"Dahahaha~! Good news, Zoro" Run says, approaching with a grin and a crate full of clinking bottles under an arm. "The liquor survived the fight!" With that, he pulls a bottle from the crate and tosses it across the distance to Zoro who snatches it from the air with a grin. The red head pulls a bottle out, and both men uncork them almost simultainously before quickly tilting them back to drink deep of the contents. "Whew~! That's some good stuff~! I could drink this all-"

"Would you two gluttons quit drinking it and bring it over here?!" demands Sanji. "We're trying to have a toast here!" The two men approach the rest of the crew, all gathered together with glasses in hand and begin to rapidly fill the cups.

"Alright! Let's make a toast!" cries Usopp.

"Luffy!" calls Nami. "If you don't come here now, we're gonna drink it all! Well, Run and Zoro will!"


"Betrayal!" accuses Run, pointing at their navigator. The sprinting sound of their captain's footsteps fills the air as he covers the distance from his vantage point to them as their cups are finally filled. "Ahem! Anyway, let's make a toast to our new helmsman!"

"Jinbe!" Luffy says, accepting the mug Run offers. "We've been waiting for you!"

"I couldn't wait to travel across the sea with you all, too!" Jinbe tells them.

"Alright, you guys!" Luffy holds his mug out, and everyone else joins him. However, before they can officially make their toast, the cries of the samurai in the distance attract their attention. It seems their capture of the torii gate has boosted the morale of everyone, and they rapidly go sailing by them towards Onigashima. It seems that they're going to have to make their toast quickly and join with them before they go battering down the gates of Onigashima proper and they miss all the fun. Luffy, however, surprises them by suddenly slamming his mug down against the ground.

"Aah? Somethin' on your mind, Luffy?" Run questions him. "Shouldn't let good sake go to waste. It's just not-"

"Let's stop. Instead, let's do it with them! A banquet and a toast! After taking down Kaido! And bringing down Orochi and Big Mom! After we win this battle we'll have the biggest banquet ever!"

"Jeez!" huffs Nami. "You're the one who said we should make a toast! You're always so impulsive!"

"Dahahaha~! I guess some thing's never change!" laughs Run.

"Well, it's always been like this," adds Zoro. "No use in complaining about it now."

"We're fine," begins Robin. "But what about you, Boss Jinbe?"

"Hahaha~! You know my answer!" Jinbe laughs, slamming his mug down with the rest of the crew.

"I'm in~...!"

"Stay out of my way, weaklings!" screams Kid, pushing onwards to Onigashima as fast as the Sunny can carry him. "I won't let anyone else take Kaido's head! Isn't that right, Killer? Kaido! Pretty up your face and wait for me! I'm going to chop off your head and mount it on the bow of my ship!" Kid's ship pulls ahead of them, and the man, who has been standing on the figure head, turns back in their direction. "See you later, Straw Hat!"

"Waah! Wait right there, Jaggy!" shouts Luffy. "Aah, that bastard!"

"Hah. I can slow 'im down if ya want," Run says, stepping up beside Luffy with a grin and a grip on his cutlass.

"Hahaha~! No, it's fine! They're in good spirits! Jinbe! You know what to do! Keep up with Jaggy's ship!"

"Sounds fun!" Jinbe agrees. "Alright! Leave it to me! I'll keep up with that punk's ship!" They surge forward, quickly over-taking the samurai ships in their pursuit of Kid and his ship, and before long they find themselves sailing neck and neck directly into the entrance of Onigashima. True to Robin's word, the closer they get the colder it becomes until snow begins to fall around them on all sides. Run exhales slowly, breath swept away by the frigid air that feels almost welcoming...an odd feeling considering how he'd once hated the cold compared to the heat.

"Hmm, it's a bit colder than I imagined," Robin says, stepping closer to the red head. "You seem quite comfortable, though." Run chuckles a bit, and captures both of her hands in his own, gently rubbing them to generate warmth before raising them and exhaling slowly. "Mm. Feels a bit better."

"Want my coat?" Run asks. "It's probably warmer than that robe."

"I'll be fine. Thank you, though."

"Well, the offer stands."

