bring me back to life

disclaimer: hi everyone. this is the first fanfic that I'm hoping for people to be reading. I dont own anyone in this story, except a few minor characters. If they're mentioned, Elizabeth and William Dumbledore, who are obviously minerva's children! Enjoy the story.

The confused, and distressed minerva dumbledore stared at her husband from across the room. But there was such a harsh meaning in her eyes, that it almost seemed as though she were looking right through him. Her stare was so inpenetrable, that it made either one of them uncomfortable, as it was meant to be.

She hadnt eaten more than 5 things in two weeks. Albus had a hard time just getting her to eat a simple piece of toast, let alone an entire meal. He had somewhat given up on the idea, at least until she was ready to communicate with him.

She hadnt spoken to anyone within the past two weeks. Or, if she was made to, she merely nodded her head 'yes' or 'no'. Both these things were beginning to affect the relationship that her and her husband had recieved for the past 50+ years, whether it be professional, or personal..

Yes, she was still teaching, despite her wishes not to. she had resulted into placing notes upon the chalkboard for students to copy down. and if for any reason a student was to ask her a question, she hardly gave more than 5 word answers.

Yes, this is what the infamous minerva dumbledore had resulted in; a grief strucken, distressed, un-talkative woman.

You might be asking yourself at this very moment, what is she acting like that for??? I have one answer, and it will tell you all you need to know...miscarriage.

And it is here that we start our story, early january, early morning, bad news.

chapter one: good morning

Albus Dumbledore softly stroked his wife's hair as she lay silently sleeping in bed. It had been at the least 1 month since she had a decent night of rest. He felt awfully bad for having to wake her, but she had a very important appointment to go to.

After several minutes of just sitting there, softly brushing her, her eyes finally fluttered open, and looked at him with her usual 'good morning' smile.

"I believe you have an appointment." albus softly whispered to the figure that was his wife.

She softly nodded her head, but closed her eyes yet again.

Knowing how tired she was, he merely reached for her hand, and gently rubbed it. Within an amount of time, he lay down again, next to her, and started whispering in her ear. "You my dear, need to get up. we wouldnt want you to be late for your apointment now would we?"

A smile crept on her face, and she nodded no.

"Then why don't you get up."

she turned to face him. "mmm. because i want to go to sleep. and i want to stay here with you."

"I've already set up arrangements for me to go with you to the doctor's office. But I kind of need you to go there too."

She smiled wider, and her eyes opened. She nodded, and leaned in closer to receive her usual good morning kiss.

"Alright. but you have the honors of watching elizabeth and william this morning." she said quietly as she slid out of the warm covers.

"You were always the one to be in charge." albus said softly as his minerva stepped foot into her tiny closet.

She came out in a matter of minutes, holding two different muggle dresses. One was a reddish color that took the impression of being velvet. The other was light blue, and looked a great deal thinner, although no doubt more comfortable. Of course these thoughts were not racing through albus' mind, but more over which might look the best on her.

"mmm" he said thoughtfully "the red one"

"okay." she nodded with a smile, and walked into the small bathroom.

She soon re-entered the room, looking dazzling, even with her currently inflated stomach. Her hair was not in a tight bun as it usually was, but down, and looked quite beautiful, even with the age that she was.

As albus stared at her, he couldnt help but be in awe over how much she made him go crazy...and by the simplest things too. Some things like, wearing her hair down, wearing the dress that she was, or perhaps, even just smiling made him feel attracted to her. he chuckled at his thoughts. 'i guess that's why i married her', he thought with a laugh.

Minerva noticed his gaze as she entered the room, and looked at him awkwardly. "Honestly albus, do you ever think you'll get anywhere by staring at me?"

"It's a thought." he said with a smile. "i was hoping that perhaps i could stare at you so long that my mind will magically erase what you're wearing."

"oh, and then where does that get us? I may be naked, but what are you going to do about it?"

"I'll push you on the bed, and then we'll make up for three months of doing nothing." he said with a rather dispicable look in his eyes.

"you won't either." she said as she walked over to the bed, and sat on it comfortably.

"Oh yes I will." was his simple reply as he wrapped his arms around her delicate waist, and squeezed her gently.

Her hands went over his, and she slid her fingers through. He leaned in closer to her, and kissed her gently on the cheek.