Shadows and Light 28/28

Disclaimer: I do not own the characters of Marcus and Neroon, or anyone else from

Babylon 5.

Authors notes: Rated PG-13 Contains slash: two males in a romantic/sexual (although not explicit) relationship. If this offends you please turn back now.

Not related to either Journey of Love or Through the Darkness Falling

The Wedding

The day dawned clear and blue on Minbar as the guests and officials gathered under the afternoon sun to attend the unexpected wedding of Neroon and myself. I observed them from my position hidden in the shadows on the upper balcony, just waiting for a fight to break out. After all with Sheridan, Delenn and Neroon all in the same place at the same time there was bound to be conflict. Add in Stephen and Michael Garibaldi and this was promising to be one hell of a wedding.

Neroon's mother and father were also in attendance, although they did not exactly support Neroon's choice to make me his mate, but they did not downright hate me either, so it time I hope to bridge that gap between us.

Standing up for me is Susan, as unlikely as that seemed only six months ago. When she heard about my impending nuptials she insisted on helping me to plan the ceremony. I guess once I got over my infatuation with her, she was more comfortable in my company, which I am grateful for now that we are better friends than before when she simply tolerated me.

I looked over to my side where Neroon was quietly standing only to find him staring at me lovingly. I swept my gaze up his hard body, taking in once again the finery he was adorned with. While I was in white pants and a long ornate robe with white beads on the front, that Neroon assured me didn't mean I was the woman in this relationship, Neroon was dressed in emerald green outfit much the same as mine, only with a vest over the robe and a sash at his waist. Overall, the effect was smashing on him, although I didn't want to tell him on the off-chance I would make his already inflated ego any larger.

I was pulled from my musings on my beloved's body when I heard the chiming of the bell below us, signaling the start of the ceremony. As we walked proudly down the stairs, I noticed for the first time the sheer amount of people in attendance. Although I knew in theory who was invited, actually seeing them gathered below was daunting to say the least.

The only guests that I had personally invited were my friends from Babylon 5, and a few Anla'shoc that I knew during training and elsewhere. The rest of the guests were from the Warrior Caste and not all looked happy to be attending. Most of the dignitaries from the clans had to be here for political reasons; only Neroon's close friends and family were asked to come personally. All those imposing warrior types made a bit self-conscious as I walked up to the platform with Neroon at my side, but I refused to be uneasy at my own wedding and thus ignored them as best as I was able.

The ceremony in itself was a combination of both human and Minbari customs that we decided upon after much discussion on the matter. So it was that we exchanged traditional wedding bands, as well as went through the bonding ceremony of exchanging crests and tying ourselves to the other for all time. We had both a Human priest and a Religious Caste leader officiate the ceremony, as well as linguists to translate the Vik into standard and vice versa.

It was a beautiful ceremony, especially when Delenn stepped forward to give us her blessing and wrap the sash around our upper arms, thus binding us to each other permanently. Once the sash was taken away both Neroon and myself had a small matching tattoo on our wrists, symbolizing the other. From what I understood of Ancient Minbari history it would only disappear upon death. It was a way in the Warrior Caste of alerting mates to the plight of their bonded, as well as connecting them to each other when they are far away in battle.

Once the bonding was complete the reception followed immediately thereafter. While most of the Warrior Caste left after the wedding our friends and family stayed on to help us celebrate long into the night. To say I was surprised when Londo made a touching toast at dinner, for once not inebriated, wishing Neroon and I unrivalled happiness would be a severe understatement. Even the traditional toasts were vast and varied due to the many cultures that had gathered at our table in celebration. When Susan began singing an Old Russian drinking song I knew it was time to all it a night however. As we saw the last guests to their rooms, Neroon and I walked slowly back toward our own quarters, content to walk hand in hand towards the start of our new life together.