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The Pretender Goes to Salem

Chapter 2

By: 24

Jarod sat in his little cell wondering how could he have known why Lexie wanted to be friends with him. This was the second time that he trust someone to be his friend and they betrayed him. You would think that he would have learned his lesson with Damon.

He thought back to his time in Salem helping his friend and meeting the guy that looked just like him. He hoped that The Centre didn't find him because if they did they would bring him here. He was not a pretender and wouldn't know what to do. He looked at the ever-present camera following his every move.

The door opened and in walked Stefano DiMera the man who had caught him and made sure that he was back inside the Centre. Lexie, Mr. Lyle, Mr. Raines and some sweepers followed Stefano into the room.

"Hello Jarod. It's good to see you again. This time where you belong."

"I do not belong here. I belong on the outside where I can be free."

"You should be glad that you have somewhere to stay and where you can use your gifts."

"I would have had somewhere to stay if the Centre didn't kidnap me from my parents when I was younger. Do you know what they do with my gifts? They use me to hurt and kill people by my Sims and I can't have that anymore."

"Jarod, Jarod."

"It's time to go now Mr. DiMera. We still have the meeting to go to."

"Of course. See you soon Jarod."

Stefano turned to walk out and then turned back again when he saw the Lexie wasn't following.

"Come on Lexie."

"I want to stay here for a while."

"Fine, but one of the sweepers will stay here to make sure that you get to the meeting on time."

She watched as her father walked out and then turned back to Jarod who was holding the bars to his cage. She walked towards the cell.

"I'm sorry Jarod. I never meant for this to happen."

"I'm sure you didn't. I must be losing touch because the last person who betrayed me killed a friend of mine. I should have learned my lesson with that one, but since I'm here I guess I didn't."

"I'm sorry." She looked once more at him then walked away.


DiMera Manor.

She sat in the living room after they got home from the meeting in the Centre. She was torn up when she saw Jarod in the cell. She just had to tell Abe then maybe he would know what to do. Her father had taken off when they got home and she was waiting for Abe.

The front door opened and in walked Abe as he saw his wife in the living room he made his way there.

"What's the matter Lexie?"

"When we were in Salem Place we saw a man that looked like Mike Horton, but it wasn't him. He had shorter hair, black pants and a black jacket on, but if Mike were dressed exactly like him then he would look like him. My father pointed out him when we were there and told me all about him. He wanted me to be his friend and bring him home. You see he told me that he was a pretender, a genius that can become anyone he wants to be. He escaped the Centre and they've been trying to capture him ever since. I made friends with him and took him home and my father put a drug into his drink. When Jarod was sleeping he called the Centre and they took him away. We went back to The Centre we went to see Jarod and then to a meeting. He was in a cage. I can't believe that I put such a nice caring man back in a cage. From what I could gather from the meeting was that Jarod was kidnapped at a young age and kept there for 30 or so years."

"We will get him out, Lexie. I'll call John and Roman to see what we can do. All you need to do is tell us where this place is."

"I can do that. There are a lot of cameras in there, so be careful."

"We will."

Abe called Roman and John and set up a meeting at the Café at Salem Place. They arrived just as John and Roman arrived and sat down at one of the tables.

"I called this meeting because we have to rescue someone. His name is Jarod and is being held captive at a place called The Centre. Lexie will tell us where this place is at and we will make up a plan to get him out.


A few hours later.

After everything was in place they made their way to the Centre. Sneaking into the vents they made their way towards Jarod's cell. They peeked around the corner and found that no one was guarding the pretender and that the camera was off. They made their way to the cell and at that time Jarod got up and faced them.


"No, I'm Jarod."

"I'm Lexie's husband Abe and were here to break you out. This is Roman and this is John."

"You're here to break me out? Why? Lexie and her father are the ones that put me here."

"Lexie told us to get you out."


They unlocked the cell door and Jarod walked out and followed him. They walked towards the orchard and back to the car that was waiting for them.

"Thank you for getting me out."

"You're Welcome."

"We will take you anywhere you want to go to. We came in John's plane, so it will be easy to go wherever you want to go to."

"How about you just drop me off at the car rental place?"

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, I'm sure."

Jarod got out of the car as the rest of them did. He watched as Abe walked into the rental counter to return the car and then watched as the airport shuttle came to pick them up.

"Thank you for getting me out of there."

"You're Welcome Jarod. I hope that you find your parents."

"Thank you."

Abe, John and Roman went inside the shuttle and then it drove off. He watched as they drove away, turned and walked up to another shuttle that would take him to the terminal. He made his way to the storage locker, unlocked one of them, and got out his money and a change of clothes. He had did this just in case the Centre had ever captured him and he escaped then at least he would have money and a change of clothes when he escaped.

After he changed his clothes he threw them away and then made his way towards one of the counters. He paid his money and then went to the plane that was now boarding.

Landing in San Francisco he walked out of the terminal and hailed a taxi. He had decided that this was not the time to do a pretend this time it was just for fun. He was designating a time for him and wanted this to be his first vacation.

The End.