"Everyone!" calls Kin'emon. "Stay sharp! Don't let your guard down! There could be an ambush any minute now! The fate of the Land of Wano will be determined by this battle!" They sail onwards, leaving the long entrance to Onigashima behind for a wide open space, decorated with statue after statue of Oni figures, or Land of Wano Deities. The weather takes a turn for the warm as soon as they sail out of the canyon, and even lily pads float on the surface of the water.

"So, Kaido's castle is deep in the island, huh," mutters Sanji.

"Seems that way," Run sighs. "If we're lucky, we can get the drop on 'em before they know what hit 'em."

"We need to buy time for Kin'emon and the others to reach the back entrance, too," adds Franky. "What should we do?"

"Special Attack; Green Star!" calls Usopp, attracting their attention. "Sleepgrass!" His attack flies through the air and strikes a trio of guards several dozen meters from them. The three are immediately knocked unconscious, and silence once more reigns. "Looks like they're sleeping now! Problem solved!"

"Dahaha~! Good shot!" Run laughs. They quickly moor the Sunny, while the rest of the ships behind them drop anchor in the bay as well. While they're doing this, they take a few quick moments to go over the plan which is more or less splitting the forces to act as decoy's while the Akazaya Samurai storm the back entrance, and they storm in through the front. Considering how badly they're out-numbered it's not exactly the best plan, but it's really the only one that they've got. The problem becomes, however, hiding the many ships they've sailed into Onigashima...something the samurai immediately take care of by sinking their ships to the bottom of the bay before going ashore.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa!" cries Chopper. "What are they doing?!"

"I see," grunts Jinbe. "What decisiveness! What determination!"

"Alright, everyone!" shouts Kin'emon. "We will split up into two groups, and take the mountain paths to the back entrance! Follow me or Denjiro!"

"Oi, oi!" screams Franky. "We worked so hard to repair those ships!"

"You're hiding the ships by sinking them?!" demands Luffy. "But you can't sail them anymore! How are you guys gonna get back?!"

"Luffy, you don't need to worry," Kin'emon assures him. "We will let them all skin! Because we do not need return ships! Well then, we most go now, so excuse us!"

"But what if they want to escape?" questions Chopper.

"They'll just be swallowed by the sea," Robin tells them.

"Then...we have to sink the Sunny, too?!"

"A small number of ships can be hidden," Jinbe says calmly. "Make your way ashore, too." The crew quickly disembarks the Sunny, and comes to a quick stop when they spot what appears to be numerous members of the Animal Kingdom Pirates across the bridge from them. Thankfully, that proves not to be the case, when they spot Kid walking through a large door like portal and immediately changing into the same clothing they've come to recognize as being normal among Kaido's forces.

"Oi?! What the hell is this?!" complains Kid, looking at his clothes.

"Ppff! Daha~! Dahahaha~! Oi! That's an awfully cute harness ya got there, Eustass!" taunts Run, pointing at the man with a grin on his face. The man in question whips around, face flushing a red fit to match his head as Run grins at him.

"Huh?! Sh-Shut the hell up, ya bastard!"

"Do you like it?" Kin'emon questions the man. "That's one of my special techniques. Garb-Garb 'Kin'emon's Clothing Company'! It seems like you people sure are some mighty pirates. You can invade the island as you like but the enemy is overflowing with talent. Their foces are more than five times larger than ours. So I advise you to take advantage of those disguises."

"Fahaha~! This is good," Killer tells Kid. "We're just after Kaido, we don't have time to waste on the small-fry."

"Luffy! Why don't you guys pass through, too?" Apparently, that's all Luffy needs to hear before charging through it head first. In a puff of smoke, Luffy emerges on the other side dressed similarly to Kaido's forces. The rest of the crew follows after him, their outfits changing to match the enemy. Run looks down at his new 'clothes' with a sigh. He'd just finished mocking Kid only to end up wearing the same leather harness, black leather pants and feathered cloak with shoulder pads. He spares a glance to the rather strapy get up that has replaced the short kimono that Robin was wearing and grins a bit...at least there's a silver lining here. "Alright! My fellow warriors! This is Onigashima, Kaido's stronghold! Our enemies are way stronger than us but our spirits are high enough! However, avoid unnecessary battles whenever possible, and try to reach the castle for the final battle! Good luck!" Saying that the samurai gathered scatter, splitting left and right leaving the crew standing there.

