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The Emergence of The One who is many.

-Dimensional Gap-

The Dimensional Gap is an empty void, a place of nothingness. An endless realm devoid of greed, destruction, and conflict. It was a realm of silence. Floating through that void was the Ophis; the Infinity Dragon God. She relished this silence, for it was a quiet existence. She cared not for the plight of others. Ophis simply sought the peace and serenity that was the silence of her home. She didn't desire power, she didn't seek to rule anything, she didn't even feel any emotion, She simply existed. This quiet existence was a preferred one.

But now, Something had just interrupted that silence.

It was not a noise, but it was something that she felt.

It's weak, but different.

The petite girl opened her eyes and searched for the phenomena and she began to slowly travel towards it.

As she progressed deeper and deeper into the endless space of the dimensional gap the feeling continued growing stronger with every passing second. The feeling was similar to having a pin dancing lightly on a person's skin. It was unique for her.

After much time had passed she finally came to a stop. Her blank, ebony eyes focused in on a bright light emanating in mid-air. Tilting her head curiously, the petite child slowly floated towards the phenomena to investigate it.

Once she got close she discovered the source of what she had been feeling. Floating before her was a tiny hole or tear in the dimensional gap. It was no bigger than her pinky and was practically noticeable unless one truly focused their gaze.

The Infinite Dragon God stared at the hole for wat seemed like hours before she raised her index finger and gently poking the tear in curiosity. The hole appeared to have sent out several ripples in the space surrounding the hole. The ripples were like if one were to stick their finger in water.

She curiously poked the hole several more times in curiosity, sending out many ripples before becoming curious about the energy she could feel on the other side. She stuck her finger into the hole and this time began to pull it open and made the hole larger, sending hundreds of ripples out into the dimensional gap.

Once the hole was big enough for ophis to fit her fist through she stopped tearing it open and reached into the hole and grabbed the energy she had felt earlier.

She didn't truly grasp it but rather used her magic to absorb it into herself, almost as if she was 'tasting' it. Upon absorbing the strange energy she reeled her hand back.

The energy felt both restorative and toxic to her.

With her curiosity satisfied she channeled a great deal of power into her body and used it to close the hole so she could return to her silence.

With the hole closed, Ophis floated away and returned to her quiet existence, unaware that her actions inadvertently merged her world with parts of another.

*Many, many, years later.*


The day was one like any other for the Yokai faction. Its leader; The Nine-Tailed Fox Yasaka was currently in a meeting with the leaders of the various species of Yokai that lived in Kyoto.

"The three factions are going to make an alliance with the Norse faction tomorrow." Yasaka informed the group. She had long blond hair that was tied back into a long ponytail and had a pair of rather large breasts that seemed to want to burst out from the shrine maiden attire she was wearing. Her most notable features were the pair of fox ears on her head and her nine fox tails.

"I understand that this is for dealing with the threat of the Khaos Brigade but many Yokai are weary of this alliance and what it could mean for the future should it succeed. Many don't trust that the Devils won't kidnap some of us to add to their peerage." One of the leaders responded.

"It's alright, I can somewhat understand their reservations but the conflict with the Khaos Brigade has given us the opportunity to make peace with the other factions." Yasaka assured them. Before changing the subject. "Moving on, I wanted to ask what you all think about what's been on the news over the past month?"

Recently there have been numerous reports of people off the coast of the Bahamas seeing unknown blue lights deep below the ocean surface over the past month as well as the discovery of a large cocoon-like structure behind a waterfall in china.

"I don't know what either could be or what they mean." One of the leaders answered.

"Do you think it could be the Khaos Brigade?" Another asked.

"Unlikely. If it was them, they wouldn't be this careless. What do you think lady Yasaka?" A third asked.

Just before she could answer, she was interrupted by the sound of running feet.

"Please wait Lady Kunou! Your mother is in a meeting, you can't just-!" One of the Shrine maidens assigned to the Yasaka Shrine pleaded before the doors to the meeting room were thrown open, revealing a young girl.

"Mama!" The little fox girl cried as she threw herself into her mother's body.

"Kunou, we're in a meeting, you can't just—" Yasaka paused when she saw Kunou looking up at her with fear in her eyes and tears building up.

