Title: Amplitude, Frequency, Wavelength

Author: nostalgia

Rated: PG

Codes: Tu/S, mild unrequited R/S

Summary: Sound

Notes: Chele challenged me to write a Tu/S in fifteen minutes. This

is the result.

Hoshi can hear every subtle vibration from the warp core, and it

makes her think of him. A reminder, simultaneously gentle and harsh.

When the ship gathers speed, she imagines she can hear his tension,

his triumph. She singles out the sounds that filter through from

engineering, listens through the swishing of air currents and the

almost-silent hum of the deflector.

Of course, it's just a crush, and he is not the most appropriate man

she could have chosen. She steals a glances across the bridge and

finds that Malcolm is staring at her, as usual.

She wishes Trip would look at her like that, she wishes he was the

one whose breathing quickened when she looked at him. His heartbeat

is never that loud, it never thunders the way Malcolm's does when

she brushes past him in a corridor.

So she takes what she can get, she listens, straining her ears. She

feels the vibrations in her inner ear as the engines power down, as

the impulse drive kicks in – a lower, less passionate frequency.

She thinks of him, and wonders if he will ever hear her.