"Alright! We should get going, too!" Luffy shouts.

"Wait!" calls Franky. "Before that, Luffy, I have SUPER toys ready for an occasion like this! Let's put them to good use!"

"You mean those really cool ones?!" Chopper asks quickly, his eyes twinkling with excitement.

"Okay! Let's go!" Luffy says, as the rest of the crew begins to follow after Franky back towards the Sunny. "Aah?! That bastard! I'm gonna go stop him!" Run glances in the direction of Luffy's shouting as he sprints after Kid and his crew. It seems they intending on following the torii gates directly into the heart of the fortress regardless of the plan.

"Aah, I really hate that man," Run mutters, following after Luffy.

"Wait, you two!" Jinbe calls quickly, watching them chase after Kid and his crew.

"Those two idiots," complains Zoro. "If we leave 'em be they'll only make things worse. I'm gonna go stop 'em..."

"Aah, yer kiddin' me," complains Run, wincing slightly as his senses are bombarded by the 'music' and light of the party. "It was a straight shot how did those two get away...?" Run's nose curls slightly as the smell of sweat, alcohol and food threaten to overwhelm his newly improved sense of smell in the massive room he finds himself in. Surrounded on all sides by members of Kaido's crew, the red head carefully pushes through those dancing and celebrating with abandon in search of Luffy. Normally, he'd try searching him out with Kenbunshoku but given their location...any skilled user of the Haki would immediately pick him out of the crowd.

While his disguise might fool the party goers around him it most definitely wouldn't stand up under close scrutinay by higher ranked members of the Yonko's crew. With that in mind he carefully scans the crowd, looking for any sign of Luffy, Zoro or Kid. Personally, he couldn't care less if Kid ends up on the wrong side of Kaido or his crew once again but for right now that isn't exactly the plan. They need time for everyone else to get into position if things are going to go off without a hitch. He carefully pushes through the crowds of people, occasionally moving a member of the Animal Kingdom Pirates out of his path when neccessary. Try as he might, however, he can't seem to spot hide nor hair of Luffy or Zoro.

"Hmm...alright! New plan!" He approaches a group of men sitting on the ground with a grin on his face. "Aah, 'scuse me! I'm looking for a friend of mine-" He holds a hand out in beside him. "-about yay tall, green hair, surly look on his face. Ya can't mistake him for anyone else." The men look up at him with bleary eyes, faces flushed a bright red. It's fairly clear that they're pretty deep in their cups already.

"Hah? Sorry ain't seen no one looks like that," one of the men tells him. "But I'm sure he'll turn up! Why not have a drink instead? You can't taste this kind of alcohol all the time, after all! It's a celebration!"

"Sorry, fellas. Any other time but, unfortunately, this time." With that he steps around the group, continuing on his search. He occasionally stops to question one group or another, all of which invite him to stop his search and join them in celebrating. "Aaah, where has-"


The whole place shakes violently in time with a loud explosion and Run immediately turns in the direction of the noise. A massive fist has smashed into the ground, scattering members of the Animal Kingdom Pirates in all directions. A grin splits the red head's face as he watches the pirates plummet to the ground in heaps, and Luffy's arm snap back as he begins falling as well. Run takes a single step in Luffy's direction only to come to an abrupt halt when a large tower in the distance suddenly splits and begins to collapse.

"Well...there goes the element of surprise." Run's figure flickers and he reappears beside his captain with a grin on his face. "Dahaha~! Guess we're done sneaking around already, Luffy?"

"Hah?! It's not my fault!" complains Luffy, pointing at a group of unconscious pirates near by. "Those guys intentionally spilled red bean soup!" Run glances at the spilled pots on the ground, a scowl slowly replacing his grin as thoughts turn to Tama.

"Red bean soup?!" demands a voice from above, as Zoro stalks out of the dust. "Are you kidding? In that case, I've gotta cut all these guys up!" Their swordsman leaps down to them with ease slowly scanning the area. "We made one hell of a scene here."