"Sweetie what's wrong, why are you crying?" Yasaka asked her daughter as he held her. Her Tails came out and surrounded the trembling, young Kitsune.

"I had…a bad dream…" Kunou said as she continued clutching her mothers clothes.

"It's alright sweetie, I'm here…" Yasaka set her daughter on her lap and began gently rubbing her back to comfort her. She looked at the others in the room and they all had troubled looks on their faces.

"That's impossible…The good fortune of the Yasaka Shrine should banish all evil intent." One of the clan leaders said to the others.

"He's right. It would take an especially calamitous event to possibly give nightmares like this." Another said, earning nods from the others.

"Young Kunou, what did you dream of?" One of the leaders asked as the others remained silent to listen.

"A Dragon… A large dragon, bigger than anything I've ever seen or heard of before. It was covered in gold scales and had three heads. It cast a large shadow over Kyoto with its wings as it descended from a large storm, breathing yellow lightning over the city! B-but then you tried to fight it mother, and y-you…you…" Kunou stuttered as the nightmare replayed in her head. The Dragon's wings unleashed powerful winds as it descended from the clouds, before landing and raining down ruin and chaos, before it then fought Yasaka. The flash back stopped just as it's necks started to glow.

"It's alright darling, it was only a nightmare. Come one, let's get you back to bed." Yasaka told her daughter before gently picking her up and holding her in her arms with her tails flowing behind her.

"Okay…" Kunou hesitantly responded, still clutching her mother's clothes.

"I apologize for this, we'll continue this meeting tomorrow" Yasaka said as she looked over to the clan leaders.

"No need to apologize, please, go and do what you need to do, my lady." The Tengu Clan head smiled as Yasaka nodded and carried her daughter back to her room. The various other clan leaders started to get up and leave for their own homes.

"First the mysterious sightings near Brazil, then the cocoon in China, and now Kunou's dream." One of the clan leaders said as he looked up at the moon. "I have a bad feeling about this."

Yasaka looked down at her daughter, who still seemed scared. Yasaka frowned at her daughter's state before supporting Kunou on her hump. Using her free hand, she opened the sliding door and walked in with her daughter. She laid Kunou down on her bed and climbed in with her, hugging her daughter close.

"Don't worry sweetie, I'll make sure you won't have any more nightmares tonight." Yasaka assured Kunou in her motherly tone as she ran her fingers through her daughter's hair. The young girl yawned as the pull of sleep began to overtake her.

"Thank you mom." Kunou told her mother sleepily, before her eyes closed, and fell asleep, cuddling up to her mother.

"Goodnight dear." Yasaka kissed Kunou's head, and laid herself down, laying her tails over herself and her daughter.

Yasaka and Kunou drifted off to sleep, unaware that Kunou's nightmare was about to become reality.


In the cold, Northern parts of an Antarctic archipelago, a group of devils were traversing through the ice and snow. These Devils were members of the Khaos Brigade, more specifically, the Old Satan Faction.

"Why are we out here again?! Even I'm starting to feel the cold seeping into my bones." One of the Devils complained to his commander.

"Quit complaining, we recently discovered a large Dragon frozen in the ice here." Baragore explained. "Lady Neven believes that we can take control of it and use it on the three factions during their banquet tomorrow. She'll be arriving with others sometime, this hour."

"How powerful do you think it is?" One of the soldiers asked.

"We aren't sure but given its size, it has to be pretty powerful."

"This had better be worth it."

"Silence! We have arrived." Baragore stated as they found the entrance to a frozen cave.

Baragore and his soldiers navigated through a long series of tunnels, descending downwards. After a while they entered a large chamber. At the end of the chamber they saw a huge silhouette in the far wall. The sheer size of the Dragon left many of them with their mouths agape as they looked up at it.

"Mother of God." One of them muttered.

"She had nothing to do with this." Baragore responded while still looking up at it.

"Damn, When you said it was big, I didn't think it'd be this big. It looks like it's bigger than Great Red." One of the soldiers commented.

Baragore couldn't help but smile. It was perfect. An ultimate weapon that now belonged to the Old Satan faction. With this they will finally dethrone the false Satans and finally destroy the angels, fallen angels, and all other factions that dare oppose them. The three factions' fates were sealed at last.

