Title: Sometimes It's Black. Sometimes It's White
Author: Night~Mare
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Rated: PG? PG-13? Shonen Ai so I don't know. ^^;
Pairings: 1X2 amd 5Xme. No...not really. ^^; Don't I wish.
Warnings: Umm. As I said, shonen ai. It's not advised to read this while
drinking or at the library. ^^; Oh yeah. Mild cursing.
Spoilers: None really.
Category: Humor
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Disclaimer: The title of the fic is the title of the song but I don't know who
sung it. ^^; I do know however that I don't own either the song nor the

Sometimes It's Black
Sometimes It's White.
~~I said, let's talk about it
As he walked out on me
And slammed the door~~

Duo: So does that mean no?!

~~One day we'll laugh about it
But he's always playing these games~~

Heero: Checkmate.
Duo: … Damn you.

~~Deep down I know he loves me
But he has a funny of showing his feelings~~

*taking a shower*

Heero: Heh

~~Last night he drove his Gundam on my lawn
I'm beginning to hate that thing.~~

Duo: Ahhh… there goes my bike. You're really enjoying yourself. Ain't ya Heero?
Heero: Bwhahahaha! Yes.

~~Sometimes it's black~~

Heero: Duo, I don't think you should use so much-
Heero: …. Lighter fluid.
Duo: Paiiin.

~~Sometimes it's white~~

Duo: Ack! Who bleached my pants?!

~~Sometimes he's wrong
Sometimes I'm right.~~

Heero: It isn't.
Duo: Yes it is!
Heero: No… It isn't.
Duo: Yes… It is.
Heero: I'm not going to argue with you.
Duo: Hey Trowa! What is this?!
Trowa: A monkey wrench.
Duo: See! I… … *looks at wrench.* Oh. *glares at Heero* Damn you.
Heero: *rolls eyes*

~~Sometimes we talk about it,
Try to figure it out~~

Duo: So do you think Wufei's weird because he was hit in the head?
Heero: No, I think it's just a chemical imbalance in his brain.
Wufei: I'm not DEAF you know!

~~And then he'll just change his mind.~~

Tv: And in later news… *click*
Barney was a dinosaur *click*
Survior: New York! *click*
This is Jeo- *click*


~~Sometimes he's hot
Sometimes I'm cold~~

Heero: Will you stop fiddling with the heater? *turns it down*
Duo: Are you kidding? It's like the Alaska in here. *turns it up.*
Heero: So put on a sweater. *turns it down*
Duo: So take off your clothes. *turns it up*'
Heero: … *turns it down and shoots it*
Duo: … Cheater!

~~Sometimes he makes things explode.~~

Quatre: *siiigh*
Duo: I guess somebody forgot to put holes in the potatoes.
Wufei: Ack! And I just cleaned out that microwave!
Heero: *comes in all blackened.* What microwave?
All: *facefault*

~~But when I think about it.
I'm so in love with him…~~

*Duo moves to lean on Heero's shoulder*

~~…Every other time.~~

*Heero moves and Duo falls off the couch*


Duo: Nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah-nyah. Nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah-nyah!
Heero: … So mature.

~~Sometimes we sit around
Just the two of us on a park bench.~~

Duo: Oooh. Pigeons.
Heero: Ooh. Target practice.
Duo: Don't you dare!

~~Sometimes we fly around
Fighting Oz all through space~~

Duo: The God of Death is back from the bathroom and ready to KICK- YOUR- ASS-!
Wufei: That was way too much information Maxwell!
Quatre: Deathscythe has a bathroom?
Trowa: … I want a bathroom.

~~But then I think about the time
That we broke up before the prom
And he told everyone that I was straight.~~~

Duo: … Oh great. -_-;;

~~Sometimes I walk around the place
For hours just to save my face~~

Quatre: Is something wrong Duo? You looked a little…flushed.
Quatre: *piku piku*

~~When I come back
He's on my case~~

Heero: You do realize we had to make an extremely crucial rendezvous two hours
ago right?