"That's puttin' it mildly," Run says. "But I guess it wasn't really a choice...wasting red bean soup like this. Still..." Run scans those pirates still standing surrounding them. "...doesn't seem like they've figured out who we are, yet. Since that's the case, I'm thinkin'..." His grin once again appears in full force. "...bail!" With that the three take off at a sprint through the gathered men. They dodge, weave, roll and occasionally sucker punch those that they pass as they flee through the massive room with no particular goal in mind. The scratching of a record begins to fill the area, accompanied by a driving beat almost in time with their steps. Run glances around for a moment as he sprints past a member of Kaido's crew, knocking the poor man unconscious. "What the? Anyone else hear that? It's- whoa!" Run drops to the ground, sliding between a large man's legs to avoid a massive axe before leaping to his feet again.

"Save your breath for runnin, red hair!"


"What the hell does- Have you been in Robin's books again?!"

"It's a synonym for 'irritable', though-" Run leaps a pirate, driving a foot into the back of the man's head and smashing him face first into the ground "-it's normally used to describe an old man."

"I'm younger than you!" The three men come to a slow stop as they begin to find themselves surrounded on all sides, and a someone rapping begins to fill the air. They turn their backs to each other, stepping backwards towards one another as they face the surrounding pirates.

"Oh? I guess we should fight now?" Luffy says, grinning from ear to ear. Without effort they scatter the surrounding pirates, sending them flying almost before any of them can make a move.

"Yo! Yo! Listen up!" cries a voice over the intercom in the room. The three men scan the massive room, finding a very fat and very familiar "Today is the happy Golden Festival! Catch them as a gift for me! I happen to want to get rid of someone from the Tobi Roppo! I'm gonna eliminate someone from the Tobi Roppo and give the rat-catcher the vacant position!" The three men remain still for a moment before once more turning and taking off at a sprint away from the pirates.

"That's gotta be Kaido's castle in the back!" Zoro shouts.

"Then let's dial it back on the fighting!" Run tells them. "No need to wear ourselves out before we even get to the main event, fellas!"

"Aah, only the annoying one's are here!" complains Luffy, toppling several pirates.

"Place really is lousy with SMILE power users!" The rymic sound of drums, cymbles and even record scratching reaches their ears. All three men immediately turn their heads, searching for the location of the music before finally settling on a man standing behind a disk jockey table. "Is that...?"

"Listen to my Fighting Music!" calls the man. "Scratch! Pow!" He slams both hands against his chest, and Luffy is struck immediately. Their captain flies several meters through the air before striking the ground and rolling to his feet quickly with a hand on his jaw.

"What was that?!" Luffy demands. "A punch?!"

"That guy...what was his name?" Run mutters, staring at the man behind the table. "Aah, that's right! Scratchman Apoo." Run's eyes flash a brilliant crimson, and he turns his attention to their swordsman quickly. "Haki! Your chest, Zoro!" orders Run, and their swordsman quickly obliges.

"Slash!" Apoo calls, pointing his fingers at Zoro. A brief flash of sparks roars across his chest as Zoro recoils from a sudden slash.

"Hah! Good looking out," Zoro grunts. "I couldn't see his line of attack at all...and he doesn't even have a blade. What kind of ability does he have, red?"

"Dunno," Run mutters. "He didn't move for the attack at any point...gotta be a Devil Fruit." Run thrusts an arm out in Luffy's direction as his eyes flash crimson. "Get back!" The trio immediately retreat as Scratchman bangs his fists against his chest again, a loud explosion appearing in the space they'd occupied moments before. "Dunno what he's doing but it's time to retreat!" No sooner have their feet touched the ground then they take off at a sprint once more.

"Oi! Oi! Oi! Don't let them get away!" demands the voice of Queen over the intercoms. "If you wanna be part of the Tobi Roppo then ya gotta work for it!" Luffy reaches up during their sprint and yanks at one of the leather straps guarding his chest.

"There's no point to wearing these anymore!" declares Luffy. With a puff of smoke the three men discard their disguises. "No more disguises! We'll break through here quickly!"

