My name was Isabella "Bella" Marie Swan, and I was born with Cerebral Palsy.

Cerebral Palsy was a group of disorders that would affect a person's ability to move and maintain balance and posture. I didn't know how to articulate when I spoke, and most of the time I always had a personal helper for me—the schools in Phoenix were more than accommodating for me. There were more than enough educational and personal/medical helpers out there that wanted to help students with disabilities.

Today, well today I was moving from Phoenix all the way to Forks, Washington. I was moving from the hot and dry air desert city all the way to the wet and dreary small town where my dad, Charlie Swan, lived. Mom, or Renee as I preferred to call her, had just remarried a man named Phil Dwyer last September.

He happened to be in one of the minor league baseball teams and before long the minor league would start so Renee was determined to go and be there with him despite having a daughter with a disability that needed more attention than her new husband. She had said we would be able to go through this, we were the Dwyer's after all! Only I was a Swan, she and Phil were the Dwyer's. So, it made absolute sense in my opinion along with most people's opinion for me to decide to move from Phoenix and go to Forks to spend the remainder of my junior year and my senior year with Charlie.

I sighed as I sat in my wheelchair, people moving rapidly around me. I longed to be one of them, I longed to be able to say what I wanted to say without having to pause and replay it in my mind to see if I should continue or start over since it wouldn't make sense. I wanted to be one of them, where I could run across the airport, but that life wasn't for me.

"Ma'am, we need to go to the plane now. We want to make sure she gets on board before the others. It will be less stressful for her."

My brown eyes flickered away from the people running around me to Renee standing in front of me awkwardly. She was dressed in one of her favorite blues shaded t-shirts, capri denim pants that were rolled a little bit below her knees. She was even wearing her yellow box flip flops, showing how she had painted her toenails the same color as her shirt. Her hair was resting around her ears, a pixie haircut, since it would be easy during the spring and summer.

"B-But are you sure you want to go, Bella? You–"

Without thinking I felt my arm begin to twitch, uncomfortable. I ducked my head down and nodded my head, not trusting myself to say anything. The flight attendant pulled my wheelchair away from Renee and began to pull us towards the terminal that would lead through the tunnel to the plane. My fingers began to twitch together, and shame came across my face.

I could only hope that things would turn out fine in Forks.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: I am not in any way trying to make Cerebral Palsy romantic. I, myself, have a rare disease that falls under the autism spectrum. I have trouble communicating what I want to say and obsess over little things. I am going to make her the mate of either Marcus or Caius. Marcus because he is tender and loving and keep her away from the other king, and Caius who will help her gain confidence and be the queen she is meant to be.





as always: Twilight doesn't belong to me