~~But that's the way
Uh-huh uh-huh
I like it.~~

Duo: Chastise me more baby!
Heero: … … Don't mock me.
Duo: Heh.

~~Give it up Gundams
Don't'cha quit-~~

Duo: Whoo hoo! We'll kill everyone of those rat bastards! … … … Now where are
Heero: I don't know. They should be here by now.
Quatre: Are these even the right coordinates?
All: …. …. … …
Duo: All right! Who gave Wufei the map?!
Wufei: Hey! I read it right this time thank you very much!
Trowa: Wufei… it's upside down.
Wufei: … … *mutter mutter*
All: *facefault*

~~You know the
Way you fight is the ultimatum!~~

Quatre: I killed you! I killed you!
Duo: Okay! One more round! I'm not going to lose to a blond pansy!
Wufei: Can you guys just quit playing Tekken?! It's been two hours all ready!

~~When I start to leave
Just watch the clock~~

Heero: *looks at watch* *sigh*
Trowa: Duo's going to make us late again isn't he?
Heero: How did you guess?

~~I bet I
Won't even get around the block.~~

Duo: Okay China boy! Where are we now?!
Wufei: On earth…somewhere. And don't call me China boy!


Duo: Nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah-nyah. Nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah-nyah!
Quatre: Beat you again!
Duo: Acck!

~~Sometimes it's black.~~

Trowa: Power went out.
Duo: Duh.
Heero: Someone has to check the circuit *in a squeak* board! Duo stop it!
Duo: Heh heh heh.

~~Sometimes it's white.~~

Trowa: It's either snowing in the kitchen or someone's trying to bake again…
Heero: Hn…
Duo: Ha! Done! Anyone want a bite of my home made Shinigami cookies?
*Trowa and Heero look at each other and run.*
Duo: Heyyyy!

~~Sometimes he's wrong
Sometimes I'm right.~~

Duo: You sent Wufei where?! You know he's never going to come back right?
Heero: He has some sense of direction.
Quatre: Hey guys? Wufei just called. He needs directions on how to get here.
Heero: Well where is he?
Quatre: Ummm. *pause* Singapore.
Trowa: Hmm. That's a little over a thousand miles. It's a new record.
Duo: Seee?
Heero: All right. You were right… For once
Duo: What do you mean for once?!

~~Sometimes we talk about it
Trying to figure it out~~

Duo: So what do you think? Brunette or redhead?
Heero: Brunette.
Duo: Hm. You really think so?
Heero: Definitely.
Quatre: I keep telling you! I'm a natural blond!

~~And then he'll just change his mind.~~

Duo: Hey! Anime con! An-i-me! An-i-me!
Heero: Okay. I changed my mind. I do not know you.

~~Sometimes he's hot.
Sometimes I'm cold.~~

Duo: Heyyyy. Looking good in those swim trunks!
Heero: I'm just trying them on. It's still a little to cold to go-
Duo: CANNONBALLLLL! *sploosh*
Heero: … swimming.
Duo: YACK!!

~~Sometimes he makes things explode.~~

Duo: Heh heh. You can make me explode any time you want.
Heero: Don't I always?
Wufei: Not listening! NOT listening! La la la!

~~But when I think about it
I'm so in love with him.~~

Duo: I love you Heero…
Heero: Duo…

~~…Every other time.~~

Heero: You're standing in my light. I'm kind of trying to read.
Trowa: *trying to pry book from Heero's mouth* I told you not to say things
like that.

~~I said, let's talk about it
As he walked out on me
And slammed the door.~~

Heero: Look. I'm sorry. I … love you too.

~~Some day we'll laugh about it.
But he's always playing these games…~~

*The door opens and Duo's standing there with a smile he's desperately trying
to hide*
Duo: Yeah… I knew that.