"Find the weak points in the ice and mark them" He ordered his men before turning to one of his subordinates.. "Selena, set up magic circles on the weak points and be prepared to detonate them at my order."

"Yes sir." They all responded, before flying off. Slowly but surely points of the ice were marked and Selena set up her magic circles, ready to detonate at Baragore's command.

"Alright! Everyone form up on me!" He ordered as everyone grouped up around him. Then he teleported himself and everyone outside the cave before turning to Selena and gave her the all clear.

With a nod, Selena used her magic and activated the magic circles. The group listened as explosions echoed from the cavern followed by sounds of ice breaking and the cavern beginning to collapse. On the surface they noticed the ice sheet beneath them beginning to crumble away. They quickly flew away as the ice sheet began to cave in on itself, as a yellowish glow underneath it began to seep through it.

The group landed as the last of the ice fell away into a massive crater like sinkhole. The Soldiers kept their weapons at the ready. Selena couldn't help but feel uneasy about what was going to happen but quickly pushed those thoughts aside as they suddenly felt the air beneath them being sucked into the sinkhole as two yellow flashes briefly lit up the sinkhole as they heard a low, trill-like growl.

Then they saw a large mace-like tail rise from the hole. Its tip resembled half of a Venus fly trap with spines sticking out of it. The spines on the tail stretched and broke off chunks of ice that were still attached to it. Then another tail rose behind the first before a massive, dragon head emerged from their right and was pulled to the left by a massive serpentine neck. The dragon was covered in dull golden scales. Long, twisting horns swept back and fanned from the skull. Its Devilish eyes burned in the crevice beneath its bony brow, and sharp fangs gleamed in the jaws of a snout that seemed equal part snake and demonic horse. A forked tongue flicked in and out, tasting the air.

Then another head snaked up from their right, shaking off remnants of ice. Then a third head lifted itself out of the hole, between the first two. The middle head let out a short trill, as golden lightning briefly crackled in the sky behind it before all three heads turned to look at the devils who awakened it from its slumber.

Several of the devils nervously stepped back at the sight of the massive creature, their mouths open in shock. It was bigger than anything they had ever seen in their lives. Baragore walked in front of the group and spread open his arms while bringing out his wings and lifting himself off the ground a little.

"Golden Dragon!" He bellowed. "I am the Devil Baragore, a member of the Khaos Brigade! I have awakened you from your slumber, and in return you will lend the Old Satan Faction your power so that we may destroy the three factions!"

The middle head let out a growl as gold lightning flickered in the sky before slamming one of its tails into the ice. The group then began to back away from it as the middle head let out a trill roar into the sky as a large bolt of golden lightning flashed in the sky behind it. It then lowered its left head as it pulled its massive wing out from beneath the ice, causing large chunks of ice to be sent into the air and raining down on the group of devils who focused on dodging the large ice chunks. Then it lowered its right head before lifting the other wing out of the ice and began lifting itself out of the hole as its three heads turned to face the devils and roared at them. The left head lowered itself in front of one of the devils and dragged itself over the ground, knocking the devil over. The middle head then pushed the left head away and let out a snarl, to which the left head replied with a short trill. The middle head then turned to face the right head as all three started to rise.

In panic, Selena and five other devils began to quickly back away from the creature as far as they could. Baragore, then closed his eyes and stretched out his chest in pride before he began laughing.

"Hahahaha, with your power we will become unstoppable! Hahaha." He cackled to himself, not noticing the dragon's necks starting to glow as its heads rose up.

"Selena, prepare to put it under mind control." He ordered as he turned to where Selena had previously been, only to notice that she wasn't there. He looked around and saw Selene putting up a barrier around herself and five other devils. He quickly turned back around to see the Dragon's necks and eyes glowing yellow. "Oh shi—"

The three heads breathed gold lightning down on Baragore and the other 20 devils with him. The lightning instantly Vaporized all devils the beams came into contact with as it surged through the ice, spreading out as it did so.

Selena was struggling to maintain the domed barrier from the massive release of energy. After several seconds the dragon stopped, giving Selena time to breath. As the left and right heads of the dragon inspected the ground, the middle head looked up and at the barrier containing the devils. As Selena's eyes met the dragon's, she could see the fierce cruelty in its eyes as well as an intense rage. This monster, it didn't care for alliances. It only cared for death and destruction.

