy, with large arches above my head and pillars every twenty feet or so. I walked up the second flight of stairs I came across and took my next right.

The hallway opened immediately into a large suite of rooms lit by a small fireplace and overhead lighting. As I walked in I dumped my cloak on a nearby gray chair, quickly followed by my loose shirt, which I dropped off my shoulders haphazardly. Unfortunately my shirt missed the chair and as I bent to pick it up from the floor my ribs picked that moment to pull painfully in my chest. I stiffly picked my shirt up while my arm wrapped around my ribs tightly.

That is how Neroon found me an hour later, half-dressed looking into the fireplace contentedly. The heat from the flames warmed my bare chest as I sat across the room. I had my bare feet buried in the rug with my toes curled in its voluptuous strands. Overall I was very cozy and barely looked away when Neroon came into the room and stood beside me.

"Hey Love."

"Move over a bit." Neroon suggested as he wrapped hiuninjured arm tightly around my shoulders. As I moved a few feet away, he plopped himself in the open space, pulling me flush against his side. "There now that's better."

"Hmmm." I murmured in agreement, as I leaned my head to his shoulder, kissing the hollow of his neck along the way. "Much."

We sat comfortably for a few long minutes watching the flames and each other before Neroon spoke again. His tone was almost reverent, obviously not wanting to interfere with the quiet moment.

"About Macarle…" Neroon began hesitantly, practically pulling me into his lap.

"What about him?" I asked tucking myself even closer to his side, snuggling into his warmth.

"I hope you understood why I did not kill him." Neroon commented. "I don't want you to be anxious about him, but I couldn't kill Macarle, ritual or not. It is against everything I as a Minbari stand for."

"I understand. Besides your honor and character are part of the reason I fell in love with you." I assured him. "I can't very well bitch about them now."

"We are of one accord then?"

I snorted fondly as I gazed into his eyes. Neroon was the only one I knew who could conduct an apology as if it were a business transaction. Before he could continue this painfully awkward discussion I took his face in my hands and kissed him for all I was worth. By the time we separated we were both breathing heavily.

"We're good." I answered Neroon verbally in case he still didn't get it.

"That is good to know." Neroon murmured hoarsely as he tenderly brushed a few strands of hair from my eyes. "For it seems to me that we have been preoccupied for the last week."

"No kidding." I groused as he stood up and took me by the hand.

"It seems to have slipped your mind that we are only newly bonded." Neroon continued, and before I could answer he picked me up single-handedly, cradling me against his chest as he strode into the bedroom. I squeaked in surprise before settling in his arms, practically purring in pleasure as I rubbed against him. "Perhaps I have been remiss in my husbandly duties as of late."

"Um…" [Gah!}

"Let us get reacquainted." Neroon purred as he stripped me of my pants and placed me gently on the bed.

I squirmed under his heated gaze as he stared at my bared body, still fully clothed himself. I felt vulnerable and powerful all at the same time, noticing the effect I was having on his rapidly aroused body.

"Perfect." He proclaimed softly, as if seeing me for the first time, before he slowly stripped of his robes.

Once he was disrobed he crawled erotically over me, rubbing his skin in a slick slide against my own. I melted as he began to lick and caress my overwhelmed body and as he slowly entered me I wordlessly agreed with my love. This was perfect.