"It's no use! You guys are still in my range!" Scratchman shouts after them.

"Zoro! Haki! Chest!" Run demands, eyes glowing crimson. "Luffy! Skyward! Jump!" Both men react immediately, avoiding the resulting attacks from Scratchman who immediately hones in on the red head. A grin splits the red head's face in response.

"'Yo! Yo! That Haki is a real drag, red hair'!" shout the two men in unison, much of Scratchman's apparant irritation. Run leaps skyward before Scratchman even moves, an explosion shattering the ground he'd been occupying only moments before. "'Check it out! Just how much can you see'?!" Run's figure flickers as another explosion fills the air and he reappears beside a sprinting Luffy and Zoro.

"Dahahah~! Wouldn't you like to know, Scratchman?" The metal around them begins to float skywards, weapons, cutlery- if it's made of metal if rapidly raises and forms into a large arm connected to none other than Eustass. The man stares pointedly at Scratchman, ignoring all the members of the Kaido's crew surrounding him.

"You're to blame for everything!" declares Eustass, leaping in the man's direction. "Go to hell, Apoo! Punk...Gibson!" With a single blow, he smashes the man through a nearby wall, nearly demolishing it entirely. Dust and debris flies in all direction, slowly settling to reveal a downed Scratchman. "You were so eager to form an alliance with us..." Kid picks the downed man up in his created metal arm. "...I should have known something was wrong from the start! I should have known you were an informant for Kaido! He knew our every move from the start because you were reporting it to him!"

"Hah! You're so naive!" Scratchman shouts. "Did you really think our alliance was strong enough to bring down a Yonko?! Get real! To being with pirate alliances...rarely have a happy ending!" Scratchman points his fingers at Eustass. "Scratch! Slash!" The man is sent flying back, a spray of blood erupting from his chest as a slash appears.

"Aah, Haki, chest," Run says, scratching the stubble on his chin. "Darn, looks like I was too late. Well, looks like he's got this covered. I say we get while the gettin' is- whoa!" Run ducks a saber, and immediately responds with a slash of his own, passing by the man in a spray of blood. "C'mon, give us a break, fellas! This ain't that serious!" Run surges forward at several rapidly approaching men, his figure flickering and reappearing behind them. "Churning Tide." A wave of deep slashes follows, scattering the men in an explosion of cuts. Zoro passes over him, cutting down several more as they close in. "Hm. I had it under control."

"Oi! Run! Zoro! Let's go!" Luffy suddenly shouts, sprinting past them with Eustass in tow. The two men catch up with their captain quickly, sprinting in tandem as they leave behind the rapidly pursuing Animal Kingdom Pirates. "Jeez, I knew you'd cause a scene, Jaggy!"

"Shoulda left 'im ta drown, saved ourselves the trouble!" grunts Run.

"Hah?! Say that again!" growls Eustass. "If ya want me ta kill ya first, I dare ya ta say it again, red hair!"

"Take yer best shot! Ya want me ta take a leg this time? Or maybe an eyeball?

"Would you two shut up?!" Zoro barks at them.

"Alright! Listen up, Jaggy!" Luffy says quickly. "From here on we're gonna sneak in quietly!"

"Don't tell me what to do!" Eustass shouts. "Either of you! I don't remember allying with you fools!" Both men come to a stop, growling at one another like a pair of dogs while Zoro and Run sprint between the two of them quickly.

"Later, fellas! We're gonna take Kaido's head!" Zoro tells them. The two men take off after them, catching up quickly. Run's iris' flash a brilliant crimson.

"Jump, fellas!" orders Run, leaping skywards with Luffy, Zoro and even Eustass following as an explosion roars to life under them. They land several meters away, sliding to a stop and turning to face an irritated and battered Scratchman. "Dahaha~! He's persistant I'll give him that!"

"He's just trying to distract you!" shouts Killer, sprinting in their direction. "Our goal is to find Kaido not fight with Scratchman!" They begin running once again, with Killer falling into step with them. "Listen up! Scratchman's ability only functions when you can hear it! It's important to keep your ears covered, or if all else fails, we'll be counting on you to call out how to react, red hair! Now, let's go...!"