The left head appeared to be licking the scorched ground where her comrades once were before the middle head snarled at it, making it refocus its attention onto the devils in the small barrier. The dragon then crept towards them, crawling on the ground like a bat as its long necks stretched and hovered several meters over the ground. The Devils inside were helpless as the dragon inspected the barrier. Its left head loomed over the side of it, brushing itself across the side of the barrier. The right head struck the front of the barrier while the middle head seemed to be sniffing the top of the dome.

The dragon was taking its time. It could have unleashed another breath attack on them, or simply stepped on them to crush them in an instant. But no, it was savoring their terror, killing them slowly. Quick or slow, their fate was sealed, they were practically sitting ducks.

The dragon's middle head seemed to bite down on the barrier and its neck started to glow. Selena instantly knew what it was doing. She could feel it absorbing the magic energy from the barrier, almost like it was eating. It was quickly draining her fast.

"What's happening?" Deliea asked at the sight of Selena struggling to keep the barrier up.

"It's absorbing the magic energy! I can't hold the barrier for much longer!" Selena yelled as she tried desperately to maintain it.

(Godzilla KOTM: Old Rivals)

Suddenly it stopped. It started backing away from them, its heads frantically looking around, sniffing, smelling something. All three heads then started hissing as it lifted itself upright, raising its heads.

"It stopped, why is it stopping!?" Deliea frantically asked.

"I don't know!" Selena answered.

"Uhh Guys." Minerva said, getting their attention.

"Wha-," Selena paused when she saw Minerva pointing at something. Selena then turned around and saw what Minerva was pointing at.

In the distance they could see a light blue glow coming from beneath the ice. They could hear the sound of the ice breaking apart as the glow got closer to them and started getting brighter. The Dragon's heads started snarling and growling Just as the lights suddenly stopped their approach before it brightened as a large creature broke through the ice and started rising from the cold ocean. The creature was almost as tall as the Dragon. It resembled an upright theropod dinosaur. It had dark scales, sauropod shaped legs, a pair of large forearms, a blunted snout, a massive tail that ended in a stump and large maple leaf shaped dorsal plates glowing with blue patterns on them. The massive creature started stancing itself up.

The Dragon Stomped its foot onto the ground and began rattling its tails, letting out a trill-like screech from its middle head. The Dark monster glared at it as air billowed from its nostrils like smoke.

The Dragon flapped its massive wings, lifting them up before raising them up and displaying them, showing its massive full size. The Dinosaur creature let out a roar before all three of the dragons' heads started roaring as They both began to charge towards each other. Selena's eyes widened immediately as she turned to everyone.

"Everybody get moving now!" She yelled dropping the barrier as the monster's foot stomped several meters next to it, breaking the ice beneath it.

"Don't have to tell me twice." Crizem shouted as he and everyone else quickly got out of the way of the monster's massive tail.

Once out of the way they look up to see the monster grab the dragon's right head with one hand and use the other to push the dragon back before using its free hand to grab the right neck and bite down on it as lightning flashes in the sky above them. The dragon's left head then bites down on the monster's shoulder causing it to screech in pain, causing one hand to let go of the right neck before immediately grabbing the right head with both hands and slamming it into the ground, creating a rather large impact crater.

The impact caused many of the devils to briefly lose their footing and caused Eizel to slip and fall on his rear. The monster turned around and lifted its arm up and grabbed the dragon's middle head as the right head lifted itself up and bit down on the monster's hip just before the monster stomped once more, this time the devils prepared for it and were able to stay balanced.

As Selena helped Eizel up they all quickly turned their attention to the sound of the dragon's roar and looked up to see the right head unleash a breath attack on the monster, knocking it off its feet and causing it to fall back and land with a powerful thud that cracked the ice and knocked everyone off their feet. The monster then lifts itself up and lets out a loud roar before getting up and trying to grab the right head, causing the dragon to move to the monster's right to dodge. The Dragon then let out another lightning breath attack from which caused the monster to stagger back and raise its tail up into the air before slamming it onto the ground in front of the group of devils.

The Dorsal plates on the tip of its tail started emitting a blue light. The Devils looked up as the light slowly started to move up the monster's back, blazing ever brighter as it raised its tail and took a deep breath in as the light reached its head. The monster unleashed a blue beam of fire-like energy from its mouth at the dragon. The dragon quickly yanked its heads out of the way and dodged the beam as it travelled between the middle and left heads before unleashing its own breath attack squarely into the monster's chest. The reptile was pushed back towards the sinkhole, energy still streaming from its mouth as it fell, sending the beam sideways and striking a small nearby glacier, causing it to blow up. The monster was pushed over the edge of the sinkhole, letting out a roar as it fell into the abyss.

This was bad. The monster was the only thing keeping the Dragon's attention away from them. But now the dragon had turned its attention back to them. Everyone was running like hell to get away. Selena was still exhausted from keeping the barrier up earlier and was slowed down.

"Hold on Selena. I'm coming!" Deliea said as she noticed Selena was falling behind. She spread her wings and quickly flew towards the weakened Devil followed by Minerva.

Suddenly, The tiny hairs on Selena's skin pricked up, and a sharp, sulfurous musk stung the back of her throat as she saw a dragon head darting down, fangs gaping.

"Wait, Don't—" She tried to warn the devils as the dragon's huge mouth snapped shut on one of the devils. And Deliea was gone.

"Selena, we have to go. There's nothing we can do." Minerva told Selena as she carried her towards the others.

The Dragon's middle head chomped down on its mouthful of snow and ice. The right head snapped at the snow that fell from the middle head's mouth before the left head diverted its attention back at the group and lowered its head and opened its jaws. The middle head reached for the left head before multiple blasts of magic hit it in the face, causing the three heads to reel back as they shrieked at what had struck them.

The Devils on the ground turned to find Lady Neven in the air, flying towards them alongside an additional 40 devils. They all unleashed their magic attacks on the dragon prompting it to lift its wing and shield itself.

Minerva lifted up Selena and flew towards Neven alongside the other surviving devils

"Selena, Where is Baragore?" Neven asked the exhausted devil.

"Dead. The dragon instantly vaporized him and everyone else with its breath attack." Selena paused with a look of worry on her face. "I'm afraid it would be best if we retreat for now. That Dragon, it's too powerful."

"Do you think it will side with the three factions?" Neven asked.

"Absolutely not. That dragon, whatever it is, only cares about causing death and destruction."

Neven thought for a moment before diverting her attention to the dragon unleashing breath attacks from all three of its heads and vaporizing many of her men.

"Very well." Neven said to Selena before turning to her remaining men. "Everyone Fall back! We're retreating!" She announced to her remaining men. All of the remaining devils surrounded her as she activated the magic circle to teleport away.

Just before teleporting away, The Dragon turned its attention to the monster from earlier climbing out of the sinkhole and roaring at it before beginning to approach it. The last things that Selena saw before teleporting away was the dragon flying off into the sky and the monster roaring in anger.

A/N: Most of the Godzilla/DXD crossover stories involve someone having a sacred gear that grants the user Godzilla's power or something like that. I got the Idea for it when I was thinking about what it would be like if the events of King of the Monsters took place in the world of DXD.

I should point out that this is primarily a crossover with the monsterverse but with a few tweaks.

These changes include:

Godzilla has already defeated MUTO Prime and has his 2019 appearance.

Some human characters from the monsterverse will appear in this story but will have different occupations since Monarch doesn't exist in DXD.

There won't be the whole Hollow Earth from Godzilla vs Kong but there will be the undersea tunnels from KOTM since in my story it wasn't a total merge of universes.

The KOTM arc of my story takes place during the first half of season three of the anime when Issei and the three factions are in the underworld so they don't interfere.

Some of the Locations in the KOTM arc will be different from the locations in the movie.

Now for my arc and Chapter plans:

Arc 1 KOTM Arc:

The Emergence of the One Who is Many

The Rise of the Titans

Battle for Kyoto

Arc 2 Dominion Arc:

Told almost entirely from Godzilla's perspective from this point onwards. loosely follows the events of Godzilla Dominion. Takes place during the second half of season 3 of the anime.

Arc 3 Kyoto Arc:

Takes place during the first half of season 4 of the anime.